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Evil Anal 9

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 6/22/09

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Evil Anal 9: Special Set

Evil Angel

Genre: Gonzo

Director: Manuel Ferrara

Cast: Chayse Evans, Holly West, Toni Ribas, Kelly Divine, Dana Dearmond, Manuel Ferrara, Emma Heart, Riley Evans, Steve Holmes, David Perry, Velicity Von

Length: 190:03 minutes (151:45+ 38:18 minutes)

Holly West (tease only)

Date of Production: 3/24/2009

Extras: Most of you will undoubtedly enjoy the two bonus scenes from Ass Attack 2 (described below) as your favorite extras (one at 22:21 minutes and the other at 29:03 minutes). Having seen the movie in the past, I generally agree they provided the most stroke value for newcomers but were not related to the current production so I admit to liking the 20:37 minute long Behind the Scenes feature the most. Most of the footage was tied to the photoshoots for the production but I didn't mind one bit given the cast. The only other extras were only a cumshot recap, six trailers, some filmographies, a set of four photogalleries, and a cast list.

Condoms: None

Chayse Evans and Toni Ribas

Audio/Video Quality: Evil Anal 9 was presented in a nice 1.78:1 anamorphic widescreen color as shot by director Manuel Ferrara for Evil Angel using the MPEG-2 codec for the standard definition release with 480p resolution. The colors were accurate as could be thanks to strong lighting and steady camera work, even the editing looking like it received an upgrade over some of Manuel's older titles from the last year or so. The level of detail was also a strong point with the ladies all looking very appealing given the lighting in most cases though it was too harsh towards the end of the first disc, washing out the colors more than I hoped to see given the other upgrades. The video bitrate hovered on the low end, often in the 2.8 Mbps area or so, the show pretty solid most of the time in spite of the bitrate. In short, whatever technical limitations were present was not erection killing even if a guy like me wants significant improvement. The audio was presented in the usual 2.0 Dolby Digital English using the 192 Kbps and 48 kHz sampling rate; sounding almost average compared to the video as all the gals could be heard (though the lack of separation and limited dynamic range could also be worked on).

Kelly Divine, Manuel Ferrara, and Dana

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Body of Review: Manuel Ferrara is one of the best performers routinely working (and directing) over at Evil Angel these days. There is no doubt in my mind that Manuel has a rapport with the ladies and while he would not be in my top ten guys to go to for advice on setting my camera's f-stop, the action on his flicks is a step up from many of his peers in terms of the raw energy he captures so often. His latest movie coming my way is Evil Anal 9: Special Set, the sequel to Evil Anal 8. As expected, the emphasis here is on anal action, the bevy of beauties all gifted in their ability to take a stiffy inside their ass while looking like they want it hard. The double disc set did not skimp on extras either, some bonus scenes rounding out the lengthy movie to add some fuck for the buck. Here's what the company website said about the double disc set: "Handsome French stud Manuel Ferrara creates five swinging scenarios of explicit buttfucking fun in Evil Anal 9, a double-disc package that features seven beautiful sluts who love it in the backdoor. Along with the main feature (over three hours!), the DVD includes two previously-released bonus scenes starring Mika Tan and Kaiya Lynn. The battle of Good vs. Evil will be fought and won inside a pretty whore's ass! The DVD release of Evil Anal 9 is a deluxe 2-disc set presented in anamorphic widescreen format, and includes two bonus scenes (one of nasty mixed-Asian bitchtress Mika Tan and another with Japanese-American slut Kaiya Lynn, both taken from Ass Attack 2) plus five extensive photo galleries and six Manuel Ferrara trailers." Here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Emma Heart, Riley Evans, and Manuel Ferrara

Scene One: Chayse Evans, the wonderfully curvy young lady featured on the front cover, was up first after the camera showcased sexy Holly West on a still photoshoot that included Jason Sinclair and an unnamed French cameraman (whose name escapes me), as Toni Ribas walked with him. Thinking Holly would be an integral part of the proceeding, I was fooled since she really was a sideline left unpursued, Toni and Manuel discussing what to do next. Chayse went missing so the tag team wonder twins searched the house to find her, Toni getting his reward when they found the gal masturbating in the bathroom. Her black bikini looked good on her and he began to lick her twat, her resulting horny state of mind leading her to aggressively blow him as though she was on fire. Chayse told Manuel to be quiet as she inhaled Toni's cock, showing a lot more emotional range than most of the proclaimed oral queens that "throat" these days, easily enough to launch a few loads on all by itself. Still, the couple started vaginally screwing and doing more oral, the anal coming into play when they moved to the love seat in the living room. He really went to town plowing her but she took all he gave her and pushed back too. This eventually led to her receiving a facial of genetic juice, the movie beginning with a healthy start (though I really wished that Holly had been able to take part too).

Emma Heart with Steve Holmes and David Perry

Scene Two: Kelly Divine, a popular gal with some sweet curves herself, was up next with grouchy Dana Dearmond, the aging Dana abusing the far cuter and younger performer as if it would make her look better by comparison. In her defense, Dana looked a lot leaner than I've ever seen her, the black outfit she wore a significant upgrade to the slacker outfits she is known for using. The cougar mentality of the scene was interesting but Manuel Ferrara remained in charge, choking Dana as he put her in her place (which was amusing seeing her act so desperate for him to ignore Kelly). Dana started sucking him off when he thumbed her ass too, probably knowing she is so worn that fucking her ass would be like throwing a hotdog down an empty hallway, the director moving on for the upgraded performance of Kelly. Kelly kept eye contact during the POV angle and knew enough about teasing that she used her charms instead of desperation to drive the dynamic, appealing to Manuel's manliness. He played with her ass and spanked it, the stretch pants revealing a nice bit of booty to engage in. The scene then included aging Dana as she sucked him off while Kelly ate her ass, each gal getting some oral in before he took turns fucking them, even Dana providing a modestly active ride before she was shown the ropes by Kelly. There was a lot of taste testing between positions here, the gals trying to outdo each other with their dirty talk. Kelly was probably too hot to handle without a premature load launching so she was placed near the staircase to masturbate several times but it was her ass that eventually milked him dry for the ladies to share his wad of population pudding.

Velicity Von and Toni Ribas

Scene Three: Emma Heart, a youthful hotty with a smoking hot body, and also appealing sunbather Riley Evans, were up next with Manuel Ferrara. Riley had a tiny silver outfit with less material than one of my socks, and Emma's pink top and white shorts emphasized her own figure, the role playing centering on Emma as a real estate agent. The jealousy angle was funny to me, Riley's coy sexuality as well as Emma's growing anger at not being the center of attention, but it was all handled in good fun (the wind noise being the only aspect that bugged me much at all). As the clothing came off in the backyard by the pool, the gals showed a willingness to work together very warmly, soon moving into the house where the POV angle was ditched to allow Manuel more freedom in his conquest. Emma blew him while he spanked her but both ladies had ample opportunity to use their mouths before Manual ate Riley. The screwing showed her to be an active rider of cock too, Riley becoming the central focus of his efforts as Emma masturbated in the nearby chair or otherwise gave some oral/sat on his face. Riley loved getting planked in the ass as she ate Emma, some minimal choking taking place before he jerked off to Riley's face and the related last scene of the disc began with Emma as the lead. This was certainly a different approach to using the ladies, his lack of power during the load launch not dissuading my opinion that Riley was a superior performer. Yum!

Scene Four: Emma Heart, now appreciating the attention given her by Steve Holmes and David Perry when they walked up to her at the end of the last scene, left with them to have some fun. She proudly displayed her assets which encouraged Steve to munch on them, David joining in to do likewise before long. I was surprised that David seemed to be having fun since that hasn't been the case in a long time from what I've seen, perhaps the delightful hotty in front of him enough to appeal to his jaded eyes. Regardless, she reciprocated with passion, slobbing their knobs and actively riding their cocks vaginally, moving to anal where they pushed her limits even before the DP took place. Emma showed that Riley's experience may well be a major selling point but so too was her youthful exuberance, the fun factor of this heated tryst resulting in the men giving her a couple of facials to appreciate (and partially swallow down before the camera faded out to the text mentioning the second disc).

Scene Five: Velicity Von, a curvy blond in an orange& black bikini, was up last as she hid from naked Toni Ribas, the guy searching everywhere in the backyard to find his soon-to-be conquest. Manuel professed no knowledge of where she was at as he smuggled her into the house, checking out her nice ass as she repeatedly bent over for his visual benefit. Toni caught them and was soon applying his charms, Velicity teasing both of them with a big black dildo between her tits before she anally masturbated. Her backdoor warmed up, Velicity started slobbing Toni's knob, her enthusiastic hummer leading to him plowing her pussy very hard. She did some taste testing and they continued, the penetration soon including her asshole after a technical DP. Her gape allowed him to easily bang her butt too, her moans a mixture of pain and pleasure, but Velicity actively riding him until she blew him to completion, his genetic juice launched across her face. In all, it was a solid way to end the flick. Nice!

Bonus Scene: Ass Attack 2: Mika Tan, dressed in a black fetish outfit that enhanced her curves and lovely little China Doll appearance, was up next with director Manuel Ferrara after she teased the camera in a heated manner. Her ability to grind her ass was cool and she sure wasn't shy as she gave a nice visual show. Her masturbation sequence had her using toys to stretch out her ass, tasting them along the way, before sucking him off like the seasoned champion she was. He returned the oral favor a bit as she jerked him off but the taste was too good for her to leave his shaft alone until it was time for some pussy plunging fun. This led, of course, to the anal but the strength of her act was more in terms of how much she seemed to like him on a personal level, going further than she might have with another guy. There was lots of dirty talk and taste tasting (ATM mostly) but it ended without a visible pop shot (22:21 minutes).

Bonus Scene: Ass Attack 2: Kaiya Lynn, another Asian with a lean little body but a decent ass (at least when it was bent over), claimed to be doing her first anal with Manuel Ferrara because she liked him. Her black shorts and fishnet pantyhose looked good on her, even if they drove the screen crazy (the fishnets caused shimmering problems in every scene they were in), but he was far more interested in snacking on her crack than anything else going on. They did several positions of vaginal and anal sex with oral as an afterthought but she seemed unable to handle his size, forcing him to do all the work. This pattern was driving me crazy since it's not the case in most RLD or Manuel movies but fans of gals taking on more than they can handle will probably go nuts for it (29:03 minutes).

Summary: Evil Anal 9 by director Manuel Ferrara for Evil Angel was not his longest, most polished, or even most heated flick to date but it had a lot of fuck for the buck, solid performances, and that intangible fun factor I appreciate so much so I rated it as Highly Recommended. Emma Heart, Riley Evans, Chayse Evans, Kelly Divine, Velicity Von, all contributed to this stroke-fest of porn, even Dana's desperation ploy amusing as she applied her "anal whore" persona to the material at hand. Sure, I would have enjoyed a full scene with Holly West but the extras and movie provided enough for me to enjoy that I'm glad Manuel keeps trying to outdo himself. In short, Evil Anal 9: Special Set, the sequel to Evil Anal 8, kept up the expected standards of anal depravity and with a cast providing something for almost everyone, it should appeal to many of you as well.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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