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Porn Reviews » Sex Toy Reviews » Adam & Eve Magic Massager

Adam & Eve Magic Massager

Studio: Adam & Eve » Review by Beautiful Dreamer » Review Date: 6/25/09

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

This is a massager that doesn't mess around. The Adam & Eve Magic Massager is very strong. While there are cute pictures on the box of both a woman and a man massaging their shoulders, it's pretty obvious, especially coming from a sex toy retailer, that this massager has naughty intentions.

It's ran off a AC 120 volt cord. So if you live outside of North America, please take note of that before ordering this. the cord measures 5.5 feet long which is long enough for me. You could also get an extension cord (make sure it is fully compatible) if you'd need some extra length. Because this toy essentially connects your intimate areas to an electrical current, be sure to not use this anywhere near water. For cleaning, use a damp rag or a toy cleaner to clean the head. If you're going to share this, invest in some XL condoms to cover this before playing with others.

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The box claims this provides "poweful, yet quite vibrations". I'll agree with them on the power part, but this toy is anything but quiet. You can hear this through covers, through the door, through walls, and quite possibly through the front door as well. If you have the windows open and your neighbors live close- if your moans don't give you away the noise of this toy will.

Onto the bed test. I had similar results with this massager as a previous massager I have used. The highest setting is entirely too high for me to use on my clit. I instintively recoil everytime and it just provide me pleasure. And the lowest setting feels good, and I feel like I'm on the verge of climaxing, but I just can't let myself go. The soft head on the Magic Massager does feel better than my other massager though. The overwhelming power is just too much for me. Many, many women have glorious orgasms with this toy- I just can't seem to let myself go. I still enjoy using this- I just don't climax with it. But it does provide a lot of pleasure both intimately and for massage.

It's pretty obvious that the Adam & Eve Magic Massager is a Hitachi knock off. And it's nearly identical to the Hitachi. The only differences are that the Magic Massager has a softer head and a bit short of a neck than the Hitachi. They are nearly identical in strength.

I prefer the Magic Massager over the Hitachi for intimate use, simply because the head is a little softer. Is it enough of a difference that if I'd rush out to buy one of these if I already had a Hitachi, No. But this is a good solid sex toy. It provides many women mind numbing orgasms and it doubles has a fabulous massager. I'm sayingHighly Recommended.

Beautiful Dreamer

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