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Real Couples 4

Studio: French Connection » Review by Rod Woodman » Review Date: 6/27/09

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DATE OF PRODUCTION: August 8 - October 24, 2008

RUNNING TIME: 1 hour 32 minutes


GENRE: Real life Bear Cubs and Daddy-types - committed couples - discuss their lives together and then have sex.


MODEL TYPES:  30-40ish Bear Cubs and 60ish Daddy-types, almost all a bit overweight, with facial hair, random piercings and some tattoos.

CONDOMS: None, except in one scene because of one of the partner's HIV status.

OVERVIEW: This is a visit with four real-life couples, as featured on the website HotOlderMale.com and Pantheon Productions.  As is apparent by the above description, the couples bear strong resemblances to one another.  The each talk casually together about their lives as couples and then put on a sex show for the camera.  At the end of the video, their interviews are presented in their unedited versions, many minutes longer.  The sex in most professional DVDs is presented in intense, staged scenes for maximum sexual involvement.  These scenes are much more relaxed because the participants have gone down this sexual road many times before.  They are very loving (too rarely seen in commercial DVDs) though not always highly turned on.  They do care deeply for each other and do eventually bring their partners to climax.  It's all a bit like a Reality Show about mature gay sex.


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SCENE 1 - CLINT & DAN - Dan, who is in the best physical shape of any of the eight men on this DVD, and his older partner Clint start off the proceedings.  (They are pictured on the Box Cover.)  Dan came to SF from Australia to to "find a husband" and saw Clint on DaddyHunt.com and HotOlderMale.com.  They hooked up, went for coffee, and it went from there to a relationship - now for 9 months.  They have a "dungeon bed", but have no need to bring out all the trappings to have a "fucking good time".  Clint says he's younger in his head and loves to continually discover new things, places, and ideas.  Their sex scene starts with them both naked in bed, with Clint sucking on one of Dan's nipples.  Dan has a good muscular, trim body and has probably worked out regularly most of his adult life.  Both the men have substantial cocks.  Clint is a little older and a little thicker around the middle, but very attentive.  Dan's head is shaved and, as is standard here, they both have facial hair.  Clint sports a cock ring, and a PA in the head of his dick.  Their bed, at first glance, resembles an old-fashioned four-poster, but it has bars to hang from and lower bars top and bottom to grab on to for leverage.  The two are not in any hurry.  Dan lies on his back, and Clint feeds him his dick.  They kneel and kiss, and then Dan stands to feed Clint his cock.  They move slowly to satisfy each other.  We can't always see just what they are doing or their cocks as they move in and out.  It's more like being in a room secretly, with a couple having sex - seeing what you can - very voyeuristic.  They next 69 with Dan on bottom eating Clint's ass.  Then Clint eats Dan's from behind, sucking his cock through his legs.   They frequently stop to smile at one another and kiss before they move on.  Grabbing onto the low bars provides a kind of simulated "tied-up effect".  Dan, at one point, hangs from the overhead bars to get his ass eaten by Clint under him.  Then Clint fucks Dan, legs in the air.  Clint then straps a pair of leg restraints on Dan, so he's now got his legs held in place high in the air.  Clint first face-fucks him in this position and plays with his ass.  Then he moves around to eat his ass again and seriously fuck him.  Dan soon cums, but that doesn't stop Clint from pounding his ass until he manages to cum himself inside him.  They finish off in a 69 position again, sucking on their spent cocks.  It's definitely the hottest of the four scenes.

SCENE 2 - NIC & MARCO - Although all the couples are now in SF, they did not all start out there.  These two have been together for eight years, and married for three.  They are from Montreal, QU.  Both have those bald heads and beards, one squared off and one pointy.  Nic, the younger and most English fluent, admits to his positive HIV status and praises Marco for his tolerance.  It does not seem like an issue for them.  Nic calls the older Marco his "rock", to which he playfully answers, "I'm NOT a rock".  Nic is a totally hairy 40ish bear cub, and Daddy Marco is in his 60s.  Marco has a big cock and a hefty body.  Nic eats his ass as he lies on his stomach.  Then he rolls over so Marco can suck his dick.  Nic is on his knees now, with Marco standing on the floor.  The camera doesn't see it happen, but Marco is now wearing a condom and fucking Nic bent over the bed.  Then Marco gets on his back, and Nic rides his dick which is driving up into him.  Marco jacks off and cums.  They kiss and caress.  Nic shoots his load noisily - showing off a much bigger dick than we've glimpsed before.  They hug again.  It's all very loving.

SCENE 3 - DAVID & BILL - This twosome is from Wisconsin Dells, WI.  They've been together for ten years and are now 36 and 48 respectively.  David is an outgoing roly-poly cub, and it does make one wonder if it was that way when they were 26 and 38.  David, although older, is the much more physically fit.  They admit that they both love sex and have it almost daily - before work, in the middle of the night - somewhere, somehow.  They are versatile and both into topping and bottoming.  David has a very furry chest.  As their sex scene starts, they are both naked, kissing.  At first, David appears to be the aggressor, sucking Bill's nipples and down to his cock.  Then Bill gets on top, sucking David's nipples and cock.  Bill then sits on David's chest and feeds him his cock to suck.  David kneels on the bed, so that Bill can eat his ass.  He rubs his bald-shaved head into and over David's ass crack and balls.  Bill then stands up on the bed, so David, still on his knees, can reach up and suck Bill's 7".  Bill then drops back down to fuck David's ass doggie-style, although the camera never seems to catch the shaft going in and out.  Then Bill sucks on the now standing David and eats his ass as he kneels on the bed.  David fucks his friend first doggie-style and then on his back, his legs in the air.  And then once more again for good measure, he fucks him on his knees.  David pulls out, jacks off, and, taking both by surprise, shoots an amazingly big load that goes everywhere.  David then sucks on Bill as he stands once again to cum in David's waiting mouth.

SCENE 4- CONRAD & BILL - (All the guys on the DVD are all referred to by first name only on the DVD, but some have full names listed on the Box Cover.  There, these two are identified as Conrad Morales and Lee Rivers.)  Daddy Conrad is 49, almost 50, with a white trimmed beard and Lee is 39 with a high forehead, blondish pony tail and dark facial hair.  With their clothes off, as with David and Bill, the older man has the trimmer body.  The two are newly-weds, having just been legally married the day before in SF.  Lee kids Conrad because he said he saw him cry for the first time.  Conrad was so thrilled to be acknowledged, recognized as normal with the normal urge to unite.  Conrad contends that he's closer to Lee's age inside.  He's open to possibilities.  Their sex scene starts with them kissing and slowly undressing one another.  Lee has a very white hairless body.  Conrad has a big thick cock.  Both are sporting cock rings, and Lee wears a PA.  Conrad gets on his knees to get his ass eaten by his partner.  Conrad then gets on top of Lee, with Lee lying on his back.  He then sucks his dick, and with his legs in the air, eats his ass.  Lee gets on his knees, and Conrad's finger and lube work his ass.  Then Conrad stands on the floor and fucks Lee doggie-style.  "Oh fuck me, yeah, yeah," he moans.  They finally rest a moment and then go at it again.  Conrad then gets on his back to allow Lee to jack him off and finger his ass at the same time.  And then Conrad takes over to stroke and shoot some thick white cum.  Lee then jacks off (no PA now) his almost 8" - which the camera catches sight of for the first time - and spurts everywhere.

VIDEO: I wasn't really aware of it's quality, although much of the actual sexual activity was difficult to see.  It was undoubtedly shot for web use and then transferred to a DVD.

AUDIO: It was clear when it needed to be - during the interviews and sex talk.

EXTRAS: As I said above, the extended versions of the interviews are the main extras.  The box mentioned trailers, but I didn't see them.

FINAL THOUGHTS: HotOlderMale.com and its fare are aimed at Bear and Daddy fans, and there are many.  It's not so much lustful, but loving, and interesting to see real people having real sex.  It's not glamorous or idealized fantasy by any stretch of the imagination, but for fans and the curious, I suggest you RENT IT. 

Rod Woodman

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