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Human Touch Acuvibe Mini

Studio: Babeland » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 6/29/09

XCritic's Advice: XCritic Pick

Having written dozens of toy reviews in recent times, I am reminded that some companies consider them novelties and/or market them in such a manner that the clueless might overlook the fun they could have with them sexually.  That was how most toys used to be marketed, fooling almost no one but allowing women to save face a time or two when the devices were inadvertently "discovered" by wayward children or spouses.  In a return to that type of marketing, I found the Human Touch Acuvibe Mini to be quite a gem of a device, the amusing website and box cover extolling the many virtues of how it could be used to massage a sore neck, feet, or legs (instead of its intended purpose).

The device comes in two colors, baby blue or pink, and is the kind of handheld vibrator built as much for power as anything else.  One of the major selling points of the acuvibe is that it is green-friendly, using a rechargable power source rather than plugging into a wall socket or using expensive batteries.  I know from past efforts that rechargables are often under powered and lame but this was certainly not the case here!  Also of note is that the acuvibe is not built for penetration but rubbing on those special places that endeared Nadine to it so very much.

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I began by reading the enclosed instructions and recharging it for a full day.  The included literature suggested this would allow the machine to last up to 45 minutes.  While it did not have a variety of speeds to select from, it did display the uncanny ability to get Nadine off in record time thanks to the surging power felt between her legs.  The other part of the equation is that it lasted over 45 minutes on this first charge, subsequent charges still clocking in at 50+ minutes of continuous use.  The main point about this one from Nadine's point of view was that it really wasn't insertable, the 2.5" "head" attached so as to give it some flexibility.

In the bed testing, Nadine was bouncing off the walls almost immediately, reminding me of a time when another gal pal got her Sybian (as yet unreviewed on Xcritic though all of my testing staffers would love a shot at it).  In her own words then; "This vibrator is multi-purpose. but wouldn't recommend it for insertion or anal play. I love the power,size and texture...great for neck, back, shoulders, awesome as a clit stimulator! It's a little louder than what I would normally prefer, but who could hear it over the " OH MY GOD, OH YES" and a few "Mmmmm Babies" between the moaning and a lot of giggling which are always a good sign that I am cumming and nothing is held back, I loved it! Definitely one I will keep by my bed if not in the hand of my playmate."

On that note, once the battery dies, it does not appear to have a way to replace the old one and Babeland described it like this: "Acuvibe Mini is a Babeland Staff Pick! Finally! The ever-strong Acuvibe now comes in a smaller, portable size. Its compact design and attractive colors make it perfect for the car, the office, and the carry-on bag. The Acuvibe Mini is a rechargeable, cordless one-speed vibrator that is far stronger than any battery-powered vibrator, as well as most other rechargeable vibes. Its vibration is comparable to the original Acuvibe's "low" speed, packing a lot of punch for its petiteness! The Acuvibe Mini has a one-year manufacturer's warranty." while the production company kept distance from the sexual gratification purposes by saying it like this: "The HT-1220 Acuvibe™ Personal Massager is a great tool to take care of that sore muscle that's been bothering you the whole day. This compact handheld massager allows you to pinpoint and soothe your sore spots on the go! Whether it's soreness in the neck, tightness in the muscle between your shoulder blades, or tired and aching hands and feet, this magic wand from Human Touch makes it disappear before your very eyes!"

So what you get here is the charger, the vibrator, a full year warranty, and the comfort of knowing the 9" vibrator is strong enough to get almost anyone off even if it is made in China.  As far as the durability is concerned, let me just point out that Nadine took it home, tried it with a few of her closest lady friends and it is still buzzing strong while getting them off, clearly meriting a rating of Xcritic Pick for anyone not demanding a penetrative vibrator.  Last thing, while this is compared by others to a Hitachi Wand, it really gives a different sense of well being, the tradeoffs between sound and strength as well as powering up in a green friendly manner such that it is worth every penny.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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