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Tantus Ryder Butt Plug

Studio: Babeland » Review by Beautiful Dreamer » Review Date: 7/20/09

XCritic's Advice: XCritic Pick

Butt Plugs are an exciting addition to sex, but they also pose some more fears than vibrators and dildos. For the most part, I'm not ever worried about loosing a toy inside my vagina. When playing with my ass though, this fear becomes very real. Once a toy slips inside, there's not telling how far it will get inside your colon before either you luckily wiggle it out, or a nice ER physician does the dirty work for you.

Tantus is known for their high quality toys. The Ryder is no exception. My Ryder came packaged in a red & clear plastic container, something I've been told their doing away with for a more environmentally friendly plastic bag. The outside is printed that this is made of 100% ultra premium-platinum silicone. In my opinion, butt toys (and hopefully soon enough all toys) that need to be flexible should be made of silicone.

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This plug can be completely sanitized to allow for sharing between partners. Or the sanitizing options just mean you'll have a really clean plug- something you always should strive for when sticking any toy inside yourself. Run this in the dishwasher (top rack, no soap), boil it for a few minutes, or wipe it down with a 10% bleach solution (be sure to rinse after). When storing the Ryder, be sure that it does not come into contact with other silicone products. When using the Ryder, only use water based lubricants. I personally prefer something a bit thicker for ass play, Maximus is my favorite.

As far as the bed test. I have used plugs before, but most weren't as large as the Ryder- so the size initially intimidated me. I lubed it up well, took a deep breath, and placed the taper tip at my ass. It slid in much easier than I anticipated and I was quite pleased that it has a narrower neck meaning it's extremely comfortable once it's in place. The base is large, so that it assures the Ryder will stay in place.

The toy is 4.75" in circumference and 4.25" in length. So it's definitely not small, but not what I'd describe as huge either. And because the neck narrows very nicely, once this toy is in it's very comfortable. It provides me a very full feeling. I enjoy putting this in during both solo and couple play. My partner says when I'm wearing this, I feel much tighter. When he's thrusting, the head of his cock continuously rubs against the tip of this toy through my vaginal wall and the look on his face says it all.

My one complaint about the Ryder is that while the base assures safety, it is a tad wider than I like. I can see myself wearing this for a day or so, but as the wide base pushes against my skin, I imagine it'd cause irritation if  everyday repeatedly simply because of the friction.

The Ryder is made of the highest quality materials and someone obviously took some time when designing this to make sure it truly does what it was intended for. It's a pretty standard shape and it's sizing makes it a good choice for most people, provided they can relax enough to insert it. It stays in place, provides a full feeling, and its design is classic. I'm saying XCritic Pick.

Beautiful Dreamer

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