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Naughty Cheerleaders Club, The

Studio: New Sensations » Review by Crimson Clown » Review Date: 7/1/09

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

"The Naughty Cheerleaders Club" is probably one of the hottest porn titles I've reviewed in a while and though it doesn't offer up much of a premise it does fulfill my fantasy of that naughty barely legal cheerleader coming to rock my world and fuck me to kingdom come. But alas I must live vicariously through the male performers lucky enough to get down and dirty with the pom pom people. Without further ado:

Alexis and Anthony
Alexis does not look like any of the other girls on the compilation. She has junk in her trunk, thick thighs, long legs, and did I mention an ass you can ride until the cows come home? On the Vida Guerra scale she ranks at 7.5. I doubt she's Puerto Rican despite her claims, but the ass and the way it jiggles causes me to wonder. Time is not wasted as she and Anthony begin making out as Alexis rubs her legs along his thighs groaning with every oral tongue lashing. In a class room the two take full advantage and begin stripping down to their undies and Alexis lifts her leg high to reveal her bubble butt rubbing it up and down his thighs. She then takes to his cock unbuckling his pants and sucking him down hard. After jerking him off she leans down and suffocates Anthony with her large ass as he eats every inch of her ass hole and pussy which she enjoys groaning loudly.

He takes her from behind and begins riding her ass long and hard, smacking her cheeks and making sure to get every inch of his cock in her. After more the fucking wears down she kneels down to suck his cock long and fast. He then mounts her on a desk and spreads her legs wide open to fuck her pussy rough and fast as she eggs him on, and eventually makes her cum all over his cock shaft. He sits down on a chair and Alexis mounts him taking it up her rotund derrier as he groans and cries out. With her ass flashing the audience she takes his cock deep and gets face fucked. As a starter this is simply excellent and very arousing. I guarantee the audience will leave this stunned and waiting for something more of its caliber. Alexis is fucking hot and her ass speaks waves about her ability to do big ass porno in the future.

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Sadie and Alex
Sadie and Alex meet in the unlikeliest of places: A Tree. Alex climbs up a large tree in an attempt to peek in to a girls window and happens upon Sadie who just arrived at her place to unwind and eventually begin fingering by her own little lonesome. Alex gets too eager and takes a hard fall causing Sadie to check in on him and brings him in to her house to heal his wounds. The scenario here is pretty painful as Sadie doesn't know how to deliver a line to save her life. Granted the woman is very sexy but there's just no accounting for the lazy segment. How does Sadie know Alex? Why is Alex peeping on Sadie if her knows her? For all we know they could be cousins. And why go peeping in to windows during the day time on a busy road? Aww it all becomes moot once Sadie bends to his wills to check on his bruises and cuts a few of which happen to be cured orally. The two go at it nice and slow the entire time with Sadie sucking his cock very hungrily and 69ing with the man. I guess it's every peeping Tom's desire to be invited in by the woman they're watching and this adds an extra kick to the already hot cheerleader scenario. This segment reminded me of "Debbie Does Dallas" and not in a good way. It just feels like a rip from the movie most of the time. Otherwise it's a good follow up if you allow yourself to get sucked in by Sadie's lovely body and sexy raspy voice.

Cassandra and Tony
Tony is the lonely garbage man who is confronted by Cassandra begging him to let her look in to storage units and blackmails him about his illegal status in America. This makes Tony mad and he lashes out at her, but Cassandra loves every minute of his berating and threats. She loves it so much in fact that she takes a kneel to suck his cock. The scenario here is also pretty damn broad with no imagination put to the fantasy. What was she looking for? Why did she need it so badly? And why is Tony naked under a jump suit? Oh who cares, right? It's porn. Cassandra is a fucking hot piece of ass with gorgeous plump tits Tony takes the opportunity to enjoy while stripping very slowly. Like the prior performers Cassandra has a nice ass and uses it well with her large tits bringing Tony down to the floor and using every method she could think of to let her have his keys and it seems to work. She rides him backward cowgirl and he splits her wide to fuck her pussy all along the hard dirty floor. She gets the keys and a wad of cum on her chest to prove how much she really wanted what he had to offer.

Ashlynn and Johnny
This segment felt like an X Rated "Porky's" moment where Ashlynn is met by Johnny who is intent on grabbing her in the girls locker room and fucking her stupid. He is then forced to hide once Ashlynn's friend saunters over to pay her a visit. The acting for this segment is also the pretty standard acting power you'd find in a hardcore porn, hell I'm not even sure why we had two girls for this segment and no girl on girl. Unaware he's hiding under the changing bench, Johnny sneaks in a few grabs as Ashlynn struggles to keep him hidden and he's punished for his horniness with long deep kisses and an instant peek under the mini skirt that is Ashlynn's uniform. Making sure to remember her pussy, he takes off her panties and eats her out along the floor which she enjoys with light petting and soft moans. Ashlynn is another in the line of women with absolutely stellar asses and she makes a point of flashing it toward Johnny in every instance and for the audience. Wasting no time after eating her ass he bends her over with one leg up on the bench and dominates her with a heavy back door slamming that makes her cry out while her tits wiggle and jiggle with every pump. What ruined the illusion for me was the scarring on Ashlynn's left boob that made me wonder if she was natural or fake but that didn't prevent this from being one of the good ones as she 69's with Johnny on the locker room floor and gets a cum shower along her chest.

There's not really much wrong with Cheerleader's Club. The picture is sharp and clear as crystal and presented in a wide screen format that helps to bring on a wider scope to the fucking. Some parts were a bit grainy and dull colored but otherwise it's top notch presentation all the way. The sound is also great to the point where you can hear Alexis flapping her ass and the pounding without having to turn your volume up too much. It's a great combination of sights and sounds that help New Sensations become a real purchase worthy of your money.

First off there's the menu which inspires me not only to rub one out but to praise the porn gods for. Can I get an Amen on the free dance we get that plays in a constant loop? Aside from that we get a twenty two minute Behind the Scenes feature that includes interviews with all the performers and it's a very relaxed series of interviews and on set antics that keeps the women looking sexy while getting to know them personally. It's a very light and airy production that keeps its tongue planted firmly in cheek and Alexis just never loses her sex appeal the whole time she's on camera. Once she drops the cheerleader garb we see someone who knows how to have a great conversation exposing her great personality. Adding to the bundle we get a two minute Outtakes reel that features dialogue screw ups and mishaps on the sets. Continuing the bells and whistles we get a twenty two minute Dani Jensen POV segment which features Dani going solo with her purple vibrator as the director eggs her on until she cums. It's a great bonus scene since Dani and her director get it on rough and it practically melts the screen the entire time they're fucking. There's also Wallpaper of Alexis you can download off the disc, a half hour bonus scene from "Naughty College School Girls #51," a great two minute photo gallery, and a Pick your Pleasure feature that allows you to start on assorted categories including "Blowjob," "Missionary," or "Cowgirl."

After Thought:
What else can I say? When it comes to porn titles that aroused me, "The Naughty Cheerleaders Club" paid off double. It's nothing full of build ups with gorgeous women selling the fantasy aspect with much avail. I enjoyed the movie (especially Alexis) and there's no shortage of extras either. It's Highly Recommended. Definitely.

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