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Hoodies Boots and Jeans

Studio: Pitbull Productions » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 7/6/09

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Directed By: Jalin Fuentes

Production Date: October 2007


Hot Rod, AK.47, Boogie, Marcus, Big Smoke, Phantom, Manny, Will2K, Jeremy Blast, and Dreayonn, Sexcyone, N. Tycin.

Runtime N Rubbers: 2 Hours and 43 Minutes. Yes.

Scene one:

Big Smoke (good-looking with closely-cropped/almost shaved hair and tall/smooth/slender body) is cruising for some man-lovin' in a local park when he uses the ol' tried 'n true pick-up line of "You got a light?" on Marcus (good-looking wearing a white wave cap, slender/average/smooth body). Since this is a fuck flick, the line works and the dudes quickly head back to Marcus' pad for some fun. The guys are already completely naked by the next camera shot and Marcus is yanking on Big Smoke's large uncut cock exclaiming, "That's a big-ass dick, son!" Marcus proceeds to chow down on that large tool giving some excellent head sliding his hungry mouth up 'n down while Big Smoke moans and plays with his own hard nipples.

Big Smoke, now wearing a black wave cap, gets down on Marcus' large unclipped member 'n big hangy nuts with some okay head pretty much concentrating on the knob. The dudes switch to a traditional sixty-nine with Marcus on top as they both continue to taste that man-meat. Big Smoke eats his pick-up's ass but the viewer will not be able to see anything. Luckily, Marcus wants a taste of manhole too and there are some excellent close-ups of his wet tongue licking that tight shaved bunghole. Marcus repositions himself with his hot bubble butt in the air leading Big Smoke to apply ample amounts of lube before he attempts to slide his gigantic cock up that man-chute from behind. The butt sex starts out poorly simply because dude's tube steak is so fucking big. The guys finally get into some type of rhythm and Big Smoke begins pounding Marcus fast 'n smooth.

For some reason Marcus is now wearing a white shirt featuring drawings of cartoon kitty Sylvester on it. Ha! This is one sloppy scene with so much lube that everythang is shiny. There are some decent penetration shots from time to time while poor Marcus makes some very unique sounds. There's lots of moaning, panting, groaning, and certain high-pitched squeals I've never heard before.  There are also many cries of "Oh shit! Oh Shit! Oh shit!" There are some very hot penetration shots from behind after the guys have been fucking for a long time. The dudes go through a series of positions including doggy, side/missionary, and missionary before they are both ready to cum. Big Smoke stokes his thang working the foreskin back 'n forth and shooting a large thick load on his stomach. Sadly, Marcus doesn't climax.

Scene Two:

Hot Rod (Good-looking with short black hair, cool sideburns, and slender/toned/smooth body) and Phantom (good-looking with closely-cropped dark hair, goatee, and toned/slender/lightly hairy body) are relaxing in bed when their buddy Manny (good-looking with short black hair, tight/smooth body) barges in asking if they are "hot" 'n wanting to know what they are up to today. Phantom answers his buddy by stating that he wants Hot Rod to tear his ass up. Sounds like a good time to me. The dudes begin undressing while Manny videotapes the action and a groovy heavy bass-line throbs on the soundtrack. Hot Rod and Phantom get down to some heavy soul kissing 'n body rubbing leading Phantom to chow down on Hot Rod's big cut dong giving some very good head. Hot Rod ends up straddling his buddy and giving him a tasty face fucking.

Ravenous for more cock, Phantom gets down on Manny's cut prick once again showing off his excellent oral skills 'n making Manny forget all about his video camera. "Suck that dick, yo!" Hot Rod begins sucking Phantom's long unclipped tool while Phantom is still busy working on Manny. Switching up, while Phantom continues to blow Manny, Hot Rod starts to eat Phantom's tight bunghole. Sadly, the viewer receives absolutely no close-ups of the rimming. In fact, the entire oral scene contains no decent close-ups and is filled with nothing but tedious medium camera shots.

Manny joins in on the ass-eating fun by rimming Hot Rod while Hot Rod is still munching down on Phantom. Once again, there are no decent close-ups of the butt munching. Finally! There are some close-ups! (Only after seventeen minutes into the scene. How generous!) Hot Rod finger fucks Phantom's tight hairy asshole as well as Manny's tight shaved bunghole in nice tasty close-up. The dudes dig having their snug buttholes played with and fill the air with loud moans and cries of lust. Hot Rod drills Phantom's butt doggy-style fast, smooth, 'n hard but the viewer cannot see the penetration from behind due to Hot Rod's tasty hangy nuts.

Manny watches pulling his pork and allowing Phantom to suck him off again. Once again! Finally after twenty-three minutes into the scene, we get a decent penetration shot and it's fucking excellent with Hot Rod's big dick sliding in 'n out of Phantom. Dude gets plowed fast 'n hard in the missionary position with some tasty close-ups from behind. To finish up, the guys lie back in bed and pull their puds with Manny squirting a huge load all over his chest, arm, and stomach, Hot Rod busting a large wet nut on his stomach, and Phantom dumping a thick load on his stomach.

Scene Three:

AK.47 (cute with cornrows and tall/slender/smooth body) is watching internet porn when his attempt at a "freaky dinky" is interrupted when buddy Boogie (nice-looking with short black hair, toned/smooth body) knocks on the door. AK.47 is obviously planning on some hot 'n horny man-sex since he lowers the blinds on the front door window once his bud is inside. The guys quickly get down to business leading Boogie to make a hilarious move while AK.47 is still attempting to undress. "I ain't never had nobody suck my dick while I take my shoes off!" AK.47 has a nice full bush and big plump hangy nuts. Boogie gets down on that long slender clipped man-snake deep throating all the way down, slobbering on them balls, and giving an A+ blowjob. Both dudes are very playful here and AK.47 clearly digs the head laughing and moaning at the same time.

Boogie stands up allowing AK.47 to suck his big hard clipped tool 'n large/plump hangy nuts. AK.47 clearly knows to give as well as receive. He deep throats that dong all the way down to short dark pubes and works his talented mouth up 'n down making his buddy moan with pleasure. The dudes get into some type of clumsy-looking sixty-nine on the plaid sofa where they both gorge on ebony meat and AK.47 rubs Boogie's tight hairy asshole. They continue their party on the floor and proceed to trade blowjobs. AK.47 crams his long dick up Boogie's tight butt in the missionary position and beings fucking his buddy long, smooth, 'n hard with some good penetration shots from the side/above, and behind.

AK.47 picks up the speed and drills his pal fast 'n smooth with excellent penetration shots from behind and mouth-watering extreme close-ups. There's plentiful use of the "N-Word" here which bothered me since I fucking hate that word. The dudes get down with some doggy-style for just a short time before getting back to the more revealing missionary. They sit side-by-side on that plaid couch yanking on that throbbing man-pork to fulfill their lusty desires. Boogie dumps a huge thick load of jizz on his stomach followed by AK.47 squirting a big load of cum all over his chest and stomach.

Scene Four:

Will2K (good-looking wearing a white wave cap, muscular/smooth body) is relaxing on a sectional sofa reading a smut magazine when his pal Jeremy Blast (Good-looking wearing a red baseball cap, toned/lightly hairy body) barges in all excited from winning some cash playing the numbers. Jeremy immediately grabs that "dirty" magazine leading Will to make his "move" and begin rubbing his buddy's thigh. Will fishes a fat cut cock out his pal's blue jeans 'n boxers and begins giving some very hot head sliding his mouth up 'n down the meaty shaft and taking it all the way down his gullet. Digging the blowjob, Jeremy stands up allowing Will access to that delicious dong.

 Jeremy places his hands on Will's head and begins fucking his face long 'n smooth while Will pulls on his own big clipped member. Jeremy fucks Will doggy-style on the sofa using long full strokes and there are plenty of tasty penetration shots from behind of that big dick sliding in 'n out of that tight shaved butthole. Jeremy's big hangy nuts slap Will's gooch as he kicks up the speed and plows his buddy fast 'n hard making both guys fill the room with heavy breathing and load moans. The guys finish up by sitting on the couch and jerking off. Jeremy dumps a thick wad on his fist but Will doesn't cum.

Scene Five:

Boogie (scene three) gets home and want some sexual attention from his sleeping buddy Dreayonn (nice-looking with cornrows, slender/smooth body). Dreayonne protests "I'm tired!" but horned up Mr. Thang will not take that as an excuse!  "I want some lovin'!"  "Chill out, man! I'm tired, man!"  The  guys end up kissing with deep wet tongues leading Boogie to kiss 'n lick his way down dude's body yanking open his blue jeans and down with the boxers to take that fat clipped cock down his gullet.  Boogie gives excellent head sliding his hungry mouth up 'n down and deep throating all the way to Dreayonn's full dark pubes 'n suckin' them juicy plump 'n hangy man-plumbs.

The brothas are totally into the cock-sucking and Dreayonn ends up fucking Boogie's willing gullet long 'n smooth.  There's plenty of hot wet slurping sounds here. Boogie has a deep itch to scratch and plays a wild game of the ol' sink/bounce to take care of this "problem". Dude sinks his tight bunghole down on that big dick and humps up 'n down making the bed spring squeak with delight. Dreayonn grabs his pal's hips and begins thrusting upward to fuck him fast 'n smooth. There is only one quick penetration close-up provided but the viewer will be able to see that cock sliding in 'n out in the medium shots.

Switching to some doggy-style, Dreayonn drills Boogie fast 'n hard with some nice penetration shots from above and behind. The shots from behind are a little too dark.  Boogie definitely loves having his snug man-hole fucked and fills the air with heavy breathing, moans, and declarations. "Damn! That dick feels good!" The guys go through a number of positions including more sink/bounce, side/missionary, and back to missionary on their search for sexual fulfillment ending with Dreayonn shooting a large thick load on Boogie's stomach followed by Boogie busting a thick nut.

Scene Six:

N. Tycin (cute with short afro, toned/slender/smooth body) and Sexcyone (handsome with a shaved head, goatee and toned/ smooth body) are hanging out in bed shooting the breeze and teasing one another with some sexual talk. Sexcyone playfully accuses N. Tycin of being scared to get down with him. "I'm a Mercedes. Don't fuck with me."  Sexcyone pulls his huge 'n meaty uncut cock and hangy nuts out leading N. Tycin to chow down making complete oral love to that mouth-watering man-meat. Dude gives excellent head deep throating and working his wet mouth up 'n down.  There are plenty of tasty cock sucking close-ups here. Sexcyone grabs a hold of N. Tycin's head and gives him a good old-fashioned face fucking.

Sexcyone crams his big business up N. Tycin's tight hairy asshole from behind making the horned-up guy yell out with pleasure and I'm sure a bit of pain. Dude fucks the heck outta his buddy frilling him fast, smooth, 'n hard and showing no mercy. There are some excellent penetration shots here from behind of that huge cock sliding in 'n out. N. Tycin obviously loves being fucked hard because his yelps turn into lusty moans and he has a big ol' smile on his face. Sexcyone repositions his pal doggy-style 'n continues to wildly hump him which leads to some traditional missionary position screwing. These guys are totally into the action. The dudes yank on their pork leading N. Tycin to shoot a large thick load out of his clipped member and Sexcyone cut loose with some thick jizz.


Hoodies, Boots & Jeans is shot directly on video and presented in full screen. With the exception of scene two, the documentary-style hand-held videography is strong providing full coverage of all the action with plenty of excellent close-ups of the cock sucking and butt sex penetration. Some of the rimming is shot quite well while at other times, the viewer will not be able to see what's going on. The picture quality has some grain throughout the movie and many times, there picture is much too dark. The viewer will still be able to easily see almost all of the action. At times the lighting is simply too harsh. At least this type of lighting is good for the penetration close-ups buts tends to wash out and cast shadows at other times. One last problem is that there are a number of missing cum shots.


The sound is fine allowing the viewer to easily hear the guys as they talk and get down with all the usual heavy breathing, moans, grunts, and groans that accompany hot man-sex.


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selections, chapter stops, and a plentiful amount of trailers: Take Em Down 3, Harlem Thug Nights, Measuring Up, and Give A Thug A Bone.


Even with the techincal problems discussed in the above VIDEO section, Hoodies, Boots & Jeans is still a pretty hot li'l movie. The men are all appealing and give energetic performances appearing to truly be into the sex action. My absolute favorite here is Sexcyone. He's one hot mutha!  The movie (except for horribly executed scene two) is definitely worth a rental if you are into sexy streetwise dudes with big throbbing cocks. Last but certainly not least, I noticed plenty use of the "N Word" which I do not condone in any way. I hate that fucking word. Rent It with Caution.

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