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Night of the Spanish Fly

Studio: VCX » Review by The Mooninite » Review Date: 7/13/09

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The Movie:


Directed by Bob Mason in 1981, this feature starts out with a dude driving around New York City in a beat up sedan with a girl I can't recognize. The radio tells us that a crate of frankfurters from Brooklyn's 'Go Go Weiner Company' were contaminated by some Spanish Fly, meaning that a lot of women will get horny if they eat hot dogs. While they're driving around a brunette is cleaning her kitchen when the grocery delivery guy arrives. He's got a pony tail and a moustache and she's got a bottle of lube so he drops his pants and she gives him a blowjob while he grins like a psychopath. Judging by his 'erect factor' he's a good actor, however, but soon enough they're on the floor making out and we assume they're fucking - the camera work isn't so hot though so it's hard to say for sure. The narrator tells us she sucked him hard but the camera don't lie kids. Oh, there we go. Better late than never. Once he's hard, a news cast tells us about a maniac who attacked a school bus with an enema bag, the radio stations call letters are WFUK. Yep, it's that kinda sex comedy. At any rate, dude is limp again, which is a shame as the girl going down on him isn't bad looking at all. She sits on his face and then she rides him cowgirl style while a fiddle heavy soundtrack blares against a heavy bass line. She pulls off and he blows his load onto his stomach. The narrator tells us these two are named Helen and Oscar and then the radio tells us that the hotdogs in the city are contaminated with Spanish Fly. This explains why Helen jumped Oscar's weiner - he had hot dogs.

Next we meet a merchant seaman named Tom Bell who has been at sea for three horny months. The narrator tells us he's all man and that he's about to partake in a bizarre sexual adventure. He meets up with 'two lost young girls' and after they get some of NYC's finest hotdogs from a street vendor, they head back to his place where everyone enjoys his flower print bed spread - all macho man indeed, Tom. They all start making out and we realize that Tom looks a bit like Dom DeLouise as the girls give him head and sit on his face. He mounts one of the girls and then the next and then they give him head again. He fucks one, then the next, and blows his load.

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Meanwhile back at Helen's place, she's riding Oscar again. The maid walks in on them and gives them a drink. Cut to a married couple who have lived in a loveless marriage for seven years. He's drunk and she says he's a lousy creep. They bicker back and forth but soon she gets hungry and decides to have a hot dog. The mood hits her and gets her tits out. Drunk hubby nurses her nips for a good long while and as the bongo drums on the soundtrack intensify she gets his pants down and gives him head. She rides him cowgirl style and she eats a hot dog while she rides him unaware, the narrator tells us, that it'll give her magic powers. Oookay.

We then see a cute brunette eating a hot dog as she walks down the street. She moves in on a dude reading a book of Grimm's Fairy Tales and after a bit of chit chat she sits him down on the couch and gives him a blowjob . He gets her on all fours and fucks her from behind while something that sounds like Muddy Waters or maybe some sort of Robert Johnson song plays on the soundtrack. He mounts her missionary style and the narrator tells us his hard cock probed her in all the right places and he finishes on her stomach.

From there we meet a dignified and nice girl named Josephine who is a little vein (so says the narrator) like most women. She's trying to fix her plumbing and clean up her place while a country song that sounds a whole lot like Waylon Jennings plays on the soundtrack. Sam 'The Man' is sitting in bed while she breaks and eats a hot dog for lunch. The mood hits her and, wearing a white 'Gilligan hat' she gives him a solid suck session. He eats her hairy snatch and licks her clit and then fingers her a bit before spoon fucking her. He mounts her missionary style and finishes inside of her.

From there we meet a woman named Melissa who meets up with guy whose job it is to hang out with gorgeous chicks all day (we don't learn way, he just tells us this). She's hungry so she eats a delicious hot dog and gets horny, her thick Long Island accent a true turn on for this British guy who accuses the whole world of 'turning faggot' for reasons that are known only to him. She tries to sell him some cologne and before you know it she's riding him cowgirl style. He eats her pussy and they move into a sixty-nine until she decides it's time to ride him cowgirl style. As they finish, the radio tells us that the contaminated wieners have all been recovered and there's no more danger to worry about and the movie ends.



This fullframe transfer, which appears to present the film in its original aspect ratio, looks okay for an old XXX film from 1981, particularly when you consider that it was shot on video. The unfortunate decision to add a 'Copyright VCX 2009' bug in the bottom of the image during a few key scenes is also a strike against the disc, as it is a little annoying when it continues to pop up (it rears its ugly head at least three times), but other than that, the interlaced transfer is acceptable even if colors are a bit faded and the darker scenes lose a fair bit of fine detail. Expect a bit of softness and some mild film grain but overall things look surprisingly good here. There are some scenes that exhibit some mild compression artifacts and even a bit of macro blocking, surprising given that the film's running time is under eighty minutes, but aside from that it looks okay.


The Dolby Digital Mono soundtrack is a little muffled and not of the best quality, but again, it's taken from an older source so the limitations of the era's technology are going to be there when that's the case. Dialogue is pretty easy to understand, however, and the background music comes through reasonably clear. There aren't a lot of sound effects used in the film, mostly just some random moaning and groaning during the action scenes and these are handled just fine, as are the talkier bits of the movie.


VCX has, as usual, provided four bonus scenes from other release that they currently offer. The first scene is from Eruption and features John Holmes getting a blowjob. The second scene is from Too Hot To Touch and it features Jamie Gillis getting it on with a gum smacking blonde at a ski resort. The third bonus scene is from Suzie Superstar and it stars Shauna Grant and Ron Jeremy. Shauna takes off her top and drops to her knees to give Ron head. She sucks him off for a while and he strokes off onto her ample and lovely cleavage. The final bonus scene is from Perfect Partners and it stars Amber Lynn and Joey Silvera. They fool around in bed, he fingers her and then mounts her so we get a good look at his tan lines. Yo Joe! He eats her and bones her and then blows his load his load after she strokes him to a finish. Amber sure was hot back in the day.

Also included is a Legendary Tribute bit, which is basically just a five minute montage of clips from various old porno movies. Rounding out the extras are trailers are a picture of the original box art, a slideshow featuring some production stills and glamour shots of the cast in action, and trailers for , Eruption, Suzie Superstar and Expose Me Now as well as some animated menus, scene selection and a web-link.

Final Thoughts:

Night Of The Spanish Fly is pretty retarded, really, though it is at least amusing in its brazen stupidity. The comedy doesn't try for anything more than lowbrow but it's ridiculous enough to work. The sex is frequent and hotter than your average standard early eighties stroke film. There's lot of it and it's well shot with an attractive cast. VCX's extras are getting repetitive and boring at t his point but the transfer isn't bad despite some obvious mpeg compression. This isn't a lost classic waiting to be rediscovered by any stretch but it's a fun movie none the less. Recommended for those who crave vintage obscurities, a solid rental for the masses.

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