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Road Queen 9

Studio: Girlfriends Films » Review by Apache Warrior » Review Date: 7/13/09

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genre: Lesbian

Director: ?

Cast: Cindy Craves, Evie Delatosso, Dia Zerva, Claire Adams, Rayveness, Tara Lynn Foxxx, Misty Stone, Holly West, Deauxma (non-sex role), Candy Girl (non-sex role), India Summer (non-sex role)

Length: 158 minutes

Date of Production: not identified

Extras: A nice looking photo gallery is provided. There are four trailers and eight promos. The trailers are Lesbian Seductions 20, Field of Schemes 2, Mother-Daughter Exchange Club 5, and Twisted Passions. The promos include Road Queen, Lesbian Triangles, Imperfect Angels, Lesbian Seductions, Women Seeking Women, AVN 2009, promo trailer, and promo trailer 2. There is also website information.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: The audio and video quality are very solid. It's never difficult to hear the women and the lighting is very good.

Overview: Road Queen Part 9 is the ninth installment in the very popular and successful Road Queen series. It stars Deauxma who is one of the most heralded actresses in the history of Girlfriends Films. She plays a stripper who travels across the desert Southwest in her custom, purple Ford automobile. Despite having several competing studios attempt to capture significant market share in the lesbian adult video industry in recent times, Girlfriends Films continues to be the leading force. Their motto is to offer the viewer "simply the most realistic sex in lesbian adult video" that has ever been filmed.

Cindy Craves, Evie Delatosso

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Scene One: After sheriff Cindy Craves writes up a ticket for fishing without a permit to Evie Delatosso, the law enforcement officer gives the young woman a personal option to forego the expensive citation. It's called community service. Cindy strips down to her lace bra and panties. Evie lays on the bed. The woman runs her hand along the wrongdoer's body. Soon, she caresses Evie's right leg and feels her crotch. They kiss. The officer rubs her breast. Their kissing session is cute. Miss Evie looks very pretty in her yellow sun dress. Then, Ms. Craves rubs the young lady's peach as the hot liplock activity continues. Next, she removes Evie's undergarment and works on her beauty spot with her soft hand. Her actions make the young lady moan with delight. Afterwards, there is more kissing between them. They look good together. It's very easy for the viewer to forget that this sexual interaction is suppose to be Evie's punishment. Their chemistry is hot. The audience gets caught up with their sensual behavior. Cindy's good oral work on Evie's sweet spot and the young lady's oral gestures enhanace the emotional atmosphere of the scene. Their smiles are hot. Soon, the sheriff takes off the woman's dress. They kiss. Next, Miss Evie is on top of the cop and humps her. Their eye contact is remarkable. Next, the cute brunette kisses her way down Ms. Craves' body until she reaches her sexual playground. After removing her panties, the young cutie pie sucks and fingers her lovebox. Cindy's moans are nice. Evie humps her with good energy briefly before they kiss. Then, the woman positions her crotch next to the sheriff's mouth so that she can quench her thirst. Meanwhile, Miss Evie manually works on Cindy's plaything. Ms. Craves, at times, rubs Evie's pretty clit. Next, the blond woman puts on a strap-on dildo and lubricates it. Soon, she inserts the rubbery cock into Evie very gently. The brunette's smile is hot. The fuck scenes are solid especially when Evie is on her back. The cowgirl ride is good. The set-up for their spoonful of pleasure is sensual. It's not a surprise that the final sex acts are good. Evie's face glows momentarily when Cindy rubs her clit. The intensity of the womens' lovemaking increases. Then, they kiss very sensuously and snuggle at the end of their steamy scene.

Claire Adams, Dia Zerva

Scene Two: Blond and beautiful Dia Zerva is laying on her tummy while brunette Claire Adams plays with her feet. She rubs lotion on her partner's cute legs and ass. She spanks her butt and back. Moments later, Dia takes off Claire's orange panties. The woman caresses Miss Adams' back and butt. Next, the woman rolls over to face her lovely friend. Miss Adams rubs her precious gem. Afterwards, the lady sits on top of Dia as both friends rub the other's sexy plaything. The close-up of the brunette's rub-a-dub and spank action of Miss Zerva's clit is hot. Then, while in a 69 position, Claire manually works on her passion fruit while Dia rubs her ass. Soon, Dia bites her heel and licks her foot. Miss Zerva's finger fuck of her partner's flower is very moist. Dia's smile is cute. The action is hot and intense, however the pair lacks the sensual chemistry of Cindy Craves and Evie Delatosso. Nevertheless, Dia and Claire are more playful, innovative, and creative. Afterwards, the brunette places a pussy pump on the blond's sugar plum. Later on, Claire undresses and gets on top of Miss Zerva. The blond eats her cute cream puff as she looks on glowingly while Miss Adams fingers her muffin. Next, the humping positions and activities are hot. The action feels like two pals fooling around. Their giggles are sweet. Then, the action moves to another bed where Claire puts on a strap-on toy. Dia lays on her stomach. Miss Adams lubricates the rubbery plaything. Soon, she is doggying her while spanking her nice looking butt. The creative positions continue again. It's their creativity that makes the scene feel less romantic and more of a playful tone. However, the final moments of this scene feel very sensual as the women look into each other's eyes and talk softly with one another. The viewer can sense a close knit bond between the two women. Claire is on top of her and they kiss.

Rayveness, Tara Lynn Foxxx

Scene Three: Hardworker and compassionate Tara Lynn Foxxx is looking to earn some extra cash to help out her grandma and talks to Rayveness about a job. Sexy Lady Rayveness tells her all about her all female intimate parlor. The hostess also mentions that the position is not all about sexual favors. It's vital that her ladies stress affection. It consists of more touching, kissing, caressing, and kind words during the customer's session. Tara feels comfortable with the guidelines. Next, her new boss wants Miss Foxxx to demonstrate her skill on her. Without any hesitation, the eager beaver kisses Rayveness' body tenderly and plays with her breast briefly. Then, the scene moves to the hostess' large bed. Tara kisses the woman's neck and chest. Their liplock moments are sexy. Lady Rayveness feels the young lady's titties. Her gentle squeezes are hot. They kiss. At this point, Tara is topless and the sexy woman is naked. Then, Rayveness kisses Tara's neck and face and caresses her breast. The foxy young lass sucks the woman's finger. Next, Rayveness rubs her pantied covered flower. Soon, Tara rubs her own rose while the sexy hostess rubs her own tit on Tara's breast. Afterwards, the women lay beside each other as Miss Foxxx plays with Rayveness' bosoms manually and orally. They have nice chemistry together. It's important to note that their connection to each other becomes stronger and stronger as the scene progresses. Later on, Rayveness kisses Tara's tummy and then, her sexual playground. She removes the lady's yellow panties and tosses them away in a playful manner. Next, Tara sucks Rayveness' right tit while caressing her left one. Meanwhile, the sexy boss rubs the young woman's beauty spot. They also kiss. Then, Rayveness gets on her knees so that the foxy lady can orally pleasure her boss' pretty gem from behind her. Later, Tara snuggles with her from behind. Perhaps, the sexiest moment of the scene occurs when Tara nibbles Rayveness' earlobe. Lady Rayveness' smile is so so adorable when this sentiment from Tara occurs. She also kisses her face and rubs her tits. Later, Miss Foxxx humps the woman doggystyle. The hostess' dirty talk makes the action even more sexier. Soon, Tara rubs her sex spot with a lot of enthusiastic fervor. Later, Rayveness takes over and manually stimulates her own feminine mound. Then, the young woman lays on her back as her sensual boss gets on top of her. Tara sucks Rayveness' bosoms and rubs her lovely ass. The hostess rubs Tara's right titty. Later, she focuses on sucking the younger lady's left breast while Tara rubs her own vaginal plaything. Rayveness' smile is very cute as she bites the foxy woman's nipple and stares at her. Then, she performs the same act on Tara's right nipple. Afterwards, they kiss. Their eye contact is solid. Next, Rayveness kisses her inner thigh before orally pleasuring her young sexual region. Also, her finger fuck activity creates hot facial expressions on Tara's face. Her body gyrations are incredible. Then, they kiss as the hostess humps the blond lady. Rayveness has a very nice looking butt. The grinding motions increase the intensity of the scene. Later, she lays on her back as Tara humps her in a cool, rapid motion. They kiss. Soon, Miss Foxxx licks and softly kisses her body. Later, she sucks her bosoms and her finger. They kiss and then, Tara rests her head on Rayveness' chest. Lady Rayveness runs her fingers along the woman's back. They kiss again. Their great eye contact continues. The sensuous woman runs her hand on Tara's breast and face. They kiss. Next, they hold hands briefly in a sensual manner and then, gently fondle each other.

Holly West, Misty Stone

Scene Four: Misty Stone shows Holly West what sheriff Cindy does to the ladies. Misty begins to kiss the reluctant woman. After orally stimulating Holly's breasts, Miss Stone rubs her love spot. Later, she sucks on Miss West's left bosom. Then, Misty kisses her face and neck. She also feels Holly's titties. Later, the lady humps her as Holly sucks her breast briefly. Moments later, Misty removes Holly's panties and sucks on her pleasure spot. She uses a lot of energy on her oral technique. A short cool scissors routine follows. Next, Holly does a super job in sucking Misty's gemstone while rubbing her own precious ruby. Then, Miss Stone sucks and fingers Holly's vaginal plaything from behind her with vigor. Afterwards, Holly West applies a hot oral massage on Misty's wet lovebox. She also does a great job in spanking her clit. She also fingers her sex spot well. Holly lets Misty suck her wet finger. Next, they kiss. Holly humps Misty. She also jiggles her tit at Misty's mouth. They kiss. The scene is too short and the women don't have the chemistry like the other three couples in the movie had created for themselves.

Final Thoughts: For a movie that has been a long awaited installment in the popular Road Queen series, it's a mixed bag. The first three scenes and pairings are very sensual and the viewer can sense a strong bond being created between the women as the scene kept on progressing. Dia Zerva and Claire Adams need to be singled out for their playful behavior and creativity. Rayveness has charisma to spare. She has star power and oozes sexuality on the screen. However, it's unfortunate that Deauxma, the star of the series, did not have a lengthy love scene. This occurance will disappoint many of her fans and especially the fans of this series. Nevertheless, I recommend this movie. The lovemaking moments are sensuous and Girlfriends Films fans will enjoy this flick.

Apache Warrior

Apache W
[email protected]     

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