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Pinch, The

Studio: Vivid » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 7/15/09

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

The Pinch (Meggan Mallone)

Vivid Entertainment

Genre: Feature, Comedy

Director: B. Skow

Cast: Renae Cruz, Rachel Solari, Evan Stone, Tommy Gunn, Sunny Lane, Meggan Mallone, Claudia Rossi, Voodoo, Raquelle De Rossi, Nick Manning
Non-sex: Lee Stone, others uncredited with cameo's by ladies such as Monique Alexander

Length: 161:29 minutes

Rachel Solari and Renae Cruz

Date of Production: 2/18/2008

Extras: My favorite related extra was the 24:32 minute long Behind the Scenes feature by Graham Crack Herr. It started off with Voodoo getting interviewed (he was the lead character) as well as the others, including showing them getting busy for the cameras. There was then a sort of highlight reel from five scenes, lasting 26:09 minutes and showing some of the best parts of the action (scene clips from All Dressed Up, Going Deep, I Love My Ass, Porn Stars At Home, and Strip Tease). There was then a biography for Meggan Mallone, some trailers, spam, and a photogallery.

Condoms: None

Sunny Lane

Audio/Video Quality: The Pinch was presented in the same 1.78:1 ratio anamorphic widescreen color it was shot in by director B. Skow for Vivid Entertainment using the standard definition MPEG-2 codec in 480p resolution for the SD version. For those unfamiliar with Skow's background, suffice it to say that his experience outside of porn is superior to many of his peers inside the industry and it shows up in his movies, though they do not always agree on this point. The composition of the camera angles was often optimal to capture the raw energy of the scenes but frequently required shooting into the light causing flare ups or color saturation issues, giving it a different look than many of Skow's previous works. The fleshtones were generally accurate though and the DVD mastering was well done (the bitrate hovering around 4.1 Mbps), making it a decent looking effort; Skow's camerawork helping elevate the overall quality of the production. There was a company watermark that I wasn't too keen on but most of the camera work seemed to keep this in mind, keeping the majority of action far away from the lower right hand corner, the editing by Jack Freedom a step up from similar efforts of late. The audio was presented in a 2.0 Dolby Digital English (in 192 Kbps with a 48 kHz sampling rate) offering with the vocals sounding flat and the music pretty decent. For some reason, the levels were about the same as usual but aside from the added background noise, the dynamic range was average and the separation of the vocal track nonexistent. For a comedic feature, it had a decent soundtrack most of you will appreciate over loud generic music found elsewhere, thanks in part to music supervisor Calvin Rocca.

Claudia Rossi and Meggan Mallone with Voodoo

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Body of Review: B. Skow is the best director at Vivid Entertainment for those that enjoy watching sex, his newcomer series scoring accolades all over the world and his all sex titles among the best the company has offered in years. That said, the company has long been regarded as a couples feature producer with a slew of directors trying their hand at blending not only sex but plotted dialogue too, this market niche growing increasingly narrow as fans flock to gonzo porn. So, we know that Skow can handle the easy stuff but what about the more difficult features that many consider full of FFF (fast forward fodder)? Thankfully, when given room to expand the concept, the director opts not to truncate the sexual aspects of his works like some old school directors have, he instead provides the best of both worlds with longer sex scenes that generate the kind of heat the market demands as well as cute little stories that feature lovers can appreciate. His latest such effort is called The Pinch, starring Meggan Mallone, where a man with a porn reviewer sized cock struggles to find love while battling all the usual hurdles. Frankly, I know the director prefers to leave features to his ill equipped peers at the company but this twisted version of mainstream's "Shallow Hal" was a huge hit with me and a few friends that laughed more than a few times, the kink being we were laughing when we were supposed to laugh, not laughing at the movie itself. The back cover said it like this: "Matt has a secret...he has a tiny penis and nobody knows it. Then one day when he and his buddies are playing golf, Matt is taking a leak behind a tree and gets beaned by a golf ball. When his two friends rush to his aid, they get a peek at the smallest dick they've have ever seen! Now his buddies know why he backs out every time they try to get him laid! They hatch a plan: they take Matt to "Manning The Guru," who can hypnotize a man into believing anything...including that he's hung. The plan works...but it works too well...now Matt's ego's as big as his imaginary cock! His friends plan an intervention...but as luck would have it, when Matt snaps out of his delusional state, he discovers he's in love with Manning's assistant...the girl with the tiniest pussy ever!" Here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Raquelle De Rossi

Scene One: Bar Bang: Renae Cruz, a nasty little Latina, curvy blond Rachel Solari, the Mighty Evan Stone, and Tommy Gunn, were up first in a bar, Voodoo having excused himself. Renae stuck her ass on Evan's face and he was eating her out while Rachel was tossing off her clothing to get some loving from Tommy. Both gals aggressively sucked cock here, the only issue I had was how the ladies kept looking at the camera, a cute nod to Nick's trademark battle cry tossed in for good measure. The messy hummers and spankings aside, the gals also rode the peckers very aggressively, impaling themselves as though they wanted to be there, the vaginal poundings really heated. The ending facials were shared too, Rachel being fed both cocks by Renae as if a second round were in line for them. Yum!

Meggan Mallone

Scene Two: Reluctant Evan: Sunny Lane, one of the most popular hotties in all porn these days, was up next in bed with the mighty Evan Stone, the gal frustrated by his lack of desire for her and wanting some love. She caressed him and pulled down his shorts to unleash his dick, concentrating her oral efforts on the top several inches while her hand picked up the slack. Her thong rode up her ass crack really nicely and she gave him the best she had to offer, Evan eating her out during the 69 before she bounced on his pecker vaginally. Sunny was quite vocal and enjoying herself, showing sufficient chemistry for Evan that it elevated the otherwise decent scene. She has not always been an active rider of cock so I always manage to appreciate it when she lets loose a bit more than usual, Evan unleashing his wad of genetic juice upon her face and upper chest. Sweet!

Nick Manning's Hypnotist advertisement

Scene Three: Friendly Roommate: Meggan Mallone, the contract hotty featured on the front cover, and Euro-slut Claudia Rossi, were up next with Voodoo. His friends brought him to Nick to help with his problem and his newfound confidence had him seeing himself in a whole new light, the comedic elements well worth checking out. Emboldened by his heightened perception of himself, he not only asked out Meggan, he invited her roommate Claudia to join them, the trio making out on the couch. The ladies were soon reduced to wearing just their panties and Voodoo used his mouth and hands to warm them up, the ladies seeing him as he did so they took to sucking him off really well. Meggan could not handle it as well as Claudia could but she had that raw, less experienced dynamic going for her that I like so much, this attitude carrying over to the vaginal sex portion of the lengthy scene. Both gals were active riders though, Claudia going the extra mile with some anal action offered up, but the ladies also enjoyed each other too. There was taste testing and kissing throughout the scene, Voodoo rubbing out his nut of population pudding to Claudia's ass crack for Meggan to lick up. Whew!

Scene Four: Hypnoeroticism: Raquelle De Rossi, a sexy brunette that looked much like an office worker, was up next as the latest conquest of Nick Manning in his office. He hypnotized her to enjoy everything he did, from rubbing her feet to all the other acts he intended to do to her. She stripped to her bikini underwear but soon removed it as well, Nick fingering and feeding her some of her own pussy juice before going down on her. She reciprocated with a healthy hummer by the fireplace, her mouth stuffed with cock as she worked him over with a degree of precision. The couple screwed and Nick kept up his persona, several vaginal positions leading to his load of spew landing all over her crotch. Raquelle then provided some post coital head, throwing herself into the action as round two began and the camera faded out. Nice!

Scene Five: Lock and Key: Meggan Mallone, looking as sexy as ever, was up last on the couch in her blue & white crop top with matching panties, consoling Voodoo for his problem revisited. She confessed her feelings and admitted to having a similar problem (the world's tiniest pussy), the couple a perfect match to provide a happy ending. They moved to the bedroom and she took off her top, the pair kissing and feeling each other up as they readied for bed. Meggan's cameltoe looked particularly sexy and the action was shot as though Voodoo were as large as ever, Meggan slobbing his knob before he fingered her. This led to more vaginal hammering by the couple, Meggan looking as tight as she claimed though he did most of the work. She did become more active though and the wad of semen hit her shoulder, face, and mouth as she looked up at him in adoring fashion. It was a nice way to end the movie that satisfied sexually as well as provide a romantic ending with a humorous twist.

Bonus Scene: All Dressed Up: Sunny Lane, the foxy blond seen on the cover's middle (second from the right side), was up next as a stripper cop, complimenting the prisoner outfit of lean Monique Alexander as the two discussed their roles for the day. The showcase tease added some fun and they appeared to embrace their respective roles, Sunny getting frisky with Monique before sending her inside the house so she (Sunny), could finish her tease. That was when Alex Gonz joined in, Sunny eating Monique as Monique blew Alex, both gals eventually getting to blow him and eat each other though Alex did not engage in a lot of oral here. He saved his energy and enthusiasm for the vaginal pounding he gave both of them, drilling the active riders well as the gals took turns assisting him with the other. While this was not either of the gals' best scenes to date, it was a decent way to end the movie as Alex jerked off to Sunny's crotch and Monique's face.

Bonus Scene: Going Deep: In this last scene things get even hotter still when we find Savanna in the yard in a very revealing floral dress with matching sheer panties. Savanna steams up the camera lens feeling herself up and fondling her nipples. Once joined by Voodoo they bring up the heat up a few more notches with Savanna sucking him off. Once she gets done with her oral lovin, Voodoo give it back two fold. They start off in mish and work their way into several interesting positions with a few PTM exchanges ending in a creampie shot. (review by Ravyn)

Bonus Scene: I Love My Ass: ...Renae "J Ho" Cruz and Van Damage as the bad guys in search of a different kind of booty. Paulina and Sascha were overpowered and tied to a chair while sexy Renae started getting nasty Van excited on the couch while the others watched; leading to some oral hijinks worth mentioning. Renae was a fine cocksucker and aggressively worked the modest pole of Van into her mouth, the couple initially wearing stockings over their heads to remain anonymous before dispensing with them. Placing their prisoners in the closet, they went at each other full steam ahead and Renae led the dynamic with her active oral and riding style but both were active participants here. She then bounced on his cock in multiple positions (even pushing back in the doggy) before Van rubbed out one of his small loads of population pudding from that spotted dick of his to Renae's mouth.

Bonus Scene: Strip Tease: Meggan Mallone, again wearing bikini undies, was up last in another lengthy scene set to various music, her coy nature on full display as she teased the camera . The black and purple outfit did not last long here either as she seemed to be putting on a strip club act in front of the solid wood door, moving about the room as her lean body dictated she do before ending up on the sleigh bed. I really enjoyed her first scene in the flick and as much chemistry as she had there, I got the impression that she enjoyed working with moper James Deen even more. It might have been a youth issue or just something going on between the two but whatever the cause was, I liked it. She kept looking at him and using the knowledge gained by guiding herself to make him even happier, her relative limits displayed (she focuses on the top few inches of cocks when she blows them) but made up for in terms of her sensuality. They did some titty fucking and kissing, James waiting until well after they began vaginally screwing before tasting her clam. If nurtured, I think their passion together would become even better but it was still more consistent than any other pairing in the movie, her active riding on his pecker full of replay value. The taste testing and various positions aside, he tried to get rough with her before unloading his spew on her chest, the goo milked out during the final titty fuck. Sweet!

Summary: The Pinch by director B. Skow for Vivid Entertainment was able to successfully blend the plotted portions with the sex to provide the best of both worlds. My tolerance for poorly crafted features has certainly waned over recent years so I was half expecting this to end up like another PT flick but Skow came through in spades, partially thanks to Voodoo's solid acting efforts but the rest of the cast handling their duties in a better than average manner too. Of particular note was Nick Manning's egotistical hypnotist that suited him exceptionally well but as much as the cover made me think this might be another "Vivid-Alt" project, it was creatively well ahead of the pack to the point where I rated it as Highly Recommended. The amounts of strokability, replay value, and fuck for the buck were substantial so even those with a quick trigger finger on their remote controls might want to ease up a bit and enjoy the movie. In short, The Pinch (Meggan Mallone) was a lot of fun with plenty of heated sex between the players, most of them showing some chemistry along the way. Good job!

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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