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About To Bust

Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 7/18/09

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Years of Production: 2006, 2007, 2008

Run Time: 1 Hour and 21 Minutes plus at least over an hour of bonus features.


Eight hunky dudes pleasure themselves in solo segments for out lusty entertainment.

One: Raymo:

Butch 'n hot Raymo is a heavily tattooed guy with closely-cropped brown hair and a muscular/smooth body. He's wearing a punk-style silver chain around his neck and tight black leather bikini briefs with silver studs. Raymo obviously digs his beautiful body as much as we do as he spends a lot of time running his hands all over himself, rubbing his bulging crotch, and pinching his hard nipples. Before long, he teases us by slowly peeling that bikini down revealing his mouth-watering bubble butt. When completely naked, we get to see his shortly trimmed pubes, plump hangy balls, and hard cut cock. Raymo beats that meat using his right fist and squirts a thick load of love juice on his stomach and tight.

Two: Alexander:

Alexander is handsome with short black hair, small chin beard, and muscular/smooth body. While making sizzling eye contact with the camera, he sits in front of a large window (the viewer can see cityscapes behind him) wearing boxer briefs with hands roaming all over that luscious body. Alexander rubs his hard nipples with one hand while playing the front of his boxers making the viewer quite anxious to see "the goods"!  After showing off his beautiful bum, he reveals plump balls and a thick uncut tool. Alexander pleasures himself using his right hand to work that tasty foreskin back 'n forth over the knob and gives that thang a good old-fashioned work out shooting a small but thick load of cum on his toned abs.

Three: Johnny Wood:

Mr. Wood is a good-looking dude with short dark hair in cornrows, small mustache, and toned/smooth body. For some reason he's lying on a table completely covered by a white sheet as the scene begins. Since the scene is shot in black and white and has the look of an old movie, perhaps he's supposed to be a vampire? Once that dang sheet is gone, we see that Johnny is wearing black bikini briefs with black tape wrapped about his wrists and lower legs for an odd fashion choice at best. I wonder what Tim Gunn and Ms. Heidi would think? 

Before long, he's outta those briefs and exposing his shaved pubes and unclipped dick. Feeling frisky, Johnny lifts his legs up and gives us a peek and his tight shaved bunghole. Working his foreskin back 'n forth and stroking that throbbing hog, Mr. Wood shoots a large wet load of man juice on his stomach and then rubs it into his skin like a moisturizer. I would love to have some *smile*.

Four: Spanish Dream:

Oh Baby! Spanish Dream is damn sexy with his shaved head, tattoos, five o'clock shadow, and muscular/smooth body. Dude keeps perfect eye contract throughout the scene as he rubs his chest and hard nipples. Mr. Thang poses and flexes for us before lowering his tight jeans down to reveal a patriotic red, white, and blue bikini brief. He turns around and shakes that sexy hairy butt and slips everything off. Spanish grabs his butt cheeks and gives 'em a good ol' squeeze. Turning around, we see that he has shortly-trimmed dark pubes and a tasty uncut tool. Dude jacks that thang using his thumb and forefinger to work that foreskin back 'n fourth before squirting a large wet load on his chest 'n stomach.

Five: Mark Davis:

Good-looking Mark had closely-cropped dark hair with a tall/toned/smooth 'n pale body. He lies in front of a roaring fire wearing tight black shorts, looking straight into the camera's "eye", and feeling himself up. At one point Mark has both hands down the front of his shorts fiddling with his hidden treasures. He soon yanks the shorts down revealing shaved pubes, plump hairy balls, and stiff clipped prick. There is a nice camera shot taken between his legs where we get to see his hairy gooch. Mark gabs his straining manhood wrapping his fist right under the swollen knob and begins stroking 'n squeezing that thang like there's no tomorrow. Dude leaks plenty of pre-cum while switching back 'n forth between using his left and right fists. Finishing up, Mark busts a thick nut on his stomach.

Six: Kris Slater:

Cover guy Kris has sort of a 1980s rocker look wearing tight blue jeans and a black studded belt. Dude is good-looking with short dark hair with a toned/lightly hairy body and heavy beard stubble. He quickly has hands down the front of those unzipped blue jeans and gray boxer shorts slipping them down just enough to tease the viewer and whet our sexual appetites. Easing his clothing down Kris reveals a firm ass, shortly-trimmed pubes, and hard cut cock. He stands in front of a mirror posing 'n flexing massaging his neck, chest 'n balls and starts stroking his meat. Lying back in bed, Kris jacks that turgid tube steak using his right fist while playing with his nuts. Reaching the point of no return, he squirts a huge wet load of jizz that flies everywhere. It's a cum fountain!

Seven: Cory Koons:

Cory is my favorite guy in the movie. Good-looking with short black hair, mustache, beard, heavy tats, and toned/smooth body. He relaxes on a sofa wearing only blue jeans while using his hands to explore that beautiful body: chest, arms, toned stomach, and bulge. Pulling the jeans off, Cory reveals his lush full dark pubes, plump nuts, and stiff clipped pole. He pinches his hard nipples and jacks that stiff cock sliding his hand up 'n down the lubed stalk with legs spread exposing his hairy gooch.  Cory really works that cock and ends up shooting a small but thick load on his stomach.

Eight: Damon Phoenix:

Hot damn! Damon is fucking sexy with short dark hair, muscular/beefy/smooth body! Enjoying a refreshing outdoor shower in a blue Speedo (to match the shower's blue tile), dude allows sooth water to caress his beautiful body leading him to step outta that swimsuit to reveal shortly-trimmed pubes, plump balls, and hard clipped meat. In a highly erotic move, Damon kneels on the floor posing like a sexual panther and exposes his tight shaved bunghole. There are some tasty 'n "classy" camera shots of his puckered rosebud in soft focus close-up.

 Dude is totally into showing off for us and jacks that groovy dick while his curious hands run all over his gorgeous body. I have never seen such a beautiful bubble butt in my life: big, toned, and ready for squeezing (and some spreading!). The editing and use of color really stands out here with Damon is various locations including in front of some trees with bright pink flowers and laying on a soft bed of purple pedals. To finish up, Damon cuts loose with an enormous load of jizz that shoots through the air and lands everywhere. Hot!


About to Bust is shot directly on high quality video and presented in wide screen with an aspect ratio of 16:9. The videography is excellent providing full coverage of the solo action with plenty of close-ups. The picture quality is sharp and clean.


The stereo sound is top-notch. There are hardly any natural sounds but the music mix is quite groovy and makes up for that: new age, spacey, techno, and jazz.


The disc is loaded with cool bonus features. Besides the usual interactive menu and scene selection, there is a bonus solo scene featuring a good-looking dude named Nathan Aitak, auditions featuring the very sexy Adam Killian, Bulldog, and Michael that consist of interviews inter-cut with plenty of nudity. The extras don't stop: there's a pop shot montage, photo gallery featuring music and high quality photographs of each dude, heterosexual trailers from Playgirl TV, promo reels for Playgirl TV, and an advertisement for Playgirl TV.


I've been a big fan of Playgirl since I was a curious kid (already knowing I like boys better than girls) sneaking looks at the magazine in the 1970s beauty shop my mom frequented. Just imagine a young Poindexter hopped up on cola beverages 'n trying to get a glimpse of a nude man while some sweet housewife was thumbing through the latest issue. Ha! One very cool gal(getting her "tips frosted") freely showed me the pictures! About to Bust is a compilation of solo scenes originally shown on Playgirl TV and they are hot. The production quality high and the dudes are very appealing and very into "showing off" for the camera. What I really liked is the art direction and the difference in each segment. Whether shot in color or black & white, there is a strong and varying erotic feel to each scene that is sure to please every guy or gal watching the disc. I Recommend.

Cory Koons

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