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American Swingers

Studio: Vivid » Review by Apache Warrior » Review Date: 7/22/09

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genre: Feature

Director: Paul Thomas

Cast: Lorena Sanchez, Monique Alexander, Eva Evangelina, Gabriella Rossi, Tee Reel, Alex Gonz, Justin Magnum

Length: 103 minutes

Date of Production: 12/10/2007

Extras: There is a nice Behind the Scenes package though it's very short for my taste. It lasts about six minutes. Much of the footage is of the sexual scenes being shot. Paul Thomas uses Eva's butt cheeks as a drum. Lorena plays with herself on the couch. Furthermore, the best parts of the extras package are the five unrelated bonus sex scenes from previous Vivid movies. These scenes are hot. I will describe them below after the fourth scene description of the main movie. They are worth checking out. A positions room, photo gallery, Vivid products information, and Vivid previews round out this area.

Condoms: Yes

Audio/Video Quality: The audio and video quality is good. It's never difficult to hear the dialogue. The lighting is good for the most part. The women look amazing. The only time when it's somewhat dark is during the bar scenes, but it enhances the atmosphere. This movie is shot in High Definition.

Overview:  American Swingers is directed by award-winning legend Paul Thomas. He also wrote the fine screenplay. It comes from the number one studio Vivid Entertainment. Although Monique Alexander is billed as the lead performer, it's important to note that the stars and standouts in this movie are Lorena Sanchez and Tee Reel. Lorena and Tee play a married couple who are trying to get ahead the old-fashioned way by hard work. Tee's boss played by Alex Gonz is a swinger along with his wife Monique Alexander. Eva Angelina and Justin Magnum play their swinging friends. Everyone thinks that Tee's wife Eva is one hot woman who they would like to have a piece of. As one can tell by the title, the movie focuses on the swinging lifestyle. However, Tee and Eva are very reluctant to enter that type of world. Mr. Thomas' script enhances the bond between the characters of Tee and Eva. The viewer can sense a great love connection between them. Despite the hype that this is an inter-racial movie, it does not feel like one even though several ethnic races do have sex together. Monique Alexander and Tee Reel's performance is good, but it's the Tee and Lorena moments that are outstanding. Tee Reel's loving and hard-working character is so likable that race does not even come to one's mind when he is on screen. He is simply a good man who adores his wife and wants to make a better future for them.

Alex Gonz, Eva Angelina, Monique Alexander, Justin Magnum 

Scene One: In the living room, Monique Alexander and Eva Angelina kiss. Then, the guys work on their friend's wife's lovebox. Soon, the ladies suck their partner's cock. The close-up of Eva's oral skills are hot. She uses good enthusiasm. Then, Alex Gonz doggies her while Monique continues with her blowjob on Justin Magnum. The camera focuses on Ms. Angelina and Mr. Gonz most of the time. Soon, the blond beauty rides her partner's condom covered dick. Then, both women get screwed from behind. The women kiss each other. The action looks good for an opening sex scene. It's not over-the-top. Later, the women have switched partners. Now, they are with their husbands. Both hotties are riding a cock reverse cowgirl style beside each other. More good screwing occurs. The lengthy action becomes hotter especially between Monique and Alex. The scene ends with him pulling out of his blond wife's beauty spot and shooting his cum on it. Then, Justin lets loose his sperm cocktail on his lady's tummy.

Lorena Sanchez

Tee Reel, Lorena Sanchez

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Scene Two: Lorena Sanchez and Tee Reel kiss at their home. Then, she teases the camera by playing with herself on a couch. The hot Latina rubs her panty covered crotch while playing with her breast and sucking her finger. She also sticks out her cute ass and rubs her own snatch with her two hands. Moments later, Tee walks into the shot and fondles her lovely body. Soon, Lorena sucks his dick while standing and bending over. Her legs and ass look remarkably sexy. Her bj action is wet and hot. The tight close-ups are good. Afterwards, they move to the bedroom where he immediately eats her muffin. They have a nice connection with each other. Then, Lorena climbs on top of him for her reverse cowgirl session. They look incredible together during their cowgirl moments. After a quick cock suck, she lays on her side for her spoonful of sugar. Their eye contact is sweet. Her smile is hot. The viewer can sense great chemistry between them. Finally, her man cums on her pretty mouth. Her full of love stares at him are sexy.

Lorena Sanchez, Alex Gonz, Monique Alexander, Tee Reel

Scene Three: In their home, Alex Gonz and Monique Alexander are kissing on their pool table while Lorena Sanchez and Tee Reel are sitting on the couch and feeling out of place. When they get ready to leave, Monique stops them and persuades them to stay. Soon, the ladies kiss in front of their men. The blond beauty fondles her lovely guest. The women are sexy. Suddenly, the guys approach them and begin to make out with their own wife. Lorena and Monique continue to feel each other. Next, the Latina hottie sucks her man's dick as the other couple continues to kiss. Monique feels Tee's stomach. So far, the action is slow, but it becomes more intense when the women share Mr. Reel's manhood. Later, they focus on their own hubby's cocks and sexual desires. Lorena rides his pecker while Alex mishes his sexy lady. Next, Monique suggests to her female guest if she would like to switch partners. Then, they ride their new partner's cocks cowgirl style. The chemistry between the couples does not feel the same at this point despite some good action. Afterwards, the guys missionary them. Then, Ms. Alexander gets doggied while her husband continues his mish duty on Lorena. Lastly, Alex pulls out and cums on his guest's face. Afterwards, Tee shoots his specimen into Monique's mouth.

Lorena Sanchez, Gabriella Rossi, Alex Gonz

Scene Four: Alex Gonz is eating the bar maid Gabriella Rossi in one of the back rooms. They kiss. He squeezes her tits. Her nipples are awesome. They are hard and pointy. Then, her steady customer eats her beauty spot again with some finger stimulation. Afterwards, she gives good head on his rod. Moments later, Lorena Sanchez joins them briefly and then walks away. The pair walk after her and persuade her to stay. Gabriella works on her peach both orally and manually. She kisses Alex. Later, the bartender sucks the Latina's tit. Then, Lorena sucks the woman's breast while the man sucks her other bosom. Soon, he eats the Latina's passion fruit. The bartender plays with her breasts and then, kisses her. The threesome look nice together. Later, Lorena sucks the guy's cock while Alex and Gabriella kiss. Soon, they share his cock. Next, Ms. Rossi eats the lady's precious gem as Ms. Sanchez sucks his pecker. Then, Gabriella rides the man's rod on top of the bar. Lorena rubs her ass and snatch and his package. Then, she joins them and tastes their sexual areas. Later, she is beside them again and plays with herself. Next, Gabriella sucks his cock briefly before he continues his spoonful session. Afterwards, Alex mishes Lorena on the stool as the bartender runs her hands along the lady and also plays with herself. Later, he anal doggies Gabriella as she orally and manually works on Lorena's sex spot. Finally, Alex gives Ms.Sanchez a facial. The sex among them is hot.

Bonus Scene One: All Dressed Up featuring Eva Angelina and Voodoo. In a dominatrix outfit, Eva plays with herself. Voodoo gets to use some ice on her sex spot. She sucks on the ice. He rubs it on her nipples and tits. After rubbing it more on her vaginal plaything, the guy goes down on her with his mouth. They have good chemistry. Eva sucks his rod next. Her eye contact with him is great. She is an aggressive cock sucker. He rubs her asshole and slaps her butt. Voodoo also fingers her rose. She rides his cock well. He mishes her. The energy level is high. A spooning and doggie follow. His dirty talk is cool. The action is great and intense. A missionary screw is next. Her vocal come-ons are hot. Eva rubs her clit well. Then, he strokes off on her titties.

Bonus Scene Two: Bounce featuring Hanna Hilton, Whitney Stevens, and Voodoo. There is tease action by Hanna and Whitney. They press their tits up against the glass. Next, the ladies rub their own breast and play with the other woman's ass. Then, they bounce up and down. Later, Voodoo fondles Hanna's body. He also sucks her breasts while she stares at the camera seductively. Moments later, Ms. Hilton sucks his cock. Soon, Whitney joins them. Voodoo focuses on her cute titties as Hanna looks on. Then, the newcomer sucks his rod. Hanna runs her hand along his chest. Next, the women share his manhood. They perform a hot job on his masculine package. Afterwards, he eats Hanna's peach as the other woman fools around with Ms. Hilton's bosoms. Soon, Voodoo fucks Hanna's vaginal plaything. Whitney sucks on his dick briefly before he inserts it into Ms. Hilton. After a quick cock suck by the blond, Whitney gets doggied. Hanna sucks the brunette's breast and feels her ass. The blond cutie pie sucks his cock before riding him cowgirl style. Meanwhile, Whitney plays with her own lovebox. They share his cock again. Then, Ms. Stevens rides him. Hanna plays with her breast and ass. Then, Ms. Hilton rides him reverse cowgirl style as Whitney rubs her own sexual plaything beside them. Soon, she sucks on Hanna's right tit. She also sucks Voodoo's dick briefly. When Hanna's reverse cowgirl activity is done, Whitney has her opportunity to ride him in that manner. Next, she gets spooned. Hanna plays with her own tits. They share his cock again. Then, Whitney gets missionaried. Hanna rubs the woman's breasts. Then, Voodoo pulls out and shoots his load on Whitney's stomach and Hanna's tits. The sex is very good.

Bonus Scene Three: Damaged Goods featuring Monique Alexander and Charles Dera. Monique is in a bikini and in a locker room. They kiss. Charles eats and fingers her. Then, the woman sucks his cock with good effort. Later, he eats her pussy from behind her. He doggies her next. The intensity increases. He tastes her gem again. A nice looking missionary occurs. Her tits and ass look hot during the cowgirl moments. A spooning follows. Then, he cums on her beauty spot.

Bonus Scene Four: On The Couch featuring Nikki Jayne and Chris Johnson. In a garage, Nikki begs Chris to fuck her. There is good dirty talk by her. She fingers herself. Then, he doggies her while standing up. Chris tastes her briefly. An enthusiastic cock suck follows by her. Afterwards, he fucks her and eats her very well. After another cock suck, she rides him while he lays on the floor. A spoonful of pleasure occurs. A missionary follows. Finally, he cums on her tummy.

Bonus Scene Five: Sugar featuring Kelly Wells, Lorena Sanchez, and Rocco Reed. Lorena sensually sucks Rocco's meaty sausage. Then, she sucks Kelly's vaginal plaything with good effort. Her oral performance is hot. Next, Ms. Wells walks over to the guy and gives him a good bj. Soon, the two women share his cock. Afterwards, Lorena rides him cowgirl style. Kelly plays with her tit. The ladies kiss. Ms. Wells also rubs her clit. Then, it's Kelly's turn to ride him. Meanwhile, Kelly and Lorena kiss. Lorena thumb rubs Ms. Wells' clit. Next, Kelly eats Lorena's sex spot while getting doggied. Lastly, he puts his sticky cocktail on their faces.

Final Thoughts:  American Swingers is a nice couples movie. The chemistry and bond between Tee Reel and Lorena Sanchez is the foundation to this feature. They portray themselves as a regular hardworking and loving couple that could easily be your next door neighbors. On account of this likable persona by Tee Reel and Lorena Sanchez, the inter-racial aspects of this movie are not in the forefront. It's a secondary matter. It is the swinging aspects that is more present. Paul Thomas' character development for Tee and Lorena's roles is good and one must credit his screenplay. It's a super love story that shows the efforts of what a spouse would do to make their lives more complete. I recommend this movie.

Apache Warrior

Apache W
[email protected]     

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