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In The Army Now

Studio: Vivid » Review by Apache Warrior » Review Date: 7/26/09

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Genre: Feature

Director: Chuck Lords

Cast: Monique Alexander, Jenna Presley, Lorena Sanchez, Angelina Valentine, Carmella Bing, Aline, Dick Delaware, Jack Vegas, Charles Dera, Alex Gonz

Length: 122 minutes

Date of Production: 11/12/2007

Extras: There is a nice Behind the Scenes package. It lasts over nineteen minutes. Much of the footage is of the sexual scenes being shot. Lorena talks quite a bit. Jenna Presley is cute. Savanna Samson makes a cameo. Furthermore, there are five unrelated bonus sex scenes from previous Vivid movies. These scenes are good. Several of them are military related. There are two scenes from the movie Industry. One scene has TJ Hart and Johnny Castle while the other episode has Jamie Huxley, Nicole Sheridan, and Voodoo. Briana Banks and Erik Everhard are shown in Time for Briana. Raylene, Katie Gold, and Tony Tedeschi are in Weekend Warriors. Furthermore, Mercedez and friends are shown in Women in Uniform. They are worth checking out. A positions room, photo gallery, Vivid products information, and Vivid previews round out this area.

Condoms: Yes

Audio/Video Quality: The audio and video quality is good. It's never difficult to hear the dialogue. The lighting is good for the most part. The women look amazing. This movie is shot in High Definition.

Overview:  In The Army Now is directed by Chuck Lords. Tony G wrote the screenplay. It comes from the number one studio Vivid Entertainment. Although Monique Alexander is billed as the lead performer, it's Jenna Presley's movie. She appears in every scene and in four of them, the lovely lady gets involved in the sexual action. Jenna's character is Candy who wants to enlist in the military. Her decision-making process of selecting which branch of the military that she will join depends on how she looks in the uniform. After trying on a couple of outfits, the eager woman selects the Army and to work in the Intelligence department. At the beginning of each scene, Candy is being interviewed. Her dialogue introduces the upcoming sex scene. It is a good vehicle that flows well throughout the entire movie. Candy is very likable and funny while choosing the branch of service and her specialty. The supporting female cast of Monique Alexander, Carmella Bing, Lorena Sanchez, Angelina Valentine, and Aline create hot and sexy sexual performances. Dick Valentine and Jack Vegas are the standout male talent.

Jenna Presley

Jenna Presley, Carmella Bing, Dick Delaware

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Scene One: Raw Recruit: Jenna Presley wears a couple of uniforms. One is a sexy army nurse outfit and the other is a sailor uniform. Suddenly, she plays with Carmella Bing's breasts. Afterwards, she walks around and over Dick Delaware with a machine gun as he lays on the floor. The brunette is playing with herself in the meantime. Moments later, they share his cock orally. He sucks Carmella's tits. Then, Jenna undresses a bit. The ladies share his dick again. Mr. Delaware tit fucks Ms. Bing briefly. Next, the new recruit rides his weapon reverse cowgirl style. Meanwhile, Carmella is behind her as she sits on his mouth. Later, the woman bounces on his pole while Ms. Presley rubs her clit and sucks her bosom. The action is good. So far, as to the sex, Carmella is doing a better job than Jenna. Next, the military man stands in order to bow and arrow the blond cutie pie. It's brief though. Then, he doggies the dark-haired woman as Jenna rubs her clit. He pulls out so that the recruit can taste his cock. Then, the guy returns his focus on doggying Carmella again. At this point, Jenna rubs her own passion fruit while rubbing the other woman's plaything too. Next, the ladies share his cock again orally. Later, Ms. Presley rides him cowgirl style. Carmella looks on while caressing her own titty. Then, the brunette sits on his face again as Jenna's performance continues. Afterwards, they suck his pecker. Next, the army man missionaries Ms. Bing's cherry. Jenna sucks on the woman's bosoms. The women kiss each other. Soon, she gives him head briefly. Then, he continues to mish Carmella. This routine continues for a while. Later, Mr. Delaware holds the new recruit up to his waist and pumps his tool inside her sex spot. Meanwhile, Ms. Bing is playing with herself. Later, the army guy takes turns in missionarying the ladies. Ms. Presley fingers her own vaginal flower and it gets wet. Noticing it, Dick pumps his dick into her. Then, he fucks the brunette again. Finally, he releases most of his sperm collection on Carmella's tits. At this point, Ms. Bing has the best sexual action while the new recruit has the best acting performance.

Aline, Jenna Presley, Monique Alexander, Jack Vegas

Scene Two: Intelligence: Monique Alexander brings Jenna Presley to Jack Vegas' Intelligence office. When he walks away from his desk, the military officer is not wearing any pants and his rod is sticking out towards the women. Moments later, Aline crawls out from underneath his desk and immediately works on his meaty plaything with her talented mouth as the two women look on. Then, the cocksucker lays on his desk in order for him to eat her. Soon, the officer orders Monique and Jenna to remove their shirts. He talks abour intellegence-related issues at the camera while he mishes Aline. Next, Ms. Alexander joins the sexual action. She rubs his cock and the woman's clit. Then, the lady orally stimulates Monique's beauty spot while still getting screwed by the male officer. She also fingers the gorgeous lady's plaything. Later, he doggies Monique. The intensity heightens a bit. Then, they share his dick orally. Ms. Alexander has a very pretty face. Afterwards, Monique rides his pecker while Aline sits on his face. She also sucks on the woman's breast. Monique's performance is high energy. Next, she rubs Aline's ass. Then, he sucks the woman's plaything as he talks at the camera. He gets saluted by one of the blondes. Later, the guy mishes Aline anally as Monique looks on. He and the woman feel Ms. Alexander's bosom. The close-ups of the anal fuck are hot. The energy level is high. Then, the woman sucks his cock. Next, he lays on his back as the lady gets fucked anally reverse cowgirl style. Monique rubs her clit. Soon, he jacks off on the two womens' asses. Jenna salutes the man's action. Aline and Monique perform very well.

Jenna Presley, Monique Alexander, Charles Dera

Scene Three: Burka Bonkin': This is the new recruit's first assignment. Jenna Presley who is wearing boots is interrogating a captive played by a tied-up and convincing Charles Dera. Quite frankly, that guy looks like a terrorist. He refuses to talk and answer her questions. She pours some water on him. Next, the female intelligence officer shows off Monique Alexander's beauty spot to her prisoner. By the way, Monique is covered in a burka and wearing sexy high heels. Since he will not be cooperative with her, she begins to strip in front of him. Jenna feels his cock. Then, she shows off more of the covered woman's body. Next, Ms. Presley uses her persuasive talents by sucking his dick. Mr. Dera wants to be untied. The lady obliges him. Soon, Jenna sits next to Monique and rubs her breast and pussy. Afterwards, she sucks his cock. Then, the prisoner removes the black burka from Ms. Alexander. Later, he eats the woman's muffin while Monique rubs herself. Soon, he mishes Monique as Jenna rubs and kisses the lady's cute clit. He spanks the woman's ass. Ms. Presley feels her breast and holds her right leg. She also rubs her clit. Then Monique gets doggied. Jenna slaps her ass. He kisses the woman. Later on, Ms. Alexander removes his condom and sucks his dick. Jenna also takes a taste of his pecker. Next, he missionaries Ms. Presley while Monique rubs her plaything. Then, Charles doggies the woman as Ms. Alexander plays with herself. Afterwards, they suck his meaty weapon. Monique has a hot smile. The women look good together in sharing his schwang. Later, Monique rides his dick cowgirl style. Jenna, at times, sucks his cock briefly. She also spanks Ms. Alexander's butt and feels his package. Afterwards, the ladies sit beside each other. He takes turns in eating their vaginal sex spots. Then, the prisoner rubs and fingers them. Soon, he doggies Jenna. The other woman feels her tit. She looks on as she rubs her own precious gem. Lastly, the guy pulls out and Monique strokes him as he cums on Jenna's ass. Monique's performance is very good.

Lorena Sanchez, Jenna Presley, Angelina Valentine

Scene Four: Under the Veil: Jenna Presley is dressed in veils. Angelina Valentine, who has a tattoo on her left arm, and Lorena Sanchez are dressed as gypsies. They dance around her. The threesome's sexy moves are hot. Jenna kisses Angelina. Lorena sucks her breasts. Then, the blond has her muffin eaten by the two women. Next, she sucks on Ms. Valentine's titty. Afterwards, Lorena, who is eating Jenna, has her own vaginal cushion eaten by the other brunette. The new recruit spanks Angelina's ass and then, orally stimulates Lorena's gemstone from behind her. Ms. Sanchez also works on Ms. Valentine's sexual playground too. Soon, the two women are eating Lorena's pussy. Overall, the sexual positions are creative especially the passion fruit eating moments. The trio are sexy. Each woman puts forth a good effort. Later, Jenna sucks and fondles Angelina's tits as the other brunette rubs her beauty spot. Moments later, Jack Vegas interrupts their tryst so that they can meet the sheik.

Jenna Presley, Lorena Sanchez, Angelina Valentine, Alex Gonz

Scene Five: The Sheik: After meeting the sheik played by Alex Gonz, the three gypsies from the previous scene share his cock orally all at once. Then, he fucks Jenna Presley missionary style. Her dirty talk is hot. Angelina sucks his manhood briefly. Then, he continues to screw over Ms. Presley. Some tit fondling occurs between him and the two brunettes. The dark-haired ladies kiss each other. Next, he slaps their butts. Soon, the sheik doggies Ms. Valentine while Jenna and Lorena kiss. Later, the man fucks Ms. Sanchez while Angelina eats Ms. Presley. Then, he doggies Angelina while rubbing Lorena's sexual cushion. Next, he missionaries Ms. Sanchez as she sucks the brunette's tit. After missionarying her, he eats Jenna's snatch and then, the other woman's snatch too. Later, he doggies Lorena and then, the blonde cutie pie. The brunettes are beside them while performing a 69. Afterwards, she sucks his cock and they kiss. Soon, the sheik screws Angelina missionary style as Lorena rubs her clit. Jenna eats her snatch. The action is hot. The blond also fingers Lorena's pussy and licks her asshole. Then, Anglina licks Lorena's butthole while Jenna fingers the woman's muffin. Ms. Valentine sucks on Jenna's wet fingers. Moments later, Lorena rides him cowgirl style as the other two women concentrate on her ass. Later, Alex spoons Angelina while her two intelligence partners kiss and snuggle together. Finally, the sheik pulls out and cums on the women with Jenna receiving most of his royal juice on her body. The sexual moments in this scene are well done.

Final Thoughts:  In The Army Now is an entertaining movie. The black and white interview portions of Jenna Presley's character are positioned nicely. She is a fun woman to watch on screen. She and Monique Alexander could easily be sisters. As to the content of the movie, it's all about Jenna's military experiences from being a new recruit to her first assignment and so on. The storyline is not solid. I still don't know why the sheik was present. Is he some sort of bad guy that the Intelligence unit was after? What did the captive tell Jenna and Monique? It was too bad that the screenplay did not get into further details in order to make this movie more complete. On accont of the sexual performances, the hotness of the women, and the performances of Dick Delaware and Jack Vegas, I say that this feature is at best a rental.

Apache Warrior

Apache W
[email protected]     

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