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5 Easy Ways To Fuck a Straight Guy

Studio: Jet Set Men » Review by Brokeback » Review Date: 7/20/09

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Date of Production:  March 2009

Director:  Chris Steele
Cast:  Adam Campbell, Marcus Steele, Cody Carter, Dempsey Stearns, Mason Alexander, Jason Pitt, Austin Wrigley, Patrick Bateman, Ryan Rockford, Vince Ferelli

Body Types:  Smooth, hairy, muscular, lean, in their 20s and some look barely legal.

Condoms:  Yes

Special Features: 3 way

Plot:  A college kid enlightens us on how easy it is to fuck a straight guy.  

The Movie:  

Have you ever wanted to fuck a straight man?  Well, Adam Campbell has 5 easy ways to accomplish this feat and he's more than happy to share his methods with us.  He introduces each segment.

1.  Appeal to his ego.

Adam, Vince:  A cute and straight college sophomore (Adam) joins his muscle queen friend (Vince) at the gym where he flexes with some dumbbells.  Adam not so subtly compliments Vince on his large biceps and pecs before caressing them and playing with his nipples.  Vince takes it all in stride though he noticeable enjoys the moment when Adam sneaks his hand and finger into his gym shorts and between his ass cheeks.  For a second, Vince protests since he claims to be 100% straight but that ceases as soon as Adam tells him to shut up and his tongue goes to town on the man's dark nipples.  Adam reaches for his dick and his mouth grabs a hold of the head of the dick and a third of his shaft.  Next, Vince reciprocates and spreads his legs apart for a good pounding from Adam--oh yes, big guy Vince is a bottom.  Sitting on a workout bench, the two bust their nuts on their chests and share a brief kiss.

2.  Tell him no one will find out.

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Dempsey, Jason:  Two boys are sitting next to one another at their computers.  One is the skater boy type (Dempsey) and the other is a blond twink (Jason) with bangs like the teen heartthrob Zak Efron.  Dempsey tells his buddy he needs to jack off in another room to relieve some stress.  Instead, Jason offers to lend him a hand and more.  Nervously, Dempsey mentions his girlfriend and how he is completely straight but Jason calms his concerns by telling him he will keep all of this between the two of them.  With that done, Jason pulls Dempsey's dick out of his jeans and goes down on him.  Both of them are lean though Dempsey has a hairy chest, legs, and bush and Jason is entirely smooth.  Hesitantly looking around the office, Dempsey agrees to suck Jason's cock.  Jason rims his hairy asshole, plows the straight boy's ass and cums on his back.  Dempsey shoots his load on Jason's chest.

3.  Apply beer and lots of it!

Marcus, Ryan, Mason:  Sitting at a table topped with a dozen or so empty beer bottles, three friends talk about being bored and finding a way to relieve the boredom.  The hot cub (Marcus) and his hot buddy (Ryan) tease each other about doing something gay until Marcus suggests a game of gay chicken.  Reluctant at first (aren't they always), Ryan agrees to play since he's not gay and has nothing to fear.  To begin the game of gay chicken, the three guys in only their white briefs sit on the sofa next to one another.  Marcus, who is sitting between the two guys, inches his hands along their naked thighs until he reaches their crotches.  They smile and brush his hand aside.  For Marcus' turn, they slide their hands along his legs and stop when they get to his crotch.  In the next round, Marcus walks with his hard dick sticking straight out of his underwear toward Ryan who is kneeling on the floor.  Before he can reach his mouth, Ryan laughs and pulls away.   Next, Ryan stands naked with a hard-on walking towards Mason who is kneeling.  But instead of pulling away, Mason stays in his spot, takes the dick and pulls it down his throat.  After that round of dick sucking, Marcus wants in on the action and the three men get in a heavy three way--the guys sucking Marcus' cock, Marcus sucking Ryan's dick while Mason is sucking his dick, and Marcus shoving his "disco stick" into Mason while he's getting a mouthful of dick from Ryan.  Saving the best for last, Marcus pounds Ryan in the ass (a tight beautiful hairy one).    

4.  Confuse him with scientific facts.        

Cody, Austin:  Lying in bed and jerking off, preppy college student Austin is interrupted by Cody, another twink, who walks in looking for some notes.  Since he has a final to prepare for, Austin wants to go back to studying but Cody insists "retaining semen can lead to impotency and blindness" before blowing his pal.  Not long after, they are both licking nuts, giving head and Austin is giving his hole up for Cody.

5.  Tell him he's gay.  (According to Adam, proceed with this step only if the other steps do not work.)

Adam, Patrick:  Adam is sitting stark naked on the couch with a raging hardon.  He calls his smooth muscled buddy (Patrick) over who whines about not being gay.  However, Adam disagrees and to prove his point, he places Patrick, wearing only his boxers, on an ottoman and rubs his dick on his crotch.  Patrick lies back and enjoys the blow job he receives from Adam...continued by the fucking he also receives from Adam.  Notably, this is Patrick's first time at getting his fudge packed.  That beefy hairy ass of his takes every inch of Adam's dick.     


Video & Sound:  
Video and audio are very sharp.  The picture is presented in widescreen.

Cum shot review, photo gallery, trailers and behind the scenes (actors have makeup applied, tell how they fuck straight guys which usually involve alcohol, and director Chris Steele working with the actors).

Final Thoughts:
This flick brings several hot young actors together in the framework of a simple yet effective premise.  Adam is very cute with piercing blue eyes.  It's also a welcome surprise to witness two hot muscle men, the hairy Vince Ferelli and the smooth Patrick Bateman sucking cock and bottoming in their scenes with Adam.  Depending on your level of interest in twinks, the scenes with the boys may be hit or miss with you.  Of all the scenes, the 3 way was by far the hottest.  Marcus and Ryan are both extremely hot and it was a pleasure watching them fuck and suck without abandon.  Many of us may have had thoughts or actually had sex with straight men at one time or another.  If that's the case, this title might fulfill those fantasies or create new ones.     

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