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Dickin' Around

Studio: Hot House » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 7/21/09

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Production Date: November 2008

Directed By: Steven Scarborough


Johnny Gunn, Ethan Wolfe, Ty LeBeouf, Derrek Diamond, Patrick Bateman, Vinnie D'Angelo, Max Sinclair, Bruno Bond, and Max Schutler.

Runtime N Rubbers: 1 Hour and 19 Minutes. Yes.


Vinnie D'Angelo

Vinnie D'Angelo (good-looking with short dark hair, beard, and muscular/hairy body) and his buddy Max Sinclair (good-looking with closely-cropped light hair, beard stubble, and toned/hairy body) get down with a highly erotic man-on-man make-out session featuring lots of deep wet tongue kisses, body rubbing, and pinching hard nipples. Max sinks to his knees and yanks Vinnie's sweatpants down revealing a straining white jockstrap. After lickin' 'n rubbin' that strap, Max pulls it down revealing Vinnie's dark pubes, plump nuts, and stiff clipped boner. He chows down on that throbbing meat giving a hot blowjob with plenty of deep throat. While Max is busy sucking, Vinnie reaches forward and fingers Max's tight shaved bunghole.

Max bends over an expensive black leather sofa exposing his snug man-hole leading Vinnie to munch down on that pulsing pink pucker with some nice camera shots of the rimming and finger fucking. Vinnie pulls Max's hard cut cock back between his muscular thighs and sucks like a champ completely pleasuring his buddy with his talented wet mouth. Vinnie fucks Max doggy-style fast, smooth, 'n hard with plenty of tasty penetration shots from behind. These dudes totally dig each other and the action. Switching to the missionary position, Vinnie continues to drill his pal quick 'n lubed and jacking Max's rigid prick at the same time. Vinnie continues to masturbate his friend and makes him convulse with lust and bust a large thick nut. Vinnie beats off and shoots a big thick load all over Max's hot hairy chest.


Ethan Wolfe

Ethan Wolfe (handsome with a dark buzz cut, toned/smooth body with plenty of tattoos) relaxes in an outdoor lounge chair wearing blue swim trunks and rubbing his bulge. Johnny Gunn (good-looking with a shaved head, beard, toned/hairy body with tattoos) saunters out wearing a red Speedo bringing two tall 'n cold adult beverages. The drinks the quickly forgotten and the dudes engage in some hot 'n heavy soul kissing and body feelin'. Ethan pulls his swim trunks down revealing dark pubes and an enormous fat cut cock and plump juicy balls. Johnny grabs that big meaty fucker and easily crams it down his gullet giving excellent head with tasty deep throat. Johnny soon releases his own stiff clipped prick leading Ethan to chow down with some mouth-watering oral skills of his own. Johnny holds Ethan's head and fucks his face nice 'n smooth.

Incredibly, Johnny slowly sinks his tight hairy asshole down on Ethan's huge dong and begins a groovy game of the ol' sink/bounce. Riding quickly up 'n down, Johnny really rocks 'n rolls cramming that throbbing fucker up his snug man-chute and really goes to town with hot penetration shots from the front 'n back. Switching up, Johnny fucks Ethan's tight hairy butthole in the missionary position with a fast 'n lubed speed with tasty penetration shots from below. These guys are clearly into the action and each other as they fill the air with loud moans 'n grunts. Johnny ends up squirting a big load on Ethan's bum and thigh. Huge load! Ethan beats his love muscle and shoots a large thick load on Johnny's hairy chest. Talk about a cum covered fur rug!!


Max Schutler

Max Schutler (good-looking with short dark hair, toned/smooth body), Derrek Diamond (cute with brown hair, toned/smooth body), and Patrick Bateman (good-looking with dark brown hair, toned/smooth body) enjoy the refreshing crystal clear waters of a swimming pool with some splashing around and deep soul kissin'. Max and Patrick stand on the diving board while Derrek, down on his knees, takes those stiff cocks (one cut, the other unclipped) down his gullet giving tasty blowjobs to his buddies. Dude gets a good face fucking in the process. Max chows down on Patrick's clipped dick while Derrek fucks his tight shaved bunghole doggy style fast, lubed, 'n hard.

Switching up, Patrick screws Derrek's tight man-hole in the missionary position while Max watches close by yanking on his uncut meat. Patrick bangs his pal quick 'n lubed with some okay penetration shots from the side and from above. Max isn't happy with simply watching so he begins fucking Derrek's willing mouth. Since this is a sexual free-for-all, Derrek bangs Max doggy-style again while Max blows Patrick's rod. There are some very hot penetration shots from below where we get to see Derrek's tight shaved hole. Derrek squirts a large thick load on Max's chest, Patrick cuts loose with thick love juice on Max's cock, and Max works that foreskin back 'n forth cumming on his stomach.


Ty LeBeouf

While Ty LeBeouf (good-looking with a shaved head, husky/muscular/hairy body) strips down to his white jock strap in a gym locker room, he has his horny eyes on buddy Bruno Bond (good-looking with dark hair, beard, and muscular/hairy body). The younger dude obviously has a "thing" for hot daddy Bruno and the dudes begin horsing round laughing 'n wrestling. Ty's big cut cock immediately begins growing as the guys play grab-ass and the two are soon kissing with deep wet tongues. Ty licks 'n sucks his way down Bruno's hairy chest, yanks open his pal's blue jeans, pulls the white jock strap away, and reveals dark pubes, plump balls, and a stiff clipped tool. He takes that dick down his gullet giving some very good head with hot deep throat making his pal fill the air with loud moans and heavy breathing.

Bruno munches down on Ty's tight shaved asshole licking the pucker with nice camera shots of the rimming action and spitting 'n tongue fucking. Some of the camera shots are mouth-watering 'n extreme. Bruno fucks Ty doggy-style using long 'n full strokes and then kicks it up a notch and bangs his buddy fast, lubed 'n hard while Ty cries out with animal passion. Switching up, Ty crams his cock up Bruno's tight hairy bunghole doggy-style with plenty of hot penetration shots from below. Switching again, Ty plays a wild game of the ol' sink/bounce on Bruno while jerking off and busts a large thick nut all over the floor. Bruno beats his meat and shoots a large thick load on Ty's hairy chest.


Dickin' Around is shot directly on high quality video and presented in full screen. The videography by Andre Adair is strong providing full coverage of all the action with plenty of close-ups and some extreme close-ups. The picture quality is sharp and clean.


The stereo sound is clear allowing the viewer to easily hear the dudes as they talk to each other and then get down with all the usual lusty man-on-man sexin' noises.


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selection, chapter stops, and trailers for Masterpiece, Wood Work, and Trunks 5. Also included are a cumshot compilation and a fuck compilation.


Hot House Productions and Director Steven Scarborough do not disappoint with Dickin' Around. The Berkley California setting is gorgeous in the outdoor scenes; the guys are all very sexy and give strong 'n energetic sexual performances. They look as if they are really having some fun with one another and the action. I Highly Recommend.

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