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Bite 2, The

Studio: Channel 1 Releasing » Review by Brokeback » Review Date: 7/26/09

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Date of Production:  October 1998

Director:  Chi Chi LaRue 
Cast:  Vince Bandero, Doug Jeffries, Jacob Scott, Rob Steele, J.T. Sloan, David Pierre, Brad Davis, Spike, John Sexton

Body Types:  Muscular, smooth, hairy, super hung, around 30 years of age.

Condoms:  Yes

Special Features:  3 way, Vampire-Fetish Sex and Lust

Plot:  Two sibling vampires feed their hunger for blood, money, and most of all, sex. 

The Movie:

Jacob, Vince:  The camera zooms in on a large outdoor pool where Jacob is sucking Vince's meaty uncut cock.  Then the camera shoots Jacob from below his knees and he is shown being sucked off from Vince.  Jacob has a shaved head, a goatee, smoking hot hairy body, eraser hard nipples, and a thick dick with a big knob perfectly made to pacify any gay man. Vince demands that Jacob "eat that fuckin' smelly ass, boy" and man does he ever.  Lying on the ground with Vince squatting on his face, Jacob rims him like nobody's business.  With Jacob kneeling in the doggy position, Vince fucks him among the strains of their loud moaning and groaning.  The two jerk off with the same intensity.  


Doug, Brad:  Doug and his smooth Latin buddy (Brad) are in the bedroom making out.  The two are kissing while Doug plays with Brad's ass hole with his finger.  Doug has a smooth lean build, a very nice tan line, an extraordinary thick long dick that curves slightly upwards and big nuts in a large nutsack.  Kneeling down on the bed, Doug feeds Brad his beautiful dick and then Brad teabags those big smooth balls.  Brad aches for a good pounding and Doug delivers.  They lie back on the bed and cum.  Always the excellent cummer, Doug shoots one up to his neck.

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Just when the two couples are kissing and necking, Jacob and his brother Doug transform with their eyes turning a pale blue and their front teeth growing fangs.  Sinking their fangs into their victims, they leave them lifeless with a large bloody scar on their necks. Transformed into vampire creatures, blood drips down the sides of their mouths.            

Doug and Jacob haven't seen each other in years but are reunited for the reading of their mother's will.  A half-sister Janice, man servant John, and Rob, their mother's boy-toy husband attend the reading with them.  Rob receives the bulk of her inheritance but the ungrateful brothers and half-sister (who gives a hilarious over-the-top performance) are dissatisfied with their share.  If, however, someone should die, the fortune is split among the remaining beneficiaries.  From the window, a demon in a maid's outfit is watching the events.  

Rob:  Covered in only a silk robe, Rob admires his body.  He's cocky at how much money he got from his hag of a wife.  Picking up a stack of hundred dollar bills, Rob rubs his smooth naked flesh with the cash and jerks off with the other hand.  A shadow on the wall of a large outstretched claw precedes Rob's brutal slashing.  The claw belongs to the drag queen in a maid's outfit who drinks her victim's blood.

Spike, J.T., David:  Without sufficient nourishment from Rob, the drag vampire and her mustached Latin friend, Spike, go in search for more blood.  Over in some seedy area surrounded by a bad singer and onlookers who are complete freaks, Spike finds a couple of hot men (J.T. and David).  They engage in a three way which involves a lot of hot cock sucking and ass eating.  J.T. has a thick cock and Spike is horse hung.  Cumming gives way to Spike's lust for blood and he buries his fangs into their necks and shares some of it with his vampire friend.  

Afterwards, Doug, servant John, and Janice (who is screwing John) are cooking up schemes to get a bigger piece of the family fortune.  One obstacle (Rob) is out of the way.  Because she can not kill her brothers (or she will be killed according to some prophesy), Janice wants John to seduce the brothers and kill them when they're vulnerable.  Then she and John can be together forever.   

Doug, Jacob, John:  In the bedroom, Doug and Jacob are talking about the will.  John (a smooth Latin man with a goatee) enters and makes it known he and Janice are having problems over the money and he has to satisfy her hole all the time.  That is the cue for Doug to look at John to have him fill his hole.  And the three way begins...the boys seduce John and they suck their brother's cock and rim one another's ass.  A highlight of the scene is John rimming Doug who is rimming his brother Jacob.  Hairy Jacob fucks his brother who is now kissing John.  Then Doug turns the tables and fucks Jacob who 69s with John.  Jacob and Doug and very vocal when they fuck and that just intensifies the scene.  Finally, John fucks Doug with the assistance of Jacob who holds his brother leg up for easier access. They drain their cocks on Doug.  Once they've cum, John takes out a dagger and stabs the brothers in the chest.  

I don't want to spoil the conclusion so I'll stop here.              



Video & Sound:
Picture is very good for a skin flick of the late 90's.  Same for the sound.

2 minor extras:  Popshot-on-Demand (fast forward to the cum shots) and Wrap It Up (Chi Chi's safe sex PSA)

Final Thoughts:
There's a good reason Chi Chi La Rue has been in the gay porn business for so many years.  Anyone can find hot studs with big dicks.  But she always manages to make her hot actors really get into it as is also evident in this title.  The kissing, the rimming, the sucking, the fucking...nothing is half-assed (wink).  Personally, I could do without all the blood and the crazy, colored contacts (others may find that very erotic) but one press of the fast forward button can remedy this problem.  Doug Jeffries (a top who bottoms here) and Jacob Scott are reasons enough to watch this one.  Add to the mix the tall, dark and handsome actors (Vince Bandero, Brad Davis, John Sexton, etc) as their victims and you'll have one 'bloody' hot time. 

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