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Lesbian Retreat Part 2

Studio: Girlfriends Films » Review by Apache Warrior » Review Date: 7/27/09

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Genre: Lesbian, Milf

Director: ?

Cast: Kelly Leigh, Sydni Ellis, Trinity Post, Ariel X, Torri Secret,

Length: 149 minutes

Date of Production: ?

Extras: Despite not having a Behind the Scenes segment, the promos and trailers give the viewer a very good sample of its titles in its stable. The six promos are Promo Trailers, Promo Trailers 2, Imperfect Angels, Lesbian Triangles, Women Seeking Women, and Road Queen. The five trailers are Twisted Passions, Mother-Daughter Exchange Club 5, Road Queen 2, Women Seeking Women 47, and Field of Schemes 2. Website information is added.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: The audio quality is adequate and the video quality is good.

Overview:  Lesbian Retreat: The Weavertown Mistake Part 2 is the second installment to this recently new series for the studio Girlfriends Films. In Part 1, Tori Black, Kelly Leigh, and Trinity Post are traveling to their retreat. During their ride, their truck overheats and they end up being stranded on the roadside. In Part 2, the plot pretty much continues with their unexpected adventure and eye-opening awareness of their true sexual feelings. Fans will definitely get hooked to the addictive storylines and the curiosity factor of the threesome's personal sexual urges and desires. Since I gave Part 1 a rental rating, I was eager to see the next installment to find out if the studio did a better job to receive a higher recommendation. Girlfriends Films has a very good track record. Their motto is "simply the most realistic sex in lesbian adult video." The front cover of the dvd case states this movie's setting in "just a weekend with the girls." As one may have noticed by these phrases, this prominent studio focuses on lesbian themes.

Sydni Ellis, Ariel X

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Scene One: At night, Sydni Ellis tosses pebbles at Ariel X's window. After climbing through it, the beautiful woman is pissed off at Ariel for fooling around with her friend earlier in the day. After some rough action, they kiss. Ariel fondles the nicely dressed lady. Then, Sydni lays on top of her girlfriend and sucks her breast. Next, Ariel sucks the lady's bosoms. She removes her top as Miss Ellis caresses her torso. Sydni takes off her own pretty white dress. They continue to kiss passionately. Miss Ellis humps her friend with nice enthusiasm. Their eye contact is very good. Syndi Ellis has a hot body. Later, the rest of the womens' clothing comes off. Then, Ariel lays on top of the cutie pie. They kiss momentarily. Soon, Ariel X scissors her as some titty play occurs. The energy level heightens during the scissoring moments. Ariel's body gyrations are very cool. Afterwards, she tastes Sydni's beauty spot before rubbing it with two thumbs. Miss Ellis holds on to her girlfriend's face and kisses her. Ariel does a nice job in pleasuring the lady's peach. They continue to have awesome eye contact. Their chemistry and bond feel genuine. A 69 occurs. Their close-ups of their oral activity are intense especially during Ariel X's oral action. Then, the ladies kiss and caress each other while standing on their knees. Next, Sydni concentrates on her friend's love spot. Her oral treatment of Ariel's personal plaything is very sensual. Ariel's smile is very cute. Of course, it is no surprise that their eye contact is amazing. Her body movements give the impression to the viewer that Miss Ellis' actions are getting to her. Then, the woman humps Ariel aggressively. Both women are getting off. After kissing, Sydni gets on her hands and knees while Ariel X caresses and spanks the beauty's ass. She also manually stimulates her girlfriend's lovebox. Afterwards, she lays on her back as Ariel sucks her toes. Soon, they kiss while Ariel rubs Miss Ellis' precious gem. Moments later, she polishes it with her mouth. The two women look remarkable together. Sydni rubs the top of Ariel's head during the woman's mouth to pussy treat to her. Then, Sydni places her feet on Ariel's butt briefly. They kiss again. Later, Ariel lays on her back as Miss Ellis sucks her tit. After kissing again, Sydni sucks her toes and rubs her sex spot. She does a fine job. Later, Ariel rubs the woman's love spot too. Next, she positions her face underneath Sydni's crotch in order to suck her passion fruit. Their body positions are hot. Afterwards, they kiss and snuggle in a romantic manner.

Torri Secret, Kelly Leigh

Scene Two: After talking a while, Torri Secret comforts her close friend Kelly Leigh. They hug. Soon, they are kissing. Their sensual actions continue as Kelly is on top of her. Their tops come off. Some titty play occurs. Then, Ms. Leigh removes Torri's bottoms in order to orally pleasure the woman's rose. Ms. Secret's body is sexy. Kelly's energy level is high. She pats the lady's feminine plaything several times. The scissors action is intense. Ms. Leigh's facial expressions show the viewer that she is putting all of her effort into her performance. Then, she tastes Torri's new juices that she helped to produce. Next, Ms. Secret is on her hands and knees while her friend continues to work on her jewel box. Kelly aggressively fingers her own vaginal plaything. So far, this scene is amazing. After kissing, she spreads her legs so that Torri can stimulate her pleasure zone with her mouth. Ms. Leigh's moans are hot. Their chemistry is unbelievable. The scissors action is brief, but intense. Soon, Kelly eats her close friend's tasty muffin. Her finger fuck moments are solid and it gets Ms. Secret off. Next, she humps Torri very aggressively. Their heavy breathing is remarkable. Both ladies are putting forth full effort. Their high enthusiastic performance continues throughout the remaining portions of the scene especially during their humping and finger fucking sessions. For instance, Kelly gets very wet during one of her own scissoring performances which leads to a lot of wetness on Torri's sexual playground. Overall, Kelly Leigh's work is super. She even rubs her friend's beauty spot with her own toes and fingers her asshole. Next, while Torri is on her hands and knees, Kelly tastes her snatch and fingers her butthole and rubs her flower. Then, they kiss passionately as Ms. Leigh is on top of her. They continue their personal chemistry to the end. This is the best scene in the movie by far.

Trinity Post, Ariel X

Scene Three: After talking a bit and exchanging sexy glances, the women kiss. During their liplock moments, Ariel X takes off Trinity Post's top. She feels her titties and body. Next, Trinity's pants come off. Then, Ariel gets naked. Miss Post squeezes her breasts and kisses her bod. Trinity's giggles are cute. They continue to kiss and fondle each other. Soon, they head to the bedroom. Ariel tastes and rubs the woman's lovebox. The close-up of her pretty peach is hot. Then, Ariel humps Miss Post with a lot of effort. Trinity's facial expressions are incredible especially with her mouth wide open during the humping action. Ariel's enthusiastic pussy eating is very cool. After more kissing and humping by the women, Ariel X rolls over and lays on her back as Trinity orally works on the lady's pink plaything. Miss Post is aggressive, but in a playful manner. Their sexual positions are creative and fun to watch. Both women are giving total effort in this scene. Ariel fingers and tastes Trinity's flower in an intense and sensual manner. She also spanks it several times. A 69 follows with Ariel on top. They both refresh their throats with some feminine juice. The action continues to remain intensely hot. Trinity sits on Ariel's face as she reaches behind her to rub the woman's clit. Another 69 occurs, but this time Trinity is on top. Moments later, Miss Post wiggles her ass on Ariel's face before returning to their 69 action. Their creative sexual positions continue as well. After several romantic and sexual embraces in bed, Trinity sucks Ariel's fingers while humping her. A more aggressive hump session follows. Heavy breathing between the women occurs and it's hot. Then, Miss Post eats her muffin. Soon, she climbs on top of the woman and they kiss sensually. Next, Trinity rolls over onto her own back as Ariel X runs her hand along Miss Post's face and chest.

Trinity Post, Torri Secret

Scene Four: While Kelly Leigh, Torri Secret, and Trinity Post are talking about the town, Kelly admits that she does not like it there and walks away. Torri tells Trinity that she looks at her differently ever since their stay. Miss Post kisses her. They head upstairs. In the bedroom, Torri feels very reluctant, but Trinity persuades the lady to be with her at that moment. She sucks her nipple. Then, she removes her own top and bra. Soon, both ladies are only wearing their panties. They caress each other on the bed. Torri sucks her tits. Next, Trinity gets on top of Ms. Secret and rubs her panty covered love spot. Miss Post kisses her body and moves down to her precious jewel. The woman is sweet to her. Later, she humps her with much energy briefly. Torri's smile is cute. Afterwards, Torri kisses her way down Miss Post's lovely body. Torri is playful. Her facial expression shows it. Her oral technique on the woman's love gem is sensuous. Torri's hump actions are also hot. Then, Trinity rubs Ms. Secret's muffin with much effort. They kiss. Later, Torri manually stimulates her pretty mound with good technique. They kiss again. Soon, Trinity works on the woman's wet passion fruit as Torri spreads her sexy legs wide apart. Next, Miss Post rubs her own private gemstone on the woman's plaything. Later, they kiss. Then, Trinity kisses the lady's neck and face. They continue to kiss romantically. Their chemistry is nice especially during the last three minutes of the scene.

Final Thoughts:  Lesbian Retreat 2 is a good follow-up. A major plus is that all five actresses were in the first Lesbian Retreat movie. The sex scenes are very sensual and fans of Girlfriends Films will enjoy them wholeheartedly. However, as in the first film, there is not sufficient development in the beginning of each scene that many rabid fans are accustomed to. More development would enhance the several plotlines in the movie especially since this is a very new series. The pairings are good. It is important to note that Sydni Ellis should be used more often. She has that "it" factor that good actresses have and more exposure will only boost her career. When she is on screen, the viewer can't keep one's eyes off her. As to the movie's rating, once again, it's a rental.

Apache Warrior

Apache W
[email protected]     

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