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Mother-Daughter Exchange Club Part 7

Studio: Girlfriends Films » Review by Apache Warrior » Review Date: 7/27/09

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genre: Lesbian, Milf

Director: ?

Cast: Diamond Foxxx, Nikki Rhodes, Amber Rae, Darryl Hanah, Lexi Belle, Dia Zerva, Amy Moore, Nicole Moore, Hayden Night

Length: 169 minutes

Date of Production: ?

Extras: Despite not having a Behind the Scenes segment, the promos and trailers give the viewer a nice sample of the studio's titles. The six promos are Promo Trailers, Promo Trailers 2, Imperfect Angels, Lesbian Triangles, Women Seeking Women, and Road Queen. The five trailers are Twisted Passions, Mother-Daughter Exchange Club 5, Road Queen 2, Women Seeking Women 47, and Field of Schemes 2. A nice looking photo gallery is also included. Of course, website information is added.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: The audio quality is very good as well as the video quality.

Overview:  Mother-Daughter Exchange Club Part Seven is the seventh installment to one of the best series that Girlfriends Films studio has to offer. I put their series Twisted Passions in the same high quality category. Mother-Daughter Exchange Club is a neighborhood social network in which a mom and her daughter get together with another mom-daughter pair at one of their homes. Then, after some discussion or even a meal for example, a mother hooks up with the other woman's daughter or daughters and make love to them. The sensualness between many of the pairings are outstanding. Furthermore, there is plenty of development in the storyline before any sexual action occurs. Foreplay is an important factor in the overwhelming majority of a Girlfriends Films scene.

Darryl Hanah, Ashlyn Rae, Nikki Rhodes, Lexi Belle, Diamond Foxxx

Diamond Foxxx, Nikki Rhodes, Ashlyn Rae

Scene One: Darryl Hanah, Nikki Rhodes, Ashlyn Rae, Lexi Belle, and Diamond Foxxx are having their meal at the dining room table. The ladies talk about their interests. The mothers enjoy playing poker. Ashlyn and Lexi love to ride horses. Nikki enjoys art. Moments later, Ashlyn and Nikki share a quick peck. Their sexy glances at each other are cute. Seconds later, they kiss again, but this time it is more romantic. The smiles on their faces are hot. Soon, Diamond Foxxx takes Nikki and Ashlyn to her bedroom. Once there, Ashlyn lays down on the large bed. She spreads her legs apart in order for Nicki to get on top of her. They kiss softly as Ms. Foxxx feels Nikki's ass and Ashlyn's hand. The action is very addictive to the viewer. Diamond also runs her own hand along Miss Rae's right leg. Nikki humps the younger woman in a nice manner. It's not too hard. Diamond feels Amber's gemstone during this hump action. Next, the two women slowly remove Amber's dress. They feel her lovely body. Then, Nikki's dress comes off. Miss Rhodes kisses Amber's inner thighs before pleasuring her precious panty-covered pearl. Diamond kisses Amber as she caresses her titties. The action is very sexy. It is what a Girlfriends Films fan expects in this series. Later, hot stuff Nikki kisses Amber's hips and tummy. Ms. Foxxx's and Nikki's kissing moments are tender and sensual. Moments later, Miss Rhodes rubs Amber's love spot from underneath her panties. Her oral and manual actions on it become more intense. Soon, she takes off the undergarment. While Nikki works on Amber's peach, Diamond removes her own sexy red dress. Ms. Foxxx and Amber continue their kissing session. At this point, Miss Rhodes' treatment on Amber's jewel is gentle. Then, Ms. Foxxx rubs Miss Rae's personal plaything while she sucks the woman's bosom. Next, they continue their tender liplock activity. Later, Diamond sucks Amber's nipple. Miss Rae has her left hand on the mother's right breast. Then, Amber moans loudly when Nikki fingers her love tunnel.

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The action shifts when Diamond begins to finger and orally pleasure the woman's sex spot as Nikki sucks and squeezes Amber's breasts. Her moans become louder when Nikki rubs her clit. Then, Amber and Nikki kiss. Miss Rhodes starts to fondle and suck on the woman's titties again. Meanwhile, Diamond continues to perform a good job in fingering the lady's gem. Next, Ms. Foxxx takes off Nikki's bra. She and Amber suck Nikki's breasts. They also remove her panties. Amber eats the pretty lady's muffin. Ms. Foxxx rubs her clit as well as caress Nikki's head. Soon, she sucks on Nikki's right tit. They kiss a bit. Miss Rhodes' smile is hot. By now, Amber is also fingering Nikki's nifty lovebox. The lady's moans and body actions are cool especially when Diamond rubs her clit. The action shifts again when Nikky takes off Diamond's panties as the two women caress her lovely ass and gemstone. Amber orally stimulates it soon. Ms. Foxxx rubs her own clit. Meanwhile, Miss Rhodes does several things from kissing Diamond's back to rubbing her plaything. She and the mom kiss. Later on, Ms. Foxxx spreads her legs apart so that the woman can rub her sex spot. Then, the two ladies orally pleasure Diamond's bosoms. Finally, Ms. Foxxx kisses both of them as Nikki rubs the mother's beauty spot.

Lexi Belle, Darryl Hanah

Scene Two: Lexi Belle and Darryl Hanah are entering Lexi's room. They get on top of the bed and immediately kiss. The women caress each other. Miss Belle's nipples are already hard. She sucks Ms. Hanah's bosom and then, rubs her breasts. Then, the mother sucks the younger lady's tasty titty. They kiss again. Later, Lexi gets on her hands and knees as Darryl tastes her cute butt. Moments later, they resume their kissing activity briefly. Then, Ms. Hanah removes her own dress. She sucks Lexi's breast. Afterwards, the other woman takes off her own dress. Next, the mom feels her lovebox. Soon, they lay beside each other and caress each other. Then, Lexi lays on her stomach as Darryl orally feels her ass and kisses her back. She also rubs her peach. She tastes it when she moves her panties away from her plaything. Later, Lexi is on her back as the woman continues to orally sample it. Miss Belle spanks her guest's left butt cheek with her right foot. Lexi's moans are nice sounding. Afterwards, Darryl lays on the bed as the lady sucks her sex spot. Lexi is very energetic in her actions. Ms. Hanah is getting off quite well. Her scissors activity is also very good. Later, a 69 occurs in which Lexi is on top. Next, the woman turns around and continues to lay on top of Ms. Hanah as she sucks her bosom and kisses her. Then, Darryl eats her hostess' personal plaything as Lexi rubs the lady's love spot. Next, Lexi lays on the bed as Ms. Hanah tastes her way down her body until she reaches the lady's peach. Miss Belle rubs her clit. Next, they sit up on the bed while Lexi has her back against Darryl's body. Ms. Hanah manually plays with her love spot. Lexi rubs her own plaything too. Then, they kiss as some titty play occurs. Next, Miss Belle pats and rubs the woman's rose in a rapid fashion. Darryl's moans and body gyrations are cool. Later on, the women position themselves for some scissors action. Afterwards, they kiss. Next, she sucks Lexi's breasts and licks her torso and stomach. She also sucks her pleasure zone. Then, they kiss again. The mom kisses her chest and runs her own hand along Lexi's body. The scene fades while they kiss.

Amy Moore, Dia Zerva

Scene Three: Dia Zerva, Hayden Night, Nicole Moore, and Amy Moore are celebrating Amy's birthday. She blows out the candles and everyone receives a piece of the yummy chocolate cake. The birthday lady talks about her upcoming college studies abroad. Then, she unwraps her present from Dia and Hayden. Soon, Ms. Zerva gives a tour of the house to Nicole. In another room, the two mothers talk about Amy's study habits and lack of social skills. Meanwhile, their two daughters are getting to know each other better. Their mothers walk in on them as they return. Later, Dia takes Amy to the bedroom to show her a book on French gardens. After having a personal discussion about intimacy with the young lady, Dia finds out that she has never been kissed. Soon, she gives Amy a bad kiss and then, an intimate one. Ms. Zerva is very tender in her approach to her. A reluctant Amy becomes less passive as their liplock session goes on. Dia's friendly smile and face enhances the woman's genuine kindness. She uncovers Miss Moore's torso and hips. While laying beside each other, they continue to kiss as Ms. Zerva rubs her peach underneath Amy's panties. The women look great together. Dia sucks the woman's left tit as she rubs her jewel with more enthusiasm. Next, she manually and orally works on the birthday lady's gem as she removes her pink panties. Amy has a beautiful body. Her moans sound sweet sounding. Next, Dia removes her own green dress. They kiss while she is on top of Amy. Miss Moore sucks Dia's bosoms. They kiss again. Then, Ms. Zerva lays down on her back as Amy feels her passion fruit. Next, Amy caresses her breast while on top of her. They continue to kiss as their hips grind. Afterwards, Miss Moore concentrates on sucking on Dia's right breast. Then, she rubs her hostess' lovebox. They kiss again as Amy rubs it with more effort. Next, Amy is on her hands and knees as Dia kisses her back and humps her ass. The two blond beauties look good. The intensity increases. Afterwards, Dia takes off her own panties so that Amy can taste her plaything. They kiss. Their hip action is cute and hot. Their moans are great. Then, Dia rolls her over and scissors her nicely. Finally, they kiss.

Nicole Moore, Hayden Night

Scene Four: Hayden Night and Nicole Moore head to Hayden's bedroom. She tells her guest about her experience with her stepmom. It freaks Nicole out a bit, but she gets over it quickly. Ms. Moore makes her move on the nervous lady. After caressing Miss Night's body for a while, Nicole kisses her. Hayden begins to feel more comfortable. Next, her top comes off. They kiss as the woman removes Hayden's bra. Then, she sucks her titties and pinches her nipple. Later, Nicole kisses her way down her body and removes her bottoms. Nicole licks Hayden's pleasure spot before thumbing her clit. The women get along quite well. After more manual stimulation of her beauty spot, Ms. Moore climbs on top of Hayden and kisses her. Then, Nicole removes her own blue dress and bra. Hayden sucks on her bosoms and caresses them. They kiss again. The mother sucks the woman's right breast. They kiss. Then, Ms. Moore takes off her own panties. Some tit playing and fondling occur between them. Later, Nicole lays on her back as Hayden sucks her tit and then, eats and rubs her muffin. Meanwhile, the mom caresses the top of Miss Night's head. She also squeezes her own bosoms while moaning with passion. The action takes a different turn when Hayden takes out a strap-on dildo for Nicole to wear. Miss Night lubricates it. A missionary screw occurs. The intensity heightens. They kiss afterwards. A doggie hump follows. Their high energy level continues. They kiss again later. Next, Nicole takes off the toy while laying beside each other. Then, Hayden lays on top of her as they kiss. The scene fades away.

Final Thoughts:  Mother-Daughter Exchange Club Part Seven has everything that fans of this series are accustomed to. Good storyline development along with genuine sensuousness and chemistry that leads to hot sex. The two standout scenes are the first and third ones. In the first scene, despite it being a threesome, Nikki Rhodes captures the viewer's attention the first time one lays eyes on her. Her quiet sexiness, but very beautiful looks could make her the future of Girlfriends Films. As to the third scene, Dia Zerva's authentic and tender personality with Amy Moore shows the audience that she is among the best actresses that this fine studio has in its stable. This movie continues the excellent run that this series has had in the past year. I highly recommend this production.

Apache Warrior

Apache W
[email protected]     

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