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Studio: Babeland » Review by Harry Johnson » Review Date: 7/30/09

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

When it comes to sex toys there's really something for everyone and the selection that's out there is quite daunting. From beginners to veterans there's almost no shortage of things you can stick places, things you can stick something in, items that take batteries, and pieces that are worn. It's a big industry with a lot going for it and you can rest assured that probably at least 60% of the population has some sort of toy or another (Not an actually study. That's just my guestimation).

Today we're looking at a little butt plug known as the Bootie. This toy comes from Fun Factory and is available at retailers such as Babeland Toys. If you're familiar with Fun Factory then you already know they make some pretty good stuff that's sturdy, fun to use, and well, generally gets the job done. The question here is, does the Bootie?

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For starters I just want to say that I am probably the target audience for a toy like this. I've never used an anal toy before and I find them intimidating. Despite that, I've always been intrigued and the mystical prostate stimulation has always made me curious. Again, something I've never tried before. Considering the Bootie is small (only about the size of a thumb) and curved to stimulate the prostate I figured this could be a good entry piece to see what I'm missing. The Bootie itself features a curved base that contours to the body in that region and it's made of a solid, yet bendy material that eases fears of breakage and discomfort. It's also a deep, dark purple in case you were wondering.

My experience with the Bootie was taken on solo, as my partner wouldn't be interested in something like this. As is the case with any anal toy, I presume, it's important to wash prior to use and to use plenty of lubricant. Since this was my first time using such a toy I took it easy and slow. To my surprise Bootie slipped right in and quickly nestled into place. It was an interesting sensation, but nothing outright pleasurable. The instructions that came with Bootie said to squeeze and relax the muscles. That's suppose to get the tip of the toy to stimulate the prostate and it did so, but not to a degree that it ever felt better than "okay". I then experimented a little and found that applying direct pressure to Bootie made the experience much more enjoyable. Neither form of stimulation got me anywhere by itself, but it made the eventual orgasm slightly more intense than normal.

I think that maybe a vibrating option for the Bootie would improve upon things. Also, even though this was my first time using a toy such as this I found the size to be a little too small. The curve hit the spot with some coaxing, but if it were designed a little more aggressively I think the ending result would have been much more positive. In the end this is a decent little starter for newcomers to anal toys and it's a once in a while kind of treat that is a nice accompaniment to playtime. Recommended

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