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Naughty Nanny #2

Studio: Smash Pictures » Review by Marine Hardcore » Review Date: 8/2/09

XCritic's Advice: Watch On Demand

Genre: Fetish (nanny costumes)

Director: Kevin Moore

Cast:  Andi Anderson, Kiara Diane, Jenna Haze, Nichole Ray, and Brittany O'Connell

Length: 2:08

Date of Production:  May 10th, 17th, and 24th, 2009

Extras: Behind the Scenes, Photo Gallery, Previews, and Website information. The BTS segment was lengthy and pretty much ad hoc gabbing and glamour shooting of the girls. Ok, but nothing special.

Condoms: No

Audio/Video Quality: It says this is shot in HD and the picture was quite nice and clear, but at times the players mumble or talk softly and it is just not picked up clearly.

Overview: The Nanny industry must be the nasty as hell if these girls are any indication.
Each scene is a setup of a beautiful nannies being seduced or seducing the lucky men who happen by.

Scene One: Nichole Ray opens the first scene making a bed and tidying up the bedroom of her employer happens to walk in and check on how she is doing. Nichole has
a yellow gingham maid's uniform on that is cut high to reveal lacy panties and her round ass. The guy asks if his wife and kid are around and when she tells him they aren't, gets down to the business of seducing her.

She lets it happen easily, of course, and he proceeds to lick her ass hole and then her pussy. Nichole is quite vocal and her noises border on a sustained preening that is not very erection-inducing. She is sexy a looking blonde with a slim body and beautiful eyes but very skinny legs. But when they fuck her noises pretty much made this scene unwatchable. He eventually comes in her pussy and she kneels down to let it drip out. Right after the wife comes home and catches them. 

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Scene Two:
Jena Haze is a new nanny at a home where no is at home and she checks out the woman of the house's clothes and finds some kinky outfits, like stripper shoes and a maid's costume. This is a pale blue outfit with the same low cut theme allowing us to see everything. She also finds a hug pink dildo and lies down to masturbate as she talks dirty to herself. About this time the male owner walks up behind her and watches, amused at what he is seeing. This scene is shot at a very nice home hard by a sliding door and it is very cool. Jena looks up and sees him and is very embarrassed. He tells her everything is okay and urges her to continue, with him watching and helping. This is a very hot couple minutes shot with good angles and Jena is really nasty, albeit with a very high-pitched voice. He eats her out and Jena loves, saying, "Oh fuck" several times.

She then gets his dick out and sucks him deeply. They then fuck in several positions and these look great against the green of the far outside landscape thought the sliding doors. While Jena Haze does all the right things like a pro should, there is little intimacy conveyed in this scene. She does not kiss the guy and her movements during intercourse and great acting with zero "I really want to be here" type of vibes being given off. It may just be the way she looks, being rail-thin and all. This was done really well, but was not a scene I would go back to time and time again.

Scene Three: Brittany O'Connell is up next and is the highlight of this disc, appearing as a new nanny for a household and when the oldest son comes home the guy is astounded to see her in a red and white outfit that looks fantastic with her lovely red hair. The guy is telling a buddy on the phone he can't imagine what she is doing here except prancing around in the thing showing herself off. Well, he takes a dip in their huge pool and comes into the poolside bedroom naked to dry off and whoops!, Brittany is there. He has a towel wrapped around him and she tells him how glad she is to see him home from college and offers to dry him off. He worries if anyone is there and when she says no, he lets the towel drop and she takes control, telling him she wants to see how much he has grown in college.

Brittany is a born seductress in this scene and as she kneels to suck his dick, the lust and the purring is there like heat of a highway and you know she loves her work. She is wicked during this scene and breathless, looking and saying things that are coming right from her pussy and not a script. He gets her naked and with her white fish net stockings and shiny
black heels and red hair, when she is spread open it is one hell of a good shot! She urges him on nicely and tells him where to lick and suck--very good stuff here!

They fuck every which way and Brittany is one tight package too look at, great tits with big nipples and when she is on top facing the camera, the repeated "fuck me's" and
"right there's" are just right. He comes in her month with her jerking him with two hands and her glazed eyes and puffy lips tell us she is in this for real, rubbing her cum-covered lips over the head of his cock and purring like a kitten, or the cougar that she really is. He asks why she was wearing such a outfit and right there, spread wide on the bed and covered in his cum, she says she wore to get his attention. Boy did it ever! Best scene on the disc!

Scene Four: The man of the house comes home from a tough day at the office and takes a shot of vodka and then starts to paw the nanny after learning his wife and kids are gone. Andi Anderson plays the nanny who really doesn't object too much, after all we're in a down economy and jobs are hard to get and keep--so she goes along. Andi is a blonde with Jane Mansfield looks but with a problem being heard by the mike, her lips just not formulating her words too distinctly to pick them up easily. But she is very sexy and sucks the guy's dick with gusto, giving him great eye contact and rubbing her pussy while she does so.

They fuck on the kitchen island and she talks nasty to him the whole time. Andi has a nice tanned body with nice tits that flop around pretty good. She is pretty noisy and so is the guy but it isn't too bad, not totally distracting from the scene itself. There are some good close-ups of her getting fucked from behind and then they get on the floor and she rides him with his dick up her ass. She turns around and continues with the ass-fucking and this
time she looks right in the camera and talks fucking nasty to you. He then fucks her ass on the island and then she jumps down to take a big load in her mouth and it was great shot, right out of her ass to her mouth and her talking dirty and then showing us all the creamy load. This was a good scene.

Scene Five: Kiara Diane is last up and straightening-up the living room of her employer's house when her boyfriend comes over and practically rapes her after seeing her in the
little outfit she is wearing. She resists, just a little, before you can say, "You gotta get out of here" he is eating her pussy on the couch she had just gotten straighten-up. Kiara is long and lithe and liked to kiss a lot, so that was a plus here. She has blonde over dark hair that is fashionably cut and pretty eyes. Her boobs are tiny but she makes up for it in tone and a lustful attitude toward doing porn. I really liked her as she got sexed-up and into the scene with each move. She talked good and didn't squeal or coo too much, the
noises appearing genuinely real and adding to the whole.

He comes inside her and together they watch it and play with her pussy to make it flow down to her asshole. Kiara was great looking at the moment and next to Brittany, the most attractive woman in the movie.

Summary: I give Naughty Nanny 2 directed by Kevin Moore a Rent It recommendation due to the fact that the heat in the scenes is not consistent and only two scenes, Kiara's and Brittany's rise to what porn truly should be. Andi's scene almost gets there, but her mumbling at the beginning kind of tore it for me, although she did make up ground with great anal and a terrific load to the mouth. Okay, make it two and a half scenes, but it still isn't enough to buy it, although if you are a recent convert to Brittany O'Connell's comeback as I am and are equally amazed at how good she looks and the 100% effort she puts into each and every scene, then be a completess and get it, but remember you aren't getting a 100% disc.

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