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You & Us

Studio: Digital Playground » Review by Dr. Jay » Review Date: 8/3/09

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Genre: All Sex
Director: Celeste
Cast: Angelina Armani, Danny Mountain, James Deen, Katsuni, Madison Ivy, Mick Blue, Nikki Benz, Scott Nails
Length: 01:47
Condoms: None
Bonus points: Two bonus stars: one for condom-free sex and the second for Nikki Benz, a 2009 Dr. Jay's Must-See Girl.


You & Us is a five-scene all-sex, boy/girl, and couples-friendly movie in which the sex scenes revolve around the aftermath of commitment-free relationships. Scott Nails enjoys fucking Angelina Armani, but not enough to commit to her. So, after telling her to get lost while his semen still drips from her face, he hangs around a bar and picks up Nikki Benz for a one-time fling. Asian superstar Katsuni, fresh from a break-up with a boyfriend, frequents the same bar and hooks up--once--with Danny Mountain. James Deen, depressed and lonely after a breakup, later gives Katsuni a call and, in the hottest--yet most tender--scene of the movie (Scene Five), the two get together for some real love-making. Hopefully the love will last!

You & Us was directed by Digital Playground's female contract director Celeste and captured on video by acclaimed director/videographer Robby D. Celeste brings her kinky--yet very couples-appropriate--vision to the movie through its script (which she wrote) while Robby brings his videographic prowess to the project. The result is a really well made piece that is sure to please.

One of the most intriguing aspects of You & Us is the back-to-back use of a single bar set for consecutive sexual encounters in Scenes Two through Four. The set is used first when Katsuni hooks up with Danny Mountain. When they're finished fucking (in public, no less), sexy and oh-so-flexible Madison Ivy walks in, chats up the bartender, and ends up fucking the shit out of him...right there on the bar. Later, philandering Scott nails visits the same lounge, strikes up a conversation with the bartender, and, on a dare, ends up connecting with 2009 Dr. Jay's Must-See Girl Nikki Benz.

Check out some photos of the girls in You & Us here. Pay particular attention to sultry Katsuni! Wouldn't you love to spend some time with her? Enjoy!


Note to readers: My reviews are provided in two parts. This webpage provides you with an overview of the scene's setup and action as well as my ratings for sex, video, audio, and production values. A separate Word document checklist details the foreplay activities, positions, pops, and features of each scene...as well as the calculation of each scene's ratings. The checklist for You & Us can be downloaded here. You'll need a password. It's drjay2009.

Look for scenes and movies with a 4.5 or higher (A) sex rating and at least 4.0 (B) in video, audio, and production values. Those are my favorite scenes and I'm quite certain that you'll like them, too.

Scene 1

Scene Type: Boy/girl
Performers: Angelina Armani, Scott Nails.

Scene Set-up/Plot/Scenario: Lovers Angelina and Scott wake up one morning (in the spoon position) after sharing a night in their comfy bed. Angelina looks longingly at Scott and asks if he's awake. Although his eyes are still closed, he responds affirmatively. So, Angelina says that they need to talk about making their relationship permanent. Scott asks her to convince him why he should commit. As you might expect, Angelina jumps on the chance and immediately strokes, licks, and kisses his body, and then gives him a passionate blowjob. After he's titanium-hard, Angelina insists that she wants him inside her. So, she mounts him in reverse and fucks him balls deep and makes herself cum. They continue to pleasure each other using several positions (see list) and then Scott blasts Angelina's face with his semen. Angelina then asks him, "Was it hard to convince you?" The bastard responds, "I think you should head back to the east coast and find another guy...I don't want to marry you." After a bit more hopes-dashing dialog, Scott up and leaves devastated Angelina. What an SOB!

Foreplay: Body licking, tit squeezing, hair pulling, handjob, fellatio, deep-throat, stringers, balls gobbling.
Vaginal Positions: Cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, kneeling doggie, spoon.
Anal Positions: Finger only: DP with cock in pussy, finger in asshole.
Girl cums: Yes.
Pop: Facial.

Sex rating: 4.00
Video rating: 5.00
Audio rating: 4.00
Production values rating: 3.80

What I Liked Most:

  • Angelina is absolutely gorgeous!
  • Angelina's blowjob technique--both during foreplay and during sex--is very slobbery and gag-inducing.
  • Angelina is aggressive in getting what she wants from Scott...at least sexually.
  • Scott forcefully pounds the shit out of Angelina in reverse cowgirl. She responds by bouncing up-and-down on his dick like a jack-in-the-box on steroids.
  • Angelina does a nice job of encouraging Scott with appropriately-naughty vocabulary.
  • Angelina DPs herself using Scott's cock in her pussy and her fingers up her asshole.
  • Angelina spanks her own ass while she fucks Scott.
  • Angelina does a nice job fucking back throughout the scene, but especially in kneeling doggie.
  • The video was obviously captured by somebody (Robby D., of course) who knows how to use a camera. The camera motions are smooth, the camera angles and close-ups appropriate, and the lighting flattering. In addition, the editing was skillfully done.

What Could Have Been Better:

  • I wish director Celeste would have added a musical soundtrack to this scene like she added to others in this movie.

What I Didn't Like:

  • Scott, as is usually the case in his scenes, neglects Angelina's pussy by foregoing any opportunity to eat her out. I do not understand guys who bypass cunnilingus? What's the matter with them?

Scene 2

Scene Type: Boy/girl.
Performers: Katsuni, Danny Mountain.

Scene Set-up/Plot/Scenario: Rebounding from a breakup with an ex-boyfriend, Katsuni chats in a bar with fellow patron Danny Mountain. Danny consoles her with his words and then follows up with his tongue as he and Katsuni kiss passionately and deeply. Danny continues to use his tongue to great advantage to eat her pussy and rim her asshole. Of course, Katsuni responds by giving him a world-class hand/blowjob. Once both of their libidos are boiling, Danny bends Katsuni over a bar stool and fucks her from behind in doggie. Katsuni, one of the hottest girls on the planet, fucks back enthusiastically while revealing her pleasure with groans of ecstasy. As the scene unfolds, Danny and Katsuni fuck in the bar using reverse cowgirl and missionary. To end the scene, Danny jacks off onto Katsuni's tits and onto her face. She sucks and milks him dry.

Foreplay: Kissing, body licking, tit sucking, hair pulling, handjob, fellatio, deep-throat, balls gobbling, cunnilingus, finger-fucking, rimming.
Vaginal Positions: Missionary, reverse cowgirl, standing doggie.
Anal Positions: None.

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Girl cums: Yes.
Pop: Tits, face, and open mouth.

Sex rating: 4.55
Video rating: 4.50
Audio rating: 4.00
Production values rating: 4.10

What I Liked Most:

  • The scene is set in a nicely-appointed public bar. The public-nature of the set adds a dimension of "danger" to the sex.
  • I like the way that soothing "lounge" music (along with ambient quiet conversation) plays in the background throughout the scene. It adds realism to the action.
  • Danny and Katsuni share some awesome kisses during foreplay and while they fuck.
  • Danny repeatedly eats and finger-fucks Katsuni's pussy, rims her asshole, and suckles her nipples during foreplay.
  • Horny Katsuni always fucks back, even during cunnilingus.
  • Katsuni's talented use of her hands in conjunction with her mouth during deep-throat fellatio is superb. She uses her volcanic fellatio technique during foreplay and during pussy-to-mouth.
  • I love Katsuni's pussy. She keeps it crowned with a neatly cropped patch of pubic hair. In this age of bald and razor-burned vaginas, Katsuni's nicely-groomed snatch is very welcome.
  • Katsuni's ecstatic groans and French-accented naughty words are very motivating to Danny--and to us.
  • Katsuni and Danny share 69 during sex.
  • Katsuni works herself into a full-body sweat.
  • Excellent chemistry and passion develop between Danny and Katsuni, especially during missionary.
  • Danny heightens Katsuni's pleasure by mildly choking her throat.

What Could Have Been Better:

  • The color balance is a bit too yellow for my taste.
  • Since Katsuni relishes anal sex, I wish she would have taken it up the ass during the scene.

Scene 3

Scene Type: Boy/girl
Performers: Madison Ivy, Mick Blue.

Scene Set-up/Plot/Scenario: As Katsuni and Danny dress and depart the bar after their tryst in Scene Two, contortionist-extraordinaire Madison Ivy enters the lounge, sits at the bar, and strikes up a conversation with the bartender, Mick Blue. They flirt unabashedly for a brief time and then Mick joins Madison on her side of the bar to share some sweet open-mouthed kisses, mutual caresses/fondling, tit worship, and mutual stripping. Soon, Madison drops to her knees, releases Mick's cock from the bondage of his dress slacks, and gives him an extremely slobbery, noisy, and gag-inducing hand/blowjob that makes him pant with lust. In due course, Mick repays Madison by rimming her asshole, spanking her butt cheeks, and briefly licking her pussy. Sex begins in doggie when Mick bends Madison over a bar stool so he can pound her from behind. Madison keeps Mick motivated by groaning and squealing with delight and by casting her lust-crazed eyes toward his. Madison soon experiences an orgasm that makes her entire body quiver. Then, she sucks her cum off of Mick's dick using eager pussy-to-mouth. High-energy sex continues in a couple more positions (see list) and Madison even DPs herself for a while. To conclude the scene, Mick explodes onto Madison's outstretched tongue. She then sucks him dry, scoops wayward globs of semen into her mouth, sucks him dry, and swallows. Great scene, Ivy!

Foreplay: Kissing, body licking, caressing/fondling, tit sucking and squeezing, mutual stripping, hair pulling, handjob, fellatio, deep-throat, jaw breakers, stringers, cunnilingus, rimming, spanking.
Vaginal Positions: Missionary, standing doggie, on-her-side.
Anal Positions: Finger only; DP with cock (pussy) and fingers (asshole).
Girl cums: Repeatedly.
Pop: Open mouth; she swallows.

Sex rating: 4.70
Video rating: 4.00
Audio rating: 4.00
Production values rating: 4.20

What I Liked Most:

  • The scene is set in a nicely-appointed public bar. The public-nature of the set adds a dimension of "danger" to the sex.
  • I like the way that soothing "lounge" music (along with ambient quiet conversation) plays in the background throughout the scene. It adds realism to the action.
  • Mick and Madison really know how to make-out effectively--even before foreplay! Mick makes Ivy's blood boil with his kisses, licks, and squeezes.
  • Madison's sleek red satin dress and matching thong are hot! God, I love thongs. Don't you?
  • Madison is a very pretty raven-haired girl (she's usually a blond) with an extremely flexible contortionist-like body. Her flexibility allows for outstanding sexual positions. In addition, her pussy is to-die-for.
  • Madison cums like a volcano during doggie and again in mish. Her happy vagina coats Mick's rod with girl juice. And, she uses pussy-to-mouth to suck that girl-juice off of Mick's rod.
  • Mick, as ravenous for pussy as I am, goes down to gobble Madison's pussy repeatedly between sexual positions. He also makes time to pleasure her using multiple-fingers.
  • Madison's happy clit swells large and erect as her pleasure builds.
  • Madison DPs herself by shoving a finger up her asshole while Mick reams her pussy.
  • Mick remembers that he's fucking the whole girl, not just her pussy. So, he kisses her mouth, squeezes her flesh, and mildly chokes her throat to increase her pleasure.
  • Intense chemistry develops between Madison and Mick.

What Could Have Been Better:

  • As in Scene Two, the lighting is too yellow for my taste. In addition, some of the video is too dark.
  • I wish Madison would have had the opportunity to show off more of her contortionist positions. Her flexibility is really incredible.

Scene 4

Scene Type: Boy/girl.
Performers: Nikki Benz, Scott Nails.

Scene Set-up/Plot/Scenario: Katsuni again finds herself in the same lounge used in Scenes Two and Three. This time, unwilling-to-commit Scott Nails, who fucked and tossed aside Angelina Armani in Scene One, is one of the patrons. Of course, Scott's eyes drool over sexy Katsuni as she sits quietly at the bar. As Scott fucks Katsuni with his eyes, in walks 2009 Dr. Jay's Must-See Girl Nikki Benz. Nikki sits on a stool next to Katsuni and, through Freudian slips-of-the-tongue, convinces bartender Mick Blue that she's horny as hell. Mick serves Nikki a drink and then pauses to chat with Scott about women in general and about Nikki in particular. Eventually, Mick dares Scott to make a move on Nikki. "I can try!" he responds. So, Scott approaches Nikki and brazenly flirts with her. He scores quickly when she begins to stroke his chest with her pretty hands. Soon, Nikki has her tongue buried in Scott's mouth and then his cock buried in her ravenous mouth. While Nikki blows Scott's spit-soaked rod with her mouth, she also gives him a double-fisted handjob. Later, although it is not his custom to do so, Scott prepares Nikki's oh-so-inviting cunt using cunnilingus. Once they're both ready to move on to sex, Nikki bends over a stool and presents her pussy to Scott who, as you can imagine, plunges his dick inside for some intense and orgasm-inducing in-and-out action. Vaginal sex continues in missionary and then a second bout of standing doggie. Then, to finish the scene, Nikki drops to her knees and takes Scott's substantial load into her mouth and onto her face. She sucks and milks him dry and every drop disappears down her insatiable throat.

Foreplay: Kissing, titty fucking, hair pulling, handjob, fellatio, deep-throat, stringers, balls-gobbling, cunnilingus, finger-fucking.
Vaginal Positions: Missionary, standing doggie (twice).
Anal Positions: None.
Girl cums: Yes.
Pop: Open mouth; she swallows.

Sex rating: 4.45
Video rating: 4.00
Audio rating: 4.00
Production values rating: 4.60

What I Liked Most:

  • The scene is set in a nicely-appointed public bar. The public-nature of the set adds a dimension of "danger" to the sex.
  • I like the way that soothing "lounge" music (along with ambient quiet conversation) plays in the background throughout the scene. It adds realism to the action.
  • Statuesque and busty barbie-doll-like Nikki Benz is so fucking hot that just thinking about her gives him a full-blown hard-on. She's always a classy girl, one who takes care of her appearance so that she'll be a dream-come-true on screen.
  • I really like Nikki's use of her hands while she gives Scott head during foreplay.
  • Nikki's fellatio technique is extremely slobbery.
  • Scott fucks Nikki's beautifully-enhanced tits and she squeezes them around his thrusting rod.
  • Scott actually spends time eating Nikki's pussy during foreplay. He usually doesn't perform cunnilingus and I'm very pleased he chosen to eat and finger-fuck Nikki's delectable twat as she sits atop the bar and encourages him with ecstatic groans and nasty words. Nikki continues to use her motivating words and sounds throughout sex, too.
  • Nikki's horny pussy drips with girl-juice as Scott pounds her pussy.

What Could Have Been Better:

  • As in Scenes Two and Three, the lighting is too yellow for my taste. In addition, some of the video is too dark.

Scene 5

Scene Type: Boy/girl.
Performers: Katsuni, James Deen.

Scene Set-up/Plot/Scenario: Alone and depressed James Deen, unwilling to again lose himself in a bottle, calls equally lonely Katsuni (remember from Scene Two that she's on the rebound) and begs her to let him come over. Katsuni, not even sure who he is, eventually agrees and, within minutes, James is at her door. The two lonely hearts, without much ado, soon find themselves in Katsuni's big and comfy bed where they make out by kissing and caressing each other. Of course, making out soon leads to foreplay that includes titty play, absolutely superb cunnilingus, rimming, clit-jacking, and lots of goose-flesh-covered female flesh. James gets so turned on my pleasing Katsuni that he doesn't need any fellatio. So, they move directly from cunnilingus and finger play to balls-deep spoon-style vaginal sex. After Katsuni climaxes, they continue to enjoy vaginal sex in several positions (see list). No matter the position, James and Katsuni fuck each other with perfectly synchronized thrusts that demonstrate how into each other they really are. To conclude the scene, Katsuni double-fists James' rod until he's on the brink of orgasm. Then, he takes over and jacks himself off onto Katsuni's gorgeous tits. Then, using oral muscle actions that'll drive you crazy, she sucks him dry. This is a very seductive and fulfilling scene. Nice work, Katsuni and James.

Foreplay: Kissing, body licking, caressing/findling, tit sucking and squeezing, cunnilingus, clit jacking.
Vaginal Positions: Missionary, cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, spoon, on-her-side, face-to-face.
Anal Positions: None.
Girl cums: Repeatedly.
Pop: Tits.

Sex rating: 4.80
Video rating: 5.00
Audio rating: 4.00
Production values rating: 4.30

What I Liked Most:

  • This is a very loving scene that heals the broken heartedness of both James and Katsuni.
  • The musical soundtrack during foreplay demonstrates what I yearn for in director Celeste's movies. It's absolutely appropriate and does so much to increase the overall enjoyment of the sex.
  • Katsuni's erect nipples and swollen clit are absolutely gorgeous.
  • Incredible chemistry develops between Katsuni and James during foreplay and continues throughout the scene.
  • As in Scene Two, I love Katsuni's pussy. She keeps it crowned with a neatly cropped patch of pubic hair. In this age of bald and razor-burned vaginas, Katsuni's nicely groomed snatch is very welcome.
  • Horny Katsuni always fucks back erotically, even during cunnilingus and spoon-style sex.
  • Katsuni's oh-so-real orgasm during spoon made my day.
  • Even though there's no fellatio during foreplay, Katsuni gets several chances to suck James' dick using ravenous deep-throat pussy-to-mouth.
  • The camerawork throughout the scene is really very nicely done. Good camera movements, close-ups, and angles, combined with excellent editing, provide a very appealing whole. In particular, the transitioning footage from position to position is excellent.
  • James fucks all of Katsuni, not just her pussy. He kisses her mouth, squeezes her breasts and butt cheeks, fingers her clit, gently chokes her throat, and does all in his power to please her body and soul.
  • Katsuni's passion and lust cause her body glisten with sweat.

What Could Have Been Better:

  • I really would have liked to see Katsuni do anal in this scene.


The DVD-9 I reviewed contains a full-motion chapter selector, multiple chapters per scene, studio contact information, a four-minute self-running slide show and a matching manually operated photo gallery, trailers for eight Digital Playground movies, and a nine-minute behind-the-scenes (BTS) featurette. The BTS contains on-set impromptu interviews of the cast and crew, shots of on-set tomfoolery, video of the still photo shoots, behind-the-camera looks at the shooting of the movie, video of the hairstyling sessions, and footage of Angelina Armani blowing Scott's cock off camera. The volume of extras is a bit below average in today's marketplace. But, the enjoyability of the short BTS featurette leads me to award this movie an average three-star rating for extras.

Final Thoughts

The best things about You & Us include:

  • Katsuni. Although I was once a great fan of this world-class Asian, she sort of dropped off my radar screen for a while. Since her standing-ovation performance in Nurses, I've been watching her closely and really like what I see.
  • Madison Ivy. This hotter-than-hell girl is really worth a look.
  • the three scenes set in the bar. They really flow together nicely.
  • Scene Five. Such heat and such chemistry...yet totally couples friendly. Nice job!

You & Us could have been better if:

  • Katsuni had done anal.
  • some of the in-and-out action in the bar scenes hadn't been hidden in shadows.
  • had the color balance in the bar scenes been a bit more natural.

Things I didn't like about You & Us include:

  • Scott Nail's neglect of cunnilingus in Scene One with Angelina Armani.
Overall sex rating: 4.50
Overall video rating: 4.50
Overall audio rating: 4.00
Production values rating: 4.20


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Dr. Jay

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