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Expert Guide To Anal Pleasure For Men

Studio: Vivid » Review by Apache Warrior » Review Date: 8/5/09

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genre: Instructional

Director: Tristan Taormino

Cast: Penny Flame, Annie Cruz, Jandi Lin, Devin, Nomad, Christian, Tristan Taormino (non-sex)

Length: 102 minutes

Date of Production: 8/6/2008

Extras: There are very good viewer-friendly informational and educational special features on anal sex for men included in this movie.The segments on Anal Hygiene and Enemas and Solo Prostate Stimulation will be eye-opening especially for someone who has never had much experience in them. As to the feature How to Choose and Wear a Strap-on, the information provided are especially helpful to the novice viewer and to anyone who enjoys anal pleasure regardless if its with a man or a woman. Furthermore, the segment on Safer Sex is must-see material. It provides several safe methods to various sexual activity such as cunnilingus (oral sex on a female), fellatio (oral sex on a male), analingus or rimming (oral sex on someone's asshole), vaginal or anal penetration with fingers, and the use of sex toys. On a personal note, I really enjoyed watching these extra segments. I actually learned some things such as cutting the fingers of a latex glove and use one of the fingers as a condom for one's tongue. There are also non-instructional scenes of the three main performances of the movie. Overall, I give all of the additional educational features very high marks. Of course, the rest of the extras package are the usual Vivid trailers, Vivid products, and website information.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: The audio and video quality are very good.

Overview:  Tristan Taormino's Expert Guide to Anal Pleasure for Men is from Vivid Entertainment's successful educational line. It is hosted by Tristan Taormino who is very viewer- friendly in her approach in teaching this subject matter. Her easy-going style and down-to-earth personality allow the viewer to focus on her every word and to retain it despite the subject matter. It is safe to say that most men feel uneasy about anal sex on men. That is why Ms. Taormino's approach is so inviting and refreshing. She explains the proper way of performing the activity while her cast perform it. It's a very good way of educating the viewer. The uneasiness factor is removed. I actually got turned on a whole lot while Penny Flame was warming up Devin and performing anal sex on him. As to Tristan Taormino, she is the so-called sex expert for Vivid since she already has been making several educational movies with Vivid for years. Some of her most popular titles are Tristan Taormino's Expert Guide to Oral Sex 1: Cunnilingus, Tristan Taormino's Expert Guide to Oral Sex 2: Fellatio, and Tristan Taormino's Expert Guide to the G Spot.

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Scene One: The first scene is an anal workshop. She shows an anatomical chart of the sexual region of a male. As she explains each organ, Ms. Taormino mentions how sensitive each part is.She also talks about anal preparation such as going to the bathroom and taking a shower or bath. The sex expert mentions how lube is important to anal sex.The warm-up process for a male is also stressed as a significant stage to pleasuring a man anally. Sex toys are mentioned briefly.

Scene Two: (with instruction) Penny Flame and Devin join Tristan Taormino. Ms. Flame and he, who look great together, talk about their own experience with anal play. Devin says that the biggest misconception about anal sex is that it hurts. Tristan also gives a good tip for women who have fingernails. They can place some ripped up cotton balls in the fingers of a latex glove and the women can wear it in order to finger their partner's asshole. After some more handy tips by the sex expert, Penny and Devin are naked. Penny puts some lube on her gloved finger. She rubs his asshole gently and then, she sticks it into his butthole. The woman uses the so-called "pad of the finger" technique in which the lady pretends that she is pushing a doorbell. Thus, the ass relaxes and she sticks it in up to her first knuckle. Next, Penny pushes more of her finger into him slowly and to angle it towards the front of his body. Soon, Tristan walks away to leave them alone. Penny adds more lube on her gloved finger. The pair continue to communicate and provide feedback which are very important factors. Later, Ms. Flame places a condom on a rubber butt plug. The woman gently sticks it in his ass. She also strokes his dick and balls. I like their soft vocal communication. Then, she spanks his ass and puts a condom on a dildo and straps it to make a strap-on. Penny looks hot while wearing the toy. She lubricates it and doggies him. Doggie is a good beginning position for beginners as well as an advanced position. It allows the man to thrust himself back against it so he can know if it hurts or not. An anal missionary screw follows with a vibrating dildo in order for the woman to feel the sensations herself. The action is good. It's a bit more forceful. A double ended dildo is used on the strap-on for their next doggie activity. Next, an anal reverse cowgirl occurs. It gives him more control. In cowgirl position, Devin cums on Penny's torso.

Scene Three: (with instruction) Annie Cruz and Nomad are making out on a bed. Their clothes come off moments later. Some titty play occurs. She rubs his asshole. Then, the attractive woman sticks a finger up his butthole. Two fingers go in soon. I like the sensualness of the scene. Annie lubricates her fingers so that she can stick four of them in him. It's important to note that as one adds more fingers, one should add more lube. Then, the woman adds lubricant to an anal bead toy and slowly inserts it inside the man's butt. Anal bead toys should always have a handle or end for safety. It's a good idea to slowly pull the beads out to give the man the same stimulation as when it was placed into him. Afterwards, Annie lubes a butt plug. She slides it in and leaves it as they move to other activities. Nomad eats her muffin while she lays on her back. Then, she puts on a strap-on and lubes it. A doggie screw follows. I like the gentleness of their actions. However, the doggie does increase the intensity factor. A spooning fuck is next. In this position, there is plenty of skin to skin contact for the participants. Soon, a doggie vibrator is used in stallion position. Afterwards, Nomad fingers her asshole. Her sexual region is very wet. Later, Annie fingers her own butthole as he watches on. A glass dildo is inserted in her ass. The shots are good. Later, he rubs her sex spot and tastes it. Then, the woman uses a a large vibrator on her clit.

Scene Four: (with instruction) Jandi Lin is sucking Christian's cock and stroking his balls during their warm-up. They kiss. He eats her cute peach and licks her asshole. They kiss again. The woman sucks cock again. Next, the lady lubes her hands and rubs them on his dick. She sucks it. Jandi rubs his butthole and sticks her fingers in it. After more warm-up activities, Jandi lubricates a metal butt plug and sticks it in him as she lays on him in a 69 position. He eats her snatch while she stimulates his package. Later, Christian fucks her cowgirl style. They kiss afterwards as he strokes his cock. He removes the butt plug. Jandi lubes a double dong. The lady fingers him with her short, smooth nails before sticking the toy into him. She also sucks his cock. Next, Ms. Lin rides him reverse cowgirl style. After getting off him and sucking his dick, he cums in her mouth. Then, she lubricates another toy and inserts it in him. The outer part rubs the bottom of his balls for extra stimulation. The lady sucks his cock too. Then, she takes it out and rubs it against his penis briefly before sticking it back into him. A nice looking doggie screw follows. He tastes her snatch later. Then, she sticks the toy back inside him again as he strokes his dick. They kiss. Finally, he jacks off on her mouth. They kiss and she rubs his asshole.

Final Thoughts: Despite this film's uneasiness title for many men, Tristan Taormino's Expert Guide to Anal Pleasure for Men is a very good instructional movie. I highly recommend it to those people who are interested in exploring this sort of sexual activity. It is very viewer-friendly in that Ms. Taormino's approach is easy going and down-to-earth. The usual squeamish factor of the subject matter will definitely be less. Penny Flame also receives high marks in making this movie very viewable to men. She does a fine job in demonstrating on how to pleasure her male partner and making it a turn-on. The other two couples round out this fine film.

Apache Warrior

Apache W
[email protected]     

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