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Bad Conduct

Studio: Titan » Review by Rod Woodman » Review Date: 8/10/09

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RUNNING TIME: 2 Hours 11 Minutes

GENRE: Well-built masculine muscle studs, generally in their 30-40s, in four thematically related, but varied hot sexual encounters.

DIRECTOR: Brian Mills

CAST: Dean Flynn, Will Parker, Slade, Gio Forte, Treshawn Valentino, David Dirdam, Kurt Weber, Mike Dreyden, Leed Scott

MODEL TYPES: Mostly typical Titan models, age 30-40 (some older, a few younger), all muscular and very well-hung, some with facial and body hair, some more clean-cut.


OVERVIEW:  "Bad Conduct" could be when sexual desire enters an otherwise straight forward situation and takes over, ruling the day.  It also could be a riff on the word "bad" meaning "really good!"  Either interpretation works for the  four scenes that make up this hot film.  Each one begins with a set-up that is changed radically by sexual urges and action.  The first three scenes are excellent, but the fourth - a 45 minute three-way - takes the whole film into the superlative category.  As is so often the case these days, the film starts with footage that comes off like a trailer - snippets of all the scenes and sexual situations.  What that's needed for, I'm not quite sure.  Maybe it's to help the film take off running, or to let you know that you're about to see a hot movie.  I prefer to discover a film as I go, with no preconceived ideas.  But I'm sure they have their reasons.


SCENE I - GIO FORTE & DAVID DIRDAM - The two 40ish men are attired in leather, David the more so.  As it starts, Gio is adjusting the straps crisscrossing David's chest and back, preparing for a "leather" photo shoot.  The photographer Gio picks up his camera and starts shooting.  David's a hot looking model, one that would turn on most men, and especially guys of Gio's age and sexual interests.  After the first shots of David, his spectacular ass framed by leather, Gio claims to be too warm and removes his t-shirt, revealing his hairy muscular chest.  Just looking at his subject turns Gio on.  He puts down his camera, and the two start massaging and feeling each other's chests, and the "bad conduct" is on.  In no time, Gio loses his pants and their two hard dicks come into play.  Gio drops to his knees to give David a blow job, which segues quickly into a face-fucking.  David drops some spit into Gio's mouth to aid his cock sucking.  He then adds spit to his dick.  David has about 9" and big balls going for him.  They change positions, and David injests Gio's dick, a sizable one also.  Gio's stripped down to just leather straps binding his dick and balls and outlining his ass in the rear.  David then drops his butt down on Gio's face for some hot ass eating.  Gio and David both jack their dicks, and David shoots a load of cum on Gio's chest.  They stand and kiss.  This could be the end of the scene, but it certainly isn't.  Gio goes and sits on a chair to start sucking David's dick again. David drops his ass down on Gio's now condom-clad dick and rides it, up and down, letting his own semi-hard dick bounce up and down between his legs.  David power-rides him for a while and then stands up to get some more oral stimulation.  Gio's spit drips from David's cock.  The two drag a wooden bench on camera for Gio to prop a foot up on.  This opens his ass enough for David to be able to easily eat it.  A condom is pushed on and in David's 9" go.  He holds on to Gio's belt and fucks away.  They stop long enough to hug and kiss, and Gio is back up David butt hole.  They both like to fuck and be fucked.  They alternate kissing and grappling with one another.  Now David is on his back on the bench to take continued pounding by Gio.  David strokes his dick and shoots again, this time on his own chest. Gio stands over him and shoots a major load.  Photo shoot?  What photo shoot?  But what they did was "bad" and "good."  Very good.

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SCENE 2 - MIKE DREYEN & LEED SCOTT - Mike thinks he's all alone in this plant  - one of those mysterious "industrial" porn locations where you're not at all sure where you are or what they do there.  Mike's in his 40s, a nice looking muscular man with a hairy chest, facial hair and some on his head.  He's wearing an open sleeveless vest and jeans.  Looking around, he undoes his pants and starts stroking his dick.  Leed is at some distance from him, but he catches sight of him jacking-off through some grill work.  He's turned on and gets out of his jumpsuit, down to a jock strap, to jack-off in response.  They see each other, and keep right on going.  They both move toward a protective slatted fence that separates them.  Leed thrusts his sizable dick through the slats and Mike goes down on his knees to slap it around a bit and suck on it.  He discards his vest, as he gets serious.  Leed pushes the gate up out of the way, and Mike continues to service his dick.  Leed gets rid of his jock and they both stroke their dicks. Mike first shoots a load, followed by Leed, whose cum shot bridges the gap between them.  Mike then drags Leed over to a bench where he kneels down and eats Mike's ass.  Leed's hard again and ready to fuck.  He picks up a strategically placed condom and shoves his dick up Mike's ass.  Mike's hard again too, and is more than ready to take it.  He flips over to next take it missionary-style, legs spread wide apart.  Mike strokes his own dick and enjoys the pounding.  Leed picks up speed, and Mike shoots a shower of jizz.  Leed pulls out and cums up Mike's body, surely a long-shot champ.  They end with a kiss.

SCENE 3 - TRESHAWN VALENTINO & KURT WEBER - Off the film moves to a rural setting.  Kurt - looking much like Gio in the first scene - is outside trimming trees, while the black stud Treshawn inside, stripped to a pair of jockeys, is having a cold drink and playing with his dick in his shorts.  Kurt spots him and comes over to the back steps to immediately suck on Treshawn's big thick piece of meat.  In the very next shot, Treshawn's shorts have vanished, and Kurt is still slurping.  Treshawn's dick is truly spectacular.  Kurt stops momentarily to give a brief smile and then dives right back on it.  They kiss more, and then Treshawn undoes Kurt's pants, pushes them down and drops to his knees to service him.  He's no slouch in the dick department either and enjoys the action.  They kiss more, and Treshawn drops his ass down on Kurt's face for some rimming and ass eating.  Kurt strokes his dick and drops a load in the grass.  Treshawn stands and shoots a big load on Kurt's chest and face.  Again, they could be finished, but NOT in a Titan film.  The second half of the scene starts as Treshawn dumps a wheelbarrow upside down, so Kurt can prop a leg up on it and get his ass eaten.  Treshawn takes long tongue swipes up Kurt's ass crack and then slaps his big dick teasingly around his hole.  Someone conveniently left a condom over near the wheelbarrow, which Treshawn rolls on.  His dick doesn't easily glide into Kurt's ass, but with constant pounding, it goes far.  You feel Kurt won't soon forget this intrusion.  He jacks off as Treshawn pounds him.  Kurt then lies on his back on the wheelbarrow and gets fucked missionary-style, one leg in the air, which allows Treshawn to get even farther in.  They both cum, first Kurt and then Treshawn.  Again "bad", real "bad".  They kiss so much they look like they could start all over again.

SCENE 4 - DEAN FLYNN, SLADE & WILL PARKER - Up until now, it has been an excellent fuck film, but this next scene takes it to the moon.  It has a "slow, slightly ominous quality" (the hallmark of most Joe Gage directed films) and is sensational in every way.  Dean Flynn, as the father of a teenage son - possibly a college freshman - is sitting in what might be the Dean of Students' office, with Slade as the authority figure.  Soon a young Will Parker sticks his head in the door.  It seems he has harassed Dean Flynn's son, and Slade want him to make amends for his "bad conduct".  Everyone's got their clothes on, and everything seems on the up and up.  Will's behavior will be somehow vindicated.  But when Will isn't forthcoming with an apology, Slade reaches in his pants and gets his large, thick dick out.  He tells the young man to go down on it.  Slade's shirt comes off revealing his beautiful body, and Dean's hand wanders to his own crotch, rubbing a growing hard-on. Slade's dick must measure 11", and Dean's isn't far behind.  Will is seemingly "fine" with this kind of punishment - "bad conduct" all around.  It quickly becomes one of the hottest three-ways I've seen this year - and maybe a lot longer.  Definitely "award" material.  (I've replayed it three times in as many days to  make sure that I wasn't over reacting to it.  I stand on my original assessment.)  Dean jacks off, and Will sucks on Slade deeply.  Slade then has Will apologize to Dean by having Will give him a blow job as well.  Slade is now in the background stroking his big dick and getting rid of all of his clothes.  Dean gets out of his shirt and lusts after Slade, as well as Will.  Slade's into both guys as well.  No one is in a hurry.  Slade goes over to Dean who does down on his big dick, as Will continues on Dean down below.  Dean holds onto Slade's balls and injests the rest.  Slade tells Will to take his clothes off and get up on a desk.  Will has a compact muscular college-boy body, with yet another hard dick and big balls that want to get into the action.  "Show us your ass," Slade says, and Dean and he are transfixed as Will lies face down, ass out, on the desk.  Slade goes over to him and drops to his knees to rim and eat Will's well-exposed ass.  Their dicks are all rigidly at attention.  All three then stand and jack off.  Will shoots a load of cum, followed by Dean.  Will lies back down on the desk ass out again, and Slade rims him some more, jacks off and cums.  Dean now takes over and goes for Will's ass, munching it further, shoving his thumb in to prepare the way for something bigger, while Slade stands nearby stroking his dick again.  Dean backs away, and Slade adds his tonguing to Will's hole, shoving a thick finger or two far in, and pounding the young man's ass.  Now Dean is jacking off.  He slips a condom on and lubes a bit.  Will gets off the desk and settles his very untanned, but muscular white ass down on Dean's big dick, as Dean sits on a chair.  Will weaves back and forth, as he jams Dean's dick up his hole.  Slade stands by Dean, working his especially thick-headed dick.  Dean leans over, while plowing Will's ass, and sucks on Slade's dick at the same time.  (There's a great shot of the action here!)  And they keep this up for a while.  Slade wants his turn up Will's butt, but Dean isn't quite ready to give it up.  Finally, Slade sits on the chair, and Will sits on him, facing front this time, so that his dick bounces up and down, while Slade now sucks on Dean.  Dean and Slade are evenly matched sex partners - body, face and dick-wise.  Will now jacks off his cock as he rides.  What a picture!  Will seems to love having those two big dicks up his ass, one by one.  Will then returns to the desk, this time spread-eagle on his back.  Dean re-condoms and lubes up to fuck him missionary-style, while Slade kneels over Will, jacking himself with one hand and Will with the other.  "Fuck him.  He likes that.  Pound it.  Pound him hard," Slade encourages Dean.  Slade eventually wants to fuck again, so Dean moves around to Will's head to have him suck on his dick again, as Slade bangs his ass.  Slade is just a bit thicker-dicked than Dean, but they're both sensational fuckers.  There are some more great shots from beneath, of Slade's cock pounding Will's hole.  Slade swings almost all the way out and then all the way in, over and over.  He finally pulls his dick all the way out, re-condoms and moves around to fuck Dean's ass, as Dean 69s on top of Will, sucking his dick as Will sucks his.  This just goes on and on, with Dean unable to move, just getting fucked, sucking and getting sucked all at the same time.  Slade finally pulls out and moves around to jack-off over Will, with Dean working his at the same time.  Slade shoots another great load of cum, followed by Dean.  I guess that's the way to keep errant young men in line.  It certainly worked for me. Whew!

VIDEO: The DVD is presented in 16:9 widescreen.  The lighting and look of the video are impeccable.  The picture is always super-clear, whether indoors in a studio, out-of-doors or in the  heavy paneled look of the Dean's office.  The background may be in shadows (as in the fourth scene), but the models are always delineated clearly.  The director and cameraman make sure you don't miss a delicious sexual moment.

AUDIO: This is always a bit of a problem for me, as I don't play porn up as full as I would a main-stream DVD.  When played up full, the dialog is clear, but naturally not when the volume is down a bit.  That's my fault, not the DVD's.

EXTRAS: There is BEHIND THE SCENES footage (a few minutes of outtakes and "real moments" on the set), a PHOTOSHOOT (showing the photo set-ups and then the finished pictures right after), CUMSHOTS (you know what those are) and two Hardcore Trailers of Titan DVDs.

FINAL THOUGHTS:  There are three excellent scenes that provide a great sexual warm-up, but save yourself for that final 45 minute scene.  You won't regret it.  (It's wisely depicted on the Box Cover.)  For me, that one scene kicks an otherwise HIGHLY RECOMMENDED DVD it into the XCRITIC COLLECTOR'S SERIES.

Rod Woodman

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