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Pig Latin

Studio: Zero Tolerance » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 8/10/09

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Pig Latin

Zero Tolerance

Genre: Compilation, Latinas

Director: Varied by Scene

Cast: Daisy Marie, Denis Marti, Jordanna, Don Picone, Jenaveve Jolie, James Deen, Lorena Sanchez, Marco Banderas, Renae Cruz, Mick Blue, Dee, Rebeca Linares, Laurie Vargas, Mayara Rodrigues, Franco Roccaforte, Luscious Lopez; Alex Gonz (bonus scene only)

Length: 219:22 minutes

Date of Production: 11/3/2007 (box cover); 3/30/2009 (credits)

Extras: The best extra was a 25:04 minute bonus scene where Alex Gonz drilled an uncredited Latina hotty (whose name escapes me though I've seen plenty of her work; IIRC, she was a contract gal at Metro for awhile). There was also a photogallery, a pop shot recap, and some trailers, a slipcase for the DVD case, and a true double sided DVD cover.

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Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Pig Latin was a compilation of older scenes as shot by the directors of Zero Tolerance in standard definition, 1.33:1 ratio full frame color. The scenes varied substantially in quality though the quantity of footage was appreciated, the MPEG-2 codec not enough with 480 resolution for some of the technical issues that arose this time. Some of the scenes appeared to be edited of tease footage and there was grain, the video bitrate tending to hover around the 3.3 Mbps area when I paid attention to it. The overall quality of the productions look was mixed therefore and not as solid as what I have come to expect from ZT's more recent releases. The audio was presented in 2.0 Dolby Digital English with a 192 Kbps audio bitrate and 48 kHz sampling rate. Like the visual aspects, the aural part of the show was mediocre at best but enough for those of you that have been watching most of your porn on the internet.


Body of Review: Zero Tolerance is one of the best companies producing gonzo movies these days, their directors all seemingly capable of getting decent performances out of their casts much of the time. While I'm not familiar with many of their recent compilations, one interested me because it included a rare bonus scene of new footage, something generally not common in most compilations these days. The title was Pig Latin and the emphasis was on Latina women, presumably with some extra weight to flesh out with, though that was simply not the case in many scenes starring very skinny gals. With eleven scenes altogether and a lot of names to make fans happy, I only figured it was a compilation when it arrived and the package mentioned the "brand new scene" so I figured I'd check it out all the same. The back cover said it like this: "Get ready to pull your pork with this collection of thick and juicy Latinas! With sexual appetites as heavy as their asses - these mamacitas will tongue your tamale, chomp your chorizo and gobble your guacamole. Like your favorite hole-in-the-wall taco place - these hefty Hispanic ho's are open 24 hours!" Here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:


Scene One: Tic Tac Toes 3: Daisy Marie, Denis Marti: Daisy Marie, a tiny brunette with a boyish body, was up last as she admired her reflection in the hallway mirror. I prefer women shaped more like Jasmine or Courtney but I'm not obsessive about it since she had an exotic look to her face worth checking out. After the tease, she worked with Denis Marti; giving him a footjob and blowjob before giving up that pussy of hers. The scene seemed to be the shortest of the bunch with the least vaginal sex of all but she gave as much foot action as most of the others so fans of the genre might like it more than I did. She was a mostly passive ride so the replay value was severely limited but he blew a small load onto her feet that she licked off and I have to give her credit for trying to save a weak scene.


Scene Two: South American Pie 3: Jordanna, Don Picone: Jordanna is a cute young looking chick with a sexy figure and perky tits. We find out giving some dude (Don Picone) a blow job. Jordanna handles the action like a pro and sucks him off with talent. Afterwards sex comes into play and they have some great chemistry together. Jordanna looks wonderful getting fucked in the ass. (review by Rob Randell)


Scene Three: Face Invaders: Jenaveve Jolie, James Deen: Jenaveve Jolie, looking much like Sativa and Eva, was another gal that appeals to the visual acuity of my eye under all circumstances. She was teasing the camera outside when she happened upon James Deen and went right to work on him on the cloudy day. It was a messy blowjob that proved to be very skillfully applied with tremendous heat. Sweet!


Scene Four: Who's Your Daddy? 9: Lorena Sanchez, Marco Banderas: Lorena Sanchez, following the formula as she tried to walk in the back door (to the house you perv's!), answered Mike's questions in her hanging out clothing; with her turning the questioning around on him by suggesting he was a bit too into her scene partner for the day; Marco Banderas/Duato. Okay, she got all dolled up and was soon bent over on the day bed with her ass in the air, rubbing herself through her panties, giving even a jaded old hack like me a woody. The masturbation action was followed by Marco walking up to her with his shirt off and kissing her, soon taking off her panties and going down on her like any real man would do (sucks to be Sascha, huh?). Whether or not she was strictly performing at this point, she showed some chemistry with the guy and playfully slobbed his knob; proving her oral skills were worthy of the check that Zero Tolerance was cutting her for that alone, aggressively working him over as though she wanted a lot more from him. The vaginal sex was even better with her taking everything he offered (with a smile and all the physiological responses of a hotty in heat) and actively riding him really well. Her best positions were the cowgirl related ones where I was amazed at her thrusting movements but she gave good PTM too. It ended when he came in her mouth, her giving him some post coital head and swallowing his genetic juice like Halloween candy. Whew!


Scene Five: Meet The Fuckers 8: Renae Cruz, Marco Banderas: Renae Cruz, a lean Latina still waiting for her porn parody "J-Ho" to be released, was up next as she took off her outfit to reveal a colorful bit of lingerie enhancing her eye candy look of the day for director Mick Blue. She knew the effect she was having on him and as she toyed with him, he grew increasingly impatient, wanting to savor her delights for himself. Renae was coy about how she was getting him driven into a frenzy, her moist pussy showing she covered with two sets of panties. Renae masturbated for him and was soon inhaling his cock, leading to an active vaginal ride where she appeared to get off repeatedly as she drove him to the brink of madness. Renae slowed down during the anal sex but her dirty talk increased as a result, making the scene at least as good as if she had just let her actions speak for her. By the time he was through, Renae had milked a large load from his balls to her mouth, reminding him "it wasn't a tease" as she did a bit more POV cock sucking. Whoa!


Scene Six: Fishnets 5: Dee, Marco Banderas: Dee, a lean gal of color that I thought retired years ago, was up next as she followed the formula inside the house by the front door, slowly putting on the lingerie in a teasingly coy fashion. I've never found her to be anything special in terms of her sexual skills in her scenes but she has a lot of fans (judging by the emails I've received over the years) and I give Mike credit for bringing out the best in her with his stylish camera work. Marco Banderas/Duato was waiting for her in bed and the two started kissing as they felt each other up, simulating a sense of passion if not actually achieving it on the scale that some of the others in the movie seemed able to do. Her blowjob was okay but not as good as her peers for the most part, forcing her to rely on a more active riding style then I felt she was comfortable with. He ate her between positions, apparently waiting for her juices to start flowing better, but she then took a passive role in the sex, at least until she climbed on top of his lap in the second anal position of the scene. She did ATM and ended up with his load in her face, the result of a scene that served better towards the end then it started with.


Scene Seven: Strip Tease Then Fuck 9: Rebeca Linares, James Deen: Rebeca Linares, a lean little hotty that could never be considered heavy, fat, or other adjective for "pig", was up first without providing a tease dance, gyrating in the lap of James Dean in her satin blue bikini. He liked her moves since the grinding gave him wood, the guy kissing and pawing her even though she maintained control. There might not have been much chemistry between them but her energy levels were high enough, from the hummer (where she kept watching the camera sadly enough) to the aggressive riding she did to milk his nut, Rebeca was well placed to drain his balls of genetic juice. She even did anal though she became exceptionally passive while doing so, the bedroom suiting them more than the couch from what I could see. It ended when he jerked off to her face, Rebeca trying to get James working it harder the entire scene.


Scene Eight: Taco Shop 3: Laurie Vargas, James Deen: Laurie Vargas, another lean Latina, this one in a dark purple dress and thong, was up next as she danced on a wooden deck, shaking her ass and offering up suitable moves to the generic music as she stripped her attire partially off her body. The music stopped when she went inside by the pool table, James Deen her diminutive partner here. She seemed okay with him and she slobbed his knob well enough, his ability to get an erection not the best this time though she kept plying her trade until he did. He packed her pussy with pecker and the bush she possessed was quite in need of trimming, her passive riding the kind that weakened the overall effort this time. The anal wasn't anything special either but she did do taste testing and ended it with a facial.


Scene Nine: Crude Oil 2: Mayara Rodrigues, Franco Roccaforte: Mayara Rodrigues, a skinny Latina wearing a red metallic bikini on the deck outside, was up next as she followed the formula handily. This differences between her body and Sara's were plentiful, almost as if the director was purposely trying to diversify the cast immediately, but her dark tan looked nice and if you like boyish bodies on a gal; she will appeal to you. The oiling up took center stage as she rubbed it all in during some solo work on the deck chair, peeling off her attire to provide Franco Roccaforte easier access to her frame. He went down on her and she responded well, reciprocating by slobbing his knob while standing (though the shadows were too much for the camera to effectively handle). They began boning on the deck when he picked her up and gave her a vaginal screw while standing, Mayara sitting him down to get some PTM and show how active she could be while on top. She moaned a lot and gyrated her hips on his cock, elevating a scene that started off slowly for me, the pair moving into anal where she kept up the pace. The scene seemed short to me as the facial came out of nowhere (technically, it came out of his cock but you know what I mean) but she proved to be a skilled performer after all.


Scene Ten: Ass Cleavage 8: Luscious Lopez, Marco Banderas: Luscious Lopez, a truly curvy hotty that worked perfectly for the theme of the movie, was up next in a two piece outfit colored neon blue. Her tease was hot and that ass of hers was off the charts fine, lending itself to a lot of play by studly Marco Banderas/Duato, after some solo fun. He orally worked that delightful set of cheeks over and was rubbing his cock in no time, allowing her to prove her substantial body of oral skills as she gyrated before him. She was lost in the moment and that elevated the heat of the entire movie in some ways, adding lots of replay value and strokability to the mix (the previous scenes were pretty good but not exceptional). Her dirty talk didn't hurt either as she used it to enhance the mood, resulting in the most active ride of the movie when the two moved to an easy chair (hmm, a good term for a porn scene, come to think of it). Unlike the others, she rode him in her ass just as solidly, proving to be a great addition to the cast as her cheeks rippled so very well. The facial eventually closed the action out with some limited swallowing; making this scene a major highlight of the flick (excellent passion, chemistry, and other factors this time).


Summary: Pig Latin by Zero Tolerance had a lot of minor flaws to it but ultimately there was enough fuck for the buck to dismiss them and rate this a respectable Rent It or better depending on how many of the scenes you already have in your collection. I wish places like Empire would more clearly list this as a compilation too but the end result is that you may enjoy it more than I did, given my treasure trove of titles the scenes were taken from covering much of the footage. In short, Pig Latin was not a bad place to look for Latina lovelies going hog wild (pun intended) but I doubt it will merit addition attention given the sole bonus scene included in the extras section so rent it first and proceed accordingly.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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