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In Black & White

Studio: Vivid » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 8/18/09

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In Black & White (part 1)

Vivid Entertainment

Genre: Feature, Interracial

Director: Paul Thomas

Cast: Monique Alexander, Kelly Wells, Voodoo, Lisa Belize, Mr. Marcus
Non-sex roles: Tee Reel, Brah Bones, Alex Gonz, Shylar Cobi, many others uncredited

Length: 118:17 minutes

Monique Alexander, Kelly Wells, and Voodoo

Date of Production: 12/10/2007

Extras: For me, the best extra was the 10:46 minute long Behind the Scenes feature, a blooper reel, set of interviews, and clips from the production rolled into one. For most other people, the 89:02 minutes worth of unrelated bonus scenes will be the best extras, the five edited scenes from Monique's Been Blackmaled, Blame It On Savanna, Curvaceous, and Sugar, all containing some form of interracial (except the last one unless you really stretch it). There was also a biography for Monique Alexander, a photogallery, some trailers, and spam at the front of the DVD but that was it.

Condoms: Yes

Lisa Belize and Mr. Marcus

Audio/Video Quality: In Black & White was presented in the same 1.78:1 ratio anamorphic widescreen color it was shot in by director Paul Thomas for Vivid Entertainment using the standard definition MPEG-2 codec in 480p resolution for the SD version. While not his most visually stunning work of late (this was shot in 2007), it had an edgy and gritty look to it that sort of worked in some ways for the thematic material here, though some technical polishing up probably kept it in the vaults for a lot longer than usual, editor Fletcher Martin handling most chores well enough. The composition of the camera angles was fairly optimal this time, catering to the need to make a stroke flick instead of what the director usually prefers. The fleshtones were generally accurate though but the DVD mastering was well done (if only in a bitrate hovering around 3.4 Mbps in SD, making it a mixed bag in terms of visual quality; leaning towards average at best. There was also a company watermark that I wasn't too keen on but most of the camera work seemed to keep this in mind, keeping the majority of action far away from the lower right hand corner. The audio was presented in a 2.0 Dolby Digital English (in 192 Kbps with a 48 kHz sampling rate) offering with the vocals sounding flat and the music pretty decent. For some reason, the levels were definitely on the low side, the dynamic range was average and the separation of the vocal track nonexistent.

Lisa Belize and Monique Alexander as shot by Marcus

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Body of Review: Paul Thomas has been referred to as a creative genius and is one of the most award-winning directors in porn, his varied works for Vivid Entertainment drawing a lot of acclaim over the years. As his career winds down, he has fewer sparks of ingenuity but still manages to make a decent fuck flick on occasion, his preference for dialogue-heavy features something of an enigma in an era where gonzo rules. His latest movie is In Black & White, the title featuring former contract performer Monique Alexander and shot in 2007, the minimalist plot dealing with her lack of social graces on the swinger scene where she prowls for fresh meat on a regular basis with partner Voodoo. The movie details their meeting up with an black couple portrayed by Mr. Marcus and Lisa Belize, the friction of sexual satisfaction offset by the personalities involved in the three scene flick. The back cover described the movie like this: "Monique & Voodoo want to swing and swap and expand their sex lives. Being hot and young, there's no shortage of willing playmates. Add in a little jealousy and passion and you raise the stakes even higher. Then add in the element of race, and you just might wind up with something incendiary, lascivious, and maybe even a little dangerous. Paul Thomas and nasty little Monique explore all the erotic possibilities, in every color imaginable, in the wild new In Black And White. We think you'll find it very colorful... indeed." Here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that condoms were used for those still interested:

Director Paul Thomas

Scene One: Threesome: Monique Alexander, the sexy blond featured on the front cover, was up first with lean extreme queen Kelly Wells, the contract performer bringing her home to appreciate with Voodoo. He looked extra sleazy here as her husband, the couple having brought her home from the swinger's club, Kelly labeled as bi-curious. The ladies engaged in some light lipstick lesbian play but it was clear that she was more into men by the way she slobbed his knob, Monique getting in on the action a bit too. The light caresses and kissing led to the clothing taken off for greater access, Kelly going down on both of them before sharing Voodoo's rod with her orally. He banged both of them vaginally but had to use a condom when drilling Monique, the overdone yelling weakening the scene's sexual heat for me a lot. Kelly was largely passive during her anal penetration too, pushing back a little bit but hardly as much as she is known for, the gal jerking him off for the ending facial.

Scene Two: Intruder: Lisa Belize, the curvy black gal spotted on the upper left side of the front cover, was up next in a night time scene with the studly Mr. Marcus, the couple role playing with him as a home invader and her as a helpless victim. She complied with his unspoken requests, tied up and slobbing his knob as he stuck it in her face. He then pounded her pussy on the couch, her passive ride doing less for me than her implants and her scars. This was when they went out of character and he started clapping as he fucked her snatch, Lisa at least trying to be more active as she pushed back to meet his thrusts. They screwed until she took his genetic juice as a facial, the wad of population pudding ending the sex until the final scene.

Scene Three: Swingers: Monique Alexander, Lisa Belize, Mr. Marcus, and Voodoo, were up last (I know, only three scenes!) as Monique paired off with Marcus and Voodoo went with Lisa. The light exploration included kissing and caresses, the guys then encouraging the women to do each other before they started getting down to business with their original permutations. Lisa liked sucking Marcus at least as much as Voodoo and Monique was certainly no slacker when it came to inhaling a meat pipe, the ladies following up with vaginal penetration showing a modicum of active riding in a few of the positions. The men wore condoms to do Monique and while Lisa was not appealing to me on a physical level, her sexual skill was much more readily evident as she mechanically went through her paces. Monique proved to be passive and held on as Marcus tore into her pussy, both men unloading their spew on her chest to end the scene.

Bonus Scene: Monique's Been Blackmaled: Sandy Jackman, a thick black gal wearing no bra under her t-shirt, was up next with Monique Alexander, the pair getting frisky outside at the party before taking the show to the back yard where the crowd followed them (Marcus even fingering Sandy for Monique to suck his finger clean). The gals licked and fingered one another and Marcus hung around for Sandy to blow, some toys deployed to liven things up but the almost slow motion manner in which it was shown just didn't work for me nearly as well as it could have, the lack of personal chemistry between the ladies evident from the beginning until the end.

Bonus Scene: Blame It On Savanna: Savanna Samson fools around with Sean Michaels while she is on top of a motorcycle. The beauty is wearing a sexy bra, panties, and heels. The man kisses her right foot. He immediately moves up her leg until he reaches her beauty spot. Ms. Samson looks amazing as she is stretched out on the bike. Her sex spot is very wet. Mr. Michaels does a very good job fingering her while tasting her sweet juices. Next, his clothes come off. She sucks his long hard rod. Next, she struts for him topless. Afterwards, he focuses his work on Savanna's pretty ass and snatch. Later, the woman squats down to suck his cock. Then, she rides it while facing him. Her backside looks hot. He tastes her jewel again. Right before the doggie action, a camera man is easily noticeable beside Sean. However, it does not take away the effectiveness of the doggie performance. A missionary screw occurs. The rattling sound of the bike could be heard during that screw. They move away from the motorcycle where she strokes his cock and they kiss. Her body is very beautiful as she stands next to Sean. Then, Savanna sucks his cock again. He backs away from the scene so that the starlet can have the stage by herself. She teases him. Soon, Savanna walks towards the man for her reverse cowgirl ride. The close-ups of her pearl and face are attention grabbers. Later, an anal reverse cowgirl hump occurs. It's looks good. She gets off him and they kiss. They move toward the stairs. An anal fuck from behind takes place. Her trademark smile is very present. Finally, Mr. Michaels jacks off as she catches as much of his load as she can. (review by Apache Warrior)

Bonus Scene: Curvaceous: Amber Peach, now bent over in her chair and receiving some additional oil from partner John E. Depth, was up next as he warmed her up using his hand. There was some spanking too but she took charge of his meat to provide a seductive blowjob as she rubbed herself some more. This continued until they went under the shade of the awning, John pounding her plentiful pussy as she screamed in pleasure. She became more active as the scene continued, her riding skills nicely played with some intermittent oral (PTM) that had the interracial couple appreciating each other soundly. The action ended when she jerked out his wad of population pudding, covering her mouth before the next scene was up.

Bonus Scene: Monique's Been Blackmaled: Jada Fire, a hotty black gal with splendid moves and large breasts, was up next with fair skinned Claire Downs, the ladies double teaming Tee Reel orally before they fought to fuck. Tee showed that there was enough of him to go around, focusing a lot of the vaginal penetration on Jada as Claire was forced to watch, swapping out the ladies to ensure both were provided with his charms. The ladies remained supportive of one another and held each other tightly as Tee stretched their pussies wide open, the uncredited non-sex performers watching them from the couch and love seats hardly saying a word in response to the show they were provided. Jada was the better fuck of the two gals here (no surprise there!) but each contributed their own touches to make the ride moderately successful, Claire getting the mouthful of spew at the end of the scene.

Bonus Scene: Sugar: Lorena and Kelly are working for a struggling bar and decide to have some fun with the one customer they have, starting with a show put on by Kelly as Lorena blows him at the bar. Kelly's not my type, looking like mall trash, with her small boobs, bright blonde hair and angry face, but brunette Lorena is much hotter, and she gives Rocko a slow, sensual blow job before turning her attention to Kelly's meaty vag. Lorena looks like she's going to devour that mound of roast beef, in one of the hottest lesbian oral scenes I've seen. Rocko gets both girls working on his rod before long though and gives each a bar-top ride on his pole. The oral action on Kelly is hot, but everything else is kind of average, especially after Jack and Hannah. (review by Chris Knight)

Summary: In Black & White by director Paul Thomas for Vivid Entertainment was one of those lightly plotted movies that could have been written on a matchbook cover during lunch, the portrayal of Monique as a crazy bitch never really going anywhere and the sex mediocre so I rated it as a Rent It. For my money, a movie billed as a feature with dialogue in it should say something or at least have a beginning, middle, and end lest it come off as pretentious, the show ending with a standard "to be continued" that just did not help at all. Cutting a movie in half, especially one with three whole scenes, strikes me as a brave move given the state of the economy and people demanding more fuck for the buck but at least Paul did not stick with a bunch of short, unfinished scenes this time (just an unfinished movie). In short, In Black & White was a modest interracial feature, well, half of one at least, the second part probably needed to truly and fairly evaluate the project as a whole so you might want to wait until part two is out before checking it out.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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