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Lesbian Seductions Older/Younger Vol. 27

Studio: Girlfriends Films » Review by Apache Warrior » Review Date: 8/28/09

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genre: Lesbian, Milf

Director: ?

Cast: Magdalene St. Michaels, Nicole Ray, Janet Mason, Mellanie Monroe, Riley Davis, Nicole Moore, Amy Moore, Sunset Diamond, Cameron Keys

Length: 171 minutes

Date of Production: ?

Extras: Despite not having a Behind the Scenes segment, the promos and trailers give the viewer a very good sample of its titles in its stable. The six promos are AVN 2009, Girlfriends Films Promo 2, Imperfect Angels, Lesbian Triangles, Women Seeking Women, and Road Queen. The three trailers are Twisted Passion, Mother-Daughter Exchange Club 5, and Field of Schemes 2. A nice looking photo gallery is also included. Of course, website information is added.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: The audio and video quality are solid.

Overview:  Lesbian Seductions Older/Younger Volume 27 is the twenty-seventh installment of Girlfriends Films' very popular and successful Lesbian Seductions series. This studio sets forth the objective of creating "... the most realistic sex in lesbian adult video." It's in the pursuit of this goal that allows the actresses to be gentle and act sincere towards each other. The viewer really feels the chemistry between the performers. It's both highly sensual and heartwarming. Two sexy and sensual elements to a great Girlfriends Films pairing are the sultry voice from the loving seductress and the intimate eye contact from the couple.

Nicole Ray, Magdalene St. Michaels, Janet Mason

Scene One: After fan favorite Magdalene St. Michaels and Janet Mason make plans for an all-girls day at the mall, Ms. Mason invites Nicole Ray to join them. An added incentive for Miss Ray is that Magdalene has a crush on her, however she feels uncomfortable about the difference in their ages. Nevertheless, she and the two women have their fun at the mall anyway. Once back at Janet's home, the trio are sitting at the dining room table. Magdalene tries her very best to reassure Nicole that she is young at heart. Suddenly, Ms. Mason suggests that all three of them head for her bedroom and try on the sexy apparel that they had just bought. In the room, Janet hands Miss Ray a cute top. Magdalene helps her to strap on the garment. As a matter of fact, the talented actress becomes very hands-on by adjusting the young lady's breasts. Soon, Ms. St. Michaels and Nicole kiss. She feels nervous. However, the talented Magdalene uses her womanly skills to make her feel more relax with her and the situation. Their kisses become even more soft and tender. Janet Mason is watching on. The viewer can feel the heat between Magdalene's and Miss Ray's liplock action. Ms. St. Michaels' gentle kisses and oral stimulus on the younger woman's breasts are sensuous. Suddenly, Janet enters the activity by kissing Nicole. The threesome look incredible together. Afterwards, Magdalene removes Miss Ray's tight jeans. Ms. Mason runs her hand along the cutie pie's torso as her dear friend licks Nicole's
pretty panty-covered peach. Then, the two ladies kiss while Magdalene removes the pretty lady's undergarment and applies some gentle love bites on her beauty spot. Meanwhile, Janet squeezes Nicole's titties. Suddenly, Ms. St. Michaels fingers her love cushion briefly. Afterwards, Ms. Mason has her opportunity to taste Nicole's sweet spot. Now, Magdalene and Miss Ray are kissing. They have not lost that fondness quality for each other. As a matter of fact, it probably deepened from the woman's intimate behavior on Nicole's sexual plaything. Getting back to the action, I enjoyed Janet's significant

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pressure on Miss Ray's mound with her hands. The cutie pie squirms on the bed from the inner sensations that are being created. Magdalene sucks on the very squirmy woman's tit. Later, Ms. Mason and Ms. St. Michaels switch positions. Magdalene restarts her oral love touches on Nicole's precious gem. Nicole really gets off as her crush applies the
right amount of stimulation on it. The sight of Nicole Ray's body gyrating and squirming all over the bed is hot. Magdalene St. Michaels can definitely get anybody off. I was squirming in my seat very enjoyably. Next, Ms. Mason puts on a strap-on dildo on the young lady.
Then, she undresses so that Nicole can briefly taste her jewel and use the toy in it. Magdalene sucks on her close friend's bosom. Miss Ray's affectionate rhythm on Janet is good. Ms. St. Michaels also rubs Ms. Mason's clit for some added stimulation. Janet Mason looks very pretty during her missionary session. The intensity heightens as the action
persists. I like Nicole's enthusiastic effort. Then, she tastes Ms. Mason's newly created juices as the other two women kiss each other. Some manual love touches from the two dear friends occur. Soon, Nicole humps Janet, but without the contraption. Magdalene tastes the cute lady's snatch. Janet and Nicole continue to express their affection for one another during their intimate humping session. Meanwhile, Ms. St. Michaels fingers their love mounds. Next, Miss Ray sucks Janet's tits briefly and the two women kiss passionately. Magdalene caresses Nicole's face. Lastly, the trio embrace at the end.

Mellanie Monroe, Riley Davis

Scene Two: Mellanie Monroe lets Riley Davis into the house even though she could had used her house key. Soon, they are talking about Riley's search for a place to live. Ms. Monroe gives her some words of encouragement. The young lady wants to take a shower. After her shower, Ms. Monroe hands her a towel and tells her to come to her bedroom after she has dried off. Once in Mellanie's room and on her bed, Riley is told by Ms. Monroe that she found a place for her, but the living arrangement is an all-girls situation. In particular, she will have a roommate who she will have to become very intimate with in
order to live there. Miss Davis does not like the offer especially the female-on-female lovemaking. Ms. Monroe tries to make her feel that being with another woman is very pleasurable. It takes time for Riley to adjust to Mellanie's kisses and tender pawing. When she finally feels comfortable with the woman's gestures, the viewer can feel the intimacy between the women become more closer. The muffin rubs and kisses are sweet. The intensity level heightens as Riley squirms on the bed from Mellanie's constant manual actions on her mound. Soon, both women are stimulating the other's sex spots however, most of the activity is performed on Mellanie's sexual region. Riley fingers Ms. Monroe's flower. Then, Mellanie lays on top of the young lady and humps her. Soon, they roll over and Riley is on top. She humps her with very good enthusiasm. The energy level is very high. Suddenly, the action slows down and they kiss. Riley sucks the woman's tits.
Then, Miss Davis fingers her sex spot. Moments later, she eats her passion fruit while fingering it rapidly. After they kiss, Riley applies sensuous oral love gestures on the lady's rose. Then, they lay beside each other and kiss. Next, their kisses persist on as Mellanie
feels her breast. Their liplock session is hot. They embrace and hump each other. There is more manual stimulation on their sexual playthings. Finally, Miss Davis humps Mellanie in an energetic frenzy.

Amy Moore, Nicole Moore

Scene Three: During their talk, Nicole Moore tells Amy Moore that she does not like her guy friend even though she can go out tonight. Moments later, Ms. Moore changes her mind and tells Amy that she cannot go out with him that evening. Afterwards, the pair snuggle in bed and talk about going on vacation. The women look very attractive
together. They hold hands and stare at each other affectionately. Soon, they caress each other. Nicole kisses Amy's forehead several times. They feel one another's bodies and kiss tenderly. Nicole moves her hand soflty along Amy's face and body. Nicole continues to kiss
the woman's face. Miss Moore feels reluctant and uneasy by the lady's personal gestures. A persistent Nicole continues her sensual behavior on her. They kiss. Suddenly, their kisses become more intimate. Ms. Moore lays on top of the young woman. The intensity and chemistry are solidified as Nicole rubs and humps Amy's pearl. Later Amy sucks the
lady's bosom while Nicole manually pleasures the woman's love spot. Next, Nicole kisses her way down Miss Moore's cute body. Nicole's gentle actions on her peach are sensual. When Nicole fingers it, Amy's moans sound nice. Ms. Moore's thumb rub on the woman's sexual love spot is a turn-on. Then, Nicole eats her with good technique. Next, they kiss. Later on, Nicole takes off her own panties and puts on a strap-on toy. She gets on top of her and they kiss. Their missionary action looks hot. Nicole's technique is very steady, but hard. Some doggie moments occur. The energy level remains high. Later on, the woman takes off the item and lays on her back. Amy kisses her while being on top. Then, she eats Nicole's tasty delicacy and thumbs her clit too. Nicole Moore's body looks very pretty. Her moans sound sweet. Then, the women kiss.

Cameron Keys, Sunset Diamond

Scene Four: Sunset Diamond stops by Cameron Keys' place to give her the items that she had asked for earlier. After some small talk, they head to Ms. Keys' bedroom to style the younger lady's hair. Suddenly, Cameron checks out Miss Diamond's undergarments and notices that they match her dress. Sunset feels uncomfortable with the woman's come-ons. Nevertheless, Cameron continues to roam Sunset's body in a tender manner and to kiss her. Eventually, Miss Diamond falls for Cameron's loving behavior. Their kissing activity looks nice. Cameron sucks her breasts. Later on, she rubs her precious jewel in a rapid fashion. Then, she removes the younger lady's panties and manually pleasures her beauty spot before orally pleasuring it. Afterwards, Cameron humps her with nice effort. Later, the roles are reversed. Sunset does a sweet job on Ms. Keys' sex spot. The incredible sensations that Ms. Keys is feeling drives her nuts. Then, they kiss softly as the scene
fades away.

Final Thoughts:  Lesbian Seductions Older/Younger Volume 27 is a nice intallment to this successful and popular series. It is refreshing to see Magdalene St. Michaels back in action with her amazing sensual and acting skills. She has been gone way too long from the Girlfriends Films' cycle of newest releases. High praise must also go out to Nicole Ray. The chemistry between she and Ms. St. Michaels is the standout performance in this movie. Overall, the other ladies also perform well and especially the more mature women. The main theme throughout this presentation is that all four younger starlets are reluctant
individuals. On account of their leading ladies, they ease into the situation and more importantly, create that sensual chemistry between themselves that this studio is well-known for among its fans. I recommend this movie.

Apache Warrior

Apache W
[email protected]     

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