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AJ Bailey Experiment, The

Studio: Vivid » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 9/2/09

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

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The AJ Bailey Experiment

Vivid Entertainment

Genre: Gonzo

Director: B. Skow

Cast: AJ Bailey, Alex Gonz, Lexi Belle, Mr. Pete, Billy Glide, Kagney Linn Karter, Erik Everhard, Phoenix Marie, Sascha, Evan Stone, Danny Mountain

Length: 211:44 minutes (136:16 minutes + 75:28 minutes)

AJ Bailey

Date of Production: 5/4/2009

Extras: This was one of those rare double disc releases for Vivid so I knew there would be a lot of extras along with the lengthy movie. The first disc was largely devoted to the feature itself, also including a 15:02 minute long Behind the Scenes short. AJ Bailey got the initial spotlight, calling herself a bad girl as well as a long, leggy blond. The second disc had better extras, including what appeared to be 121:01 minutes of unedited scenes, including ones from Suck It (26+ minutes), Bounce (43+ minutes), and The Nikki Jayne Experiment (53+ minutes) as described below. There were some trailers, a photogallery, some spam (on both discs by the way), and the usual positions room.

Condoms: None

Lexi Belle

Audio/Video Quality: The AJ Bailey Experiment was presented in the same 1.78:1 ratio anamorphic widescreen color it was shot in by director B. Skow for Vivid Entertainment using the standard definition MPEG-2 codec in 480 resolution for the SD version. The movie was shot in 1080i high definition (using Canon cameras), and the standard definition release took advantage of the resolution for the most part. He video bitrate was upgraded somewhat here, varying from 7.6 Mbps to 4.2 Mbps when spot checked, staying on the high end most of the time I cared to allow that to distract me. The approach used on editing appeared to be one of leaving material in the flick rather than indiscriminately hack away so I appreciated the upgrade attributed to "T-bird Meadows". There was a company watermark that I wasn't too keen on but most of the camera work seemed to keep this in mind, keeping the majority of action far away from the lower right hand corner most of the time. The audio was presented in a 2.0 Dolby Digital English (in 192 Kbps with a 48 kHz sampling rate) offering with the vocals sounding flat and the music pretty decent. For some reason, the levels were about the same as usual but aside from the added background noise, the dynamic range was average and the separation of the vocal track nonexistent. For an all sex vignette though, it was a sufficient soundtrack with minimalist leanings most of you will appreciate over loud generic music found elsewhere, Calvin Rocca credited with the music (and doing a fine job as far as I was concerned).

AJ Bailey and Billy Glide

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Body of Review: Vivid Entertainment once had a slogan referring to the "Vivid Revolution", the company providing a level of quality control and high end contract performers unsurpassed in the entire industry. Over time, they tried different marketing campaigns to varied success but in recent years they have begun a back to basics approach I've found particularly refreshing. Much of this new attitude is credited to director B. Skow, his love of the ladies and appreciation for sexy action a departure from the couples/feature market the company was stuck in, his no-nonsense manner of showcasing ladies rarely better than in his "Experiment" series where he has spotlighted gals like Nikki Jayne and Sunny Leone. To me, the company only seems serious about contract stars that get their own volume in the series, making a performer's debut with one as in The AJ Bailey Experiment, of particular interest to me. AJ is a beautiful blond with a fit body best known for doing a small number of lesbian scenes to finance her education. My own experience with educated ladies is that they are better in bed, more fun to be around when they cut loose, and infinitely more appealing to my libido so hearing her referred to as "the smartest girl in porn" immediately made her a "must see" hotty to check out. This being her debut for the company as a contract performer should interest fans for it containing her first scenes with men, even including two guys doing her in one scene. As far as debut splashes are concerned, I'll admit that getting to see her in three whole scenes, lengthy scenes at that, certainly helped me evaluate her performances more than her book smarts but the gal had it going on for me, the end result elevated by Skow far more than the alternative would have. Here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Kagney Linn Karter

Scene One: AJ Bailey, the beautiful blue-eyed blond featured on the cover, was up first in a scene with Alex Gonz. She was initially in a barren warehouse wearing black lingerie, her booty shorts hardly covering her perky little cheeks though her top did show her perky nipples peeking through. The tease was a bit unpolished, the music offbeat but the young lady attractive enough to merit some discussion. She masturbated on a big couch and the music stopped for her to give a head's up quickie comment, Alex then grabbing her ass as he helped her undress. He was all over her like white on rice, her juicy pussy and pouty little moans elevating the scene for me as much as the superior camerawork. They kissed and he snacked on her crotch, AJ reciprocating with an active blowjob that concentrated largely on the top few inches of his rod. She alternated looking at Alex and the camera here, perhaps telling fans they were as important as her partner to her, the couple moving to various positions of vaginal screwing after that. She was louder and less active during the penetrative portions of the scene, her better work reserved for the latter part of the movie (and scene itself). Alex rimmed her perfect pucker as she jerked him off, slapping her ass as he drilled her in doggy fashion. Alex lost his boner at least once here but she revived him sufficiently, AJ aurally stimulating him as she jerked him off all over her face and chest.

Disc 2

Scene Two: Lexi Belle, a very cute mainstay in porn these days, her youthful appearance appreciated by fans more than a little bit but her wealth of sexually decadent skills keeping them from straying too far, was up next. She teased and masturbated seductively, trimming her bush with an electric razor on a black couch until Mr. Pete started fingering her. He whispered to her as he put her through her paces, fingering both pussy and ass before licking her in a heated fashion. Lexi reciprocated with a short but powerful blowjob, preferring instead to aggressively rock his world by impaling herself on his dick (as he slapped her ass). She did taste testing between the scenes and showed a connection to him that appealed, the ending load of population pudding gracing her face as expected but Lexi continuing to give him some post coital head.

Phoenix Marie

Scene Three: AJ Bailey, this time gracing the screen in black satin panties and stripper shoes, was again in the dilapidated building as she pulled on her pubic hairs and otherwise warmed up, masturbating with a black dildo until joining lucky Billy Glide in a storeroom with a mattress tossed on the floor. His "big cock" appealed to her and she was all over it orally, using some dirty talk as she kept looking up to his eyes for approval. She did not deep throat him but she certainly gave him some fun times, Billy going down on her before hammering away at her cookie to the point where she made a passable (and believable) attempt at an orgasm. They both engaged in some intermittent oral and extensive vaginal penetration, AJ's active riding at the end helping to milk his nut all over her torso (after which, she sucked him clean!).

AJ Bailey with the mighty Evan Stone

Scene Four: Kagney Linn Karter, certainly one of the hottest newcomers in porn these days, was up next as the last scene of the first disc, winning the proverbial lottery to score studly Erik Everhard as a partner. The initial interview with AJ was cute, the youthful starlet sitting in AJ's lap, but her tease was off the hook in terms of seductive appeal. She wore a skimpy black bikini styled outfit in the brick alleyway on the rooftop, teasing until she masturbated out enough juices to elicit Erik to come over and go down on her. He savored her snatch aggressively and she got quite vocal during his attentive performance, Kagney giving him a very polished and nasty blowjob before the two of them screwed vaginally. She made all the appropriate squeals of delight and pushed back to meet his thrusts, the gal earning my admiration yet again for the way she came across in her performance. There was some chemistry between them too, the enthusiasm eclipsing it the first time I watched them go at one another but evident all the same. The scene closed up with Erik jerking out some jizz to her mouth, the "bad little girl" needing love too according to the guy. Whew!

The best director at Vivid also multi-tasks

Scene Five: Phoenix Marie, a top notch performer in porn with a great ass, superior sex skills, and a winning demeanor, was up next as the first scene of the second disc where she paired off with Sascha as AJ watched from the background. The setting looked like a boiler room of sorts and she was wearing white stockings, a garter, and a patterned thong with matching bra, her stripper shoes helping enhance the already sweet appeal of her curvy ass. The introductory interview with AJ was cute but it was her tease footage that gave her some additional appeal, the up tempo music nicely played before she lubed up to masturbate in a wooden chair. This was cut short though and her puffy pussy had to rely on Sascha to finger it more than the glass dildo, Phoenix preparing his pecker with a heated hummer as she rubbed her clitoris. He then propped her on a wooden desk and began pounding her vaginally, her active riding best displayed when she was on top of him (what great ripples her ass cheeks showed there too!). She fingered her ass as he tapped that snatch, her dirty talk and attention to his needs adding to the chemistry between them, the guy eventually rubbing out his nut all over her crotch. I was surprised he did not go down on her at length or bone her butt but it was another very solid scene that proved Phoenix as a must see gal in porn these days.

Scene Six: AJ Bailey, in a large industrial shower, gave an interview about her final scene of the movie, it being shot on the third day. She was lucky enough to get the mighty Evan Stone even if she was also stuck with moper Danny Mountain, the scene proving to be her first B/B/G on record. The guys goofed around a bit and she ended up in a small apartment teasing in her black fishnet stockings, no other apparel getting in the way of her lean body being showcased. The makeup by Renee was less glaring than in previous efforts by the company, helping give AJ a more natural look that I enjoyed, the gal whipping out a familiar toy (the Mr. Marcus Gold Digger) to get off with. AJ did not go overboard on the vocals here, wisely using an understated performance to lend believability to the act before Evan and Danny entered to begin pawing her. AJ seemed to flirt more with Evan, his hair shortened for his Star Trek parody, but she devoted a lot of time to both men here, looking up at them while she alternated slobbing their knobs actively. Even choked her a bit but it was clear that she was no stranger to sucking men off, her active riding skills further evidence of her personal knowledge of how to work a cock (or, in this case, two cocks). She was vocal and appeared to get off again, Evan busting the first wad of genetic juice on her face and upper torso before Danny gave her sloppy seconds. She seemed appreciative of them men at the end too, licking them a bit before her closing interview. Nice!

Bonus Scene: Suck It: Meggan Mallone, next up in a man's shirt and black panties, participated in a blow bang with Mick Blue, Jay Lassiter, Alex Gonz, and one guy I just couldn't see (James Deen?), after rubbing one out in the living room setting. Her masturbation act included some penetration with a long glass (or plastic) but she was clearly more interested in those peckers the guys were lazily stroking nearby. The sex was largely quiet, the whispered comments best heard with the audio turned up for those that care, Meggan showing all of them just how driven she could be. This scene was billed as her first four man blow bang and she handled them well, a lot of POV camera work enhancing it (as seen in the BTS) as much as the use of two cameras. The guys ended it by unleashing their seed all over her head and upper torso too, Meggan proving more than a match for their needs. Yum!

Bonus Scene: Bounce: Hanna Hilton, the gorgeous blond contract starlet featured on the front cover, and curvy brunette Whitney Stevens, were up first in a scene together with Voodoo. The gals initially felt each other up during a lengthy tease session, the music evoking memories of the early 1970's as they pawed themselves and one another, even pressing against a glass table to make boob prints. As an ass man, I would have preferred more ass play but this was well within keeping of the titular breast action one should expect. There was some edited tease from outside too, the vocals initially truncated in favor of the music but as soon as the sex began, the aural quality reversing to vocals only-just the way I like it! Voodoo came onto the porch to come up behind Hanna, working her breasts with his hands and mouth, looking into her eyes even when she spent too much time looking at the camera (a pet peeve in anything but POV movies), the ladies double teaming his meat stick very nicely indeed. They licked the shaft, the balls, and laughed as they savored his pecker, Whitney looking at her two partners as she showed some personal chemistry with them. Voodoo gave Hanna a few licks before vaginally fucking her, moving to Whitney before Hanna became really active as a rider in cowgirl. The taste testing by Whitney was the best but Hanna joined in well enough too, the lighting from the outdoor scene (though in the shade) enhancing the Blu-ray version even more. The pop shot went to Whitney's torso as Voodoo's genetic juice plastered the gal; Hanna rubbing it in (and the scene closing out at the ~43 minute mark). Nice start!

Bonus Scene: The Nikki Jayne Experiment: Nikki Jayne, the sexy blond gal featured on the front cover, was up first as she described what she intended to do in the movie, sitting in an interview chair as she flashed her chest until Skow called for her to start the scene with Mick Blue on a bed in an industrial setting. The music was a bit heavy to start but the camera loved her, Nikki teasingly revealing glimpses of her chest and other body parts in a playful manner, her hair flowing as she caressed herself. Her yellow top and matching panties did not last long either, the short skirt disposed of even faster to allow access to her goodies. She masturbated for awhile and as the music stopped, Mick came into the picture, both of them feeling each other up until he went to finger her biscuit. Nikki provided some aural stimulation as he did so, the gal dropping down to slob his knob well before she positioned herself over him to get some oral from the well liked guy. Nikki was an active cock rider too, bouncing on his rod as she impaled herself soundly, her lips glowing pink as they continued their horizontal mambo. Nikki did some intermittent oral between positions too but it was clear to me that she enjoyed fucking more than anything. Mick then ate her ass and oiled it up, stretching her perfect pucker with his finger until it was time for something much larger, Nikki wanting him to stop teasing her when she could have the real deal. While Nikki was not as active anally, it was still a decent opening scene with some ATM, Mick rubbing out a load of genetic juice to her open mouth at the end. The scene ended after the 55 minute mark of the movie too, showing a lot of footage for a company once known as skimpy in their length. Nice!

Summary: The AJ Bailey Experiment by director B. Skow for Vivid Entertainment looked to be a bright start AJ courtesy of the director, her scenes already showing enough merit to score a rating of Highly Recommended in conjunction with the rest of the material provided on the double disc set. The sheer amount of quality fuck for the buck combined with the strokability and replay values ensures that this will be a premium title for her fans for years to come. In short, thanks once again to the talents of B. Skow, The AJ Bailey Experiment has helped propel their newest contract hotty well on her way to getting noticed favorably, something I have come to expect of the series thanks to his efforts. I can't predict what the future will hold in store for AJ but it's hers for the taking should she make the most of it from what I've seen of the attractive young Texan in this movie alone, just keep allowing Skow to direct her work and she should do just fine.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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