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Rough Sex

Studio: Vivid » Review by Beautiful Dreamer » Review Date: 9/2/09

XCritic's Advice: XCritic Pick

Genre: All Sex

Cast: Sasha Grey, Marie Luv, Francesca Le, Satine Phoenix, Adrianna Nicole, Derrick Pierce, Julius Ceazher, Christian, Danny Wylde, & Marco Banderas

Director: Tristan Taormino

Length: 2:32:48

Date of Production: August 4, 2008 (Box cover: June 25, 2009)

Studio: Vivid

Condoms: None

Vivid Teaser: desire (noun): a conscious impulse toward something that promises enjoyment or satisfaction in its attainment.
Adrianna is in the shower and thinks she's alone. Satine is stranded on a deserted road until a good samaritan stops to help. Francesca is tired of being taken for granted. When Marie gets caught in a lie, she faces the consequences. Sasha explores her submissive side, then flips the script and takes control.
In this unprecedented new series from award winning author and filmmaker Tristan Taormino, the scenes are based entirely on the real fantasies of the female performers. Through deeply personal interviews, you'll discover their definitions of rough sex, why they love it, how they establish trust with their partners, and what they need to feel safe to play on the edge. With scenes that are part documentary and part vignette, Rough Sex dares to challenge conventional wisdom about the fantasy lives of women. Through dramatic role playing, each woman shares her most intimate desires, tests her own boundaries, and rides the seductive line between pleasure and pain. Witness female sexuality at its most extreme: raw, rough, and real.

Audio/Video Quality: Shot in High Definition. This is the first DVD I've had the pleasure of watching on my new 42" LCD 1080p HDTV. It looks great and sounds even better with the surround sound on. A good indicator to me of how well something sounds is the audibility and quality of the slapping- and they're excellent in this DVD.

Initial Impressions: The synopsis of this is that there will be five women who get to play out their fantasies. They designed the scenes, they chose their partners, they choose what happens, these are truly the fantasies they chose. Yet more proof Tristan Taormino is amazing.
Each scene starts out similarly. Both performers speak about their ideas of rough sex, what it means to them, their limits. The women discuss why they chose the scene. I enjoy getting into the heads of people I fuck, and the same goes for the people I watch fucking.

Adrianna & Marco: Breaking and Entering

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The scene itself starts with Adrianna in the bathroom. She's cleansing herself and already has Tristan's butt plug in. She's gargling, spitting, sits up and Marco is suddenly behind her, with his hand over her mouth. The music cues drama, fear. It's scored more like a movie and less like a cheesy porn. I was initially fearful it was going to play out as a rape fantasy, but that proved quickly to not be the case as Adrianna is really into it. We soon start into the blow job, but I appreciate the fact it's not right at the beginning. I don't particularly care for blow job scenes, but she plays the submissive part well being forced onto him and held down to the point she visibly is choking. He leads her around while she's on all four and then throws her to the bed. The blow job continues with him oddly enough standing on the bed. He fucks her from behind, but she goes back to blowing him shortly after. Next he fucks her in the ass while she's on top of him in a reverse cow girl. The focus on the close up is a bit much. The position changes seem ragged, not smooth.  He then goes to a pretty traditional missionary. And then another cut. I like my scenes to flow and that's not the case here. Next thing you know Adrianna has a Hitachi. And another cut in the scene. We finish the scene with him cumming in her hair and then wiping it on her face.  I know the women designed the scenes here. But due to the excessive amount of blow jobs,  overall feeling of forced sex, and funny faces on Marco's part: I just didn't enjoy this. 

Satine & Derrick: Stranded

The scene starts with Satine standing next to her car, trying to get a cell phone signal, in the middle of a rocky, hilly desert. She pisses on a rock, stares at her engine, and suddenly a luxury car pulls up. Derrick gets out and offers his phone. She's told it'll be three hours. Chit chat and flirting leads into each of them showing their tattoos. She claims they can only kiss, and then only kissing leads into him caressing her breasts.  She starts giving him a blow job. It's more consensual and playful than the first scene.  A quick smack to the face and obviously the rough sex has started. This is evidenced by the music change as well. The blow job turns rough and he forces her down onto him. He bends her over the hood of the jeep and fucks her from behind. He orders her around and scratches her when she doesn't listen.  The scene cuts and then they're on the hood of her car. Her screaming becomes so loud I have to lower the volume. She gets on top using the jeeps bars for leverage which is entirely hot. He fingers her, which is hot, and makes me really. He then lays her down on the ground and comes on her face and chest before abruptly leaving.
I enjoyed this scene much more because it's the rough sex that I enjoy: Rough, about both partners pleasure, and entirely consensual.

Francesca & Christian: Taking Over

Francesca has had enough with her corporate asshole of a husband. So she decides to punish him. Severely.  Her size in comparison to Christian's is notable. I get excited knowing this petite gorgeous woman is about ready to shove Christian around. We see her stripping in the background, changing into a more appropriate outfit. His reaction is a mix of excitement and fear. I find this reaction pretty realistic. She make him lick her shoe, puts her cunt right in his face, and rides him pretty hard. She smacks him around when he doesn't listen all the while he's playing the obedient submissive. She tells him to make her come, something that I love. He sucks up his come and then puts it into his mouth. To put it simply, I fucking loved this scene.

Marie & Julius: Caught

Marie has cheated, the condom is what busted her (props for using protection!).  Rather than let her be, Julius decides he's going to punish her.  The sex is rough, but I don't like the initial forced feeling. Yes, it's rough, and yes I know it's consensual, but it doesn't feel like it at the beginning.  It quickly looses that tone though and then they go to having what seems like just hard sex. Maybe it was the lack of talking, but this scene didn't scream rough sex to me. The scene ends with her licking his come off a mirror.

Sasha & Danny: Switched

So the final scene has arrived; the star of the movie. I'll be honest; I watched this scene multiple times before I was able to review it just because I got so hot watching it. We start with them playing a game of pool, discussing rough sex. We see them discuss what their dos and don'ts are. No tit slapping or fingering for Sasha, no slapping or flogging devices for Danny, and the safe word is Red.
We finally get into the actual sex. They start with making out, the spitting starts right away, as well as the blow job. Danny is obviously in charge at this point in time.  The sex is hot & rough and progresses through a variety of positions and actions. They go back in forth with who's in charge. She gives him a rim job, which is extremely hot. Danny slaps Sasha's breasts, he immediately notices what he did, apologizes, but it's too late and Sasha is kneeling on his chest. They go at it again, with Sasha more notably in charge. He comes in her mouth, and then licks it, guys who aren't afraid of their own come are entirely hot. They kiss, spit, and then the scene ends with some playful fighting. I imagine this scene is what a lot of people are looking forward to when they get this DVD- and it doesn't disappoint.

Behind the Scenes:  It's fun to watch behind the scenes. We get a closer look into what actually goes on when the cameras aren't filming hot sex. Worth watching at least once.
Choking and Safety Extra with Penny Flame: This is a definite must watch for anyone who is planning on having rough sex. Safety should be a must for everyone participating.
Vivid Previews:  Other titles available from Vivid but directed by Tristan. Excellent selections!
Vivid Products:  A promo piece for ShopVivid.com and other sites. Skip it.
Safer Sex:  Barrier protection. A must, a vital, everyone needs to watch this.

Final Thoughts:
It's safe to say that this entire DVD is hot. The scenes are well shot, well laid out, and the women are all genuinely into them (it doesn't hurt that they designed the scene and chose the man). The sex is rough, but genuine. My two favorite scenes are those with Sasha & Francesca and those two alone would make the DVD worth buying. Sometimes it's easier to write bad reviews, and with this title I can't give this title enough praise so I'll leave at at that and say XCritic Pick.

Beautiful Dreamer

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