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Hot House Backroom 12

Studio: Hot House » Review by Rod Woodman » Review Date: 9/5/09

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

DATE OF PRODUCTION: August - September 2008

RUNNING TIME - 1 Hour and 43 Minutes

DIRECTOR - Robert Drake

EDITORS - Rock Hard (1,4), David C. (2,3,5) & Toban (6)


GENRE - Duo & Solo Sex Scenes Filmed for the Hot House Backroom Website Released on a DVD.

CAST - Ethan Wolfe, Josh West, Adam Herst, Blu Kennedy (2 Scenes), Max Schutler, Luke Cassidy (2 Scenes), Bryan Slater, Ludovic Canot, & Dominic Pacifico

BODY TYPES - 20s-30s Hot Guys, Some Shaved Smooth, Some with Body Hair, Some with Face Hair, All Tightly-Muscled, Young Studs.


OVERVIEW - This is Number 12 in the series of DVDs and made from six scenes and solos filmed originally for viewing at the "Hot House Backroom" on their website.  Except for the final scene, they are all shot on one bed in a "Hot Houses Backroom" set.  The last is filmed on and around a sofa in a "living room" area - probably close by.  It's not about story, or sets, or theme - it's about sexy, and presumably horny guys having hot sex with each other, or in one case, by himself.  The models are mostly Hot House exclusives or regulars, and to a man, they know exactly what they're doing.  Robert Drake directed them all.


SCENE 1 - ETHAN WOLFE & JOSH WEST - Director Drake started and ended this DVD with the two hottest scenes.  Ethan is the younger and Josh the hairier.  Their shirts are already off, and they're standing near the bed kissing.  Ethan immediately gets Josh's big dick out and pulls his jeans down. Josh follows suit, pulling Ethan's down and getting his dick out of his shorts.  He kneels to suck on it, but it's so big and thick that Josh almost can't get his mouth around it.  But he manages to suck on it.  He pulls Ethan's shorts off in the process.  Josh has his own big piece of meat lying in wait, hard and dangling between his legs, but he keeps on sucking Ethan's.  They then stand and kiss - two very sexy pros.  Josh pushes Ethan back onto the bed and then climbs on top of him, so that Ethan can suck his dick while he eats Ethan's ass.  There's a great close up of Ethan's juicy pucker hole, as Josh works on it.  Josh works on Ethan's big dick at the same time he's licking and eating his hole.  He definitely wants to fuck that hole.  For now, he rams his dick down Ethan's throat while sucking his dick and ass.  (Ethan's the young Cover Model - with the kissable lips and big erection.)   They kiss some more, and then Josh slips a condom on his dick.  He lies back on the bed, so that Ethan can sit down on it and ride it in and out.  Eventually, Ethan turns around and continues to ride - facing away from Josh, so that the camera can get a serious look at the fucking action.  They soon turn and kneel on the bed to fuck doggie-style for a while.  Josh's big dick pounds in and out of Ethan's ass, as Josh entwines his arms around him.  Finally, Ethan flips over, so Josh can fuck him missionary-style, jacking off Ethan's big dick as he fucks.  Ethan takes over the stroking, as Josh keeps pounding his hole.  The camera gets some great shots of their two asses, as they fuck.  Josh eventually shoots a load of cum on Ethan's abs, and Ethan squirts out his thick gluey cum.  The end with a "Hollywood close-up kiss."

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SCENE 2 - BLU KENNEDY & ADAM HERST - This really isn't fair, because I am in love with the white bodied, red haired Blu.  He has a nicely developed smooth body, a quirky smile and light red fur on his arms and above his big dick.  Adam is no slouch either and a great match for Blu, in one of his "topping modes".  (He's as versatile sexually as they come.)  The two are on the bed, Blu in briefs and Adam falling out of a loose posing jock, kissing.  They both are well-endowed, but Blu gets first crack at sucking a dick.  As he works on him, Adam plays with Blu's butt hole.  Then Adam reaches over and slurps on Blu, as he kneels on the bed.  They then suck on each other, 69ing for  a nice warm-up.  Blu then kneels on the bed and bends over, his pink pucker hole shoved toward the camera, to allow Adam to work and rim him.  Adams sucks, licks and fingers Blu's hole.  Knowing of Blu's verstility, one would figure that he was about to take Adam up his ass, when the tables suddenly turn.  After a quick kiss, Blu drives his now condom-covered dick up Adam's totally unprepped ass, now spread wide-open in the missionary position to fuck.  After a long go at fucking, they shift positions. Adam now settles down on Blu's dick, so that he can butt fuck him from below.  Adam, facing forward, jacks his dick as he rides, alternating with Blu's jacking it.  Blu moves him over off him to now access his ass from the rear, one leg in the air.  Adam jacks his joint furiously, as Blu rams him, and shoots his load on himself.  Blu pulls out of his ass, strokes his dick and cums on his own leg. A juicy job well done. 

SCENE 3 - MAX SCHUTLER & LUKE CASSIDY - Like two college guys, they're in the middle of adjusting the bed and having a pillow fight.  Luke's in jeans and a tank top, and Max is in a tight fitting red t-shirt and jeans.  Max pulls Luke's shirt off and immediately works his nipples.  Then Max's shirt comes off, so that Luke can reciprocate.  There is no fooling around, as Max's dick pops out and Luke goes down on it.  Max stops the action long enough to get rid of his clothes and comes back for more sucking.  Max's that beauty from Argentina whose tight muscular body and always-hard dick seem to be constantly popping up in sex films.  And well they should.  Luke is a normal looking "boy-next-door" sex machine, whose commitment to his partner and the scene are admirable.  He grows on you.  Max's jeans are almost down, as Luke continues to suck on him, and Max reaches over him to play with his hole.  Their clothes are gone, and they kneel on the bed to kiss.  Luke gives Max some more head, his butt thrust up in the air in a "fuck-me" mode.  The boy looks like he's ready for some fucking.  He sits on Max's chest to get his ass tongued, while he bends over and sucks some more on Max's dick.  Max spreads Luke's cheeks and tongues his hole.  They kiss again, and Luke offers up his butt.  Max tongues and lubes his hole some more and slips a condom on.  He searches and finds his target, slipping his dick in to fuck him.  Once, Max slipped out, but he just smiled and shoved it right back in.  The fucking looks good, but so does Max's butt doing it.  Luke flattens his body on the bed, but Max keeps right on pounding him.  Max's hole is staring right at the camera begging for some action of its own.  Luke pulls Max's condom off and reaches to find one for himself.  Suddenly, Max is on his back, legs in the air, and Luke is ramming his sizable dick in.  After a bit, they rearrange themselves, so that Max is looking forward and riding on Luke's cock.  (The director seems to favor this "riding shot" - the one that allows the camera to get a great front view of the fucker's dick pounding into the fuckee's hole, catching the full thrust of the "dick-in-butt" action. What's not to like?)  Max then moves over onto his back, so that Luke can continue to access and pound his hole from the rear.  Max shoots while being fucked.  Then Luke kneels over Max and shoots his own load across him. 

SCENE 4 - BLU KENNEDY (SOLO) - (I'm sure they did this scene - knowing how I feel about Blu - just for me.  Or not.)  Blu is sound asleep - yes, in THAT bed.  He wakes and looks into the camera's eye.  He looks "slept-in" - several day's growth of face hair showing - like he was recovering from a "big night".  He pushes the covers off to reveal a big erection. It seems to have a little lube already on it to help with the stoking.  He kneels and keeps jacking it, staring into the camera.  He works one hand into his butt, as the other keeps stroking.  He gets on his knees and turns his pink butt hole to the camera, head on the pillow, and makes his hole open and close.  Such control.  He kneels again, and rubs his equally red-headed dick. (It looks like it might have been used hard last night.)  He goes for a thick black dildo - easily 10 or 11 inches worth - and lubes it up.  Lying on his back, his legs spread, he works it ever so slowly up his butt, stroking his own big dick with his free hand.  He moves the big toy slowly in and out, in and out.  He takes it totally out for a few moments' breather, and then in it goes again.  He fucks himself and jacks until he shoots a load.  The camera moves in to watch him taste a little of his cum.  For all we know, that big black dildo is STILL up his ass.

SCENE 5 - LUDOVIC CANOT & BRYAN SLATER - Ludovic is just waking up beside Bryan Slater.  Ludovic looks possibly Eastern European.  He has a slim body, and cute, scuzzy face hair.  We don't really get to study his bedmate.  He awakens fully, and hugely erect, with at least 10" throbbing in Ludovic's face.  Probably more.  Ludovic kneels down and admires it, going obediently right down on it.  It doesn't seem possible for him to get more than half of it down his throat.  Bryan's roaming fingers find Ludovic's ass and play with it as he sucks.  Bryan raises up on his knees to get even more head.  Ludovic keeps going - first on his stomach and then kneeling himself.  Ludovic then kneels ass to the camera, and Bryan seriously works his hole, tonguing and sucking it.  There is NO DOUBT that it's going to get royally fucked.  There is a close-up of Bryan's working Ludovic's hole, giving us the first glimpse of Ludvic's big dick hanging there between his legs.  Bryan is very hard still and definitely wants that hole to fuck.  Ludovic is very in the same mode, and backs up to Bryan.  He teases the hole with his erect dick, and then, after a quick cut, it is condomed and all the way up Ludovic's ass.  Ludovic couldn't get it all the way down his throat, but he can certainly take it all the way up his butt.  Now, the camera can clearly see Ludovic's big erection, as Bryan rams his dick in and out.  This action is first seen from the rear and then from the front.  Bryan reaches around to stroke Ludovic, as they kiss.  Ludovic is now on his back, as Bryan fucks him from the rear. (This is another of the director's favorite positions.  It's great to see enormous dicks pounding in and out of hot asses.)  Ludovic next gets to straddle and ride Bryan facing front to show us Bryan and his many inches again ramming in and out of his ass.  Finally, Ludovic is on his back and taking his well-hung friend missionary-style.  Bryan pounds him aa Ludovic jacks and shoots in far-reaching spurts, seen from two different angles.  Bryan then kneels over him and shoots on his chest - a lot of stored up cum.

SCENE 6 - LUKE CASSIDY & DOMINIC PACIFICO - If you aren't totally spent yet, hang on.  The best is yet to come - or cum.  Luke is back for more - this time with the super-sexy stud Dominic Pacifico.  He's one of those performers who loves sex and, through his own giving in to it, makes the viewer feel everything he feels (or apparently feels).  The two are sitting on a black leather sofa kissing.  Dominic's shirts comes off, instantly revealing his lightly-hairy muscular body.  He rises up on his knees to get Luke to undo his jeans, getting his big, already erect dick and balls out to suck.  Soon he stands, gets totally naked and kisses Luke some more.  He's a dream fuck.  Dominic grabs his own sizable balls tightly and offers them to Luke to lick and suck.  Then he pulls Luke's shirt off, getting down to business.  (Luke is similar to my favorite Blu Kennedy, in that he is very versitile, equally happy topping or bottoming.  They both have close cropped hair, tight muscular bodies and sizable dicks.  One could easily step in for the other.)  Dominic kneels sideways on the couch ass out, to allow Luke to tongue and rim his butt hole.  Unexpectedly, Luke rolls on a condom and slips his hard dick up Dominic's ass.  Dominic is all for it and grooves to the movement and action.  Watching his reactions to getting fucked, his big hard cock and balls hanging down, is as involving as the actual fucking.  After a while, they stop to kiss, devouring each other's mouths, as they do so.  Turnabout is fair play, so Dominic now sits on the couch, so that Luke can drop his ass down on his big, slightly up-curved erection and slide it all the way in.  (Again, we get the director's favored position.)  Luke strokes his own sizable dick, as he rides and lets Dominic grind his dick up his ass.  To get even more out of this, Luke brings his feet up on the sofa and rides Dominic's dick even higher, dropping ever further to meet Dominic's strong upward thrust.  Dominic keeps pounding, working his dick around and jamming it as hard as he can.  He grabs onto Luke's body with both hands and arms, fucking for all he's worth - which is plenty.  They both apparently can't take one more second of this, as Luke moves to jack-off and cum all over Dominic.  Then Dominic does the same and shoots his load everywhere - his legs, pubes, abs and probably the floor.  They both deserve an A+ for this one.

VIDEO - All the scenes are well lit, and the shooting is very smooth.  It's in the hands of super-pro videographer Andre Adair.  The camera works mostly in medium close-up to close-up, and it is always there to catch the action as it happens.  From time to time, the performers aren't always sure which way to move, but it only adds to the naturalness of their scenes.  In no way is this an amateur shoot.  It's just part of sex. The repeated simple set does wear thin, but because the focus is on the performers, the set becomes moot.  Some variation wouldn't hurt.

AUDIO - There is music, but after viewing it - several times, I couldn't tell you where.  It was supportive of the action, and unobtrusive.  Dialogue as such doesn't exist, but you can hear the sounds of sex, loud and clear.
EXTRAS - Three Hot House trailers are all there is.  DICKIN' AROUND,  MASTERPIECE and WOODWORK are the ones on view.  If you want to get hooked, watch them.  My bet is you'll look for them to see the entire DVDs.  Some of the performers - Ethan Wolfe and Max Schutler in particular - appear in the promoed DVDs, as well as this one.

FINAL THOUGHTS - Oh hell, go for it.  You know you want to watch it and get off.  All the scenes work on their own.  None go on too long or seem too short.  Good editing.  The first and last are A+, and the others are not much less effective.  It's only by comparison that they would be considered so.  The performers are all winners. I think I've watched it three times now, with good reactions each time. I can't call it any less than HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


Rod Woodman

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