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Buttman's Oddysey

Studio: Evil Angel » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 9/9/09

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

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Buttman's Oddyssey: Special Set

Evil Angel

Genre: Fetish, Gonzo

Director: John "Buttman" Stagliano

Cast: Sintia Stone, Jazz Duro, Pamela Butt, Isabel Ice, Flower Tucci, Dana DeArmond, Wolf Hudson, Aiden Starr, Adrianna Nicole, Kosta
Non-sex role: John "Buttman" Stagliano

Length: 345:00 minutes (199:32 minutes + 145:28 minutes)

Sintia Stone with Jazz Duro

Date of Production: 6/24/2009

Extras: The first disc had a cast list and menu for what the second disc contained, that disc starting off with a 12:15 minute long Foot Fetish scene for fans to appreciate. Then came a 4:10 minute interview of Sintia Stone, 10:47 minutes of additional sex with her, 10:56 minutes of additional sex from scene #2, 8:58 minutes from scene #4, 12:42 minutes more footage from scene #3, a 3:53 minute interview from the Kink.com shoot, and a 4:39 minute long BTS from Kink.com. There were also 4 photogalleries, some text filmographies, a cast list again, and three trailers.

Condoms: None

John "Buttman" Stagliano in Berlin

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Audio/Video Quality: Buttman's Oddyssey was presented in two distinctly different aspect ratios; 1.33:1 ratio full frame color for the first disc and 1.78:1 ratio anamorphic widescreen color for the second disc as originally shot by director John "Buttman" Stagliano for distribution by his company, Evil Angel. Using the MPEG-2 codec, the standard definition outing was a wealth of material involving hardcore smut like the kind John used to make when he wasn't so busy running his company. The video bitrate tended to bounce around a lot too, usually in the 3.2 Mbps area when I spot checked it several times. As previously stated, I know that the excellence in visual aspects of John's movies rarely relies on perfect lighting and other objective factors so much as the composition and reliance on John to bring out the very best performances in the cast. That was the case here but the picture looked pretty solid most of the time to me as well; the first half a decided step up from some of his previous works in full frame I reviewed several years ago, though a disappointment over his recent forays into anamorphic widescreen for the second half, at least major portions of it (such as the first section of the internet shoot where there was a LOT of pixilation present). There were shadows and some grain with a few of the camera angles less flattering than the majority of them but overall; it looked pretty good. The audio was presented in the usual 2.0 Dolby Digital stereo English (the bitrate being 192 Kbps using a 48 kHz sampling rate) and varied somewhat more than average but seemed well within usual parameters for a gonzo shoot. There wasn't any mentionable separation between the channels and the dynamic range wasn't anything special but John managed to deliver in both areas fairly well here.

Isabel Ice and Pamela Butt with Jazz Duro

Body of Review: John "Buttman" Stagliano and his distribution powerhouse Evil Angel have long been at the forefront of the gonzo movement, John helping to refine it when he started his career so long ago. With all the challenges facing porn today from piracy and prosecution, there are only a handful of people willing to take chances on providing the roughest smut around, John and a couple of his directors infamous for their approach used to stand apart from the crowds. Lest you say that there is a lot of foreign made porn even nastier and kinkier available, very little of it is available in the USA at this writing, most of it so narrowly tailored as to work only for enthusiasts with a limited worldview, John embracing a path of inclusion in most of his playful romps across the globe. Well, his latest title is Buttman's Oddyssey: Special Set, a double disc set providing nearly 6 hours of hardcore tease and sex in the movie alone, billed as the roughest sex he ever put in a Buttman movie. I've seen a fair number of his movies and frankly, I doubt he could get much harder here but the end result was a lot of sexy fuck for the buck starring ladies such as Flower Tucci, Aiden Starr, and Adrianna Nicole among others, a travelogue of John's exploits across the globe showcasing a handful of places taken to their natural extremes with the cast. Here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Dana DeArmond and Flower Tucci

Scene One: Amsterdam: The Red Light District: Sintia Stone, a rough looking blond wearing tight camouflage pants, was up first as John shoot footage in Amsterdam. He stopped off at a small adult shop where Jazz Duro was the clerk, the director nearly run off until he proved who he was. While I know it was all staged, the concept was solid and allowed for a lot of tease once he established to Sintia that he was a world famous director. Jazz came into the small booth and started eating her ass, his growing erection working wonders for livening up her attitude as she stroked and sucked him off. The cramped video booth was too small for them to all hang in so they moved the show to an apartment up the street, John getting some sniffing in as well but both men spanking her firm ass before Jazz went further. There were fetish bras (with spikes no less), face sitting, and a lot of feeling up but the oral and penetrative sex was delightfully decadent here, some anal toy play leading to Jazz boning her ass. Sintia seemed to adore his hardcore antics and that elevated the heat of the moment, the chemistry long since established between them. The technical values might have been a bit on the weak side but this was undoubtedly the best showcase she will ever receive, his messy wad of genetic juice landing on her face to compliment the heaps of saliva she left there from the face fucking. Clocking in at nearly the 111 minute mark before the ended, this was pretty solid all by itself.

Aiden Starr, Adrianna Nicole, and Dana DeArmond

Scene Two: Berlin: Pamela Butt, Isabel Ice, and Jazz Duro, were up next as the trio were set upon one another by John. He was traveling and had some issues with Jazz and Rocco, coming across Isabel outside a church at night, her fetish attire offering scant protection from the cold weather. Her ass looked especially appealing when she bent over, the latex outfit enhancing her shape significantly while the creepy gnome theme was played up for a time. Isabel had a substantial gaping asshole that she appeared to like spreading wide, the gnome serving as an anal dildo until blond Pamela and studly Jazz came back to play. The threesome then set out exploring each other in heated fashion, some of the material a bit rough in nature but the rimming, fingering, blowjobs, and other oral tricks opened things up for the hardcore penetration of the ladies' asses. This was more about getting off and Olympic styled sex acts bound by pushing limits than erotica, some toys deployed to stretch the gals as they did what they were ordered to do. Both women were active riders of cock and seemed fit for booty duty as they continued working their respective magic, the scene having less choking this time but still serving up as particularly hardcore given the levels of enthusiasm and chemistry displayed. The ending wad of population pudding was shared by the ladies too, a lot of post coital head provided Jazz by the gals (especially Pamela).

The Extras!

Scene Three: San Francisco: Kink.com Studios at the Armory: Flower Tucci, Dana DeArmond, and slacker Wolf Hudson, were up next in the first scene of the second disc. John had been invited to direct for the "Men in Pain" series, the ladies dressed up in fetish attire while they slapped Wolf around a bit (starting in the bathroom). Flower was in charge here and Wolf reminded me of Dana's old boyfriend, the gay one, as the gals abused him. Dana did look more masculine here than usual but that was likely due to the lighting and choice of clothing she wore, her ass bigger than ever before. John couldn't resist either gal's ass when they were close enough for him to sniff, the ladies smothering Wolf as much as slapping him silly. There wasn't as much penetrative action this time since he was their little sissy boy slave, the gals making the best use of his talents while preparing to double blast him with their assholes full of milk from some enemas. I hate milk enemas myself, not just because they are nasty but because of my own lactose intolerance but they also engaged in some CBT (cock and ball torture) as well as breath play, and paddling. If you like female domination (Femdom), you will like this scene a whole lot. It ended when he jerked off while they alternated sitting on his face, the ladies providing some post coital head and cumswapping it with the moper.

Scene Four: Los Angeles: Buttman.com live feed: Aiden Starr, Adrianna Nicole, Dana DeArmond, and Kosta, were up last in a scene shot on 4/10/2009 for his website. This was the first time they tried a live feed and there were some significant problems with picture quality, some spontaneous action taking place in the parking lot getting John excited. Adrianna was beating up Dana in the parking lot, giving her the punishment she deserved though it continued in one of the lounges at the company. The fans were logged in and commenting, telling Adrianna to smother and spank Dana, Aiden joining them with a strap on dildo dangling from her crotch (as she crashed the party). Aiden brought more toys too, John delegating to his male associates to let him know what the internet fans wanted the ladies to do since he (John) was tied up shooting the action in the office. Aiden tore into Dana pretty hard, the level of humor much higher than most such scenes as the utter chaos led to some powerful lesbian plowing. There was a LOT of anal here and all three ladies received as well as they gave, Dana taking an extended break but surprisingly adding a fair bit of chemistry to the scene that was so favorable to Aiden and Adrianna. There were clamps and other tricks used too but ultimately, it was the way the three gals interacted with one another that made the scene a winner. Of note too was the limited use of Kosta, a scrawny mop loser that got to fuck Dana a little, his pecker about the size she appears used to having at her disposal. 

Summary: Buttman's Oddyssey by director John "Buttman" Stagliano for Evil Angel was not quite as playful in most of the lengthy four scenes as some of his best works but if you are into the hardcore fetish attire and D/s BDSM angle of gonzo, you will be hard pressed to find a title quite as outlandish as this one, the heat generated in a couple of scenes making it well worth a rating of Recommended or better (depending upon your tastes). The replay value will likewise depend on your admiration for circus act sex, Buttman's Oddyssey: Special Set offering some of the most crazy fuck for the buck out of any Buttman title to date so give it a try if you can stomach the circus act sex.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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