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Ron Jeremy: The Lost Footage

Studio: Other » Review by The Mooninite » Review Date: 9/13/09

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The Movies:

Ron Jeremy's been in this business a long time. More than thirty years, if you're keeping score at home. He's been in a lot of good movies, but he's been in even more bad ones. He's become a bit of a mainstream celebrity thanks to his VH1 appearances and what not, but he's still slugging away in the adult industry even now. Antigua, in their infinite wisdom, decided to pay tribute to 'The Hedgehog' (or cash in on his fame, either way...) by diving into their vaults and releasing Ron Jeremy - The Lost Tapes. As is often the case with releases like this, the vast majority of this stuff hasn't been all that hard to find, but I digress. What we have here are fifteen scenes, roughly three hours worth, of some of Ron's eighties work.

Nowhere on the packaging or the DVD does it say where this clips have been taken from, and none of the performers, aside from Ron, are indentified, making this review maybe a little more innocuous than it should be, but hey, you work with what you've got.

Scene One: Ron's hanging out on the couch, looking hairy and writing a letter. His cute blonde wife shows up and shows off her slinky blue lingerie. He likes what he sees and after they make out he goes down on her. After a good fingerfuck, he slips it into her and pokes her missionary style. She sucks his dick for a bit and then gets on all fours so that he can do her from behind. He pops on her cheeks and ends the scene.

Scene Two : Ron's hanging out in an office with two poofy haired blonde chicks. After some yapping one pulls up her skirt so he can go down while the other watches and plays with herself. They double team him and give him head and then he takes turns fucking one and then the other, going at it from behind and letting them ride him as they periodically play with one another. The girls get on top of one another as he keeps fucking until he pulls out and squirts on them to finish the scene.

Scene Three: Ron and a lithe blonde with big hair are making out in a messy bedroom. He sucks her tits and eats her out and fingers her before fucking her missionary style. She goes down on him for a bit and then he spoon fucks her, eventually pulling out and squirting onto her pelvis.

Scene Four: Ron gets out of the shower and makes out with a chick who looks a lot like Christy Canyon. She lies on the bed in black lingerie and he hops on top of her. He eats her pussy and plays with her tits and she gives him head before laying back and letting him dick her missionary style. She rides him reverse cowgirl style for a bit and then he flips her over and fucks her doggy style. He pulls out and squirts over her tits and she gives him some oral cleanup.

Scene Five: Ron's hanging out with Peter North and his hair and Tony Montana on the couch. After they shoot the shit Christy Canyon comes in and they basically attack her. This scene is from I Dream Of Christy I think. They all play with her tits and get their cocks sucked and take turns fucking her pussy and her face. Each guy comes on her, one at a tie, mostly spunking on her legendary tits.

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Scene Six: Christy's back and getting her pussy eaten by a blonde with big hair. The two go at it for a little while and the oral gets pretty hot. Ron walks in on them, takes off his clothes, and then some other dude appears. Other dude and Christy go at it while Ron fucks blondie, first fucking her on the couch then eating her out on the floor. The guys each suck one of Christy's tits and then Christy sits on blondie's face while Ron fucks her pussy and the other dude jerks off. Christy gets fucked from behind and Ron mounts the blonde again, each guy ending the scene by coming on their respective female partner.

Scene Seven: Ron's hanging out pool side getting blown by a blonde. He bends her over an air mattress and fucks her from behind and she jiggles her ass cheeks a lot. She rides him cowgirl style and then he schleps her missionary style for a bit, until he pulls out and jerks off onto her stomach and ends the scene. Ron looks exceptionally hairy and greasy here. It's rather freakish.

Scene Eight: After he's finished hanging out in his bathrobe and talking on the phone, Ron gets his prick gobbled on by a willing blonde chick. He bends her over the couch and fucks her from behind and then blows his load on her ass. It's a pretty quick scene. I generally last longer than Ron does here and that's saying something.

Scene Nine: Ron's got a Hawaiian shirt on and looks ridiculous standing there watching his lady friend dance for him in front of a couch. They talk and then she bends over the couch so he can lift her dress up. He plays with her ass and the clothes come off and he fucks her missionary style, the stockings and heels still on, always a nice touch. She rides him cowgirl style and then rolls onto her chest so that he can fuck her from behind. They go at it like that for a bit before hitting it missionary style until Ron pulls out and pops onto her stomach.

Scene Ten: Decked out in some sort of army outfit, Ron's talking to a pretty blonde on the bed. After they're done yapping, they make out and her top comes off. He plays with her pleasingly bouncy B-cups and then spreads her legs for dinner. After some lengthy clit licking he fucks her missionary style and then pulls out so that she can suck his cock. He gets her on all fours and gives it to her doggy style and then blows his load on her cheeks.

Scene Eleven: After chatting up a skinny brunette he sucks her tits and then watches her masturbate for him a little while. He hops on top and gives her a good boning and then pulls out so she can stroke him and then suck him off. He fucks her from behind and plays with her ass cheeks and then comes all over her behind, which seems to make her unusually happy.

Scene Twelve: Ron's on a blanket in front of a fire place with a brunette. They talk and then he gets her naked and gives her a backrub. He oils up her ass and massages her cheeks and then oils up her tits and works them over. From there he heads south and eats he pussy, before unleashing his wand and fucking her missionary style. He fucks her mouth for a while and then he fucks her doggy style until he finishes on her ass.

Scene Thirteen: Ron's dressed up as a park ranger, approaching a lone brunette camper sitting by a fire. Another brunette shows up and they all get naked and make out. Ron sucks tits and the girls suck his cock and play with one another. The girls sit on one another's faces while Ron eats them out and fucks them from a few different angles breaking for some nice pussy to mouth action until he blows an exceptionally large wadd across his two new best friends.

Scene Fourteen: Ron plays with the breasts of a lingerie clad blonde who then leans back and shows him her twat. He goes to work on that for a while, eating her out and fingering her, and then he fucks her missionary style on the couch. Ron fucks a lot of chicks on couches in this collection, it seems to be a recurring theme. The amount of time Ron spends on couches could also be somewhat responsible for his current physical condition as well. Is there a correlation? You decide. At any rate, he fucks her pretty forcefully and she fingers herself a bit and then rides him cowgirl style before getting on her back for more missionary style dicking. He pulls out and jerks off between her boobs, which are pretty nice actually.

Scene Fifteen: The last scene finds Ron in the kitchen with a dark skinned brunette with massive jugs. She gives him head and then she takes a seat and spreads her legs so that he can eat her pussy. He fucks her missionary style and we realize she's not in the best of shape, but hey, neither is he and for that matter neither am I so it's probably best I shut up though this chick's got really hairy arms, I can't look past that. After giving her hairy box a good fucking he comes onto her tits and ends not only the scene but the collection as well.

The Video:

This material is all from the eighties shot on video era so it looks soft throughout. For whatever reason, skin tones tend to look very orange, giving everyone an overly tanned look that doesn't do the collection any favors at all. Look for tape roll aplenty and except pretty mediocre video quality throughout. In Antigua's defense, you can't make an old tape source look like something that it's not, but some color correction would have gone a long way here.

The Audio:

The English language Dolby Digital Mono audio is pretty unremarkable but it gets the job done. You won't have any problems understanding the dialogue or following the setups even if there is a bit of hiss in the mix from time to time.

The Extras:

This disc is completely barebones. It's got a static menu with a squished version of the photo you see on the cover and a 'Play Movie' button on it - that's it. No chapter menu, no trailers, no still gallery, nothing!


I guess if you're a huge Ron Jeremy fan and want a random assortment of his eighties work this is an okay collection but the quality stinks and the extras are completely non-existent. If you're curious, or need a random Christy Canyon fix (couldn't blame you for that) give it a rent, but it's tough to recommend anyone actually pay money to own this...

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