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Natural & Alone

Studio: Abbywinters.com » Review by Marine Hardcore » Review Date: 9/14/09

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genre:   Masturbation. Female singles or couples

Director: N/A

Cast: EmilyK., Cassie, Jette, Keilyn, Anabella, Billie, Emma G., Laurice, Kylie, Caitlyn,
Sheila, Kaitlyn and Renee P.

Length:  111 minutes

Date of Production:  December 3rd 2008 to February 9th 2009

Extras:  Previews

Condoms:   No

Audio/Video: Video is in anamorphic widescreen and is a basic static camera while the audio is competent for the content (there is no script or acting and very little noise).

Overview:  Women alone or with girlfriends enjoy masturbatory moments with no direction, just doing what comes naturally and taking as long as they want.

Scene One:   Emily K., a streaked blonde is up first on a blanket and pillow in a narrow alcove dressed in a blue tank top and black shorts. Her eyes are closed as she begins todelicately feel herself under her own clothes, I am sure--no costumes here. Her bra is a flowered off the shelf kind and her panties are a red that looks more like men's briefs.

Her session is just the right length at a little over 14 minutes as she sheds her underwear and fingers herself to orgasm, never looking at the camera which is focused downward onto her full body in a Hitchcockian sort of way. Her nipples turn turgid as she comes and her chest above her breasts flushes with excitement. She barely makes a sound; nonetheless you cannot take your eyes off of her.

Scene Two:  Cassie, a brunette dressed in a white skirt and yellow top is lying down flat on a bar presumably in some pub it looks like, but could be in someone's basement with a nice setup. You don't get a good look at her because of the camera angle and she seems to peek over somewhere a few times but it is not distracting. Her technique is fingers rubbing the clit with occasional insertion and her orgasm is essentially a quiet one, but she is breathless at the end and the voyeur value is pretty good.

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Scene Three:  Jette, a bright-haired redhead (cover model) is tummy down on a park bench with shrubbery in the background is dressed in a turquoise, black and white shift and is barefoot. She slowly begins to reach down between her legs and squirms and gets up on her knees to reach back a little better. She turns to the camera and spreads and gets her mojo going faster, the sun bright on her very cute face. She is not very tan, like a lot of redheads, and the whiteness on her pert body is exciting. Her breasts are champagne glass size with taunt nipples the color of caramel. She occasionally uses two hands and tastes herself repeatedly. She comes hard and your mouth is open just as wide as hers and breathing just as hard when she does.

Scene Four:  Keilyn, a raven-haired beauty is on a bed in a sky-blue bra and panty set and stretches her leg to the ceiling and reaches behind her legs to rub her pussy, the long
fingers caressing the puffy mound underneath the taunt fabric. She turns over
on her tummy and humps her hand vigorously, cumming a few time in the process. Flipping
back over she continues with "speed of light" hand action, her breasts now bare and available. She does it on her side and comes again and then collapses in an effort to regain some air in her lungs, the feeling of satisfaction evident in her bellows-like body exertions.

Scene Five:  Anabella and Billie are in bed together with one using a dildo and the other fingering herself. They get into the act with gusto and over a few minutes expose themselves completely. They are both attractive and while there is no lesbian action here, the sight of two women so close together on a bed masturbating is very hot.

Scene Six:  Emma G. and Laurice duplicate the previous scene but with a little more dialogue as they discuss how fast and how many orgasms they usually have when masturbating. They decide to put their discussion into action and that's what we see. The scene is shot, however, from their heads closest to the camera and we really don't get a good perspective on their bodies or beauty. Their actions and orgasm are very exciting however, and I think the camera angle lends to the voyeuristic excitement this disc is
meant to convey.

Scene Seven: Kylie, a short-haired blond is leather-chair bound, reclining in a cool-shadowy room with a hint of sun peeking through. She shyly reaches down to lift her skirt to rub her pussy and then rubs her pretty breasts over and under a thin top. Sort of punkish in style, she drapes her leg over and arm of the chair and loses herself in whatever erotic image she is conjuring for this moment. This is a good scene but generated minimum heat.    

Scene Eight: Caitlin and Sheila are on a couch chit-chatting about sex when they decide to
masturbate. Both of these women are good looking with hot bodies and their scene is the 2nd best on the disc (see Scene Nine for the best). I watched this the first time through with rapt attention but on the second go around it froze several times so I must have scratched it and will clean it to see this great scene again and again. Believe, this is a good one!
Scene Nine: Kaitlyn and Renee P. are on a large bed in stylish orange sheets set in the corner of a room with an open window directly behind them. After a little dialogue they lay
back and spread their legs to get the action started, albeit with a few giggles here and there. Both are attractive long-haired brunettes with very, very nice bodies. They get topless and rub themselves under their panties and then lose those and with two hands, each of them fucks themselves with randy grinding action, humping up and down with their heads thrown back. After hot orgasms they relax, their chests heaving and legs spread and to me, this "after-action" repose was the most erotic shot on the disc.

Summary:  Abbywinters.com is an Australian company specializing in lesbian and solo-girl productions. This particular product is the first I have seen from them and the first solo masturbation disc I have seen in quite some time. With that said, I give Natural and Alone a Recommended rating. This is low cost but compelling porn. You just watch it and get drawn in and in as each flick of the women's fingers goes up and down and in and out.
The women are not drop-dead gorgeous and that makes it better in that you see them as your equals, possibly your neighbors or coworkers. A few are very hot while a couple are OK with the rest in the middle. I felt like I was being let in to view something very private and I was and I liked it. You will too.

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