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Hot House Backroom 13

Studio: Hot House » Review by Guybrush » Review Date: 9/19/09

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Date of Production: 2008

Length: 86 minutes

Director: Robert Drake

Cast: Bryan Slater, Dominic Pacifico, Kai Ford, Dean Carter, Ethan Wolfe, Tyler Saint, Mike Roberts, Damian Rios, Kyle King, and Derrek Diamond

Body Types: young guys, tattoos, and big dicks

Condoms: yes

Things to see: fucking, sucking, and rimming

Plot: no plot

The Movie:

Composed of five scenes, Hot House Backroom Exclusive Videos vol 13 is a nice compilation of attractive models having sex with each other.  Though the sex is mostly vanilla, there is a lot of equal opportunity fucking going on, so pretty much every hole is fucked (only Mike Roberts keeps his hole intact).  All of the action is nicely shot, well lit, and just plain looks good.  Therefore, if you are a fan of the Hot House hotties, then volume 13 is another quality collection of hunky boy porn.

Scene one: Bryan Slater and Dominic Pacifico

Two hunky brunettes lounge around in their undies.  Dominic (well tanned with facial hair) kisses Bryan's perfectly sculpted abs before he gives his dick a lick.  Still not satisfied, Dominic turns Bryan around so that he can rim out his perfectly smooth bubble butt.  Dominic's tongue techniques make Bryan's perky hole pulsate in anticipation.  Bryan then climbs on the bed, holds up his legs, and allows Dominic to fuck his pretty hole.  Dominic screws Bryan's hole incredibly well, resulting in some fantastically hot penetration shots.  After that, Bryan gets to fuck Dominic on his side.  Bryan barely manages to rip his condom off in time, resulting in a sticky mess all over Dominic's hole and ass cheeks.  Dominic concludes the scene by releasing his load onto his own chest.

Scene two: Kai Ford and Dean Carter

Kai (tanned blond with a legendary leg tattoo) eats his cereal alone in the kitchen.  He's soon interrupted by Dean (corn-fed college boy with creamy white skin) who wants to try on various swimsuits but needs Kai's help with picking the right one.  I'm guessing you know where this leads.  Sure enough, the modeling quickly turns to some erotic making out between the boys.  Kai bends Dean over the table edge and begins to rim out that smooth piece of ass.  Kai then feeds Dean his cock and balls.  Dean is then fucked from behind on the kitchen table and with his legs held up in the air.  Kai is also fucked from behind on the same table.  The guys complete the scene by stroking their cocks off, side by side.

Scene three: Ethan Wolfe and Tyler Saint

Ethan Wolfe (cute brunette with a big dick, some tattoos, and a nice smile) sleeps away in a plush bed.  Tyler (a buff and tanned dirty blond) climbs into bed with Ethan and begins to caress his naked body.  Ethan quickly wakes up and begins to kiss Tyler.  After some heavy petting, Ethan sucks on Tyler's dick.  Tyler then returns the oral favors and then sends his tongue southward to Ethan's tender hole.  After that, Tyler climbs on top of Ethan's hard dick for some straddle fucking.  Tyler's cock remains hard throughout the pumping.  Tyler is also power fucked on his back; taking all of Ethan's wonder-wand with gusto.  The boys then switch, giving Tyler ample opportunity to get his dick acquainted with Ethan's hole.  Ethan is fucked hard from behind and with his legs held up.  Finally, the guys stroke off next to each other, releasing some decent loads.

Scene four: Mike Roberts and Damian Rios

Spiky haired Mike Roberts strips off his clothes and starts to play with cock.  Damian Rios (tanned with large angel wings tattoos on his back) walks into the room and begins to rub on Mike's package.  He pulls out Mike's lovely uncut dick and promptly places it into his mouth.  Damian spends a lengthy amount of time worshipping Mike's beautiful cock, which I'm guessing most of you would do as well.  Mike then fucks Damian from behind on the bed.  Damian eventually climbs on top of Mike's cock in a straddle position, though he hides his flaccid penis.  Mike then drapes Damian over the edge of the bed where he fucks him even more.  Damian ultimately shoots out some spunk onto his own chest, followed by Mike adding to Damian's goo pile.

Scene five: Kyle King and Derrek Diamond

Derrek (tanned brunette with a fauxhawk) climbs on top of the bed to fix a burnt out light.  Below him, Kyle watches the hunky repair boy until he yanks Derrek down by his jeans and begins to kiss him.  The boys pull off their jeans and then proceed to grope each other in their tighty whiteys.  Derrek sucks on Kyle's perky pecker, while Kyle rubs Derrek's ass cheeks.  Kyle eventually rims Derrek's hairy hole; licking all over to get it ready for his dick.  Kyle then fucks Derrek doggy style.  The boys shift so that Derrek is fucked from behind, with his head resting on the pillow (it gives him something to bite down on).  After that, the boys switch so that Kyle is the lucky bastard being fucked.  Derrek fucks Kyle deep and hard, perhaps exacting some sort of erotic revenge.  Derrek then pulls out, rips off his condom, and strokes his cock off onto Kyle's face and neck.  Kyle easily shoots out a fountain of white gold, thanks to the explosive action.

The DVD:


The fullscreen image was bright, colorful and sharp.  Every scene was properly lit, so the models look tasty and ripe for pickin'.


The sound mix was very good.  All of the dialogue and action can be heard.


The extras consist of chapter selection and several trailers for other Hot House films.

Final thoughts:

Hot House Backroom Exclusive Videos vol 13 is another pleasant compilation of sexy young lads getting it on with each other.  The DVD boasts five scenes; all of which look and sound good.  If you are a fan of other Hot House compilations then this is yet another one that you will want to add to your collection.  Recommended.

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