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Hustler's Untrue Hollywood Stories: Paris (Blu-Ray)

Studio: Hustler Video » Review by The Mooninite » Review Date: 9/20/09

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

The Movies:

Hustler seems to be cashing in on the porno comedy craze that's popular right now, with their Not The... series of XXX spoofs and now the Untrue Hollywood Stories line that's kicking off with a parody of the tabloid style lives of Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan. Played by Eden Adams and Scarlett Fay, both of whom really do bare uncanny resemblances to the women, this two-disc Blu-ray release is a good mix of hardcore sex and reasonably funny comedic bits.

Here's a look:

Hustler's Untrue Hollywood Stories: Paris Hilton:

Scene One - Alan Stafford And Missy Stone: Decadent rich types Alan and dark haired hottie Missy make out in a bar while a bunch of people watch. She sucks his fingers and then his cock before he spreads her legs and gives her pussy a good fingering. She's on her back when he decides to fuck her missionary style before bending her over and fucking her from behind as she leans over a wood counter. He finishes up in her mouth.

Scene Two - Krissy Lynn And Rocco Reed: Blonde Krissy gets pulled over by a officer Rocco and she decides to blow her way out of an offence. She drops his pants and gives him a good blowjob as the red and blue lights flash behind them. He sucks her big tits and then bends her over his cruiser to fuck her box from behind. He flips her on her side and goes at it from that angle, holding her up while he shafts her, and she points on his cop hat. She sucks him and rides him and then sucks him some more as he blows his load into her pretty mouth and on to her disappointingly fake tits. Eden, as Paris obviously, learned a thing or two by watching all of this from the sidelines.

Scene Three - Lexi Love And Johnny Castle: Lexi looks like a stone cold fox in the French Maid's outfit she's wearing when this scene starts. Johnny can't help but notice so he heads her way and whips his cock out. She rides him reverse cowgirl style on a bench swing, stops to suck him off, and then gets back on for some cowgirl action. He fingers her and she sucks him again and then they spoon fuck for a few minutes before he bends her over and fucks her from behind. He pulls out and jerks off onto her tits.

Scene Four - Eden Adams And Lexi Love: These two blonde beauties wind up in bed together where Eden takes the lead, kissing her new BFF and playing with her tits. She gives Lexi a good fingering, the fancy lingerie the two are wearing eventually finding its way to the floor, and Lexi responds in kind using her fingers, tongue and eventually a big glass dildo on Eden's twat. Lexi gets on all fours so Eden can use the toy on her pussy and give her a rim job at the same time, eventually putting the other side of the dildo in her mouth. They work themselves into a delicious Sapphic sixty-nine, fingering and licking each other until they're both taken care of.

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Scene Five - Eden Adams And Randy Spears: Eden finds Randy out by the pool where she decides to give him head. After some hefty hummer action she rides him cowgirl for a bit but before you know it she's sucking and stroking his prick again. He lifts her legs and ankles up and fucks her missionary style while she rubs her clit and then she rides him cowgirl style again, showing off her rather pleasant ass. He fucks her missionary style one last time and then pulls out and blows his load into her waiting mouth.

Hustler's Untrue Hollywood Stories: Lindsay Lohan:

Scene One - Scarlett Fay: Dolled up in a bouffant blonde wig, Scarlett, as Lindsay, hams it up for the photographer taking her picture during a photo shoot. He gets horny and hops into bed with her and she takes his pants down and gives him a nice, slow blowjob. She lies on her back and he spoon fucks her and then she gets down on all fours so that he can fuck her doggy style. She gets on her knees in front of him and sucks him off again and then rides him reverse cowgirl style. She gets on the bed, on her back, with her mouth open and he strokes off until he comes into her mouth.

Scene Two - Nicole Ray: After an interview with Sam (Dylan Ryan), Lindsay's girlfriend, and a studio executive we cut to a poolside where Scarlett and Nicole Ray get into a catfight. The studio exec calms Nicole down by taking her inside and licking her pussy. She gets into it and returns the oral favor as he fingers her before flipping her over and spoon fucking her. She breaks periodically to suck his prick and then she rides him reverse cowgirl style and regular old cowgirl style. She sucks him and then gets on her knees in front of him so that he can come into her mouth.

Scene Three - Scarlet Ray: After Scarlet causes a scene by exposing her tits in public, she winds up in rehab. She sneaks some booze in, however, and after drinking it decides to finger herself by a fountain. It's a quick scene but it still count.

Scene Four - Sadie Swede: After some more faux interviews, we cut to Sadie Swede getting her tits sucked. She gives her boy toy a blowjob, sucking him right down to the short and curlies and titty fucking him a bit for good measure. She gives him a rim job while he jerks off, and then bends over so that he can fuck her doggy style. She rides him reverse cowgirl style and then he spoon fucks her for a bit and then she gives him some more voracious head until he comes into her mouth.

Scene Five - Eden Adams: Eden, as Paris Hilton, gets into a heated argument with her man that results in him putting her over his knee and spanking her ass. They kiss for a bit and then she goes down on him. She sits on his face and rides his tongue as he eats her pussy and ass and then she rides him cowgirl style. She blows him again and then rides him reverse cowgirl while he slaps her tits. They spoon fuck on the couch and then she pulls off of him and jerks him to a finish onto his stomach.

Scene Six - Dylan Ray And Scarlett Fay: Now out of rehab, Lindsay wants some affection from Sam. They make out on the couch and Dylan licks Scarlett's pussy and gives it a good fingering, cramming two digits in there and giving Scarlett a taste now and then. She pulls out a dildo and fucks her cunt with it for a few minutes, tonguing her asshole while she slips it in and out of her. Scarlet goes down on Dylan after that, fingering her too, working three fingers into her pussy.

Hustler has done a pretty good job here of making the non-sex scenes feel like an actual tabloid style entertainment bit that you might see on television. This makes the bits where people aren't actually fucking fun to watch, and you won't find yourself fast-forwarding through them as is so often the case. The humor works well, the cast all performer admirably and the sex is steamy enough to work making these intentionally goofy features worth checking out.

The Video:

The movie sares presented in nice AVC encoded 1080p 1.78.1 anamorphic widescreen transfers that boast good, lifelike color reproduction and strong detail levels throughout. There are some minor mpeg compression artifacts evident in a few of the scenes but aside from that the disc is well authored, meaning that there are no problems with edge enhancement or aliasing. Sometimes the colors look to have been intentionally muted a little bit, to give the movie a sort of old sitcom look, but once you get used to it you won't likely notice it and generally the picture does look very good here. In comparison to the standard definition DVD releases, detail is much improved and the image is overall much cleaner, clearer and stable. Skin tones are more lifelike, and the compression artifacts are not as pronounced.

The Audio:

Hustler's Untrue Hollywood Stories both sound good in English language Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo mixes. The score, dialogue and 'sounds of sex' all come through loud and clear with nice channel separation and some fun directional effects. Bass response is tight and bouncy and the score in particular sounds very good. Levels are properly balanced and there are no problems with hiss or distortion to complain about. Overall, things sound great, though really, this is a Blu-ray release, shouldn't the audio be better than what was on the SD release? Cause it's not. It sounds fine, but there's no lossless track here or even a surround sound track.

The Extras:

The Paris Blu-ray features one worthwhile extra in the form of a Behind The Scenes (15:52, HD) featurette which is centered around lovely Eden Adams who is actually much prettier than the real Paris Hilton. She talks about the film and about her work and then wanders around a pool with no clothes on and fingers herself a bit. Photographers shoot pictures, the girls talk a lot, and everyone is very relaxed and seemingly having a fair bit of fun here. There's a little bit of bonus sex here but most of this is interview and fly-on-the-wall behind the scenes material.

The only substantial extra on the Lohan disc is another Behind The Scenes (22:23, HD) featurette that starts by interviewing Scarlett and Dylan as they goof off on set. We then see them working on their scene together before moving on and interviewing all of the other cast members. It's kind of amusing to see Nicole cleaning up a load off of her chest and to see Scarlet playing with herself on set while watching some of her co-stars go at it only to help Sadie clean up once the scene is over with.

Rounding out the extras on both discs are slideshows, trailers for a few other Hustler titles, web-links, and animated menus and chapter selection options.


Both of those porno parodies turn out to be a whole lot of fun. They're well cast, well acted, and genuinely funny and not only that, at times they're surprisingly realistic. While not everyone wants their porn to have a sense of humor, for those who don't mind a little good natured celebrity ribbing with their hardcore high jinks, this two-disc Blu-ray set is definitely worth a look and comes highly recommended.

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