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Ass Pigs

Studio: Hot House » Review by Rod Woodman » Review Date: 9/21/09

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended


RUNNING TIME - 2 Hours 4 Minutes

DIRECTOR - Robert Drake

GENRE - Leather / Ass Play (Fisting, Dildos, etc.)

CAST - (Hot House Exclusive) Evan Matthews, Jesse Balboa, Luke Davies, Brendan Davies, Mason Garet, Race Cooper, Tony Vega, Andre Barclay

MODEL TYPES - Muscular, 30-40ish Men, Mostly Close-cropped Hair, Mostly Tattooed, Some with Piercings, Mostly Well-hung.

CONDOMS - Yes, when necessary.

OVERVIEW -  This two hour, four scene DVD is clearly focused on fisting and the taking of extremely large dildos up the ass - and beyond.  They are all set on Hot House's high tech stage for Club Inferno.  There is a large modernist painting of a man, seen from the waist down to his knees, with a large hard cock hanging out over his jock.  I am assuming that each scene is first shown on the website, with the best being put on DVDs.

SCENE 1 - EVAN MATTHEWS & MASON GARET - Mason leads Evan by the hand to the set.  Both are stripped to the waist.  They give in to some passionate kissing, and then Mason pushes the smaller Evan back on to a table, platform-like affair.  He pulls his jeans down and up ends him to admire his ass.   With no fanfare, Mason is naked and up on the table to work and eat Evan's ass.  Evan too, is soon naked.  A bucket of lube is stashed conveniently nearby.  The scene quickly becomes all about "the hole".  Mason dips into the lube and rubs it around Evan's butt and hole.  His fingers work into Evan's hole, then four fingers. And then his whole hand slips easily into Evan's straight-up ass.   Quickly, Mason's in up to wrist and beyond.  There is light music playing in the background.  Evan gives out with grunting and groaning as Mason slowly reams his ass, stopping just short of his elbow.   There's a long session with Mason going in and out.  Then Evan gets up on his knees to take more bare, but lubed, fisting.  His red colon lining peaks out of his asshole, a common occurrence in this kind of ass play that seems to not bother anyone, but me.  Then Evan gets on his back, leg in the air, for more.  Normal or usual sex play (whatever that may be) does not enter into this scene.  Evan now stands and squats down on Mason's fist.  Mason's fist keeps driving in and out, as Evan next kneels.  They kiss for a bit, before they trade places, and Evan goes to work on Mason's hole.  As Mason kneels, Evan slips his now lubed fingers in his ass.  He spreads his friends hole with fingers from both hands, to wedge him open wider.  Mason almost has an erection.  Evan's fist, now in up to his wrist, works its way in even farther.  He switches his hands back and forth, and works both around inside.  They don't seem happy until that red colon tissue oozes out.  And when it does, Evan pounds on it to push it back in.  Mason goes over on his back, and Evan keeps pounding him - alternately with his hands and fists.  With both of them now on their knees, they play with each others asses, in a kind of "69 of fist-fucking".  Evan pulls Mason's hole wide again, and gives it a "dutch rub".  Then Mason does Evan once again, pounding his ass.  After some more "fisting 69" action, they grab each other and kiss.

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SCENE 2 - ANDRE BARCLAY & RACE COOPER - As the scene starts, Andre, a handsome muscular man with a great bubble-butt, thick eyebrows and heavy tattoos,  is lying ass-up on the table, wearing just a jock-strap.  He awaits some inevitable action.   A big, striking black dude, heavily-muscled and stripped to the waist - makes his entrance.  He stops behind a display of dildos, and then moves on around Andre to his head.  Race shoves his crotch in Andre's face and lowers his jeans to reveal a black and red jock.  Andre chews on his crotch until a big cock pops its head out.  He takes it all in and sucks on it.  Race helps the sucking action by pushing Andre's head down on his dick with one hand and playing with his ass with the other, opening his hole a bit.  There's a great shot of Race's super-muscular ass from the rear, as he shoves his hard dick in Andre's mouth.  Andres beautiful white ass is perfectly delineated by his jock strap.  Race turns him over and up ends him to eat his ass.  He thumbs his hole, and spreads it wide open, as he continues to eat it.  Pace picks up one of the dildos, a big curved one, and lubes it up.  He forces it up Andre's butt, slowly with draws it and pushes it in again.  And then, with Andre up on his knees, Pace pushes anal balls in, 6 of them, until there is nothing but the handle sticking out.  He slowly pulls the balls out, and then immediately reinserts them.  Pace jerks them around a bit, and then this time, rips them out.  When the shock has subsided, he pushes the balls in again, and out, and again, in and out.  Pace gets an even bigger black dildo to fuck Andre on his back.  Then Pace moves on to an inflatable heavy "balloon-type" dildo.  He pushes it in, and then begins inflating it - larger and larger.  He shoves it in and out, two times, and then pushes it all the way in.  This time, he inflates it even more.  Andre's has taken all he can take, gets his dick out, jacks-off and cums.  Pace moves to Andre's head, jacks-off and cums on Andre's face.  This scene feels more like sex and less like stunt work than the first one.

SCENE 3 - BRENDAN DAVIES & LUKE DAVIES - These two share the same last name, and according to my friend at "Smut Junkies", Luke is Brendan's husband.  And so, it's a happy couple working each other over for our (and hopefully their) mutual satisfaction.  Brendan is discovered first, in jeans, an undershirt and red hat - smoking a cigar and waiting for some hot action.  Luke comes slowly down the stairs.  He's similarly attired in black tank top, black cap and jeans - sporting a beard and a thick tattoo down his arm.  Brendon lights his husband's cigar with a blow torch.  He gets Luke's shirt off, and they kiss.  They have similar looks, both beefy, muscular "sex pigs" - construction-types.  Brendan gets out of his shirt.  Luke has big nipple rings.  Brendan rips his belt off and opens his pants, exposing a red jock, a big dick emerging with a large Prince Albert and cock ring.  Luke then drops to his knees to suck on Brendan.  Luke has smooth skin and lots of tats.  Both have the close-cropped hair that is typical of this breed.  Luke works over his friend's dick and balls, eating in around his foreskin.  Then Brendan leans over the table, so Luke can eat his ass. He spreads his cheeks and opens him up.  He has a nice bubble butt with an easy-open hole.   Luke then lubes up a big black dildo and works it into Brendan's ass.  He gets on his knees to take it.  The dildo gets wider and wider near the base.  Luke tries again and again to plunge it all the way in, but he's still a ways out.  Brendon sits up on it and rides it, going farther and farther down.  Then Brendon goes on his back for an even longer one.  Lastly, he gets on his knees on some stairs as Luke drives it in.  Luke jacks off and shoots a tidal wave of cum over the dildo, pulls it out and rubs the sticky goo over his friend's back.  They end it with a kiss.

SCENE 4 - TONY VEGA & JESSE BALBOA - The final scene starts with Tony, dressed in just a tank top, standing up in a cage like set, teasing the viewer and spreading his ass for the camera.  Tony's black hair is not cropped short like the others, and he 's got a neat beard.  His balls are bound tightly in a thick leather strap and visible, although his dick is still hidden from sight.  Jesse enters down below and admires Tony's hot ass.  He picks up a conveniently placed work-light, and switches it on - the better to see just what Tony has to offer, which is plenty.  Jesse goes for his ass, working a finger in and then his tongue.  Tony finally turns around to let the camera (and Jesse) see his huge hard-on.  Jesse goes down on it - as far as is humanly possible - and sucks on the big blunt instrument, one hand working up Tony's ass at the same time.  Eventually Tony comes down the stairs to join Jesse and partially lies across the table.  Jesse gives him a taste of a dildo, and lubes his ass at the same time.  Then he works the dildo into Tony's ass. Tony is transfixed by Jesse as he shoves the dildo in and out.  It won't go all the way in, but Jesse keeps working it.  Jesse even takes to sucking on Tony's big dick from beneath while he's shoving the dildo up his ass.  The leather wrap that had been around Tony's balls disappears.  Suddenly Jesse's the one on the table, and Tony's working some spit and fingers into his ass.  He lubes his butt, working three and then four fingers up his ass and working his hole with a scooping motion.  More lube, and in goes his fist.  Tony's erection is still hard.  Tony takes the action slowly, but soon he's up to his wrist - then his forearm.  Tony strokes Jesse's dick with his left hand, as he reams his ass with his right.  He pulls out while Jesse cums, and then goes right back in.  Jesse squats down on Tony's fist and arm, as he rides him for a while.  Tony's big dick is ready for some action, too.  He slicks up another dildo and shoves it in his own ass, as he jacks-off.  He shoots a huge load over Jesse's boots, as he's ramming the dildo in.  And yes, they end it with a kiss.

VIDEO - The DVD is atmospherically lit, and yet the action is always crystal clear.  Scene 4 begins in shadowy light, but one always gets to see the sex.

AUDIO - What is said is minimal and of little importance to the action.  You hear what you need to hear, and certainly the grunts and groans of sex.  Music weaves in and out.

EXTRAS - There are three longish trailers for other Club Inferno DVDs that run before this one starts.  You can only avoid them by fast forwarding, but, if you like this kind of action, why would you?  The three are FISTING ALL STARS, BOOTED and SWEET SPOT.  There's a promo for the website Club Inferno - "The Filthiest Butt Play on the Web".  The last Extra is another promo - this one for the "Mr. Leather Stores" in SF and LA that provide their outfits.

FINAL THOUGHTS - All the guys are VERY into their ass worship and extreme play.  As I indicated, when their red colons pop out, they lose me totally.  But for those who are into the leather / fisting scene, it's hot stuff. For me, each scene goes on a bit too long, but again, for fans, it's probably just right. And when it doesn't become just stunt work (or repulsive), it can be very hot.  For fans (and the merely curious), I give it the rating of HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Rod Woodman

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