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Bitch and Moan 2

Studio: Bad Seed » Review by Dr. Jay » Review Date: 9/21/09

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genre: All sex; all girl
Director: Kylie Ireland
Cast: Aiden Starr, Amber Rayne, Eva Angelina, Gianna Lynn, Jandi Lee, Kissy Kapri, Kylie Ireland, Lexi Lamour, Roxy Deville, Sammie Rhodes, Tricia Oaks, Trinity Post.
Length: 02:40
Condoms: None
Bonus: One bonus star for Eva Angelina, one of my 2007 Dr. Jay's Must-See Girls.


Bitch and Moan 2 is a five-scene all-girl fuck fest featuring the incomparable Kylie Ireland, Dr. Jay's Must-See Girl Eva Angelina (2007), and a bevy of horny and beautiful women who really know their way around pussy. It's delightful!

Although the sex is absolutely first rate in every scene (the lowest-ranked scene earned 4.55 out of 5...a solid "A" grade), what really captured my attention is the scenarios. Scene One, in particular, is absolutely captivating. In it, Kylie Ireland plays a tuxedo-attired "gentleman" who enjoys food, champagne, dancing, and lots of breathtaking sex with erotic and captivating Roxy Deville. Scene Three, so hot that is defies words, features one of my all-time favorites, Eva Angelina, as a submissive to dominant Sammie Rhodes. Those of us who know Eva realize that she is definitely not submissive by nature. However, using her considerable acting ability--manifested by her actress of the year award for Upload-- Eva is able to superbly play her role as Sammie's fuck toy. Sammie, too, does a tremendous job dominating Eva.

Not all the scenarios are serious. In fact, the final scene, featuring Aiden Starr, Jandi Lin, and Tricia Oaks revolves around the threesome's enjoyment of a box full of Doc Johnson toys delivered to Aiden's house at the beginning of the scene. The girls even fuck blow-up dolls!

The cast is stellar. I've already mentioned Eva's 2007 Dr. Jay's Must-See Girls Award. In addition, Roxy Deville, prominently featured in Scene One, and Sammie Rhodes, the superb dominatrix in Scene Three, are both on my "short list" of potential 2009 Must-See Girls. Believe me, they are definitely worth watching!

I am putting Bitch and Moan 2 on my list of potential nominees for the 2009 X-Rated Critic's Organization's Best Girl/Girl Movie award. It's that good!

Yep, Bitch and Moan 2 is a very nicely crafted movie with hot sex, superb girls, well-chosen locations and sets, creative scenarios, and obvious attention to detail...especially in wardrobe and make-up. Kudos to director Kylie Ireland who not only directs the action from behind the camera but also plays a major acting and performance roles in Scene One. There's only one thing I would have done differently...I would have shot the video with a bit cooler color temperature. The on-screen image is a bit too orange for my taste. Otherwise, this is an excellent pick for lovers of hot all-girl sex.

Check out some photos of the girls in Bitch and Moan 2 here. Pay particular attention to the photos of Eva Angelina and Sammie Rhodes sharing a double-ended dildo and the shots of the two all-girl threesomes. Enjoy!


Note to readers: My reviews are provided in two parts. This webpage provides you with an overview of the scene's setup and action as well as my ratings for sex, video, audio, and production values. A separate Word document checklist details the foreplay activities, positions, pops, and features of each scene...as well as the calculation of each scene's ratings. The checklist for Bitch and Moan 2 can be downloaded here. You'll need a password. It's drjay2008.

Look for scenes and movies with a 4.5 or higher (A) sex rating and at least 4.0 (B) in video, audio, and production values. Those are my favorite scenes and I'm quite certain that you'll like them, too.


Scene 1

Scene Type: Girl/girl/anal
Performers: Kylie Ireland, Roxy Deville.

Overview: Sexy and ebony-haired Roxy Deville hosts Kylie Ireland, who's dressed in a man's tuxedo and top hat, for dinner in her candle-lit dining table while smooth jazz piano music fills the air. When Roxy bends down to put Kylie's napkin on her lap, Kylie cannot help but run her lascivious hands all over Roxy's body that is clad in a skin-tight sleeveless dress. Kylie also spanks Roxy's shapely ass. Then, Roxy feeds Kylie some strawberries and the two women share kisses and champagne. Later, the two women dance ballroom style and cannot keep their hands off of each other as they tango sweetly (Roxy even holds a rose in her teeth!). The girls' kisses gradually become more intense and their lust builds inexorably. Then, Roxy sits back and enjoys Kylie's touch as she worships Roxy's legs and feet with her hands. Soon, Roxy spreads her legs so that Kylie can ravenously eat her pussy, suckle her clit and labia, and four-finger-fuck her juicy cunt. Meanwhile, Roxy groans and shivers with absolute delight as Kylie's superb cunnilingus and finger-fucking techniques drive her wild. Roxy even uses sexy moves to fuck back. In due course, it's time for Roxy to pay Kylie back for the pleasure she's received. Kylie makes Roxy work for it by crawling up a flight of wooden stairs to a landing on which Kylie is seated atop a plush chair (we watch Roxy crawl from above, behind, and in front). When Roxy arrives at the top of the stairs, she kisses Kylie's open mouth, licks her groin through her tuxedo pants, opens Kylie's zipper, and discovers...A COCK (strap-on, of course). Roxy immediately takes Kylie's plastic dick into her mouth and sucks and licks it hungrily. She even makes stringers from the toy to her mouth and gives it a hand-job. Meanwhile, Kylie encourages Roxy with lots of nasty talk. Roxy, as you might expect, wants the cock inside another hole and soon asks, "Can I sit on your cock...please?" "C'mere!" replies Kylie as she sits back on the chair and holds her dick vertically for Roxy. Before Roxy can sit on the dick, however, Kylie makes her strip out of her dress "nice and slow." Once Roxy's tattoo- and jewelry-adorned body is gloriously naked (except for her sexy high-heeled shoes), Roxy mounts Kylie, inches the plastic dick into her tight vagina, and madly fucks it in reverse (superb camera angles and close-ups). Roxy uses absolutely superb moves, screams enthusiastically, and talks deliciously naughty throughout this segment. And, she turns around to kiss Kylie, too. Kylie responds by slapping Roxy's clit, by squeezing her beautiful, natural, and bouncing tits, and by matching Roxy's in-and-out strokes with her own. Roxy really enjoys herself...and her large erect clit proves it. After a while, Roxy dismounts and sucks her juices off of the toy...while stroking Kylie's labia. After an abrupt edit that lacks both transition and insertion footage, Kylie superbly wields her strap-on to fuck Roxy's asshole in mish, slaps her tits and face, and inflames her lust with well-chosen words. Meanwhile, Roxy frantically jacks her own clit and chants, "I love your cock!" Soon, Roxy screams through an intense and giggling orgasm. After Roxy cums, Kylie keeps her pleasure flowing by two-finger-fucking her cunt while continuing to plow her asshole with the strap-on (a conventional cock/fingers DP). Roxy, as you might expect, climaxes again as her back arches in response to her pleasure. Afterward, she performs ass-to-mouth on the toy, kisses Kylie's open mouth, and then presents Kylie with a huge black dildo to suck. Once the toy's nice and wet, Roxy uses it to pound Kylie's vagina in missionary while simultaneously fingering her labia. Kylie's body reacts volcanically as her pierced nipples swell enormously, her back arches with pleasure, and groans of delight and naughty words pour from her mouth. Kylie also takes an opportunity to masturbate and, while Kylie's taking care of herself, Roxy grabs another huge toy and lubes it with her spit. Roxy soon uses that toy to ream Kylie's asshole while Kylie lies on her side. Roxy also uses her fingers to stroke and probe Kylie's super-wet vagina. By this time, Kylie's cunt is simply begging to get fucked. So, as Roxy continues to plow Kylie's asshole with one toy, Kylie DPs herself with the other. AWESOME! "Oh my God! That's so fuckin' hot!" exclaims Roxy. Indeed. And, it not only LOOKS good, it feels good, too...judging by Kylie's body-wrenching orgasm! Afterward, both girls suck the two toys clean and then continue to use them to pound Kylie's creaming cunt and tight asshole until she cums again. This is an excellent Sapphic scene!

Sex rating: 4.70
Video rating: 4.00
Audio rating: 4.50
Production values rating: 4.70

Scene 2

Scene Type: Girl/girl/girl/anal threeway
Performers: Kissy Kapri, Trinity Post, Amber Rayne

-- sponsored by --

Overview: When the scene begins, Amber Rayne and Kissy Kapri are waiting to watch a movie on TV. They call for Trinity, who's in the kitchen getting ice cream, to join them. Trinity quickly joins her girlfriends and squeezes in between them on the couch so that she's in the center of a solid female flesh sandwich. Amber clicks the remote and a super hard-core Kylie Ireland all-girl adult flick begins to play. Although Amber and Kissy briefly express surprise at Trinity's choice of movie, the girls get into it quickly...and soon want to see "the good stuff." In particular, Trinity wants to see titties. So, ignoring the movie, Amber strips off her top and Kissy immediately follows suit (Kissy's nipples are pierced). Soon, all the girls are topless, comparing and squeezing each others' breasts. The girls get glimpses of the movie and begin to imitate what they see on-screen. Amber does the splits (she's damned flexible!) and Trinity sits on the couch and puts her legs behind her head (superb access to her pussy!). Meanwhile, the girls talk about how much better they'd do than the girls on the TV. Hold on to your hats as the girls prove that they are, indeed, passionate, horny, and imaginative! Little-by-little, the girls' clothes disappear as they playfully tease each other. Then, Amber dives in to Trinity's cunt while Kissy and Trinity take turns suckling each other's nipples. Amber even scoops ice cream on Trinity's vagina and onto her nipples so that the girls can lick it off! As you can imagine, Trinity LOVES the girls' ministrations. Soon, Trinity invites Kissy to sit on her face and fuck it. Meanwhile, Amber finger-fucks Trinity's pussy and bends down to rim Kissy's asshole. This is hot footage! Amber also eats Trinity's cunt, spanks her butt, and tongues her asshole. Next, Amber becomes the center of attention as Kissy and Trinity double-team her with vibrator, butt plug (Amber sucks and deep-throats the butt plug), fingers, and tongues. Hot in-and-out action begins when Amber kneels in doggie. Kissy, Amber, and Trinity all supply fingers to loosen up Amber's asshole. In fact, Amber's asshole quickly accommodates eight fingers! Holy shit! Once Amber's sphincter has relaxed, her girlfriends slip the butt plug into it while teasing her clit with the tip of the vibrator. Soon, Amber rolls over into mish and then Kissy double-plugs her with three fingers and the butt plug. To add even more pleasure to the mix, Amber uses the vibrator--on high--and her fingers to tease her own clit. Meanwhile, Kissy sits on and fucks Trinity's face, slaps Amber's face, and kisses her open mouth. It goes without saying that Amber's body adores the pleasure she's receiving from the toys and Kissy's fingers. And, it rewards her with an orgasm! Next, Kissy grabs two huge toys and tells Trinity that she wants the fatter of the two up her ass and the thinner--but longer--toy up her pussy. Trinity is thrilled and exclaims, "You're my type of girl!" Kissy soon gets her wish as her girlfriends lube up her holes with their tongues and stretch those holes out with their fingers (Amber actually finger-fucks both Trinity's and Kissy's assholes at the same time!). Amber then uses the bigger toy to deep-throat Trinity (Trinity gags on it and makes lots of stringers from her mouth to it.). Then, Amber shoves the spit-soaked toy into Kissy's asshole as Kissy's butt breaks out with pleasure-induced gooseflesh. Kissy's asshole is super tight. So, Amber has to work hard to force it in. However, once the toy has cleared Kissy's asshole, Amber is able to pound her fast and deep. Meanwhile, Trinity grabs Kissy's second toy and reams her cunt with it. Soon, Kissy begs, "I wanna taste my ass!" So Amber lets her perform ass-to-mouth (ATM) on it. Meanwhile, Trinity fucks Amber's throat with the toy that is covered with Kissy's pussy juice. Amber sucks the toy so far down that you can see the rounded ball at the toy's tip as it bulges in her throat! Next, it's Trinity's turn: "I'm gonna find me some toys!" Wait until you see Trinity's weapon of pussy destruction...it's a high-powered back massager that feels oh-so-good when cranked up high and pressed tightly against a clit! Kissy takes one look at the toy, grabs it, and uses it on herself. Meanwhile Amber pounds her cunt with one toy while her butt remains stuffed with another. Amber then dares her girlfriends: "Why don't you try to cum together? You think you can do that? But, you really have to cum. You can't fake it!" Kissy and Amber take the challenge and masturbate in earnest. Meanwhile...get this...Trinity kneels on the floor and shoves her ass high in the air so that the other two girls can fuck her asshole with their TOES! WOW! Kissy also probes Trinity's labia with her toes. Then, nasty Trinity performs ATM on her girlfriends' toes (she even makes stringers) for a while before shoving a huge dildo up her ass and then fucking herself with it (great close-ups and camera angles). All the girls skillfully pleasure each other as their shouts and moans of orgasm fill the air. Afterward, Trinity lies on her shoulders--in piledriver--and enjoys reaming her own pussy while getting her asshole fingered, licked, and multiple-finger-fucked from above by Kissy. Meanwhile, Trinity holds the high-powered massager against her clit. Trinity's subsequent orgasm is, to say the least, volcanic. But, the girls don't let her pleasure subside. Instead, Amber use two toys on Trinity...one in each hole. Even better, Amber places one end of a toy in her own pussy while using the other end to ream Trinity's asshole. Meanwhile, Kissy uses a toy to ream Amber's asshole while Trinity continues to hold the massager against her clit. So, both Trinity and Amber are double penetrated simultaneously. Believe me...this position and this imagery are the stuff of wet dreams! Needless to say, both Trinity and Amber soon scream through amazing orgasms that cause their bodies to tremble. Afterward, all the girls perform pussy-to-mouth and ass-to-mouth on the toys. In fact, Trinity even sucks two toys at a time! And, the girls lick the cum out of their girlfriends' pussies, too. By now, you'd think the girls would be sated. Not! So, Kissy again takes center stage as Trinity and Amber, spread her juicy labia wide, jack and use the massager on her clit, shove a three-bead butt plug up her ass (she takes two of the three beads!), and DP her to orgasm by thrusting a second toy in-and-out of her cunt at redline speed. Kissy soon screams, "Oh my God, I'm fucking cumming!" When she does, her orgasm is so strong that it forces the beaded butt-plug out of her ass. Wow! Afterward, each girl grabs her favorite toy or toys and masturbates by DPing both holes at the same time. They want to cum at the same time. So, they keep each other apprised of their pleasure level..."I'm almost there!" In the end, the girls are successful...all three cum within a matter of second. "That was a lot better than the porno!" observes Trinity. Indeed. Then, as the girls' spasms of pleasure recede, they share a threeway kiss. Awesome sex, girls. 

Sex rating: 4.80
Video rating: 3.50
Audio rating: 4.50
Production values rating: 4.00

Scene 3

Scene Type: Girl/girl/anal/domination
Performers: Eva Angelina, Sammie Rhodes
Overview: Scene Three is one of those scenes that is so fucking hot that it defies description. Sammie Rhodes plays a horny woman who pays Eva Angelina's master for an opportunity to enjoy all of Eva's "dirty filthy little fuck holes." Eva arrives at Sammie's door with a butt plug shoved up her ass and dressed in an extremely sexy and long black jacket (she's naked under it). And, Eva is shackled from her throat to her master's hand with a leash. Eva promises her master that she'll do Sammie's bidding and that she'll tell him about everything they do together later that night...when his cock is buried deep in her asshole. Then, he hands the end of the leash to Sammie who then leads Eva into her home. I'm not going to tell you much more about this scene except that it is scorchingly hot primarily because Eva assumes the role of the submissive. Knowing Eva personally, as I do, this is an extremely unique situation for her to be in. She plays her role perfectly...and so does Sammie. So, if you like hotter-than-hell girl/girl anal-intensive sex spiced with domination, get your hands on this scene as soon as you can. Whew. This is one of the hottest girl/girl scenes of 2008! I didn't want it to end! 

Sex rating: 5.00 
Video rating: 5.00
Audio rating: 4.50
Production values rating: 4.00

Scene 4

Scene Type: Girl/girl/bondage
Performers: Lexi Lamour, Gianna Lynn

Overview: After Scene Three, any girl/girl encounter would run the risk of seeming tame. However, busty blond Lexi Lamour and exotic raven-haired Gianna Lynn don't let that happen in Scene Four. When the scene begins, Gianna is dressed in a sexy white corset and laying on her comfy bed. Lexi, the dressed-in-black "bad girl" of the scene, joins Gianna, turns her over onto her back, spreads her legs and arms wide, and then ties each of Gianna's appendages to the bed. With Gianna thus restrained, Lexi has complete control...and uses it to her great advantage to kiss, caress, fondle, mildly choke, strip, and play with her "play toy." Lexi suckles and squeezes Gianna's breasts (her nipples grow hugely erect) and stroke and spank her dripping wet--yet panty-clad--pussy. Lexi soon tugs aside those panties so that she can spit on, finger, stroke, spank, lick, and tongue-fuck Gianna's delectable vagina. Meanwhile, Gianna fights against her restraints so that she can grind Lexi's face. In due course, Lexi adds her fingers to the mix and frantically uses them to pound Gianna's cunt while Gianna fucks back and encourages her with naughty talk and ecstatic moans. Lexi brings Gianna close to orgasm on several occasions...but always pauses at the last second to tease her enthusiastic fuck toy...and to make her lust escalate exponentially. As the scene continues, Lexi grabs a long, bent, and glass dildo and literally makes Gianna beg for it: "Please stick it in!" First, Lexi teases Gianna's clit with the bulbous end of the toy while Gianna lies on the bed in missionary. Then, she holds it so its tip just touches Gianna's labia. Horny Gianna then struggles against her restraints so that she can force the toy into her cunt. Once the toy is inside Gianna, Lexi relents and then thrusts the toy in-and-out of Gianna's spit-soaked vagina. Meanwhile, Gianna uses very sexy moves to fuck back. Gianna really loves the pleasure. And, to prove it, her beautiful clit grows hard and erect as she groans with pleasure. By now, Gianna's nipples are also hard as diamonds. After a while, the girls lick the toy cock clean and share passionate open-mouth kisses. Then, Lexi continues to pound Gianna's drenched pussy with the toy. Gianna wants to cum "so bad" and begs for an orgasm. Lexi, the dominant, refuses: "No, you can't cum yet!" "You're such a fuckin' tease," replies frustrated Gianna. Later, after some more pussy-to-mouth, Lexi dons a strap-on, uses it to fuck Gianna's mouth while fingering her wet cunt, unties Gianna, flips her over into kneeling doggie, and then fucks her deeply with the huge plastic dick. Meanwhile, Gianna holds a high-powered back massager toy against her clit and screams with delight: "OH, MY GOD!" Gianna's body reacts with frenzied--and very sexy--moves, her ass breaks out with gooseflesh, and torrents of nasty words pour from her delicious mouth: "I want you to fuck me harder!" At long last, Lexi gives in and makes Gianna cum...volcanically...as her cunt drips with juice and her clit swells even larger. Afterward, Lexi pulls Gianna's hair, Gianna spanks her own ass, and Gianna sucks her cum off of the toy dick. The girls share a passionate kiss and then Lexi becomes the focus of Gianna's attention. As Lexi lies on her back in mish, spreads her legs wide open, squeezes her shapely tits, talks nasty, and pulls Gianna's hair, Gianna shoves her face against Lexi's vagina and licks her labia. Once Lexi's pussy lips are nice and slippery, Gianna shoves a clear soft plastic toy into her dripping cunt and then pounds it forcefully. Lexi responds by enthusiastically jacking her own clit. And, Gianna bends down to lick Lexi's clit while she thrusts the toy in-and-out of her pussy. Soon, Lexi's body is squirming and thrusting as pleasure courses through it...pleasure that soon rewards her with a screaming, body wrenching, and back arching orgasm. Of course, the girls suck Lexi's cum off of the dildo. Then, they kiss as the scene fades to black. This is a very good scene...and quite a treat since Gianna portrayed the submissive. I always think of Gianna Lynn as a dominant and seeing her squirm against her restraints was a turn-on.

Sex rating: 4.55
Video rating: 3.50
Audio rating: 4.50
Production values rating: 3.20

Scene 5

Scene Type: Girl/girl/girl/anal threeway
Performers: Aiden Starr, Jandi Lin, Tricia Oaks

Overview: Scene Five is an excellent ending to a scorchingly-hot movie. In it, ornately tattooed Jandi Linn and busty Tricia Oaks (she sports red hair in this scene...usually she's blond) drop by Aiden Starr's house for girl talk. While the girls sit on a couch and chat, a courier comes to the door to deliver a big box to Aiden. The box, prominently marked "Doc Johnson," is chock full of an arsenal of toys...including blow-up male and female dolls. Wait until you see what these three hot-and-horny girls do to the toys--and to each other--once they open the package and blow up the dolls! Wow! This is not only an incredibly creative scenario, but the girls also carry it out with such gusto and enthusiasm that it really is tantalizing. During foreplay, the girls finger-fuck the male toy's mouth, make the male masturbate with his plastic hands, finger-fuck the girl doll's pussy, shove a butt plug into the girl toy's asshole, suck and stroke the male toy's dick, and make the male doll fuck the female's gaping plastic pussy. And, they fuck the male's asshole with a huge toy, too. They all agree, "This is the best party ever!" Although I wouldn't go that far, I must admit that it's fun to watch. As the scene unfolds, Aiden grabs a back massager, sits back on her couch, spreads her legs, and masturbates in front of her girlfriends while they continue to play with the dolls. "I got a whole box of toys," reminds Aiden. "Feel free." So, Tricia decides to briefly blow and jack the male doll's dick. Soon, however, both Tricia and Jandi decide it's better to play with the "real" thing...Aiden...than with plastic. So, Jandi grabs the massager from Aiden and then uses it to please Aiden's clit while Tricia greedily suckles Aiden's nipples. Aiden remains the center of the trio's attention for a while: she gets fondled, suckled, eaten, vibrated, face fucked, probed, and fucked with a dildo in her mouth and in her pussy. And, she plays well with others, too...by stroking clits, eating and finger-fucking pussies, and kissing mouths. After a while, Tricia lies on the couch next to Aiden and spreads her legs. Knowing Tricia's mind, Aiden sweetly asks Jandi "Can you do both of us?" "Of course," she replies. So, Jandi expertly wields two toys at a time to eat and fuck both Aiden and Tricia in mish. Aiden soon screams through an amazing orgasm, "It feels so fucking good!" Then, while Jandi continues to focus on Tricia's cunt, Aiden mounts and fucks the male doll's cock in cowgirl while talking nasty to "him" and hitting and slapping "his" face. Hot stuff! Jandi spies the girl/toy action and decides to join in. So, she bares her body (her colorful full-back tattoo is magnificent!), shoves a dildo into the toy's mouth, mounts "his" face, and then fucks "him!" So, the lucky plastic doll gets to enjoy two girls fucking him at once! Even better, the two girls share open-mouthed kisses while they fuck the doll. Meanwhile, across the room, Tricia watches her girlfriends and masturbates using a toy in her cunt and the back massager on her clit. After a while, Tricia joins the other girls and uses the massager to please Jandi's clit and her hand to spank Jandi's ass. Soon, Jandi and Aiden realize that Tricia isn't getting enough attention. So, they position her on the couch with her legs splayed wide so they can double-team her with three toys at the same time. Aiden first presses the massager against Tricia's asshole while Jandi jacks Tricia's clit. Of course, Tricia's in heaven! Then, to increase her pleasure even more, Aiden bends down and rims Tricia's asshole. Then, Aiden applies a generous amount of lube to Tricia's asshole, shoves two fingers inside to loosen her up (Jandi also probes Tricia's asshole with a finger), and then shoves a bulbous toy up Tricia's asshole while Tricia squeals with delight (excellent close-ups). Meanwhile, Tricia grabs the handle of the massager and uses it to pleasure her clit. Jandi then lubes another toy and hands it to Aiden who, of course, shoves it into Tricia's accommodating cunt. So, Tricia is, in effect, getting triple-fucked: one toy up her ass, another deep in her cunt, and a third vibrating her clit. "I do this at home!" exclaims Tricia. "How did you know it? That's how I masturbate at home!" Tricia's pleasure increases rapidly and her body soon rewards her with an amazing, screaming, wild, and prolonged orgasm. As Tricia's amazing orgasm commences, Jandi exclaims, "Look how beautiful you are." I agree. Orgasms like Tricia's are why I watch porn! Afterward, Jandi and Aiden don't let Tricia come down from heaven. Instead, they stroke her clit and continue to fuck her holes while her body convulses and giggles escape her lips. Eventually, they let Tricia suck her cum off of the toy as the camera zooms in tight on her bright red and still-spasming pussy (amazing close-ups!). Jandi takes one look at that pussy and immediately plunges her tongue deep inside it. Meanwhile, Aiden continues to fuck Tricia's asshole. As the scene continues to unfold, Aiden and Tricia turn their attention to Jandi. As Jandi lies back on the couch, Aiden fucks her throat with a toy dick while Tricia eats her pussy and licks her pierced clit hood. Aiden also uses the toy to spank Jandi's tits and then hands it to Tricia who, of course, shoves it into Jandi's vagina and fucks it frantically (great close-ups). Meanwhile, Aiden slaps Jandi's tits, belly, thighs, pussy, and face, kisses her mouth, and shoves a toy deep down her throat. Then, to make Jandi cum, Aiden grabs the back massager and holds it tight against her clit while Tricia continues to ream her pussy with fast and deep strokes (Tricia makes Jandi suck her own pussy juices off of the toy!). After Jandi cums, she thanks her girlfriends and kisses their mouths. Then, she and Tricia move into 69 so that can eat and finger each other's cunts (Jandi's on top...and shows off her amazing tattoo). Meanwhile, Aiden kneels behind Jandi, licks her pussy, rims her asshole, and the uses a toy to pound her pussy at redline speed. And, Tricia and Jandi lick and/or jack each other's clits. During this segment, Aiden repeatedly slides the toy out of Jandi's pussy and then shoves it deep down Tricia's throat (lots of drool!). And, Aiden uses the toy to spank Jandi's butt, too. In due course, Aiden and Tricia make Jandi cum again. Then, as the scene comes to an end, the three girls share a kiss. Excellent! 

Sex rating: 4.85
Video rating: 4.00
Audio rating: 4.50
Production values rating: 4.00 


In addition to a full-motion chapter selector and interactive menus, this DVD-9 disc contains a 13-minute behind-the-scenes featurette; four minutes of bloopers (from the scene set-ups); 12 minutes of impromptu interviews of the girls (wait until you see what Gianna can do with her tongue!); a boisterous and multi-orgasmic 14-minute bonus girl/girl scene from No Boys, No Toys that features Aaralyn Barra and Cindy Crawford; ten minutes of beautiful striptease/masturbation footage featuring Roxy Deville; previews of Barely MILF, My First White Chick 2, Bubble Gum Cuties 3, No Boys, No Toys 2, and Roxy's World; a seven-minute self-running slide show; phone sex ads; and an ad for Adam and Eve's website. The Behind-the-Scenes featurette contains video of the still photo shoots, behind-the-camera footage, on-set foolishness, super-close shots of Roxy's butt-plug-stuffed asshole, strapping on the strap-ons, wardrobe selection, planning of the scenes, rehearsal of lines, and proof that director Kylie Ireland actually has a "soft side!" This is a very nice selection of extras and is above average in today's marketplace. Four stars.

Final Thoughts


Overall sex rating: 4.78
Overall video rating: 4.00
Overall audio rating: 4.50
Production values rating: 4.00

Dr. Jay

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