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Kristins Life

Studio: Muffia » Review by Apache Warrior » Review Date: 9/22/09

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Genre: Web-to-DVD, Milf

Director: ?

Cast: Kristen Cameron, Brianna Ray, Kenna, Britney Brooks, Arianna Labarbara, Mariah Milano, Delila Darling, Lexi, Bianca, Lelana, Shelby, several of their husbands

Length: 219 minutes

Date of Production: 2008

Extras: There are nine trailers of Muffia websites. They are Cumfu, Kristin's Life, It's Real, King Dong, Footville, Naked Movie, Molly's Life, My Sexy Life, and Manuel Uncut. Reality Kings also has a section. They have three trailers that promote Milf Hunter, Money Talks, and We Live Together. A commercial for the website Fling.com and a free twenty dollar credit for the Live Chat web site Naked.com round out the extras section.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: The audio and video quality are good.

Overview:  Kristin's Life Volume One is a production from the studio Muffia. Mufffia is a company that has a stable of pay adult web sites so that people can view the video updates. Currently, they have a package of ten web sites for the price-of-one. Kristin's Life is one of their most popular sites. It focuses on Kristen Cameron's sexual life with her best friend Brianna (Bree) Ray, their husbands, and their sexy friends.As stated on the dvd cover and dvd, it is "a journey into the life of the sexiest Milf ever." Ms. Cameron is a very personable woman who can get down and dirty like a modern-day porn star, but also has a genuine heart that many starlets lack. She loves her family and friends and it shows. This sincerity helps create the incredible chemistry that the group of friends have for each other. Kristen also stars in two other web sites called Milf Next Door with the studio Reality Kings and KristenCameron.net.

Kristen Cameron

Mariah Milano

Kristen Cameron, Mariah Milano, Arianna Labarbara

Scene One: The Pussy Party: Kristen Cameron is having a pool party Hawaiian style. She is with her husband, Brianna (Bree) Ray, Mariah Milano, Arianna Labarbara, and an unidentifiable man. Brianna films the action most of the time. However, she does get her opportunities to have fun too. Most of the early sexual antics occur on the edge of the pool. Arianna and Mariah fondle Kristen's cute ass. Moments later, Ms. Labarbara's sex spot is being rubbed by one of the men while Bree caresses her chest. She also kisses her too. Meanwhile, Kristen is orally stimulating Mariah's mound. Arianna's vaginal plaything is getting very wet by the gentleman. Brianna is sucking on her tit. Then, Ms. Cameron and Arianna are sucking on Mariah's breasts as Bree spanks Ms.Labarbara's butt. Then, Arianna sucks cock. Meanwhile, one of the men is eating Mariah's sex muscle. Next, Kristen sucks his dick. Later, Ms. Cameron strokes the other guy's manhood before Arianna returns to orally pleasure him. Soon, Ms. Labarbara licks Brianna's beauty spot. Suddenly, Kristen is fucked by a guy. Then, she is doggied by him. Next, Arianna eats Bree's love biscuit. Afterwards, the sexual antics stop and Bree puts on a grass skirt on Kristen's husband. His dick pops out and Brianna sucks on it. Meanwhile, Kristen is sucking on the other man's cock. Brianna feels her muffin. Later on, Arianna and Bree work on Mariah's ass and peach. Some nice looking pussy eating among the female friends occurs. Kristen fucks Bree's pussy with her big toe. Afterwards, Arianna takes turns in sucking both of the mens' cocks. Soon, Kristen joins in and sucks one of them. Then, Arianna gets doggied by the other man. Then, Kristen's husband screws his wife. Next, Arianna rides a cock cowgirl style. Then, she gets doggied by Kristen's hubby. Mariah sucks Arianna's tit. The intensity increases. Finally, he pulls out and cums on her mouth. Overall, the many shots of the muffin eating is a huge turn-on as well as the screwing moments with the men. The playfulness among the ladies adds to the effectiveness of this fine opening scene.

Kristen Cameron, Brianna Ray

Kristen Cameron, Brianna Ray

Kristen Cameron

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Scene Two: Dinner Date: Best friends Kristen Cameron and Brianna Ray are having dinner together with their husbands. The HBO show The Sopranos is playing on the television set. This factor along with their spaghetti dinner make the women act like mobsters with cute Italian accents. They are silly. There are very nice camera shots of their sexy legs. Later, Kristen sucks Bree's hubby's manhood. Brianna humps her ass a bit and runs her hand along her back. Next, he tastes her tasty love biscuit. Soon, the cute woman sucks his cock again before riding it. The camera shots of the penile-vaginal action are cool. Later, Brianna sucks Kristen's husband's dick. Bree's technique is hot. Then, Kristen rides him cowgirl style. Suddenly, Kristen's hubby sticks his meaty sausage in her face and she sucks on it. Brianna plays with herself as she watches on. Some opera singing follows from both the tv set and Kristen's voice. Then, Bree rides her friend's husband's cock reverse cowgirl style. Later, the ladies share dicks. Then, Kristen gets doggied by her own man as she orally massages Bree's husband's cock. Then, both women are fucked doggystyle. The intensity level is high. Ms. Cameron gets a fantastic workout as she is getting screwed missionary style. Then, both women orally pleasure Kristen's guy. Next, Kristen tastes Bree's snatch. Afterwards, Brianna is doggied by her best friend's husband as Kristen sucks Bree's hubby's manhood. Then, Bree has cum deposited on her ass. Next, Bree is sucking her own man's cock. Kristen's husband wipes Bree's ass with a towel. Then, Kristen rides a cock reverse cowgirl style. She looks and sounds great. Then, he mishes her with a lot of force. Finally, Bree's husband cums on her. Afterwards, the couples have their Italian meal. During this second episode, there are very effective comments by Brianna when she is behind the camera. The ladies' bodies look very beautiful in their dresses especially when their intimate parts of their bodies are showing. Furthermore, the ladies chemistry is amazing.

Delila Darling, Kristen Cameron



Delila Darling

Brianna Ray

Scene Three: Sex Games: Kristen is playing Wii boxing. Her friends Brianna, Kenna, Lelana, Delila Darling, and their men are at the house. Kristen wins and performs a sexy dance. Each woman except for Brianna, who is filming, has her turn to play the game. When it is Kenna's turn to play, Kristen removes her bra. The dark-haired stunner looks incredible as she punches in the air. Moments later, Kristen is topless. Next, Lelana shows off her multi-colored, polka-dotted undergaments. After the games are over, Ms. Cameron eats Kenna's cute kitty. Every woman is naked by now. Sex toys are shown. The lovely Kenna pleasures herself with a vibe as Kristen sucks her clit and breasts. Bree fucks her closest friend from behind as well as taste her love muffin. Lelana watches on the couch. Brianna does a fine job in working on Kristen's plaything. Then, she humps her. The foursome look great together. Then, toys are used to stimulate their vaginal passageways. Later, Kenna sucks Bree's beautiful bosom. Delila fucks her with a toy and Bree eats Kristen's pearl. Next, the foursome rub their own beauty spots at the camera. The site of them is great. Soon, Brianna eats Kristen and Delila orally pleasures Kenna. Lelana continues to watch on. Afterwards, Bree hands the four ladies a snack. They play with them by deepthroating the delicious treats. Despite no guy-gal fucking, the women provide an entertaining show for their men and the viewer. In addition, anytime that Brianna Ray can show off more of her talents is a major plus.

Kristen Cameron, Kenna

Kenna, Britney Brooks

Scene Four: Dirty Minds...: After Kristen and Britney Brooks browsed around several items that were on sale during the fetish convention, they find their good friend Kenna later in the day. The ladies dance together a bit and head up to Kristen's room. Once there, Kristen and Kenna are kissing on the bed while Britney films them. Next, Kenna shows off her sexy ass. Ms. Cameron and Britney feel it. Then, Kristen squeezes her pretty mound. Britney also feels it. Soon, the room's hostess orally pleasures Kenna's cute cooter while rubbing her clit. Next, it is Britney's turn to stimulate the hot woman's lovely plaything. Kristen's vocal comments are cool. Afterwards, three vibrators are taken out from under a pillow. A cute Britney sucks one of the toys and turns around to spread her ass at the camera. Later, Kristen drools some saliva on Kenna's beauty spot in order to ease the vibrator into her much more comfortably. Her technique is really good. The woman is turning Kenna on so much. The sensations that are running through her are very effective. Then, she sucks the vibe. Next, Kristen caresses Britney's ass and spanks it. Suddenly, Ms. Brooks sucks the toy as Ms. Cameron tastes her pearl. Kristen rubs the woman's priceless jewel with the turned-on item. Then, she sticks it inside her. Britney's moans and body gyrations are hot. She squeezes the pillows with her hands very tightly. Then, Britney sucks the wet vibe. Soon, Ms. Brooks screws Kristen with a vibrator while Kenna and Britney take turns licking her clit. The close-ups are solid. Later, all three women are on the bed and fucks herself with their own vibrator. Kristen also fucks Kenna a bit. At the end, the terrific trio say "Bye" at the camera. In summary, Kristen and Kenna are standouts.

Lexi, Kristen Cameron

Scene Five: Boating Adventures: Kristen and her husband are on Lexi's boat. Lexi's hubby is also on board. Later on , Kristen opens a liquor bottle and the women drink it out of the bottle. Some nice ass shot of the women are shown. The ladies dance a bit. Some titty play occurs. Ms. Cameron wiggles her ass marvelously. Then, they lay in the sun. The comments of their spouses can be heard. Lexi rubs sunscreen on her friend's body. Her massage on Kristen's butt is cute. Next, they show off their pussies. Later, Lexi rubs her friend's ass and muffin with her toes. Some fine tanned ass shot are shown while they are laying on their stomachs. Afterwards, they head for the shade. They kiss. Soon, Kristen licks and rubs the woman's lovebox. Her technique really turns Lexi on. After more action shots of Lexi's love biscuit, Lexi shows Kristen some sex toys. Moments later, Lexi works over Kristen's jewel box very nicely. The tight close-ups of the toy-vaginal penetration looks cool. Next, Ms. Cameron stimualates her own sex spot. Afterwards, in the shade, Lexi fucks herself with a different toy. Also, Kristen is sucking on her husband's cock. Lexi rubs Kristen's ass with her foot. Then, Kristen plays with her friend's peach with the toy. The man massages Lexi's foot. Soon, his wife is orally stimulating his manhood again as Lexi focuses on her own plaything. The intensity increases when Lexi fucks herself while Kristen rides his cock. At the end, Lexi and Kristen drive the boat. An important note is that Lexi looks very hot in her bikini and, it's a shame, that she is only in one scene.

Kristen Cameron

Arianna Labarbara

Kristen Cameron, Arianna Labarbara

Brianna Ray

Brianna Ray


Britney Brooks


Scene Six: Party on the Pole: The women are eating and chit-chatting at the table. They are Shelby, Arianna Labarbara, Britney Brooks, Bianca, and Kristen Cameron. Brianna Ray is filming the scene, at least for now. Later, Kristen swings around the stripper pole in the middle of the room. She shows off her sexy moves. Suddenly, Arianna takes the pole and Kristen gives her some pointers. Next, Brianna shows her stuff. She is an incredible pole dancer. She and Kristen are remarkably talented. Next, the women show off their tatas. There is more stripper pole action. Each woman has her opportunity to show off her sexy moves at the camera regardless if it is at the stripper pole or not. It is obvious that these group of friends are a very playful bunch. Later on, toys are brought into the scene. Kristen fucks Arianna with a toy as Britney sucks her breast. Arianna bounces on the toy as it is standing on the carpet. Bianca rubs her clit at times. Then, they focus on Kristen's tits. Each of them sucks one of her breasts. Meanwhile Shelby shows off her kitty. Next, Kristen eats Britney's peach while Arianna eats Kristen's pearl. Then, the trio work on Brianna. Some nice titty sucking and pussy eating action are shown. Afterwards, Kristen takes out a vibrator from the freezer. She fucks Britney with it as Arianna sucks her bosom. Arianna also fucks the woman with it too. Meanwhile, Shelby rubs her own love spot. Suddenly, Arianna screws Britney as Ms. Cameron plays with herself. Later Britney sucks the toy. More fantastic action by the threesome follow. The highlight is Arianna's body gyrations while Britney is pleasuring her with the toy rabbit. Kristen swings on the pole and jumps up and down to end the movie. This scene is fitting since a huge part of Kristen's sexual life is with her girlfriends and the fun moments that they create together.

Final Thoughts:  Kristin's Life Volume One is a very entertaining movie. Even though Kristen Cameron is the main person, this web site would not be as enjoyable if not for her group of girlfriends. Kristen, her best friend Brianna, and their husbands would still make a winning site, but the collaboration of their attractive Milf friends and their hubbies push this site into another level of sexy fun entertainment. I have learned not to underestimate her. This movie is highly recommended.

Apache Warrior

Apache W
[email protected]     

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