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Bad Girls

Studio: Wicked Pictures » Review by Dr. Jay » Review Date: 9/28/09

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Genre: All sex.
Director: Brad Armstrong
Cast: Angelina Valentine, Brad Armstrong, Chris Cannon, Derrick Pierce, Erik Masterson, jessica drake, Justin Magnum, Kaylani Lei, Kirsten Price, Lee Stone, Herschel Savage, Mikayla, Nautica Thorn, Regan Reese, Tommy Gunn, Victoria Sin.
Length: 02:51
Condoms: Yes
Bonus: One bonus star for jessica drake and Mikayla Mendez, both recipients of one of my Dr. Jay's Must See Girls Awards.


Wicked Pictures' release, Bad Girls, is composed of six all-sex vignettes that each revolve around a "bad girl" theme. The girls are car thieves, hookers, pick pockets, cat burglars, graffiti taggers, and bikers. However, no matter what their illicit manner of employment, each of the eight scrumptious girls in Bad Girls proves the old saying that "Good girls go to heaven. Bad girls go everywhere!"

Speaking of bad girls, the cast includes a group of really good "bad" girls. It includes superstar jessica drake, gorgeous Latina Mikayla, tall and statuesque Kirsten Price, exotic Nautica Thorn, and edgy-looking Regan Reese. Also featured are Angelina Valentine and Victoria Sin, two girls who are relatively new to me.

Couples-friendly Bad Girls was created by award-winning director Brad Armstrong. I genuinely appreciate Brad's work...especially his "epic" releases such as Curse Eternal. However, Brad's thoughtfulness, creativity, eye for detail, professionalism, and technical prowess behind the camera are not lost on even his "wall-to-wall" releases such as this.

One of the things I like about Brad Armstrong's work is his use of lighting. Several of the scenes in Bad Girls are in dark locations or are set at night. However, even when the overall lighting level is low--and the scene feels "dark"--we can always see the in-and-out action. This is professional work, and is a far cry from the typical stuff I see coming out of porn valley!

Each of the six scenes in Bad Girls begins with a creative and relatively involved set-up as a sumptuous female narrator (what a sexy voice) introduces us to the girl or girls featured in the forthcoming scene. For example, the set-up to Scene One features a car heist by exotic Nautica Thorn and Kirsten Price. One of my favorite girls--and winner of one of my 2007 Dr. Jay's Must See Girls awards--jessica drake, plays a pickpocket who relieves three businessmen of their wallets--and then their sperm--in an elevator.

No matter what the scene's theme, director Brad Armstrong does a very nice job of providing a visually-stimulating setting, an interesting scenario, and good sex that goes far beyond the trite "let's fuck on somebody's couch" routine that's so prevalent in today's marketplace. Kudos, Brad, for bringing your feature professionalism to this vignette movie.

Check out some photos of the girls in Bad Girls here. Pay particular attention to the photos of Angelina Valentine in one of her first scenes...prior to her breast implants. Also take a look at the shots of the biker foursome (Regan Reese, Victoria Sin, Lee Stone, and Tommy Gunn). Enjoy!!


Note to readers: My reviews are provided in two parts. This webpage provides you with an overview of the scene's setup and action as well as my ratings for sex, video, audio, and production values. A separate Word document checklist details the foreplay activities, positions, pops, and features of each scene...as well as the calculation of each scene's ratings. The checklist for Bad Girls can be downloaded here. You'll need a password. It's drjay2008.

Look for scenes and movies with a 4.5 or higher (A) sex rating and at least 4.0 (B) in video, audio, and production values. Those are my favorite scenes and I'm quite certain that you'll like them, too.

Scene 1

Scene Type: Boy/girl/girl threeway
Performers: Kirsten Price, Nautica Thorn, Eric Masterson

Overview: After a very erotic and well-edited music-video-style striptease sequence, sexy car thieves Nautica and Kirsten break into a Chrysler 300 in a parking structure. After the girls hot-wire the car, but before they can escape, a police officer (Eric Masterson) catches the them in the act. Rather than subject such gorgeous girls to incarceration, officer Eric is willing to mete out their "punishment" right then and there...in the parking lot. Of course, the threeway sex that transpires is--in no way--punishment for anybody! The girls get out of the car, give Eric a brief strip show, share a threeway kiss with him, open his zipper, pull out his flaccid cock, and suck him to full mast in no time (Is there anything better than two girls sharing one dick?). They also stroke and deep-throat his shaft, make jawbreakers, and gobble his balls. Horny Eric responds by manhandling their naked breasts. Kirsten is the first to get fucked--in missionary--as she lays on the hood of the Chrysler. To increase her considerable pleasure, lusty Kirsten, groaning with ecstasy, uses very energetic back-and-forth moves in sync with Eric's thrusts. Of course, her fine and all-natural breasts bounce joyfully in reaction. Kirsten's vagina reacts, too, and soon gives her a screaming orgasm. During this segment, both Nautica and Kirsten inflame Eric's lust with well-chosen naughty commentary. Next, Kirsten lies on the hood of Eric's police car while Nautica bends over the hood in doggie. Eric, of course, reams Nautica's pussy from behind (great camera angles) while Nautica simultaneously feasts on Kirsten's tasty pussy. During doggie, Eric takes some short breaks from the in-and-out action so that Kirsten can suck Nautica's juices off of his condom-protected penis. Kirsten also increases Nautica's pleasure by jacking her clit, by kissing her open mouth, and by fucking her face. Eric makes Nautica cum and then Kirsten mounts and fucks Eric in reverse (great moves--and bouncing boobs--Kirsten). Meanwhile, Nautica jacks Kirsten's clit. As the scene continues to unfold, the girls share Eric's pussy-juice-covered cock and then Nautica rides him in cowgirl (awesome moves, Nautica!) until she makes herself cum again. After some more two-girls-on-one-dick deep-throat pussy-to-mouth, Kirsten takes another reverse cowgirl ride as she bounces up and down on--and grinds--Eric's lucky dick. Nautica, too, gets another chance to show off her superb moves as she fucks Eric in cowgirl. Meanwhile, horny Kirsten watches and masturbates. Nautica cums again and then, in just the nick of time, steps off Eric so that he can stand, tear off his condom, and blow his load into both girls' wide-open mouths. Then, with their mouths full of semen, the girls simultaneously lick Eric's still-quivering cock before kissing each other to share his bounty. This is a strong and hot scene. 

Sex rating: 5.00
Video rating: 4.50
Audio rating: 5.00
Production values rating: 4.70

Scene 2

Scene Type: Boy/girl
Performers: Angelina Valentine, Derrick Pierce

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Overview: Sexy--and multiply tattooed and pierced--Angelina Valentine, brandishing a paint spray can in front of a large graffiti-filled wall, flashes gang signs, poses, and moves erotically for us as the camera worships her curves, hot outfit, and sexy dark glasses. In the background, bad boy Derrick Pierce adds a few strokes to the wall's mural using his own spray paint. Angelina also adds her touches to the wall. Of course, sexually ripe-and-ready Angelina captures Derrick's attention. So, he stops his work, sits on a bench with Angelina, kisses her mouth, licks her face, and caresses her flesh with his greedy hands. Soon, Derrick tugs up Angelina's top so that he can lick, suckle, and bite her erect nipples. Meanwhile, Angelina helps Derrick remove his shirt. Soon, Derrick's attention becomes focused on the bounty between Angelina's legs. He pulls aside her panties, strokes her labia with his fingers, and then licks her bejeweled clit and tongue- and multiple-finger-fucks her vagina. After Derrick lets Angelina suck his pussy-juice-soaked fingers clean, Angelina spends a short time masturbating. Then, she helps Derrick pull down his jeans, licks his semi-erect penis with her pierced tongue, and then takes it into her insatiable mouth. Angelina takes Derrick's immediately-hard rod all the way down her throat, makes stringers and jaw breakers, and gobbles his balls while he tugs and caresses her flowing black hair. Then, while the sound of busses and vehicular traffic fill the air (suggesting that all this is going on in public), Derrick sits on a bench and enjoys the ride while Angelina powerfully fucks him balls-deep in reverse while screaming with delight and yelling delicious obscenities. After an abrupt edit, the couple spends some time in missionary as Angelina lies astride the arm of the concrete bench (great camera angles and close-ups). While they fuck, Derrick reaches down to stroke Angelina's pierced clit and caress the "landing strip" of pubic hair that crowns her vagina. And, Derrick takes a break to spit on and lick Angelina's beautifully groomed pussy, too. Meanwhile, Angelina's natural boobs bounce wildly and groans of passion escape her lips. As the scene continues, Angelina kneels on the bench, in doggie, so that Derrick can ream her cunt from behind (very nice camera angles and close-ups). Angelina fucks back, screams nasty commentary, and, as her body collides with Derricks, her ass flesh gyrates and jiggles. Derrick rewards Angelina's enthusiasm by spanking her meaty ass cheeks. Derrick reams Angelina's pussy until he's ready to explode. Then, he pulls out and rips off his condom so that, when Angelina positions herself in front of him, he can splatter her face with his semen. Angelina sucks and milks him dry, looks into our eyes triumphantly, and then strokes Derrick's abdomen with her nicely manicured hands. It's a shame that Angelina never came in this scene. 

Sex rating: 3.80
Video rating: 4.50
Audio rating: 5.00
Production values rating: 4.50

Scene 3

Scene Type: Boy/boy/boy/girl blowjob
Performers: jessica drake, Chris Cannon, Eric Masterson, Herschel Savage

Overview: Although I don't favor blowjob-only scenes--because they're selfish on the part of the guys involved--I must admit that this one is quite hot...not so much because of the sex (in my mind, there isn't "sex" if there's not something inserted into a pussy or asshole!) but because of the star (jessica drake), the scenario, and the very artful editing in which clips of jessica stripping and posing nude are interlaced with clips of her blowing the three guys. The scenario revolves around jessica's "bad girl" employment as a pickpocket. On an elevator, she helps herself to Chris', Eric's, and Herschel's valuables. Bad girl jessica is really good at what she does...most of the time, guys don't even notice that they're getting ripped off. You see, she uses lots of "distraction--" like cleavage, beaming smile, shapely leg, and so on--to take guys' minds off their property. Before they know it, their pockets are empty. She even has an "exit" strategy in case she's discovered...she blows the guys out of their minds. And, that's exactly what she has to do in this extremely well crafted scenario during which Eric catches her in the act. Once the guys "shake her down" so that all their belongings fall out of her clothing and onto the elevator floor, they open her top and strip off her pants, kiss her mouth, caress her curves, squeeze and suckle her boobs and superb ass cheeks, and open their zippers. Of course, jessica can take a hint. So, she drops to her knees and gives all three guys memorable hand/blowjobs, replete with stringers, jawbreakers, and deep-throating. Multi-talented jessica can even service all three dicks at once...one in her mouth while she clamps her hands around the other two. To end this short--yet very effective--scene, each of the three guys pops into jessica's wide-open mouth. Naughty jessica swallows much of their semen, but lets some flow out of her mouth and onto her fabulous breasts. Then, she vacuums and milks the cocks dry. Even though I'm not a fan of blowjob-only scenes, and my rating scale doesn't give them very high scores, I must admit that the overall feel of this scene--the visuals and the music--are very effective. Of course, jessica drake is always a Must See Girl! 

Sex rating: 3.20
Video rating: 5.00
Audio rating: 5.00
Production values rating: 5.00

Scene 4

Scene Type: Boy/girl
Performers: Mikayla, Justin Magnum

Overview: Mikayla plays a hooker who plies her trade on the street in front of the mural that Angelina and Derrick worked on in Scene Two. Mikayla, wearing a very sexy and revealing black outfit, flashes her magnificent boobs, caresses her flesh, and poses seductively to catch the attention of passersby. Soon, her moves pay off when Justin, the driver of a Jaguar, pulls up to the curb and bids her to get into the car. After negotiating a price, Mikayla gets in and they head off for a night to remember. After finding a concealed, dark, and out-of-the-way location in a parking lot, Justin sits in the passenger seat of his car as Mikalya squats outside and gives him a combination hand/blowjob (her fingers are gorgeous). She swallows him balls deep, makes stringers from his rod to her mouth, and licks his shaft and balls. Then, as the sounds of traffic enhance the "danger" of this "public" sex, Mikayla bends over the trunk of the Jaguar so that she and Justin can fuck in standing doggie (she matches his thrusts with her own sexy moves). Meanwhile, Justin pulls on Mikayla's long black hair and she strokes her clit, groans pleasurably, talks a little-bit nasty, and squeezes her ass flesh. Next, they transition to reverse. As Justin leans against the rear quarter-panel of his car, she straddles him and fucks and grinds his condom-sheathed penis with oh-so-sexy moves. During reverse, Justin increases Mikayla's pleasure by stroking her clit and labia with his fingers and by squeezing and caressing her hard body. Later, without benefit of transitioning footage, Mikayla and Justin lie on the ground beside his car and share some appealing spoon-style sex (Mikayla's beautifully-sculpted breasts bounce beautifully). Mikayla encourages Justin to fuck her harder and harder ("C'mon, you fucking bastard! Fuck my pussy good!") and is rewarded with increasing pleasure that causes her to moan and pant ecstatically. Then, because her client's pleasure comes before her own, she begs him to: "Fuckin' cum for me, you fuckin' pervert!" So, unable to contain himself for another minute, Justin pulls out, stands and towers above Mikayla's face, and gives her a meager facial as she grins with delight. (It must be hard being a hooker who needs to "reward" such a miserable pop!). Then, gallant Mikayla gives her john a thorough vacuuming as the scene fades to black. It's too bad that Mikayla put Justin's needs ahead of her own. She let him pop before she had a chance to cum. And, Justin, playing a selfish john, never went down on her beautiful vagina. Since I always enjoy eating pussy and like to see Mikayla climax, these facts are a letdown. 

Sex rating: 3.25
Video rating: 4.50
Audio rating: 5.00
Production values rating: 4.50

Scene 5

Scene Type: Boy/girl anal orgy
Performers: Regan Reese, Victoria Sin, Tommy Gunn, Lee Stone

Overview: Regan Reese and Victoria Sin play biker chicks on the prowl for dick after a long day's ride. (Ryder, who has a "tough girl" look and numerous edgy-looking tattoos and piercings, is perfectly cast as a biker chick. She's super-hot and deserves a look!) The girls find their objective at a dilapidated roadhouse when they spy Lee Stone and Tommy Gunn in the parking lot. Regan soon hooks up with Tommy while Victoria sets her eyes on Lee. Tommy shares his flask with Regan while Victoria goes for a more direct approach and shares her tongue with Lee. Soon, both couples are enjoying hot foreplay: titty sucking and squeezing, fondling, kissing, pussy-to-crotch grinding, ass-to-cock grinding, cock squeezing (through their jeans), fellatio, deep-throating (Victoria can REALLY swallow!), handjobs, stringers, and hair pulling. In due course, the couples move on to sex. Tommy and Regan fuck in reverse. Regan pounds him energetically while she strokes her own clit and he squeezes her fine bouncing breasts. Meanwhile, Lee and Victoria have vaginal sex in modified standing doggie (Lee holds Victoria's right leg aloft so that her body is at a right angle to the ground). Of course, both girls, being "bad girl" biker chicks, really enjoy fucking the guys and scream with ecstasy! Later, the couples change partners (so the scene becomes an orgy) when Tommy pounds Victoria's cunt in mish while Lee reams Regan from behind in standing doggie (Regan performs pussy-to-mouth on Lee's condom-protected cock). Meanwhile, the girls share an open-mouthed kiss. Throughout this segment, both girls increase their pleasure by fingering their own clits. And, the girls please each other, too, by stroking and squeezing the other girl's flesh. The guys give both girls screaming orgasms and then it's time for anal: Tommy fucks Victoria's asshole at redline speed in cowgirl and in reverse. Victoria even "double penetrates" herself by ramming two fingers up her cunt while Tommy fucks her ass. Meanwhile, on the other side of the roadhouse's porch, Lee and Regan fuck vaginally in cowgirl, reverse, and standing reverse (Lee stands and tosses Regan's body up and down as she faces away from him). To end this very hot scene, Lee fills Regan's mouth with his semen (she swallows almost all of it--except the small amount that didn't land in her mouth) and Tommy splatters Victoria's face and tits with his seed. Greedy Regan then licks the cum off of Victoria's breasts before kissing her open mouth. Had there been some cunnilingus, this would have been a great scene! Even so, it's still hot! 

Sex rating: 4.50
Video rating: 5.00
Audio rating: 5.00
Production values rating: 4.70

Scene 6

Scene Type: Boy/girl
Performers: Kaylani Lei, Brad Armstrong

Overview: Kaylani Lei, dressed in an all-black "cat suit," plays a burglar. After negotiating the side of a building to gain access to the roof of a multi-story building, Kaylani breaks into a lawyer's office, finds the safe, opens it, and unloads its contents. Unfortunately for Kaylani, her presence did not go entirely undetected...a security guard (Brad Armstrong) discovers her larceny. Kaylani soon discovers that there's only one way out of her mess...she has to let Brad into her panties. First, however, Brad somewhat roughly restrains Kaylani by holding her back tight against his chest while fondling her still-clothed pussy with his practiced hands. Soon, Kaylani relaxes and warms to his touch. She kisses him, undulates her hot body against his, helps him tug down her pants, groans pleasurably, and enjoys having her pussy stroked by Brad's frantic fingers. In due course, Kaylani turns to face Brad, unzips his pants, pulls out his dick, strokes and licks it, and then takes it into her insatiable mouth. Kaylani's fellatio technique includes lots of stringers, deep-throat thrusts, jawbreakers, and a willingness to let Brad fuck her mouth and throat. Soon, Brad's lust intensifies to the point where he simply must taste Kaylani's pussy. So, he turns her around, shoves her against the safe's door, bends her over, and slips his greedy tongue between her ass cheeks so he can lick, tongue-fuck, and four-finger-fuck her juicy pussy and rim her asshole (great camera angles). Of course, Kaylani groans with delight: "Fuck, that's good!" she exclaims. And, she even shoves her body back and forth to make his finger penetrate deeper. When Brad is ready to move on to sex, he simply stands and shoves his cock into her oh-so-ready vagina and then fucks her in standing doggie as she continues to lean against the safe's door. Randy Kaylani even fucks back as she matches his strokes with her own. During doggie, Kaylani enjoys a bit of pussy-to-mouth. Then, they return to doggie for a short while before transitioning to reverse. As Brad sits on the floor in front of a bookcase full of law books, Kaylani shows off her sexy moves as she fucks him hard and deep. Brad, essentially pinned in position, sits back, caresses Kaylani's hard body, and enjoys her first-class fucking and grinding moves as her body begins to glisten with sex-induced sweat. Too soon, I think, Kaylani tells Brad, "I wanna take that cum." So, she kneels while he stands above her and jacks his rod until he pops onto her face and tits and into her mouth. Unfortunately, Kaylani then spits out Brad's generous load. Although this scene should have had a lot going for it...great scenario and gorgeous cat-girl...it fell flat on several counts. First, Kaylani didn't climax. Second, the scene is too short...only two positions...for any real heat to develop. Finally, remember girls...if he pops in your mouth, "Don't waste it. Taste it!"

Sex rating: 2.75
Video rating: 4.50
Audio rating: 5.00
Production values rating: 4.80


This DVD-9 disc contains a full-motion chapter selector; multiple chapters per scene; two soundtracks (5.1 Dolby Surround and a Spanish audio track); a short trailer for Bad Girls; a 14-minute four-girl orgy from Manhunters that features jessica drake, Exotica, Kirsten Price, and Carmen Hart; a five-minute self-running slide show; "Star Galleries" (self-running slide shows of pictures of the all the girls featured in the movie); "Star Stats" (text biographies of Wicked girls jessica drake, Kirsten Price, and Kaylani Lei); trailers of six additional Wicked releases; a three-minute Wicked Pictures promo reel; a five-minute phone sex ad; DVD-ROM materials (computer wallpapers and a link to the Wicked site); and a 25-minute behind-the-scenes (BTS) featurette. The BTS includes impromptu interviews of the girls and director Brad Armstrong; video of the still photo shoots; behind-the-camera footage; additional footage of the sex scenes; and set-up of the scenes. This selection of extras is above average in today's marketplace. Four stars!  

Final Thoughts

Overall sex rating: 3.75
Overall video rating: 4.67
Overall audio rating: 5.00
Production values rating: 4.70

Dr. Jay

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