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Lexington Loves Latinas

Studio: Mercenary Pictures » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 10/5/09

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Lexington Loves Latinas 1

Mercenary Pictures

Genre: Compilation, Edited scenes with Latinas

Director: Lexington Steele & others

Cast: Anell, Ava Devine, Cali Couture, Carmen, Emma Cummings, Felony, Ice La Fox, Katie Cummings, Luscious Lopez, Mercedes Ashley, Nadia Styles, Olivia Del Rio, Rio Mariah, Sheila Marie, Rebeca Linares, Victoria Sinn, Havanna Ginger; Lexington Steele, Erik Everhard, Marco Banderas, Toni Ribas, Jean Claude Batiste, Johnny Depth

Length: ~215 minutes (13:40+11:54+12:07+11:51+11:45+23:58+25:58+14:21+14:42+11:42+12:22+51:06 minutes)

Date of Production: 7/27/2009 (compilation itself, not the scenes)

Extras: There was a photogallery and some trailers along with a DVD slip cover.

Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Lexington Loves Latinas 1 was presented in a 1.33:1 ratio full frame instead of as shot by various directors in widescreen for Mercenary Pictures in the MPEG-2 codec. The lighting was decent, eliminating the grain and video noise of some of the older works from the company. The composition of the shots was decent and tended to enhance the look of the ladies most of the time; the assorted directors generally following a standard set by the company to insure some visual consistency. There were a few bits here and there that needed polishing up but it was pretty well done overall. There were few compression artifacts and any edge enhancement wasn't noticed when I watched the flick; probably thanks in part to the lighting (but the bitrate hovering around the 4.1 Mbps range or lower did not help much). The audio was presented in 2.0 Dolby Digital English (using a 192 Kbps bitrate) with no separation between the channels and kind of limited music added in after the fact. The vocals were also a bit unbalanced as there were times when you couldn't hear them well at all and other times when they were as plain as day but as an early effort by the performer turned director it showed a continual level of improvement; more than most at the company have displayed from what limited titles I've seen since the company's inception.

Body of Review: Mercenary Pictures has been testing the compilation market of late, some of their work better suited for the original scenes that were not so heavily edited, but times are tough and even Lex probably has to watch his costs these days. The latest release in the line making it my way was Lexington Loves Latinas 1 this last weekend, a title where Lexington Steele bones 18 women in 17 scenes, sometimes assisted by a handful of his peers both in front and behind the camera. I state up front that some scenes were edited so much that I lost my taste for them but as a sampler, it was worth checking out given the strength of so many decent performances. Here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Scene One: Superwhores 8: Anell, a fleshy Latina wearing tiny red shorts (that did little to cover her sweet ass) and a black top, joined a bedridden Lexington Steele after he rested up and found himself in need of some action. I've grown fond of this gal lately, not just because she was so fine in person at last month's show (though I suspect that has a part in it) but due to her ability to show why a sturdy built gal is superior to a waifish boy yet again. She took off her top to blow him, savoring his massive meat as she licked it and sucked on the head while jerking him off slowly, keeping eye contact with him rather than "perform" for the camera. The oral included some titty fucking but not enough before Lex massaged her ass and started poking her pussy with his magic wand. She aggressively rode his cock, impaling herself on the dark prince; her ass cheeks rippling in the process. They continued to screw with her going balls deep on his dick, some limited slow motion used to emphasize how rare it was for a gal to handle him that way. It ended when he came on her ass, popping a moderate load of population pudding; ending another fine scene. Yum!

Scene Two: Lex Steele XXX #2: Ava Devine, an Asian with impossibly large implants, did Lex, Toni, and Johnny on the couch. The sex included a DP and was over-the-top in terms of her vocals.

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Scene Three: Fresh Out The Box 12: Cali Couture does Lexington Steele showing a newcomer is not the best way to go with the man of Steele. Vaginal and oral sex with the genetic juice moderately spread onto her chest.

Scene Four: Lex Steele XXX #1: Carmen, the most generic name for a Latina chick outside of Maria, was up next in a scene with Erik Everhard and Lexington Steele. I described it this way years ago when it was in complete form and I was just trying to give a quick description of what took place of interest: Carmen, the gal on the front left side of the DVD cover and a hotty herself, enjoyed not only Lex but Erik too. The guys gave her a DP of epic proportions.

Scene Five: Culos Gigantes #4: Emma Cummings, who just happens to have car trouble and makes her way to Marco's place in hopes to use his phone. Marco opens the door in just a long towel wrapped around his waist , he leave her alone giving her some privacy to make her call. Emma then notices the huge black dildo on the end table and picks it up to play with it. Not knowing she is being watched, Marco and Lex are like two bys n the candy store watching Emma get all hot and bothered. Busted by them Lex and Marco have some fun with her and waste no time in enjoying her oral skills. They each take Emma vaginally while she works her mouth on the other. After a lengthy tapping they give her a double load facial. (review by Ravyn)

Scene Six: Superwhores 7: Felony, a busty gal with long, wild hair and a nasty attitude, was up first as she showed her dirty streak by walking out on the porch to molest a quiet Lexington Steele as she smoked her cancer stick. Her outfit was the same as featured on the front DVD cover and fans of ladies built for comfort over speed (like me) will find her curves very appealing. She unzipped his pants and whipped out his monster cock, getting him hard in her hand before sucking him off with a polished manner that is indicative of her professionalism. He played with her a little too but the initial emphasis was on her trying to stuff as much of his cock in her mouth as possible before actively riding his cock in her sweet little pussy. Her fleshy ass cheeks rippled as she bounced on him, going balls deep like her mouth only wished it could. The scene almost ended when he rubbed out a load onto her face but he wanted to go drilling for more so he started anew inside of her willing pussy. The second load was small but she seemed to enjoy every thrust of his pecker, marking it as a good opener.

Scene Seven: The Dark Side of Marco Banderas #1: Ice La Fox, Marco Banderas, and Lexington Steele all teamed up to give a really heated tryst that was weakened here by the extensive edits applied to the scene. She was loud, loved cock, and showed the men that she was in charge here despite Marco trying his best to dominate her.

Scene Eight: Fresh Out The Box 11: Katie Cummings and Lexington Steele went at it in a scene that Tina Tyler shot awhile back, another that appeared to be heavily edited. The two enjoyed each other, went down and then screwed vaginally before his wad of genetic juice hit her face.

Scene Nine: Lex Steele XXX #7: Luscious Lopez, the curvy Latina with the ample sample of an ass seen on the left hand side of the front cover, was up first as she paraded through the house in her black thong, matching PVC top and fishnets. Asking Lexington Steele if he "really wanted it" as though there were any other answer that a red blooded male could possibly give. She teased in POV fashion and Lex was stoking up on it, the fullness of her body charging him up for action as he played the voyeur for the moment. Lex then left the camera behind to his subordinates, going straight to her ass where he gave her some tongue action, the couple pawing each other like horny teenagers. After Lex was through with the oral, she dropped to her knees to please him, working the top couple of inches with her mouth before bending over to present herself. She took him vaginally and anally in various positions, Lex driving it deep inside her regardless of the spot. To her credit, she was aggressive and active with a sense of passion regardless of where he was boning; her anal a sight to see compared to others the man has worked with of late. She did a moderate amount of taste testing between positions too, ultimately coating her mouth with population pudding in the living room where they ended up. It was a great starting scene that left some of the other scenes wanting but these two have a history of solid scenes together. Whew!

Scene Two: Superwhores #2: Mercedes Ashley, perhaps the roughest gal of the bunch in terms of raw sexuality and willingness to do anything at all to stand out from the crowd, began her scene wearing a black patent leather top and short shorts with a collar and boots to round it out. Her dirty talk was better than all the others combined and I have to admit her sweet ass looked good to me. This gal had been around the block, perhaps several hundred blocks, but she fit perfectly into the theme here and I'd like to see her really pushed to her limits. She's taken on Mandingo, the only guy larger than Lex, but that scene wasn't nearly her best work. She almost took him all the way inside her and the way she ground her hips into him while he was boning her was hot! In general, I think her potential wasn't yet met but it was a lot of fun to watch her try him out for size.

Scene Three: Top Guns #8: Nadia Styles, an attractive brunette that has since "found god", was up next as Jimmy Scaffnetti shot her with Lexington Steele, the gal wearing glasses and a one piece bathing suit for her job interview with Lex on the pale green couch. There was a truncated amount of oral loving here but fans of anal will appreciate how well she took him up her ass before the facial. I strongly suspect this came from Top Guns #8 but can't be sure given the editing and lack of reviews online to search from.

Scene Four: Lex Steele XXX #1: Olivia Del Rio, looking great (and better than I've seen her elsewhere lately), started things off here with a bit of awesome tease. She's the hotty on the left side of the front DVD cover if you aren't sure who she is. Her and Lex go at it for quite awhile and both had a good time. Yum!

Scene Five: Lex Steele XXX #1: Rio Mariah, a small but attractive gal, took all Lex could dish out here which was done with some real heat. Again he went back for seconds and I could swear I saw is dick coming up her stomach he was so large in comparison to her.

Scene Six: Fresh Out The Box #7: Sheila Marie is a long-haired brunette with a large pair of knockers. Sheila starts off her scene by vigorously shaking her tits while waiting for her man to show up. Once he does, Sheila drops to her knees and starts to suck him off. He has a huge cock, but Sheila was able to handle it with ease. Out of nowhere a second guy (Jean Claude Batiste) shows up Sheila is now faced with handling two guys. Sheila gets violated in the missionary position followed by spooning, reverse cowgirl, and doggy style. After more then twenty minutes Sheila's hard work is rewarded with one sloppy cumshot aimed right at tummy and another at her face! Sheila was left looking like a freshly-glazed donut. (review by Peter Rockwell/Bobby McGee)

Scene Seven: Superwhores #10: Rebeca Linares, Victoria Sin, and Lexington Steele went for the gold in this scene (originally at least). The ladies were wearing skimpy lingerie (much of it white like their silk stockings), admiring themselves in front of the mirror before Lex gave them a bone to own orally. The edits were abrupt but soon had them doing anal and kissing, enjoying a facial for their hard work.

Scene Eight: Black Reign #6: Havanna Ginger (as Mika Brown), the hotty featured on the front DVD cover looked a little like mainstream star Morena Baccarin from the Firefly series although she was not dressed the same in the scene as on the cover. In the scene, she had a studded collar and red bikini outfit with matching garter; a look that really worked well for her I might add. After the usual tease, she took on the powerful Lexington Steele orally, showing less ability to inhale him than a few of the others in the movie do but a solid attempt nonetheless. I don't see a lot of scenes in kitchens, due largely to the imposed limitations of the backgrounds, but Lex proved to be up to the task as he tore into her with abandon on the granite counter. If you want to see a lean gal getting "Lexized", this will work for you although he did most of the work and her vocals were limited. She did some PTM before getting anally ravaged (doing ATM too), but that aspect of the scene wasn't any better than the vaginal work. I like the gals to fully participate, not sit back and let the man do all the work (I get that at home), but I'm sure she felt good to Lex and earned her place on the cover despite the fact that she wasn't the best of the cast sexually.

Summary: Lexington Loves Latinas 1 by Mercenary Pictures will appeal mostly as a sampler of Lex's work with Latina women than anything else, some of the scenes ravaged by cuts while others stood firmly on their own immediate strengths. Part of me hates edited scenes a great deal while the rest of me pragmatically accepts that in harsh economic times, companies have to do whatever it takes to survive, the marketing of the company's products over the years extremely spotty (unlike most high end companies, Mercenary seems unable to afford sending screeners to reviewers across the spectrum, limiting their availability for award placement and promotions) so I rated this one as a Rent It to allow the viewers to decide what they prefer as individuals. In short, Lexington Loves Latinas 1 was not a bad selection of scenes for a compilation and many of the edits were not immediately apparent so you will find it has a lot of fuck for the buck if you are otherwise not in the loop about how fine some of the original scenes were in terms of quality and quantity.

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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