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Thigh Harness

Studio: Babeland » Review by Beautiful Dreamer » Review Date: 10/7/09

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

As a recent owner of my first thigh harness, I jumped when XCritic offered me the opportunity to try another style- a neoprene one from Sportsheets. While it isn't as adjustable as my leather one, I could easily see where this one would be more versatile, but we'll save that for the bed test.

When it first arrived, I kept giggling to myself that it looked identical to a knee brace. It definitely isn't the sexiest harness I own, but I am going for function here. It's made of neoprene, meaning it's vegan friendly, and it closes securely around the leg with velcro. Over time I can see the velcro wearing out, but with it's affordable cost I don't really consider that a huge strike against it.

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The o-ring portion is approximately 1.25 in diameter, but I can stretch a 1.5" dildo through it quite easily. Anything small than 1" in diameter and you may have some issues with your dildo slipping. I do recommend measuring before buying this harness. It fits up to a 21" thigh. I am a size 14 and had no problems with fit, but because my legs aren't as toned I did find it tended to slip slightly down my leg. It fit well on my partner's athletic structure though.

Neoprene is relatively easy to care for. It can be washed with a mild soap. If you do take this into a pool or hot tub, be sure to rinse it thoroughly after as the chemicals will deteriorate the material at a much faster rate. As long as it is washed thoroughly between partners, this should be able to be shared- something that leather can't offer.

And the bed test. We totally ditched the idea of the bed and instead headed to my pool. It is neoprene after all and it had me completely ready to jump in. My partner had secured this to his thigh before getting in and I'm happy to say that it held it's place well even when wet. I used some silicone lubricant (a must for water play) and he held me against he pool wall and fucked me silly. It was quite an experience seeing it was dark and my dildo was a very different shape and size than his actual penis.

This thigh harness is not only affordable, it's surprisingly versatile. With the ability to use it in the bedroom, out of the bedroom, and even in the water, it's an ideal harness for both beginners and those looking for to really spice up their sex life. The only draw backs it that the velcro will not last as long as a buckle on a leather harness and that it won't fit everyone. As long as it'll fit you and you have a dildo between 1-1.5" in diameter, it should make for a great time. I'm saying Highly Recommended.

Beautiful Dreamer

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