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Flight Attendants

Studio: Adam & Eve » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 10/7/09

XCritic's Advice: Highly Recommended

Flight Attendants

X-Play Media/Adam & Eve

Genre: Comedy

Director: Will Ryder

Art Director: Scott David

Cast: Teagan Presley, Lexi Love, Misty Stone, Jack Lawrence, Sunny Lane, Eric Swiss, Hillary Scott, Brad Hardy, Barry Scott, Eva Angelina, Kacey Jordan, Eric John, Shyla Stylez, Randy Spears, Kayden Kross, Evan Stone

Non-sex roles: James Bartholet, Michelle Maylene, Kenzi Marie, Cali Couture, Farrah Foxx, Chastity Lynn, Thomas Ward, Dino Bravo, Scotty Lyons, Paul Dridley, Ron Jeremy, Scott David's Dad, Scott David, Unique Styles, Rick "the Big Guy" Garcia, Ivan, Misty Stone's friend, others not credited

Lexi Love and Teagan Presley

Length: 186:17 minutes

Dates of Production: 6/15/2009 to 6/24/2009

Lexi Love and Misty Stone

Extras: The first disc had a fun audio commentary starring Jeff Mullen, Kayden Kross, James Bartholet, and Scott David, that chimed in on various topics as the movie played. They tended to cut it short during the sex scenes for some reason (heck, it's not like most people will listen the first time they watch the show) but otherwise, you could tell from the excited manner in which they spoke of the movie just how much effort they put into it. There was no bonus sex scene as mentioned but given the length of the movie and depth of the other extras, I don't know where they would have fit it in. In any case, the second disc had a lengthy series of Behind the Scenes features and interviews that provided a detailed look into the show, the director thanking a lot of people along the way. For the BTS features, there was: BTS Part 1: On the Set (30:52 minutes), Part 2: Cleared For Take Off (30:42 minutes), Part 3: Lights Camera Action (30:41 minutes), Part 4: Cleared to Land (29:19 minutes), Part 5: Outtakes and Bloopers (10:01 minutes), Part 6: Behind the Music (13:09 minutes), Part 7: Shooting the Sex (22:45 minutes), and Part 8: Quiet on the Set (2:24 minutes). While each had a slightly different focus, most of the technical aspects were covered from the production (short of editing, only the editing of the BTS by Nick Ventura getting some attention), including Will on the music of all his productions, the long days, the use of special effects like green screen, the hardcore sex included in the scenes, and even some of the press on location like Bobo and Dominick Acerra having a good time.

Sunny Lanewith Eric Swiss

In short, as I write up the review and listen/watch the rest of these, the fact that the sequel was shot at the same time, helping spread out the costs (this flick came in at six figures deep), and how close the final cut came in to the awards deadline was predicted were evident. The hours put into this one by the cast & crew wore them down a little, the director going crazy when he called me back in June and the personalities getting to him. The extras continued with a 19:14 minute long Director/Producer Travelogue where Scott David and Jeff Mullen tried to fill in the cracks regarding the making of the show (always adding in nods to their previous works). Next up were the interviews: Kayden Kross (12:37 minutes), Sunny Lane (8:32 minutes), Hillary Scott (5:03 minutes), Eva Angelina (9:07 minutes), Lexi Love (5:40 minutes), Teagan Presley (8:09 minutes), Misty Stone (9:39 minutes), Randy Spears (8:11 minutes), Eric Swiss (3:52 minutes), James Bartholet (14:56 minutes), Brad Hardy (7:25 minutes), Will Ryder (6:22 minutes), and Scott David (6:39 minutes). Teagan was interviewed by her husband Joshua (co-owner of Skinworxx) separately in a grainy bed setting but the rest were done on the sets or in the offices of the director, all of them providing some positive comments regarding the movie, the most notable absence being the Mighty Evan Stone not having an interview. Lastly, there was an 8:16 minute long photogallery for those that still like still photographs.

Hillary Scott with Brad Hardy

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Condoms: None

Audio/Video Quality: Flight Attendants was presented in a crisp, anamorphic widescreen using a 1.78:1 ratio as shot by director Will Ryder for X-Play Media. The resolution was 480p on the SD version of the movie and the codec employed was the usual MPEG-2. The bitrate on the feature tended to hover around the 3.2 Mbps mark when I spot checked it, the even lighting allowing for all the proper body equipment to be seen in motion easily but also mirror the look of the show itself. One of the things many directors have trouble with is properly lighting sitcums or features, especially when they are going to be compared to mainstream projects such as this one, but the team handled this just as nicely as they have in the past, only the opening credits looking kind of weird (the text overlapping the cast pictures). There were very few visual elements that were not very much in tune with making the movie look mainstream (cable ready) and the DVD appeared to handle them very well. Scott David as Art Director and Co-Producer again elevated the title substantially, providing the proper counterbalance to Ryder's dedicated visions of the shows. The editing by Mark "Nick" Dawop at Copper Digital (AKA: "the sixth floor guy" who also handled a variety of other technical aspects on the movie) was as upgraded as ever, the end result in a class by itself. The audio was presented in the usual 2.0 Dolby Digital English using a 192 Kbps audio bitrate and 48 kHz sampling rate. The vocals were decently recorded with few moments sounding like they were dubbed or otherwise looped. The theme song invoked memories of mainstream work too though it was completely different, adding to the fun (and topping some of those well liked William H. Nutsack ditties I always talk about).

Eva Angelina and Sunny Lane with Eric Swiss

Body of Review: Will Ryder & Scott David have been credited with transforming the porn industry in the last couple of years, bigger companies trying to emulate their highly regarded sitcums on the cheap, usually with predictable results. One of the biggest criticisms the haters pull out when dealing with the success of this duo is how they lack the creativity to make something completely original since they rely so heavily on making parodies at X-Play Media. In response to this charge, they made Flight Attendants, a comedic look at an airline in need of a makeover when it crashes a jumbo jet into a Florida swamp (feeding lots of alligators in the process). With passenger confidence failing, the crew at Global Airlines does something drastic, becoming the most customer service oriented airline in the business, if you catch my drift. Adam & Eve served as the distributor and the all star cast included Sunny Lane, Teagan Presley, Shyla Stylez, Kayden Kross, Eva Angelina, Hillary Scott, Misty Stone, and many others as well as a bunch of top male talent like the Mighty Evan Stone, Randy Spears, and Jack Lawrence. There was a lot of one liners and veiled references to pop culture icons here, the result of which was a truly enjoyable fuck flick that had some of the best sex you will see in a feature to date. Here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

Kacey Jordan with Eric John's johnson

Scene One: Teagan Presley, the ever popular hotty from Deviance, was up first in a long awaited lesbian tryst with a hotty near and dear to my crotch, Lexi Love. The two were in bed and came across as having some chemistry as they went down on each other, Lexi's enthusiasm alone enough to heat up the moment. When either of them had their ass in the air, the cameraman wisely zoomed in on it, the gals using a large glass dildo and Teagan leaving her bra on due to her implant injury. The scene took awhile to get started after significant glimpses into the pair getting hot and heavy but it was well worth the wait.

Shyla Stylez

Scene Two: Misty Stone, a totally hot black gal once she's made up, and sexy Lexi Love, were up next in bed with Jack Lawrence. His understated performance in the plotted portions of the movie was really solid but his sexual stamina with the ladies a better selling point this time. The ladies were masturbating when he walked in on them, Kayden staying off to the side watching as the ladies double teamed his pecker orally. They licked his shaft and balls thoroughly and even sat on his face, his wad freely flowing onto their faces as Kayden rubbed her lovely titty. While there was no penetration here, the milking of his genetic juice seemed to work as part of the story, and slowly elevate the dynamic of the sexual portions (from lesbian to blowjob only to couples and trios).

Kayden Kross

Scene Three: Sunny Lane, a superstar hotty blond, was up next as she slobbed the knob of lucky Eric Swiss in the plane, the pair discovered by the Global Air crew but given five minutes to finish up. She worked at the rival airline and he was part of the Global ground crew (his character was much like some of the Bill Murray characters in terms of goofiness, such as in Caddyshack) but you would never know they worked for opposing teams given the seriously heated hummer she gave him. My favorite part of the blowjob was when it went to a POV camera angle, all the ambient noises "supposed" to be there included as she went to town on his rod. He did not pop here (saving his load for later per the commentary) but there should be sufficient fodder for those at home engaging in some hand to gland combat.

All the important media were thanked

Scene Four: Hillary Scott, finally out of her "$1 million dollar contract" and sporting darker hair, was up next in a set of trysts including pilot Brad Hardy and pool boy Barry Scott. I know the company billed this as two separate scenes but given the way they appeared paired up and tied together, I felt it more reasonable to describe it as one. Initially, she was on the couch with Brad eating her out while she screamed loudly in pleasure, this resulting in her inhaling his cock orally like a trampy slut all of us would like to drill. She spit a lot and he was called away, truncating the scene way too early so the disgruntled Hillary took the first guy available, her pool boy, when he caught her masturbating. Barry "helped her out" by feeling her tits, Hillary's dirty talk pushing him further to feel her dripping wet snatch. This turned into her kneeling before him to blow him, her talented mouth again showing her worth in the industry, a little POV action becoming him plugging her pussy. He took her in several positions but she seemed uncharacteristically passive during the penetrative portion of the scene, even her anal forcing him to do all the work while she laid back and applied some mechanical dirty talk. Had she shown more true emotion (or at least acted as though she was having fun), the scene would have been much better, his wad of population pudding gracing her mouth before it closed up.

The BTS extras

Scene Five: Eva Angelina, a curvy brunette n her comeback tour, awesome Sunny Lane, and amusing Eric Swiss, were up next in a tryst that I found far more satisfying than the last scene. It started at the ticket booth where he ate Eva, moving to a plane where they slipped off to continue their semi-public pounding. Eva showed him why she was "#1" when she gave him a passionate hummer, the slobber going all over the place as she worked his shaft. He fingered and ate her too though Sunny joined them to take over the oral so Eva could get more of the cock she craved. Eric then came up behind Sunny to give her a bone of his own, the vaginal plowing moving to Eva as Sunny provided oral support on both of her partners. Both gals were most actively riding when on top of him, the ladies sharing his semen after it went on their faces.

The interviews

Scene Six: Kacey Jordan, a dream girl cutie with blond hair and baby blue eyes, was up next in the control tower blowing Eric John. It was another short hummer-only scene, Thomas Ward keeping his back turned and offering no commentary as she inhaled some cock until he bust a nut in her mouth. With a gal this cute, it is almost unforgiveable to limit her work like this (the same goes for Lexi and Teagan too).

What an awesome cast!

Scene Seven: Shyla Stylez, the bustiest blond bombshell in the entire movie, was up next with co-pilot Randy Spears once they were underway in flight. She asked if she could get the crew anything, the resulting nosedive forcing them to go into the back after he stuffed his face between her sweet ass cheeks. Once in the back, they started pawing each other and her great big tits came out to play, Shyla teasing him as he diddled her juicy pussy. She playfully blew him and he reciprocated, focusing his tongue on her clitoris before she impaled herself on his pecker actively. It was a chemistry filled, heated ride with Shyla so turned on that she fingered her own ass, the taste testing punctuating the positions until he vaginally drilled her to the point of popping on her tongue (where she savored the flavor of his meat stick).

The director at work, pushed for time

Scene Eight: Kayden Kross, the beautiful lead of The 8th Day known for her looks over her performances, was up last as she lay in bed with the Mighty Evan Stone. His lines changed with her mood in a comedic manner, most of his work in the movie (except the physical comedy of the boarding gate scene) was subdued for the guy but suitable to add humor in balance with the rest of the production. Once the dynamic that they were screwing just for sex was established, he asked her if she'd tickle his ass with a feather, Kayden's sweet mouth seductively wrapping around his cock in a hearty hummer. As a great many people have pointed out in the past, her performances have never been her strong point but the director took special pains to draw up her inner slut, the two talking about it in the extras section a few times. After a great deal of coaching, the light finally clicked in her head and the result is this, Kayden's best sexual performance to date where her solid, hand-assisted blowjob led to a moderately active vaginal ride, the gal diddling herself as Evan tore into the pussy of hers. She pushed back to meet his thrusts at times and aurally coaxed him to drive deeper too, inhaling his pecker one last time to drain him dry of genetic juice that dribbled down her face.

Will Ryder and Scott David, the creative duo behind X-Play Media

Summary: Flight Attendants by director Will Ryder for X-Play Media proved what I have said about his work for a long time now, that once he tried an original work, he would provide a world class show. The fun factor combined nicely with the fuck factor, the wealth of extras enhancing the package substantially above most releases to date so I rated it as Highly Recommended. I have no doubt that fans will be watching this one for a long, hard time and it again proved the lack of circus act sex did not harm the heat quotient one bit, the chemistry between the performers quite high in most cases and whatever minor technical issues that arose were not deal breakers at all. In short, Flight Attendants was another huge winner put forth by the guys at X-Play Media that will probably spawn another renaissance in the industry, the big budget sets and extensive pre and post production work very rare these days indeed. If you're looking for the hottest ladies having the most fun and just enough comedy to keep you otherwise rolling around laughing, this was a great choice to add to your collections.

Sunny Lane

Eva Angelina's ass

A fantasy orgy that might be seen in Flight Attendants 2

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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