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Heavenly Desire

Studio: VCA » Review by The Mooninite » Review Date: 10/11/09

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The Movie:

Directed by Jourdan Alexander in 1979, Heavenly Desire is a strange mix of genres - it starts off as a western, moves into supernatural/occult film territory, and then segues into a frat comedy. While both the front and back cover art has nothing whatsoever to do with the movie (you'd think VCA would want to sell the fact that Seka and Serena are in this, not plaster some unknown woman's image all over the packaging but what do I know, this is a picture that probably shouldn't have ever worked but does thanks to some good casting.

When the film begin, it's set in the days of the wild west. Serena and Seka are hookers working in a brothel. Seka and her beau, Johnny Hardin, are admiring their new baby but then the mood hits, baby finds the floor, and Johnny gets head. After fucking Seka's twat for a bit she tells him to come on her tits and so he does. After he blows his load, he puts on his gold lamee suit and heads out to the street where he's shot down in dual. Serena and Seka get caught in the crossfire and drop dead on the spot.

Cut to 1979. A black guy in a purple pimp suit (Johnny Keyes from Behind The Green Door) and wearing a bone necklace shows up in a big car - with no one behind the wheel! He gets the ladies into the back seat with him and tells them that he's the devil and that if they want a good time, they'll stick around with him rather than waste their time going up to heaven. The pair dimwittedly agrees and they head to the building that was once the brothel where they were employed to find that it's now a frat house for a bunch of dopey college girls. Two of the newest pledges are still virgins and ol' scratch wants to see them deflowered. He figures his spectral whores are the right girls for the job and so he tells them that if he can get those girls to fuck, he'll reserve a spot in hell for them.

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One of the virgins his Hillary Summers and as she makes out with her boyfriend on the bed, Seka moves in and jerks him off. He thinks it's Hillary doing the job, but nope, ghost-Seka strokes him and then sucks him to a finish. The other virgin is Dani Williams. She's in the car with her boyfriend, Mike Ranger, invisible ghost-Serena, who tries to get them going by popping Mike's cock out of his pants and Dani's right boob out of her shirt. It doesn't work and Dani runs away and takes solace in the arms of the house mother (Eileen Wells) who tells her not to fight nature and to let it take its course while ghost Serena eats Dani's pussy.

Johnny Hardin's been reincarnated as the local handyman and is apparently the only one who can see Serena and Seka, which leads everyone to think he's crazy. At any rate, some of the college girls, one of whom is Lisa Delleuww, chase him around and eventually Aubrey Nichols and Debi Gunter trap him. He fucks the pair and they make out with one another a bit while back at the house the landlord, Jamie Gillis, has shown up looking for the rent. The house mother only has half of it so she lets him take one of the girls, Aubrey Nichols again, off with Liza Dwyer. They head up stairs and have a decent three way.

Eventually Seka and Serena get the virgins to spread and put out for their guys and once they've been fucked, they head downstairs where Johnny Keyes has set up some sort of initiation rite for them to get into the fraternity. The girls eat some of the other girls out to get started and then suck some of the guys off and everyone, including our ghost whores and the devil, all have a big old orgy to finish the film off in style.

All in all, not a bad film. The cast are into it and the comedy works considerably better than you might expect it to. The acting might be a little awkward in spots and the dialogue is often times as dumb as a rock but Keyes makes for a great devil and Serena and Seka are always fun to watch. It should be noted, however, that this VCA release is cut. The old VHS release from King Video includes a scene where Serena vaginally fists Eileen Wells and Dani Williams. That isn't included here, which is unfortunately a rather ridiculous move on VCA's part (they seem a bit chop happy with their classic titles).



This feature was shot on film and is presented on this DVD fullframe. For a movie that's roughly twenty-five years old, Heavenly Desire doesn't look terrible here though the lighting in the film is pretty poor and as such, it's a little on the dark side. It's taken from a tape master and you'll spot some tape roll in a couple of spots but at least it's a master that was in good shape. The colors are a little faded and there's some aliasing in some scenes and there are minor problems with the contrast but the picture is clean and clear and stable for the most part. It's far from reference quality but for an older production, it's perfectly watchable - but the 'digitally re-mastered' logo on the front is misleading, as there's been no restoration here.


The Dolby Digital 2.0 sound mix is in English and is pretty standard stuff, no better, no worse. Dialogue comes through clear enough and there I didn't notice any problems as far as synching or levels are concerned. It's hardly an Earth shattering mix in any way, but it serves the film just fine and the cheesy Casio soundtrack sounds alright.


Extras are limited to an internet link, phone sex ads, still menus and chapter selection for the feature. Disappointing.

Final Thoughts:

While the cast elevates this one, making it more entertaining than it probably had any right to be, VCA's presentation shows some pretty obvious disregard for the film and the big 'digitally re-mastered' logo on the front is more than a little misrepresentative and on top of that its cut. The movie's worth a watch, but the DVD is nothing to write home about. Rent it.

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