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Skater Sex 1

Studio: Other » Review by Poindexter X » Review Date: 10/11/09

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Production Date: October 2008

Directed By: Koloff

Runtime N Rubbers: 2 Hours and Three Minutes. Yes.

One: DT:

DT is a good-looking dude with a dark buzz cut, beard stubble, and a tall/slender/smooth body with plenty of ink (one is a quote from Socrates!) He used to be a thesbian and has the classic comedy/tragedy masks tattoo to prove it. DT rubs the crotch of his baggy blue jeans and soon yanks 'em off to jack his big fat cut cock. Sliding his fist up 'n down, DT pleasures himself with plenty of nice close-ups of that throbbing veiny meat with legs spread nice 'n wide. Dude pulls his pork and the viewer will also get a tasty peek at his hairy gooch 'n plump balls. To finish up, DT shoots a thick load of jizz on his skateboard.

Two: JT:

Cute dude JT has short reddish-brown hair styled in a feaux-hawk, a light beard, and slender/smooth body with at least one tattoo. Dressed in black leather pants and a tight black Exile tee shirt, JT informs the viewer that he loves to be the center of attention, sings back-up vocals in a rock 'n roll band, and digs black dudes. He pulls his large veiny clipped dick out and starts stroking his meat sliding his fist up 'n down the blood-engorged shaft while filling the room with heavy breathing. At one point, JT finds himself in them missionary position showing off his tight shaved bunghole. Screeching past the point of no return, dude cuts loose with a large wet load all over his stomach.

Three: Max Pfeiffer and Kamrun:

Kamrun (good-looking with closely-cropped black hair, goatee, and a toned/lightly hairy body with heavy tattoos) and Max (cute emo type with longish black hair parted in the middle and a slender/smooth body) get right down to male-male lovin' with some deep wet tongue kissing while feeling each other's bodies. Soon totally naked, Max strokes Kamrun's hard uncut cock where the foreskin continues to cover the knob even when completely stiff while Kamrun returns the handjob favor on Max's thick unclipped dick.

 Kamrun chows down on his buddy's throbbing tool giving excellent head as his hungry mouth slides up 'n down. Wanting to provide some oral pleasure of his own, Max takes Kamrun's pork into his mouth and gives a good blowjob. Kamrun switches things up a bit by licking Max's tight shaved bunghole with some nice camera shots of the rimming. The guys then find themselves in a side sixty-nine on a groovy shag carpet while both gorge on delicious uncut tube steaks.

Kamrun slides in from behind and fucks Max fast 'n smooth doggy-style with no penetration shots. Luckily, the dudes switch positions quickly and Max plays a fast 'n wild game of the old sink/bounce humping up 'n down hard 'n quick with hot penetration shots from behind. The guys switch up once again and Kamrun bangs Max quick 'n smooth in the missionary position with plenty of good penetration shots from above. To finish their love-session, the guys sit side-by-side and pull their puds. Kamrun squirts a large thick load that flies out of his piss hole landing all over his stomach and balls. Max shoots a small wet load on Kamrun's chest and stomach.

Four: Kai:

Kai is a very good-looking dude who looks to be part Asian. He has a shaved head and a toned/smooth body with some ink. Dressed in a tight black tank top and baggy black jeans, Kai tells us that he's pretty much open to lots of things and is very sexual. Kai also happens to have a very flexible body and can bring his legs all the way back behind his head. Once naked and legs spread nice 'n wide, he shows off his tight shaved bunghole 'n plump balls while tugging on his stiff cut cock. Kai does indeed get his legs behind his head and looks like a human pretzel while jerking off and playing with is tasty asshole. Dude puts on an excellent show bending over to give the viewer additional looks at that tight pucker with lots of nice camera shots. For the big show stopper, Kai gets back into the pretzel position and squirts a large load into his mouth, on his face, and on his stomach. Kai eats his cum.

Five: Rusty and Daniel:

Rusty (good-looking with short black hair, goatee, and toned/smooth body) is hanging out with Daniel (cute with gelled brown hair and a toned/smooth body). This is the first time Daniel has been with another dude. The guys are still fully dressed when they begin rubbing each other's baskets, thighs, 'n legs though baggy blue jeans. Rusty takes the lead yanking Daniel's jeans and briefs down revealing shaved pubes, plump nuts, and an uncut cock. He takes that dick into his mouth and gives some good head sliding his mouth up 'n down the growing member to full erection. While Rusty is busy playing the skin flute, he also jerks on his own fat cut dick. Unfortunately, Daniel does not reciprocate so Rusty is doing all the work. Daniels stands and beats his meat shooting a large load into Rusty's waiting mouth and on his face. Rusty chokes his chicken and cuts loose with a small wet load on Daniel's stomach.

Six: Max Pfeiffer:

We have already seen cute emo dude Max in his scene with Kamrun. This time he's solo and begins with talking about how he's been using a skateboard for two years. It's been one month since Max has had sex so this quiet but friendly guy is more than willing to show off. He strips down and gives the viewer a good look at his shaved pubes, plump balls, and hard uncut cock with the foreskin still covering the knob. Max lies back on the couch and beats his meat with plenty of mouth-watering close-ups as he works his foreskin back 'n forth over the knob and finally shooting a large wet load on his stomach. Max fills his belly button with delicious cum.

Seven: Kai and Randy:

Good-looking Kai has already made an appearance in a solo scene. This time he is paired with a cool-looking daddy named Randy who has a shaved head, goatee, and average/smooth body.  The dudes get right down with some deep tongue kissing and body rubbing leading Randy to take Kai's cut cock into his mouth and give some excellent head complete with deep throat all the way down to shaved pubes. Kai clearly digs the blowjob and beings fucking Randy's mouth while filling the room with heavy breathing and moans. These two are definitely into the action. The dudes rub their cocks together while kissing and then Randy sucks Kai's hard nipples. Kai beats his meat and shoots a large thick load on Randy's tongue leading Randy to suckle that mushroom cock head and the suck Kai's cummy fingers. Kai jacks Randy's fat cock until he cuts loose with a thick load on Kai's chest.

Eight: Rusty:

Rusty was first featured in a scene with Daniel. He's a good-looking dude with short black hair, toned/smooth body, and has an Asian look. He's one of my favorites and really fits the look of the dudes I tend to like. Rusty has been riding a skate board since the 1990s when he was a kid. He rubs the basket of his baggy blue jeans and is soon sliding his lubed fist up 'n down that fat cut cock pleasuring himself concentrating on the flared purple knob while filling the room with deep breathing and moans. Rusty bends over showing off his fine bubble butt and it's too bad that we do not get to see his hole. Rusty wanks off and shoots a thick load on his skateboard.

Nine: Daniel:

Daniel is the cute dude who did not reciprocate in his earlier scene with Rusty. Perhaps he can redeem himself here and not appear to be such a tight ass that lets another dude do all the work for his cheap climax. Friendly and talkative, this time Daniel looks like he may be wearing a bit of eyeliner. He soon has that big long uncut cock out and jacking off while filling the air with sighs and heavy breathing. At one point, Daniel bends over and exposes his tight hairy bunghole and begins rubbing the pouting pucker with nice camera shots. In the end, he squirts a large wet load on his face, chest, and on the floor.  

Ten: Max, Kai, and Rusty:

All three dudes have already shown their "stuff" in previous scenes. This time, these horny fuckers get down with some man-sex. The dudes are fully dressed and lying in a big bed as the scene opens. Quickly enough, they strip down and begin rubbing bodies. Rusty exclaims, "Even though I'm not gay, I feel like giving some head. Who wants to get some head from me?" Max is the lucky winner and Rusty chows down on that tasty unclipped pole giving a very good blowjob as he slides his wet hungry mouth up 'n down.

Switching over, Rusty gets down on Kai's stiff cut cock giving the same groovy head before stating, "I clean houses for a living." Hmmm. Kai fucks Max doggy style smooth 'n quick as Max and Rusty kiss with deep tongues. There are some nice penetration shots from above and the side. Switching up, Kai fucks Rusty doggy style fast 'n smooth with some nice penetration shots from above while Rusty sucks Max. Kai shoots a thick load of jizz in Rusty's mouth and on his face and chest.  Rusty busts a nut on Max's stomach and thigh. Max cuts loose with a thick load on Rusty's mouth and chest.


Skater Sex Volume I is shot directly on high quality video and presented in wide screen with an aspect ratio of 16:9. For the most part, the handheld videography is good providing full coverage of all the action. There are a couple of times when the butt sex penetration could have been shot better but there are plenty of great close-ups of the jacking, cock sucking, bungholes, and most of the penetration. The picture quality is sharp and clean.


The sound is clear allowing the viewer to easily hear the dudes as they talk and then get down with moans, groans, sucking sounds, and heavy breathing.


The disc includes an interactive menu, scene selection, chapter stops, a photo gallery slide show, and groovy music video remixes of each scene.


I love non-pretty alternative looking dudes and Skater Sex Volume 1 provides 'em. I like the amateur feel of this video with the handheld videography and cheap looking set. The guys are all appealing and obviously dig showing off for the camera. I Recommend.

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