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Hot House Backroom Vol. 11

Studio: Hot House » Review by Rod Woodman » Review Date: 10/12/09

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

DATE OF PRODUCTION - 6.24 - 8.14.08

DIRECTOR - Robert Drake

RUNNING TIME - 1 Hour 18 Minutes (plus trailers)

CAST - Blu Kennedy, Kai Ford, Luke Cassidy (2), Shane Frost, Ethan Wolfe, Ross Hurston, Lucas Knowles, Adam Herst, Rusty Stevens & Jasper St. John.

BODY TYPES - Tightly Muscular , Mostly Smooth, Well-hung Guys in their 20s - early 30s

GENRE - All sex scenes, shot in simple settings for HotHouseBackroom.com and transferred to DVDs.

CONDOMS - Always

OVERVIEW - There are five unrelated sex scenes - four duos and a super-hot threesome - all similarly and inexpensively shot on the same or similar sets.  A lot of the guys are Hot House Exclusives and appear in regular Hot House releases as well.  Technically they are meant to be viewed one at a time on the Web, but this particular DVD series is presumably comprised of some of the best of the Web scenes.  They are very tightly edited, with a no-nonsense, "get to the action" approach, sometimes giving a slightly rushed feeling.


SCENE 1 - KAI FORD & BLU KENNEDY - I am such a fan of Blu Kennedy that this is bound to be prejudiced.  He has that short red hair, smooth muscular body, slightly crooked smile and big thick dick - what's not to love?  And luckily, Kai Ford seems to feel the same way.  They're sitting on a sofa kissing as the scene starts.  Blu is already naked to the waist in a pair of Levis, and Kai is in a tank top and pants, but not for long.  Kai stands and removes his shirt.  His pants come down, and Blu goes to work sucking his dick.  Then Blu stands, drops his pants, and Kai drops to his knees to suck on Blu's big dick.  Blu then lies back on the bed and jacks his dick off as Kai shoves his equally desirable dick down Blu's throat.  After some eager sucking, they 69 with Kai going down on Blu from the top and Blu working Kai from underneath, sucking his dick and eating his ass.  Neither one has any body hair, but Kai has an intense tattoo running down his left thigh.  When they get enough of this position, Blu kneels down, ass out, on an ottoman, while Kai slips on a condom and lubes up.  The action has either been sped up by editing or they're moving very fast.  Within six minutes, they're fucking.  We get to see Kai's very nice muscular butt, as he rams his dick into the very versatile Blu.  Suddenly Blu is on his back and condomed-up, and by eight minutes, Kai is riding high atop Blu's pole.  They both have nice big dicks, but they could take a little more time to enjoy themselves.  Now Kai is on his back on the sofa, legs in the air, and Blu is fucking him missionary, kissing as they fuck.  Kai strokes his dick, as Blu slams his ass.  Blu takes over jacking him for a while, and then Kai takes over again.  Blu keeps pounding Kai, determined to fuck the cum out of him.  Finally, Kai shoots a long stream of jizz on his stomach, and they lock lips and mouths again.  Blu then sits back on the couch and pounds his dick.  Kai kisses him, rubbing his thigh and playing with a nipple, until Blu, too, erupts.

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SCENE 2 - LUKE CASSIDY & SHANE FROST - Shane is bare-chested, as they stand to kiss.  Luke gets his shirt off, and they kiss some more.  Luke sucks his nipples, drops to his knees and gropes Shane's crotch.  Unbuttoning his fly, he unleashes Shane's big dick and sucks on it.  (They are on the same set as Kai and Blu were.)  Luke exposes his very fuckable butt to the camera, as Shane's dick gets bigger and bigger.  Shane kisses him and then pulls him up to kiss some more.  They both get out of their pants, and Luke kneels on the ottoman.  Shane goes for his ass and takes long tongue swipes across his hole and licks it open.  Suddenly, Shane has a condom on and his dick slides in Luke's ass for some doggie action.  Shane stands on the floor to pound Luke's butt.  They stay in that same position, fucking and fucking.  They then stand and kiss.  Luke goes on his back, his arms wrapped around his legs to get some missionary moves and fucked some more.  Shane grabs Luke's cock and balls for some leverage while pounding him.  At first, Shane jacks him off as his fucks, and then Luke takes over as he gets bigger and harder.  Shane then moves up to Luke's head to jack off over him.  Luke shoot a big load on himself in anticipation, and Shane sprays Luke's chest.  Do they kiss?  Don't they always in the Hot House Backroom?

SCENE 3 - ROSS HURSTON, ETHAN WOLFE & LUCAS KNOWLES - Two well-endowed exclusives and a mega-hung guest provide the hottest scene on this DVD.  The ever-ready Ross is shirtless and lying back reading a magazine, when Lucas enters with his new friend Ethan.  They are all hot for some action, and NOW.  They kiss and grope one another, but Ethan is the center of attention, and rightfully so.  Ross and Lucas get Ethan's shirt off.  Lucas drops his pants and frees his big thick hard-on, aimed directly at Ethan's ass.  He reaches around Ethan to undo his pants and let them drop.  Ross immediately eyes and goes down on Ethan's monster cock, getting his own sizable dick out at the same time.  Lucas works on Ethan from the rear, while Ross deep throats that cock.  Everyone is now naked and going at it.  Lucas comes around to Ross's right side, so that Ross can suck, back and forth, on both Lucas and Ethan.  Then Lucas reaches across Ross to get a taste of Ethan's dick, too.  Lucas next goes down on Ross, who is still busy on Ethan's missile.  Ethan goes for some of Ross's dick, too.  They all head for the sofa for some ass action.  Lucas eats the spread-eagled Ethan, as he jacks off and sucks on Ross.  Then Lucas deep throats Ethan for a while.  The very versatile and accommodating Ethan next kneels on the ottoman, so Lucas can fuck him, and he can keep eating Ross's dick - a spit roasting session with some champion dicks.  Ross then turns Ethan over on his back to fuck him missionary, as he jacks himself off with one hand and Lucas with the other.  He then sucks on Lucas, as Ross continues to pound his ass.  Lucas spews a huge load of cum all over Ethan, kisses them both and cuts out.  Ross and Ethan kiss and fuck some more.  Suddenly, Ethan is lying back on the sofa kissing Ross.  They BOTH jack Ethan off until he shoots his load.  Then Ross jacks his own dick off and cums.  They kiss, and Ross scoops up what cum he can and eats it.  Great guys and a very hot scene.

SCENE 4 - ADAM HERST & RUSTY STEVENS - This time it's Adam lying back shirtless, reading a magazine.  Rusty comes in and asks what he's doing, to which he replies, "Waiting for you."  Well, at least he didn't start without him.  They kiss and get right down to work.  Adam gets Rusty's shirt off and kneels down to pop his dick out of his pants.  He licks all around his balls and finally starts sucking his dick.  Rusty then kneels on a sofa, and Adam eats his pucker hole.  He gets in there licking and sucking it, bringing his fingers into play.  I always think, naively, that this is a warm up to getting fucked, but no.  Soon, Rusty is the one with the condom on his dick, and Adam is kneeling down to take it up his ass.  Rusty stands on the floor and pounds his ass, slower at first, and then faster and faster.  Adam is soon on his back on the sofa, one leg in the air, with Rusty ramming his ass missionary.  Adam likes his toes sucked, and Rusty is all too glad to accommodate him as he fucks.  They both have those tight muscular bodies so in evidence on this DVD, and in some strange way, look related to one another.  Adam strokes his dick and lets fly his load on his stomach.  Rusty pulls out and jack his shot on Adam.  And, you know - they kiss.

SCENE 5 - LUKE CASSIDY & JASPER ST. JOHN - This time, it's Jasper, naked but for a pair of jockeys, lying on a sofa.  Luke enters and checks out "sleeping beauty".  Even before they kiss, Luke pulls Jasper's aroused large dick out of his shorts.  Luke goes down on him, getting his exposed butt fingered by Jasper's roving hand in the bargain.  Luke gets his shirt off.  They kiss and Luke sucks some more.  Miraculously, their shorts and pants disappear.  Luke stands, and Jasper sucks on his big dick.  Before long, Jasper bends Luke over the sofa and eats out Luke's hole, sucking his dick from the rear through his legs.  As in the last scene, one might see this as a prelude to Luke's getting fucked, but again, no.  Suddenly it's Jasper who's leaning over the sofa, and Luke's fucking him doggie-style.  Then Jasper sits down on Luke, as he lies back on the sofa. Jasper leans back on Luke to give the camera a great view of Luke's dick plunging up into his ass.  Then, with Jasper on his back, one foot held behind his head, Luke rams him missionary.  Jasper jacks off as Luke fucks.  His big dick gets bigger and bigger.  He holds both feet with one hand as Luke keeps going.  He fucks until Jasper lets go with a stream of jizz. It's such a great shot that we get to see it again from a different angle.  Then Luke jacks off and cums over Jasper.  Do I need to say it?  More kissing.

VIDEO - As with all Hot House DVDs, the technical side is pro all the way.  Lighting is never an issue, the camera's in the right place at the right time and the shots are clear.  However, the editing jumps you forward from action to action with little warm-up or anticipation.  All the moves happen quickly, like they have a timer running - do this, do that, now cum!

AUDIO - You hear what you need to hear, casual dialog and the sounds of sex.  There is a light musical track backing the sex appropriately.  One funny moment happens in Scene 4 when Rusty says, "stroke that dick" while Adam is sucking him, but everyone needs a laugh from time to time.

EXTRAS - The only additional materials are three trailers - for Hot House's MASTERPIECE, a hot-looking, all-sex feature with Ethan, Ross and a bevy of beauties including my personal favorite Slade; WOOD WORK, a construction-themed wonder; and TRUNKS 5, a poolside display of sexual action and the briefest of bathing suits.

FINAL THOUGHTS - Unlike their feature DVDs, these Web scenes tend to be good and well-made, but a bit rushed and predictable.  Except for that sensational Scene 3, they are all "kiss, suck, fuck, cum, kiss".  They are certainly well crafted, but not with a lot of variation or originality.  If what I've described turns you on though, give it a shot. You'll have a dependably good time.  It certainly should be RECOMMENDED.

Rod Woodman

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