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Studio: Pure Play Media » Review by Apache Warrior » Review Date: 10/13/09

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Genre: Gonzo

Director: ?

Cast: Mijah, Maridah, Jenna, Kalila, Donah, Anja

Length: 111 minutes

Date of Production: 8/1/2009

Extras: None

Condoms: Yes

Audio/Video Quality: The audio and video quality are good.

Overview:  Talibang is a Pure Play Media release that features all-amateur Muslim women. It is being promoted as a controversial release which is to cause a stir. Of course, Talibang is a play on words for the religiously, fanatical term taliban. Five of the ladies are wearing burkas. It is fortunate for the viewer that the only woman without one is the most beautiful lady in the movie. The director knew that she should not be covered up. Furthermore, several of the Muslim women do lose their wardrobe as the action moves on in their particular scene.



Scene One: It's important to mention that Mijah's performance is a nice sensual solo effort. The scene begins with her sitting while wearing a burka. Her body is covered except for part of her face and feet. The camera pans her body as she runs her hands along it. Moments later, she lifts her wardrobe to show off her sexy legs. The lady runs her hands on those sexy stems of hers. When she lays back, a cool shot of her bush is shown. The woman also exposes her cute bosoms. Mijah continues to run her hands on her legs and sex spot. So far, it is a nice tease. Then, she squeezes her titties together. Her sensual playfulness is hot. Afterwards, the focus is on her kitty briefly. Then, the hottie fucks herself with a vibrator. Her body is partially covered, but her best goodies are out in their glory. Her moans and heavy breathing are cool. After performing a good solo job in an enthusiastic fashion, Mijah puts the toy away and covers up her bod.


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Scene Two: Maridah is looking out her window at the city and traffic. The camera pans her body as she slowly pulls down her jeans to show off her hot ass. Soon, the lady pulls down her red panties briefly so that viewer can get a peek at her love spot. Suddenly, sirens go off outside and she returns to the window. Moments later, Maridah crawls on the bed and onto her man. She straddles him and runs her hands on his chest. Next, the woman rubs his crotch before she takes his meaty sausage from out of his jeans. Then, she licks it and strokes it. The lady has good eye contact with him. Suddenly, she asks him to put on a condom. After he covers his plaything, Maridah gives him a cool oral massage with her mouth. Her technique and rhythms are slow and steady. Later, she rubs it between her boobies. Next, another cock suck session begins. Then, the woman rubs her pearl while laying on the bed. Suddenly, he inserts his condom-covered cock into her. His rhythm is okay and she stares at the ceiling with no emotion. Later, she rides him and Maridah's facial expression gives off a sense of awkwardness. Although later on, it appears that she is enjoying herself a bit more. The energy level increases during the missionary activity. The doggie is okay. Finally, the lady pleads to him not to cum on her face so he obliges her wishes by depositing his man juice on her torso.


Scene Three: As the scene opens, the camera pans along Jenna's sexy hot body from legs to face while she is laying on the bed. The gorgeous lady shows off her natural tits and rubs them. Soon, she is playing with her beauty spot. Her beautiful looks and bod are huge turn-ons. Later, Jenna gets on her knees so that the camera can capture her pretty looking butt. Suddenly, the woman crawls to her stud and rubs his groin. She takes out his pecker and delivers a hot bj. She has a very pretty cock suck face. Her technique is very stimulating to both her man and the viewer. Next, after exposing her breasts, she rubs his dick on one of her tits. Then, she orally pleasures the man again. Afterwards, Jenna takes off her panties. Her kitty looks amazing. Soon, he fucks her mish style briefly before he plays with her sex spot with his fingers. Moments later, the guy goes back to fucking her. The action looks good. Then, he fucks her from behind. I like their enthusiasm. After their very good doggie hump, the beautiful woman rolls over so that he can pour his load on her kitty.


Scene Four: An American man has his hands tied behind his back with a cloth bag over his head. Kalila, who is wearing a very loose burka, walks towards him. The woman is interrogating him with a knife. She enjoys vocally putting down the captured American. He is sitting on a stool. The lady shoves him onto the floor. While giving him the water that he had requested, she drips it off her tit to his mouth. Soon, the man is sucking her tits. Later, Kalila drips it off her torso and he tastes the water on her pussy. When she removes her burka, the lady has a hot body. Her head is still covered. Then, the woman strokes his dick a while before sucking on it. Later, Kalila uncovers her face so that she can orally work on his manhood much more easily. Then, she shoves her muffin into his mouth while stroking his cock. Next, the man's female interrogator works on his dick again while caressing her breasts. Soon, she bounces on it as she talks back to him. However, the action is boring. After the cowgirl ride, she makes him cum by stroking off his cock.


Scene Five: A very friendly Donah is talking to the director. Suddenly, music is heard and she teases the camera by showing off her dance moves. She is sexy. Her smile is hot. A striptease begins. After getting naked, her sexy moves on the bed are cool. The woman is enjoying herself. There are some nice tight bush shots. Then, she applies her oral talents on a cock. Her technique is good. Later, Donah plays with her pussy before getting fucked by the man. Afterwards, she rides him with solid effort. Next, the woman sucks his dick again. However, a different Muslim lady takes over the bj session briefly. Her oral work is good. Soon, Donah returns to the action for a high energy doggie screw. At the end, he cums on her chest.


Scene Six: Anja is covered in a burka. Part of her face is exposed as she talks to the director. The background music is nice. Their chemistry is cute. Suddenly, the friendly woman rubs his pecker through his pants. Next, she orally pleasures his sexual package. The action is sensual. The close-ups of her bj work is hot. She has a determined look in her eyes. After her lengthy, but very sensuous oral massage, she makes him cum. Their cute chemistry continues after her work is done.

Final Thoughts: Unfortunately and how ironic that Talibang is not so much of a bang, but a flutter. The amateur Muslim women are nice looking, but the action is not superb. It's alright though. It is easy to tell that they don't have the same enthusiastic level as compared to American amateurs, but they do a fine job anyway. However, most of the fault has to go to their male partners who really lack much energy. Nevertheless, the standout is gorgeous Jenna with Mijah's solo effort and Anja's blowjob performance rounding out the main highlights. Talibang is a rental at best.

Apache Warrior

Apache W
[email protected]     

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