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Don't Let Daddy Know 4

Studio: Red Light District Video » Review by Dr. Jay » Review Date: 10/12/09

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genre: Gonzo
Director: Mark Wood
Cast: Alexa Benson, Courtney James, Jean-Claude Batiste, Kacey Jordan, Mark Wood, Steven French, Summer Verona, Talon, Tori Black.
Length: 02:36
Condoms: None.
Bonus: One bonus star for condom-free sex! .


Don't Let Daddy Know 4 is, as you might expect, a young-woman-themed gonzo movie. All the girls are purported to be 18 or 19 and they are all desperate to hide something from their daddies. For example, amazing Tori Black has interracial sex with two guys...one black and one white. She is terrified that her daddy might find out because he doesn't approve of such things (good thing she's not a bigot like her "daddy!").

The sex is hot and unfolds in five scenes: one vaginal/anal and the others vaginal-only. There are four boy/girl couplings and a boy/boy/girl threeway.

I like all the girls in Don't Let Daddy Know 4 but am particularly taken by both Courtney James and Tori Black. Make sure you check out these girls' movies. I was also blown away by Kacey Jordan's pussy (for years, Brittney Skye's vagina has been my favorite...Kacey's soon may become my queen instead!). And, if you're like me, you'll love Summer Verona's enthusiasm (she's the covergirl for Don't Let Daddy Know 4).

Don't Let Daddy Know 4 is a worthwhile watch, especially if you adore young, cute, and horny women. Check it out! 

Also, check out some photos of the girls in Don't Let Daddy Know 4 here. Pay particular attention to the photos of adorable Kacey Jordan and amazing Tori Black. Enjoy!


Note to readers: My reviews are provided in two parts. This webpage provides you with an overview of the scene's setup and action as well as my ratings for sex, video, audio, and production values. A separate Word document checklist details the foreplay activities, positions, pops, and features of each scene...as well as the calculation of each scene's ratings. The checklist for Don't Let Daddy Know 4 can be downloaded here. You'll need a password. It's drjay2008.

Look for scenes and movies with a 4.5 or higher (A) sex rating and at least 4.0 (B) in video, audio, and production values. Those are my favorite scenes and I'm quite certain that you'll like them, too.


Scene 1

Scene Type: Boy/girl
Performers: Summer Verona, Mark Wood

Overview: While cute-as-can-be, brunette, and all-natural covergirl Summer Verona sits poolside in a very hot bikini and chats on her cell phone with her girlfriend, Mark Wood boldly walks into the back yard and approaches her. Obviously, Mark is a persona non grata around Summer's house because she immediately orders him to leave: "You're not supposed to be here...you're bad!" Mark convinces Summer to ignore her father's warning and "be rebellious." Mark flatters Summer and tells her how cute she looks while he strokes his rapidly expanding cock through his jeans. It doesn't take much to convince Summer to defy her dad...and her inhibitions completely disappear when Mark lightly strokes her bare belly with his hands. Summer responds by squeezing the bulge in Mark's pants, by jacking his soon-liberated cock, by licking his shaft and balls, and by giving him sweet fellatio. Meanwhile, she tugs aside her bikini panties and strokes her gorgeous bald pussy. Of course, Mark likes Summer's adorable demeanor and soon begins to fuck her face. In due course, Mark convinces Summer to kneel on a deck chair and remove her bikini bottoms (she has a beautiful and colorful tattoo on her right ass cheek). After Summer lubes her pussy with a handful of her spit, Mark slides into her pussy from behind and fucks her in kneeling doggie that, of course, causes her cute medium-sized natural boobies to bounce delightfully. While Mark fucks her, Summer jacks her clit, talks nasty, and groans with delight. She also begs, "Don't tell my dad...I like that big cock in me!" After a while, Mark rolls Summer over into the missionary position and continues to pound her sweet bald pussy while kneeling between her legs. During this segment, Summer shows off her naughty vocabulary while her sweet tits dance joyfully. And, she shares her pleasure with us by looking into our eyes through the camera lens. As the scene unfolds, Mark and Summer walk indoors (we get to follow Summer's pretty ass!) where Mark lies back on a reclining chair and guides his trembling rod into Summer's wet cunt as she straddles him in cowgirl. Once her pussy has swallowed his whole rod, she fucks him with sexy and powerful moves that cause her gorgeous butt cheeks and tits to jiggle delightfully. Mark loves it and responds by squeezing and spanking her firm butt ("Fuckin' nice ass," he shouts!) and by squeezing and suckling her ripe tits. When Summer nears orgasm, Mark takes over and pounds her at redline speed as pleasure overwhelms her gorgeous flesh. Afterward, Summer lifts herself off of Mark's rod, turns around into reverse, mounts him again, and then resumes her youthful delight as she and Mark furiously fuck each other. Wow, they fuck each other VERY well and their chemistry is obvious...especially when they work together to give her another volcanic orgasm. After an abrupt edit, Summer lies on her back on a reclining chair and frantically jacks her own clit as Mark plows her pussy in missionary. Mish is punctuated with bouts of cunnilingus as Mark takes short breaks to lick up her tasty juices: "It's beautiful," he raves! After Summer cums again, Mark rolls her over onto her belly, spanks and kisses her superb butt cheeks, and then has her kneel in doggie for more fuck-from-behind action that includes a respite for nice-and-deep pussy to mouth. To finish up, Summer and Mark return to missionary so Mark can ramp up to his ejaculation. "I want you to cum in my mouth!' And, to prove it, Summer opens her mouth and sticks out her tongue. Unable to resist such a tempting target, Mark pulls out at the last second and pumps his load into her mouth and onto her face. Smiling broadly, Summer shows us her full mouth, swallows, and then giggles delightfully. "He tastes better than everybody," she exclaims. This is a great scene and Summer's gorgeous, nasty, and utterly delightful. 

Sex rating: 4.95
Video rating: 4.00
Audio rating: 4.00
Production values rating: 3.60

Scene 2

Scene Type: Boy/girl/anal
Performers: Alexa Benson, Steven French

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Overview: Mark Wood, from behind the camera, interviews 19-year-old Alexa as she smiles into the camera lens and confesses that she's going to give up all her holes in a few minutes. During the setup, Alexa shows off her "assets," including her "bubble butt," smiling face, pink-bikini-clad body, and curly dark-blond hair. She also tugs aside her bikini bottom so her bald and tight pussy can introduce herself to us. Soon, Mark hands Alexa a vibrator. She immediately strips off her bikini bottom, cranks the vibrator up to high, and then masturbates by holding the tip to her clit and by plunging it in-and-out of her pussy while fondling her sweet all-natural tits with her fingers. After Alexa makes herself cum sweetly, she agrees with Mark when he suggests a "man-made" dick. On cue, Steven French, already naked, steps up to Alexa and shoves his cock into her awaiting mouth. Alexa sucks and blows Steven enthusiastically (she deep-throats him, suckles his balls, and makes jawbreakers with his dick) while he fucks her mouth and tugs on her curly hair. In due course, Alexa lies back on a non-descript couch, spreads her legs, and plays with her pussy, declaring: "It's ready to be fucked." But, Steven wants a taste before he plunges his cock inside. So, he kneels between her legs and greedily eats, licks, and tongue-fucks her pussy. Then, while she holds her legs behind her head to provide Steven with complete access, he shoves his cock into her cunt and fucks her missionary style while her cute boobs bounce with delight, her fingers jack her own clit, and ecstatic sounds and naughty words escape her lips. During mish, Steven takes repeated breaks to gape Alexa's commodious cunt and to finger her G-Spot. Later, Steven rolls her over onto her side for more vaginal in-and-out action. Then, he dips his fingers into her cunt and then lets her taste her own juice. He also gives her his cock for some pussy-to-mouth action. As the scene continues, Alexa mounts and fucks Steven in cowgirl using very enthusiastic and powerful moves. Steven reacts by spanking her meaty ass and by matching her ferocious thrusts with his own. During cowgirl, they take brief time-out so that Steven can share Alexa's magnificent and hugely gaping pussy with us. Later, after some cock cleaning pussy-to-mouth, Alexa straddles Steven in reverse for some more high-energy vaginal sex punctuated with lots of nasty words and superb pussy gape shots. Next, Alexa straddles Steven's head so she can fuck his face (he rims her asshole and licks her pussy). Once Alexa's asshole is nice and slippery, she lies on the couch, spreads her legs, and pleasures her clit with the vibrator while Steven inches his cock into her instantly-accommodating asshole and fucks it powerfully in missionary. Almost immediately, a look of pure bliss begins to beam from Alexa's face as her pleasure builds inexorably: "Oh yeah! Fuck that ass! Oh my God, that feels SO good!" During a break from the in-and-out action, Steven dips his finger into Alexa's gaping asshole and then lets her suck his finger clean. Nasty, huh? Once they resume anal sex accompanied by vibrator-to-clit stimulation, Alexa shouts out, "This is gonna make me cum!" True to her word, Alexa soon screams through a massive orgasm. Steven doesn't let her come down from heaven. Instead, he continues to fuck her powerfully. Eventually, they transition to spoon for more pleasure-inducing anal sex intensified by Alexa's finger-to-clit action. After Alexa takes a break for some ass-to-mouth, she bends over into kneeling doggie and fucks her pussy and asshole with the vibrator. Steven then slides his rod back into her spit-lubricated asshole and fucks her with rapid-fire strokes while she exclaims, "That feels so good! You're gonna make me cum! DON'T STOP!" After Alexa climaxes again, Steven pulls out and, as Alexa kneels in front of him, he fills her mouth with his cream. She then shows us her full mouth and swallows every drop. "Yummy! Can't let it go to waste!" 

Sex rating: 4.90
Video rating: 4.00
Audio rating: 4.00
Production values rating: 2.40

Scene 3

Scene Type: Boy/girl
Performers: Kacey Jordan, Mark Wood

Overview: In many ways, the setup for Scene 3 is a repeat of Scene 2. Nineteen-year-old, lithe, and multi-toned blond Kacey Jordan sits in a couch (at least it's more attractive than the one in Scene 2) and answers very personal interview questions posed by, I assume, Mark Wood's wife Francesca Le. She also poses for us in her cute bikini, shows off--and jiggles--her gorgeous butt, tantalizes us with her tiny titties (I hope to God she never gets implants!), and whets our appetites with her inviting pussy. Damn, Kacey's body is TIGHT and CUTE! And, her interview answers reveal her NAUGHTY side! At the end of the interview, Kacey stands and walks across the room to where Mark Wood is seated on another couch with his massive cock at attention. Without benefit of any foreplay, Kacey immediately straddles Mark in cowgirl and slides her pussy down around his cock. I guess both of them are already so fucking horny that foreplay is not needed! Once Kacey's pussy has stretched to accommodate Mark's rod, he pistons in-and-out happily while Kacey pants ecstatically and encourages him with well-chosen words. Soon, Mark's cock is redline-fucking Kacey's slippery hole while he occasionally spanks her superb ass cheeks. And, Kacey fucks him back, too. Later, Mark lifts petite Kacey and carries her to another couch, lays her in missionary, and then continues to pound her bald and beautiful cunt (her pussy is really attractive!) while she giggles and groans with delight and exclaims, "Fuck me hard! I like watching it!" After taking a short break so that Kacey can suck Mark's cock clean ("Does your dad know you suck cock?" "NO!"), they return to cowgirl so you and I can enjoy her superb butt and pretty cunt as it swallows all of Mark's dick balls-deep. You'll also enjoy Kacey's powerful fucking moves and Mark's frenzied thrusts as they fuck the shit out of each other. Vaginal sex continues in reverse cowgirl (be sure to savor Kacey's gorgeous puffy labia and tiny bouncing tits during this high-energy segment) and spoon (Kacey's pussy is too pretty for words, especially when she jacks her own clit!). As the scene continues, Kacey takes another opportunity for some slobbery pussy-to-mouth while Mark uses his fingers to play with Kacey's cunt. Then, Kacey kneels on the couch so Mark can fuck her doggie style while taking several opportunities to spank her firm ass cheeks. He also takes time to rim her asshole (Kacey LOVES it!) and lick her pussy from behind. Later, Kacey takes another ride on Mark's cock in reverse. This time, she really shines when she bounces up and down forcefully as pleasure permeates her hot little body. Then, after more pussy-to-mouth, they return again to missionary. Mark pounds Kacey until he's almost ready to pop. Then, she moves into place to take his cum all over her face and into her open and smiling mouth. She then kisses his tip, sucks him dry, and swallows. Kacey is an extremely attractive young woman with an incredible pussy and delightful lithe body. Too bad she didn't cum. But, I'll still keep an eye out for her other scenes.

Sex rating: 3.85
Video rating: 4.50
Audio rating: 4.00
Production values rating: 2.60

Scene 4

Scene Type: Boy/girl
Performers: Courtney James

Overview: When Scene 4 fades in, adorable brunette Courtney James and Talon are sitting on a couch in a beautiful living room making out. During a break from kissing, Talon mentions that Courtney is always dressed casually when he comes over. Courtney then confesses that she's been buying some sexy clothes with her babysitting money and was planning on surprising Talon. "What are you waiting for?" With that, Courtney trots off to change and soon emerges wearing a very sexy almost-there thong bikini. She models the outfit for Talon who, of course, is quite impressed because it leaves most of her flesh uncovered. Courtney steps up to Talon, shoves her barely-clad ass against his face, and then lets him grope her pretty curves and womanly body. "That's nice," he exclaims. Soon, like all good lingerie, it begins to disappear. First, Talon removes the top so he can see, squeeze, and suckle Courtney's pretty medium-sized natural tits. Then, Courtney unzips and tugs down Talon's pants to give him an inspired--yet very sweet--blowjob replete with jawbreakers, balls gobbling, and deep-throating. Meanwhile, Talon plays with--and pulls--Courtney's long and flowing brunette hair. And, he fucks her throat, too. Eventually, Courtney's thong bikini bottoms disappear and, as soon as she's gloriously naked, she straddles Talon and sits on his cock in cowgirl. Talon guides his rod into her hole until it disappears balls-deep and then begins to piston slowly while Courtney groans with pleasure--and shares her pleasure with us by looking into our eyes. Meanwhile, Talon fondles Courtney's bouncing tits, belly, ass cheeks and thighs. Soon, randy Courtney begins to fuck back, matching her strokes with his. She also grinds him erotically. Later, Courtney licks and sucks her girl juices off of Talon's rod and then kneels on the couch so that Talon can fuck her pussy from behind (beautiful bouncing tits!) while repeatedly spanking and squeezing her fine ass cheeks. During this segment, Talon takes breaks to gape Courtney's pretty vagina for us...he even spreads her labia wide so we can get an unobstructed view! Talon pounds Courtney through an orgasm and then they transition to reverse. Courtney takes immediate control and pounds Talon's cock with long thrusts and sexy grinding moves while her tits dance joyfully. Meanwhile, Talon strokes Courtney's clit to increase her pleasure: "It...feels...so...good!" During reverse, Courtney pauses to greedily suck her juices off of Talon's rod. As the scene unfolds, Talon and Courtney spend some balls-deep quality time in spoon (she maintains a lot of intense eye contact with us) and missionary (Courtney pinches her nipples and jacks her clit as Talon reams her). To conclude, Courtney kneels in front of Talon, tilts her head back, and opens her mouth. Talon then plasters Courtney's pretty face--and fills her mouth--with his semen. Courtney shows us her cum-filled mouth and swallows every drop! This is a very solid scene featuring one of the most-watchable girls in 2008 porn. The only problem with the scene is not her fault...Talon NEVER goes down on her pussy. Why? I simply cannot understand guys who pass on cunnilingus! 

Sex rating: 4.40
Video rating: 5.00
Audio rating: 4.00
Production values rating: 3.70

Scene 5

Scene Type: Boy/boy/girl
Performers: Tori Black, Jean-Claude Batiste, Mark Wood 

Overview: Amazing 19-year-old brunette Tori Black, dressed in a hot pink bra and transparent pink panties, sits back on a non-descript couch next to Mark. Lusty Mark immediately reaches between Tori's legs and starts to massage her pussy through her panties. Tori soon tugs aside those panties to give Mark--and us--a "sneak peak" at her bald-shaved vagina: "I like big hard cock in my pussy!" She and Mark then play with that pretty slit while Tori erotically rocks her hips. As Mark fingers Tori, he confesses: "I have a friend here...Jean Claude." "Isn't he black?" asks Tori? Yes, he is. His blackness scares Tori because "I can't be with black men" since her daddy disapproves. She quickly relents and begs, "Will you promise not to tell my dad?" Once the guys give their word, it's all speed ahead for Tori who immediately grabs both still-clothed dicks and strokes them. God, she's in heaven...especially when Jean-Claude suckles her nipples while Mark fingers her pussy. Things escalate quickly when the guys open their pants so that she can play with two massive dicks at the same time. She starts by giving both guys spit-lubricated handjobs. Then, she stuffs her mouth with Jean-Claude's black rod. She licks and swallows it while kneeling with her ass arched high in doggie. As you might expect, Mark takes advantage of Tori's oh-so-available and delightfully tight pussy and starts to fuck her from behind. While Mark pounds her, he pulls her hair and, when she's not swallowing Jean-Claude's rod, Tori spews delightfully nasty words from her mouth. Next, Jean-Claude gets a turn in doggie--and spanks her ass--while Tori blows and strokes Mark's lucky rod. Tori soon cums like a volcano (I love to see her oh-so-demonstrative orgasms!) and then she sits on Mark's cock in cowgirl and fucks him like a champion while simultaneously blowing Jean-Claude's penis. Tori's incendiary moves make her so fucking enraged that juice liberally flows from her pussy. As the scene continues, the guys continue to take turns reaming her cunt in several positions, including missionary (gorgeous gaping hole!), reverse cowgirl (awesome moves and amazing orgasm), standing doggie (Tori explodes with another amazing body-shaking orgasm!) and round-robin (one guy after the other) kneeling doggie (lots of gaping pussy shots and yet another orgasm for Tori). Of course, Tori constantly keeps her mouth busy through the scene by voraciously sucking dick (sometimes two at a time!), swallowing Mark's hand, performing deep-throat pussy-to-mouth, growling with lust, or talking deliciously nasty. And, she keeps her hands busy fingering her clit or jacking a penis. For their parts, the guys keep their hands busy spanking or squeezing Tori's fine ass flesh, stroking her curves, or squeezing her tits. To finish up, Tori kneels between both standing guys, sucks her girl juice off of both cocks, and then begs "Will you cum on my face, PLEASE! Will you get some in my mouth so I can taste it?" Who could say no? So, the guys do Tori's bidding and blast her face with their cum. They also make sure that she gets plenty to taste...and swallow: "That cum tastes fuckin' good!" This is an extremely hot scene in which the trio develops explosive chemistry. The only thing that disappoints me is the lack of double-penetration (the only reason having two guys in a scene, in my way of thinking, is to do a DP). Tori Black is DEFINITELY a strong contestant for my 2009 Dr. Jay's Must See Girls Award! 

Sex rating: 4.40
Video rating: 4.50
Audio rating: 4.00
Production values rating: 2.80


In addition to a full-motion chapter selector and multiple chapters per scene, this DVD-9 disc contains a six and one-half minute cumshot compilation (you can watch all five pops or play them individually); a seven-minute self-running slide show; and website access information (including an html file on the DVD for those who watch the movie on their computers). The most significant extra, however, is a 41-minute behind the scenes featurette that includes very enlightening and fun impromptu interviews of the girls, video of the still photo shoots, and wardrobe selection. This selection of extras is about average in today's adult DVD marketplace. Three stars.


Final Thoughts


Overall sex rating: 4.50
Overall video rating: 4.40
Overall audio rating: 4.00
Production values rating: 2.80


Dr. Jay

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