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Seven Minutes In Heaven: Coming Out!

Studio: Good Vibrations » Review by Apache Warrior » Review Date: 10/20/09

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genre: Gonzo, Queer, Lesbian

Director: Courtney Trouble

Cast: Jolene Parton, Carson, Tina Horn, Puck Goodfellow, Sarah Lee Sinful, Sophia, Jae

Length: 117 minutes

Date of Production: 8/18/2009

Extras: There is a nice looking six minute photo gallery along with three very insightful movie trailers. Those three clips are Roulette, Nostalgia, and Speakeasy.

Condoms: None

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Audio/Video Quality: The audio and video quality are good.

Overview: Queer Porn is an up-and-coming genre in the adult industry. Reel Queer Productions is going to be a force. As mentioned in a September 18, 2009 press release from Good Releasing, "Reel Queer Productions documents authentic, edgy, queer sex and culture featuring established and emerging independent artists and under-represented erotic realities." Seven Minutes in Heaven: Coming Out! is directed by award-winner Courtney Trouble. She is known as the reigning princess of alternative queer pornography and may have invented the term "queer porn." The influential SF Bay Guardian describes her as "... the final word when it comes to smut with attitude, character, and soul." From having watched this movie, I must agree wholeheartedly on that description. That quote could also describe some of the participants in her movie. Seven Minutes in Heaven: Coming Out! is all about a group of seven diverse individuals who are gathered for one day to have some fun and kinky sex. The chemistry among some of the participants is very evident especially the star qualities of several of them. I will filter them out as I go along with my review. Furthermore, the back of the DVD case states that there are nine sex scenes, but I ended up with eleven in my review.

Scene One: An assertive Tina Horn spanks Sarah Lee Sinful's ass several times and in rapid fashion. Then, the recipient straddles the blond's crotch briefly. Soon, Miss Sarah Lee lays on her back and spreads her legs apart to invite the woman to her plaything. Tina palms it and spanks it numerous times. So far, the action feels good. Suddenly, they are kissing. Afterwards, the cute woman refocuses her attention on the lady's sex spot. She stimualates it by a cool mixture of rubs and spanks. Moments later, her kitty is soaking wet. Tina finger fucks it nicely. She and Miss Sarah Lee are getting along very well. The energy level increases as the pretty woman's finger fucking persists on.

Scene Two: During a spin-the-bottle session, the majority of the action is kissing and fondling. The hightlight occurs when several of the participants fondle Tina Horn. Others also get fondled too, but it is evident that Tina has star quality.

Scene Three: Jolene Parton and Jae are kissing at the start of the scene. As they lose their clothes slowly, some titty play occurs between them. Their activity feels very sensual especially when the beautiful Jolene tenderly sucks the lady's breast. Then, the focus of the action turns to Jae's pussy. Miss Parton manually stimulates it nicely as Jae uses a toy on her own clit. A short display of affection on a nipple occurs while Jolene continues her incredible persistent finger fuck. The women kiss and embrace at the end of their scene.

Scene Four: While sitting on the steps outside with Jae and Jolene Parton, Carson and Puck Goodfellow head indoors for some action. Jae and Jolene also go inside too. Puck puts on a strap-on while the hottie Carson waits. Suddenly, they kiss and their sexual heat is very apparent. Then, Puck sucks on the woman's toy cock. She also has a small whip. Puck licks her rubbery plaything well. The camera pans over the brunette beauty's body and Puck's bj activity in an effective manner. Afterwards, they kiss. Next, Puck sucks cock again while stroking one's own cock. Their chemistry is amazing. Then, Puck sucks Carson's breasts with much passion. Their cocks are brushing against each other. Next, the hottie slaps Puck's nipple. More solid cocksucking by Puck follows. Moments later, Tina Horn enters the scene with a strap-on on. Puck sucks it with good effort. Later, Carson's toy dick gets an oral massage again by the persistent cocksucker. Puck sucks the woman's tits. Then, they kiss to end the scene.

Scene Five: Sophia is putting on a strap-on dildo in front of a mirror. She looks yummy. Suddenly, she plays with herself on the bed. Tina Horn walks in. They kiss. Sophia kisses her tummy. Tina strokes her own toy dick while watching the woman jerk her own rubbery plaything. The intensity level increases as they jerk off in a more rapid fashion. Then, they kiss while playing with each other's dicks. Next, the pretty woman sits on Sophia as she rubs her cock on the lady's tit. The action intensifies while Tina jerks off faster and Sophia rubs her own kitty. Suddenly, the scene gets much better when Tina fucks her. Sophia uses a toy on her own pussy. Tina kisses her inner thigh to end the scene.

Scene Six: The very attractive pair of Carson and Jolene Parton are kissing. Next, Carson slaps her partner's breasts. Then, Carson kisses her stomach. She slaps her ass numerous times. Miss Jolene's smile throughout the spanking is cute. Then, the lovely lady finger fucks Jolene's beauty spot with good effort. They enjoy being together. Carson continues with her spanking session. Afterwards, the hottie rubs and finger fucks the beautiful woman's pussy more rapidly. Their kissing activity enhances their chemistry. The action moves into the bathtub where Carson continues to work over Jolene's jewel with her finger and some toys. She also slaps her tits. Jolene's mouth is stuffed. Her moans sound very cool. Finally, they kiss.

Scene Seven: Sophia and Puck Goodfellow are kissing. Suddenly, they undress as they fondle each other. Puck feels and sucks the woman's cute titties. The viewer can sense a good bond between them. There is more nice kissing activity that follows. Sophia rubs Puck's crotch. Then, she straddles the Goodfellow. There is some laughter. She humps Puck with more determination as Puck spanks her. Sophia laughs more. It is cute to watch. Then, she rubs her own muffin while Puck sucks her breast. The woman is getting turned on. They kiss again. At the end, they put their clothes back on while Puck teases her. Sophia continues to laugh.

Scene Eight: Tina Horn caresses the beautiful Jolene Parton's ass before spanking it repeatedly. At first, she uses her gloved hand and then, a whip. The woman is enjoying the attention. Then, Tina spanks Jae's butt with the whip. Soon, Miss Jolene and Jae are beside each other as they both get spanked by the cute lady with the whip. Meanwhile, in the other room, Puck Goodfellow is fucking Sophia missionary style while the brunette beauty Carson looks on. Moments later, Jae and Jolene kiss. Then, the threesome watch the activity that is going on in the other room.

Scene Nine: A few rounds of Truth or Dare occurs. First, Carson eats some pizza off of Tina Horn's ass while she sucks Puck Goodfellow's cock. Then, Jolene Parton gets naked as everyone in the group kisses parts of her lovely body simultaneously. She has a broad smile on her face. Next, the major action begins when Sophia's gangbang commences. She has her kitty manually stimualted by starlet Carson. Soon, Puck kisses her before fucking her mouth. The camera shots are good. Carson does a good job finger fucking the woman. Then, Puck fucks the lady vaginally. Sarah Lee Sinful and Puck kiss. Carson kisses Sophia. Puck fucks her with more enthusiasm. It gets her turned on even more. Afterwards, Sophia gets doggied by Sarah as Puck sucks her tits. Then, Sophia gets fucked by the hottie while Sarah places an electronic vibe on her clit. Meanwhile, Puck fucks Sophia's mouth. Then, the Goodfellow screws her again missionary style with solid determination. Later, a doggie follows with passion. Then, Sophia rides Carson while Sarah plays with herself beside them. The electronic toy is used on Sophia's clit. Her cowgirl ride is effective. Puck and Sarah play with themselves. Later, the starlet finger fucks Sophia very vigorously. Afterwards, Puck finger fucks Sarah. The quartet really enjoy Sophia's dare.

Scene Ten: The star power of Carson and Tina Horn is put to good use as they kiss passionately. Soon, the brunette humps Tina forcefully while slapping her. Next, the woman finger fucks the lady's beauty spot with much aggression. She slaps her plaything at times. Later, she spanks her butt repeatedly. It gets reddish in color. Next, Carson manually works on the pretty lady's vaginal love spot with much enthusiastic fervor. There is more energetic concentration on Tina's muffin in the bathtub. Miss Horn gets a very good workout. They kiss after their hard-worked effort.

Scene Eleven: The other star power individuals Puck Goodfellow and Jolene Parton are kissing. while Jae is shining the Goodfellow's shoes. Miss Jolene is sitting on Puck's lap. Puck sucks her bosom. Later on, the pretty woman gets fucked mish style. They kiss. The hump action has good energy. Then, while Puck doggies Jolene, Jae plays with herself on a chair. Another missionary screw follows. Jolene looks very enticing. Her moans sound great. Puck fucks her even more aggressively and who can blame him. Later on, Jolene rubs Puck's sexual gem as Puck fingers Jae's pussy. Finally, the threesome kiss.

Final Thoughts: Much credit goes to director Courtney Trouble in selecting a fine group of individuals who have their own unique character that when grouped together makes an entertaining queer production. It is very refreshing that these sex scenes are not as extreme as other queer films that come out of the Bay Area although there is quite a bit of slapping. They are more sensual and the chemistry among several of the participants is very evident. Four of the seven performers deserve special acknowledgement. Jolene Parton is sweet and cute. Tina Horn knows what she wants and gets it. Puck Goodfellow shows confidence. All of these three have star power, but it is Carson who explodes on screen with incredible sexuality. She is major femme fatale material. I recommend this production especially if one is interested in this type of genre and would like to view it as a first-timer. It is a very good movie to sink one's teeth into the new queer sexual revolution.

Apache Warrior

Apache W
[email protected]     

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