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Gina Lynn's Drowning in Bitch Juice 3

Studio: Gina Lynn Productions » Review by Dr. Jay » Review Date: 10/20/09

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Genre: All girl/all sex.
Director: Gina Lynn, Travis Knight
Cast:  Alektra Blue, Ann Marie Rios, Asa Akira, Cayden Moore, Elli Foxx, Gina Lynn, Loona Luxx, Rhylee Richards, Zoe Britton
Length: 02:02
Condoms: None
Bonus: None


Gina Lynn's Drowning in Bitch Juice 3 is a very creative five-scene all-girl movie. Scene Two, featuring Cayden Moore and Ann Marie Rios is absolutely outstanding. The intense chemistry generated by these two Sapphic-lovin' babes is explosive!

The other four scenes are first-class, too. In particular, I really enjoyed seeing busty blond Gina Lynn in two scenes coupled with dark-haired and sexy girls. One of Gina's fuck mates, Loona Luxx, is really worth a look. In addition to being very beautiful, this multi-ethnic beauty has a clit you simply won't believe. Damn, I'd like to suck that love button deep into my mouth!

Although the sex in Gina Lynn's Browning in Bitch Juice 3 ranges from very good to outstanding, the scenarios and scene set-ups really deserve a pat on the back. Of particular note is the construction site theme of Scene Four. Asa Akira, a stunningly-beautiful Asian girl, and Anglo Elli Foxx play construction workers to take a break to bang each other while banging nails. Much of the sex takes place atop a ladder...and this arrangement allowed absolutely superb video to be captured. Also of note in this scene is the choice of "toy" the girls use on each other. Read my review of Scene Four below to learn more.

Gina Lynn's Drowning in Bitch Juice 3 is a very worthwhile watch for lovers of girl/girl sex. As always, director/producer Gina Lynn delivers pretty girls having hot sex that leads to orgasms for everybody. The movie almost earned a "Highly Recommended" rating from me. However, the production values, camerawork, and editing are not quite up to the standard I require to bestow such an honor.

Check out some photos of the girls in Drowning in Bitch Juice 3 here. Pay particular attention to Loona Lux's one-in-the-world pussy and Alektra Blue's amazing body. Enjoy!


Note to readers: My reviews are provided in two parts. This webpage provides you with an overview of the scene's setup and action as well as my ratings for sex, video, audio, and production values. A separate Word document checklist details the foreplay activities, positions, pops, and features of each scene...as well as the calculation of each scene's ratings. The checklist for Gina Lynn's Drowning in Bitch Juice 3 can be downloaded here. You'll need a password. It's drjay2008.

Look for scenes and movies with a 4.5 or higher (A) sex rating and at least 4.0 (B) in video, audio, and production values. Those are my favorite scenes and I'm quite certain that you'll like them, too.


Scene 1

Scene Type: Girl/girl/anal
Performers: Gina Lynn, Loona Luxx

Overview: Outdoors in a beautiful garden, busty blond Gina Lynn, dressed in very sexy black lingerie, reclines on an ornate swing as the camera pans up her black-stocking-clad and never-ending legs. When the camera's lens zeroes-in on Gina's pretty face, she begins a very effective solo tease sequence featuring boob squeezing, groping, pussy stroking, masturbation, and naughty commentary. Soon, busty and exotic multi-racial (Italian, Egyptian, and African) Loona Lux, also dressed in frilly black lingerie, joins Gina and the fireworks begin. (By the way, if you haven't seen luscious Loona, you really owe it to yourself to see her. She's a sex machine and her clit is absolutely enormous--and gorgeous!). The girls compliment each other and then Loona strips aside Gina's bra so that she can feast on her very erect nipples and squeeze her superbly sculpted tits. Loona also takes time to stroke Gina's flesh and to kiss her open mouth. Of course, Gina repays Loona's ministrations by releasing her breasts from bondage so she can suck, spank, and squeeze them. As foreplay intensifies, Gina's panties are cast aside so that Loona can feast on--and finger-fuck--Gina's very petty, tasty, and wide-open pussy and rim her asshole in missionary and as Gina lies on her side. Gina loves Loona's technique and encourages her with well-chosen commentary and sounds. After the girls kiss to share Gina's pussy juice, Gina spends some time greedily sucking Loona's large and beautifully enhanced tits. Loona even fucks Gina's face with her boobs! Meanwhile, the girls finger-fuck each other (wait until you see Loona's amazing clit and uniquely-pierced clit hood!). Then, as Loona spreads her legs wide while lying on her side, Gina sucks, licks, spanks, and fingers Loona's enormous clit as Loona moans delightedly. As the girls continue to prepare each other for sex, Gina straddles and fucks Loona's face while finger-fucking Loona's cunt (great camera angles); Loona multiple-finger-fucks Gina to orgasm; Loona spends some more time rimming Gina's spit-soaked asshole, spanking her shapely ass cheeks, and biting and sucking her pussy; the girls swap tongues as they share open-mouthed kisses; and Gina greedily rims Loona's tight and pretty asshole (great video) and tongue- and finger-fucks her pussy until she cums. As foreplay morphs into sex, Loona suckles and licks an extremely long ribbed glass dildo. Then, Gina uses the tip of the toy to tease Loona's magnificent clit before plunging the toy into Loona's accommodating asshole in missionary. While Gina thrusts the dildo in-and-out of Loona's ass, Loona frantically jacks her own clit as she moans ecstatically (great camera angles and close-ups) through several screaming and giggling orgasms. Of course, Loona keeps the toy clean through the repeated use of ass-to-mouth (ATM). Gina, too, performs ATM on the toy after pulling it out of Loona's asshole. Then, Gina uses the toy to fuck Loona's pussy for a short while. As the scene unfolds, Loona kneels in doggie so that Gina can use the dildo to fuck her asshole from behind. During this segment, Gina also licks deep inside Loona's ass cleavage. To finish up the scene, the two girls lick the dildo clean, kiss, and play with each other's titties. Although this is a good solid scene, it would have been better had Loona used a toy to fuck Gina. 

Sex rating: 4.85
Video rating: 4.00
Audio rating: 3.50
Production values rating: 3.60

Scene 2

Scene Type: Girl/girl
Performers: Cayden Moore, Ann Marie Rios

-- sponsored by --

Overview: Dressed in a tight-fitting pink blouse and miniscule jeans, gorgeous blond Cayden Moore cleans up her beautiful kitchen while her roommate, beautiful Latina Ann Marie, sits at the kitchen table eating. Cayden is pissed at Ann Marie who, it seems, sits around stuffing her face all day while Cayden does all the work. The girls get into a heated argument about Ann Marie's laziness and even engage in a little bit of food fighting. Soon, however, Ann Marie begs for forgiveness, pulls Cayden close, tugs down her top, and suckles her nipples. Their argument forgotten--and replaced with giggles--Cayden lifts Ann Marie and carries her into the living room and tosses her onto a couch. Then, Cayden jumps on Ann Marie and kisses her passionately while Ann Marie strokes Cayden's flowing hair, pretty face, and curvy body. Soon, Ann Marie responds by licking Cayden's chest and neck and by sucking and squeezing her fine medium-sized tits. The girls, giggling hysterically, continue to worship each other's breasts and mouths while talking deliciously nasty. Soon, Cayden lies back on the couch and spreads her legs. Ann Marie immediately tugs aside Cayden's panties, spreads her labia super wide, spits in her pussy, and then licks her labia and clit and tongue-fucks her vagina. Ann Marie soon decides that she needs better access to Cayden's genitals. So, she strips off Cayden's panties...and then both girls taste them! Complete access now affords Ann Marie the opportunity to rim Cayden's asshole and tongue-fuck her bald-shaven pussy using both the missionary and piledriver positions. Ann Marie's superb technique soon has Cayden squealing as her body heaves with pleasure. Cayden gets so excited that she thrusts her hips back and forth to, in effect, fuck Ann Marie's face. This footage is absolutely superb and demonstrates the incendiary chemistry that develops between the girls. After Cayden cums, she jumps up, grabs Ann Marie, throws her onto the couch, strips off her panties, and then attack's her pussy with her spit, fingers, mouth, and tongue. Meanwhile, Ann Marie encourages Cayden with lots of naughty commentary and pulls on her hair. By now, the girls are in such a frenzy that the simply must move on to sex. So, Ann Marie grabs a bright pink dildo, shoves one end into her own mouth, and then uses the other end to fuck Cayden's mouth. Cayden wrestles the toy away from Ann Marie and, as Ann Marie hoists her body high above the couch in a unique missionary-like position, Cayden uses the toy to frantically ream Ann Marie's vagina. During this awesome--but brief--segment, Ann Marie rapidly strokes her own clit and fucks back. Soon, Ann Marie rolls over and kneels on the couch in doggie. Without missing a stroke, Cayden continues to fuck Ann Marie's slippery hole with rapid-fire strokes while jacking her clit. Sweaty Ann Marie gets so excited that she fucks back using very sexy ass-shaking moves, spreads her butt cheeks wide, and fingers the outside of her asshole. And, she shows her nasty side by keeping the toy clean by sucking her pussy juices off of it. As the scene progresses, Cayden becomes the center of Ann Marie's attention. As Cayden kneels in doggie on the couch, Ann Marie spits on her pussy, spanks her ass cheeks, licks her pussy and asshole, shoves a conical-shaped and spit-lubricated dildo (both the girls suck it) between Cayden's wide-open labia, and fucks her pussy fast and deep as Cayden hurls her body back and forth to force the toy deeper into her vagina. Sexy moves, Cayden! Meanwhile, Cayden jacks her own clit and Ann Marie spanks Cayden's butt. After a brief time-out for pussy-to-mouth on the toy, open-mouthed kissing, and nipple sucking, Ann Marie straddles Cayden and then the two girls grind their pussies together. Hot stuff! Too soon, the video cuts to "fellatio" as each girl sucks her end of a long double-ended dildo. Of course, each end of that toy is destined to stuff a pussy. "I want it, bitch!" demands Cayden. So, Ann Marie shoves it into Cayden's cunt, thrusts it in-and-out of Cayden's pussy using her hand, and then shoves the other end into her own vagina. As the two girls use extremely sexy moves to fuck each other with the toy, all four pretty tits bounce joyfully and both gorgeous bodies heave with unmistakable pleasure. Of course, both girls scream ecstatically as their bodies ramp up to volcanic orgasms. After both girls climax, each one sucks her partner's cum off of the toy and the two share passionate kisses as they caress and lick each other's bodies. Cayden then eats Ann Marie's pussy until she explosively cums again (nice eye contact between Cayden and us). Afterward, Ann Marie invites Cayden to take a shower with her. So, after some more intense kissing, the girls head off to the shower. You'd think by now that they'd be sated. Not! Instead, after the girls soap-up and clean each other's flesh (each girl pays special attention while cleansing her partner's pussy), each girl uses her toy and fingers to masturbate herself to orgasm as jets of water sluice off their sex-flushed and extremely pretty bodies. This really hot footage. Indeed, this entire scene is scorching! 

Sex rating: 5.00
Video rating: 4.00
Audio rating: 4.00
Production values rating: 4.00

Scene 3

Scene Type: Girl/girl
Performers: Rhylee Richards, Zoe Britton

Overview: Walking arm-in-arm and wearing eye-catching bikinis, brunette Zoe Britton and blond Rhylee Richards stroll across a pool's deck in a lush back yard until they reach a bench. As Zoe bends over the bench, Rhylee slathers her with lotion...a very good "excuse" for caressing and squeezing her womanly curves. Zoe soon responds by licking and suckling Rhylee's nipple through the cloth of her bikini top. Then, it's Zoe's turn to massage lots of lotion into Rhylee's flesh. Zoe even strips off Rhylee's top so that she can apply the lotion to Rhylee's shapely boobs. Of course, Zoe takes the opportunity to squeeze Rhylee's breasts and suckle her nipples, too! And, the girls share tender kisses, too. After a couple more minutes of mutual tit worship, using their hands and mouths, the girls strip off their shoes (nice close-ups of their feet) and then walk under a man-made waterfall that is part of the pool. The girls continue to make out, caressing and squeezing each other's curves, kissing each other's mouths, sucking each other's nipples, licking each other's flesh, fingering each other's clits, and posing seductively for each other as they stand under the flowing water. This is sexy footage! After a while, the girls' lust escalates to a point they simply must go further. But, unwilling to fuck each other outside, they head indoors and, wearing towels, head upstairs to their bedroom. Their lust, however, prevents them from making it all the way upstairs. Instead, they pause at a staircase landing, rip off each other's towels, and embrace. After kissing, caressing, sucking, and licking each other, bold Zoe shoves her tongue--and her fingers--into Rhylee's cunt as Rhylee bends down in doggie atop the stairs. After a bit, Rhylee responds in kind by licking Zoe's labia and clit, by finger-fucking her pussy with rapid-fire thrusts, and by squeezing her ripe full breasts as Zoe stands and straddles Rhylee. After an abrupt edit, Zoe and Rhylee kneel atop a very comfortable-looking bed and kiss while squeezing each other's boobs. Then, Rhylee lies down in missionary so that Zoe and lick, stroke, and tongue- and finger-fuck her spit-soaked pussy. Zoe also fucks Rhylee's pussy with her breast and nipple! Meanwhile, Rhylee reaches around and pleases Zoe's pussy with her fingers. In due course, Zoe straddles Rhylee's face so they can pleasure each other orally in 69 (nice camera work!). During this segment, Zoe also straddles and fucks Rhylee's face. When it's time to move on to sex, Rhylee grabs a unique-looking purple double-ended dildo (It's shaped like a "v" and has two bulbous heads--one long and one short.). Then, after lubing both Zoe's pussy and the toy with her tongue, Rhylee plunges the longer end into Zoe's pussy and fucks her gently--but with increasing intensity--while simultaneously licking or jacking her clit. Zoe purrs with pleasure and undulates her body while encouraging Rhylee with some nasty talk. Zoe cums sweetly and then Rhylee reaches down with her tongue to lick up Zoe's cum. Then, Rhylee lets Zoe lick her pussy juice off of the toy. After an intermission for kissing, boob squeezing, and tasty cunnilingus, Rhylee kneels on the bed in doggie. Zoe spits on her gaping pussy, fingers it briefly, and then uses the shorter--but fatter--part of the toy to ream Rhylee's vagina while using a free hand to spank Rhylee's shapely and blemish-free ass. Zoe also sucks the longer end of the dildo. Meanwhile, Rhylee squeezes her own ass and breasts, jacks her own clit, and pants with pleasure. Zoe, too, ministers to Rhylee's clit by stroking it with her thumb. "God, that feels so good!" murmurs Rhylee. Zoe makes Rhylee cum and then she pulls the toy out of her pussy. The two girls suck the toy clean, share sweet kisses, embrace, and giggle as the scene draws to a close. 

Sex rating: 4.80
Video rating: 3.00
Audio rating: 3.50
Production values rating: 4.00

Scene 4

Scene Type: Girl/girl
Performers: Asa Akira, Elli Foxx

Overview: Scene Four, featuring Asa Akira and Elli Foxx, has got to be one of the most unique girl/girl encounters I've ever seen. Set in a construction site, the two girls play contractors who are working on a drywalling job. While Elli, dressed in a very cute--and very skimpy--construction outfit, stands on a ladder and measures the distance between two ceiling joists, Asa operates the chop saw. After cutting a piece of lumber, Asa brings the wood to Elli, who then tries to fit it in place (it's too long!). Asa, standing on the floor, gazes directly at Ellie's trim body and shapely barely-clad ass as she stands on the ladder. Needless to say, Asa is intrigued and ends up spanking Elli's pretty butt and thighs. After Elli manages to wedge the wood into place, the girls decide to celebrate their accomplishments. So, Elli, still atop the ladder, caresses Asa's long black hair while Asa kisses, squeezes, and strokes Elli's superb butt cheeks. Elli's pesky short-short jeans are in the way. So, Asa literally rips them off so that she can spit on and lick Elli's pussy and asshole, rim her sphincter, spread her labia, and multiple-finger- and tongue-fuck her "so wet" pussy while jacking her clit and squeezing her pretty thighs. Elli's position on the ladder makes absolutely superb close-ups and camera angles the norm during this hot sequence. Elli truly appreciates Asa's touch and is soon panting, groaning, and giggling with delight, And, her body quivers, too! Elli wants something bigger in her cunt. So, she asks Asa if she has anything appropriate to use. Asa looks around the site and soon spies--get this--a hammer! When Asa grabs the tool, Elli giggles gleefully and exclaims, "Really? I've never tried anything like that!" Asa immediately uses the hammer's handle to spank Elli's fine butt. Then, she inches the handle into Elli's spit-soaked pussy! Soon, Asa is reaming Elli with the tool (great camera work), squeezing her butt cheeks, rimming her asshole, and jacking her clit while Elli encourages her with nasty commentary and shouts ecstatically. Elli, too, rubs her own clit. Later, Elli turns around and sits on one of the ladder's treads so that Asa can use the hammer's handle to fuck her missionary style while suckling her pert nipples or kissing her mouth. "I really like that," confesses Elli. "Oh God, you're SO good to me!" Asa makes Elli cum hard as her body convulses delightfully. After an abrupt edit, both girls stand on the floor face-to-face and kiss. Then, Elli bares Asa's breasts and tugs off her jeans shorts (God, Asa's body is hot!) Elli positions Asa atop a work bench, pulls her panties out of the way, and then goes down on her tasty twat. Elli uses her pierced tongue and fingers to expertly please Asa's pussy (nice eye contact with Asa and with us). Asa loves Elli's technique and exclaims, "You eat my pussy SO good!" And, Elli rims Asa's asshole, too. Meanwhile Asa caresses and pulls on Elli's long blond hair and reaches around to finger-fuck her pussy. "Keep fingering my pussy!" demands Elli. Elli eats Asa to orgasm, laps up her cum, and then grabs the hammer. After gently inserting the tool into Asa's soaking-wet pussy, Elli uses the "big bad hammer" to pound Asa while Asa fingers and slaps her own clit. "Fuck me with that hammer...Come on! Don't stop!" Asa soon screams through another powerful orgasm. Then, Elli licks the handle clean. Next, the girls move into 69--Elli on top--for some mutual oral and manual sex that makes Elli scream continuously. Sixty-nine eventually morphs into face fucking as Elli straddles Asa's face and grinds her cunt against it using very hot moves. Meanwhile, Asa squeezes and shakes Elli's meaty and blemish-free butt cheeks and squeezes her small pretty breasts. "C'mon baby! I wanna make you cum," coos Asa to Elli. "I wanna cum for you so bad!" replies Elli. Both girls soon get their wishes as Asa relentlessly eats Elli to a volcanic orgasm. Afterward, Elli bends down so the girls can kiss sweetly. Then, they decide it's time to get back to work. But, they agree to "fuck afterwards!" Nice scene...interesting location and props...unique toys...cute girls...and orgasms!

Sex rating: 4.85
Video rating: 3.00
Audio rating: 4.00
Production values rating: 4.00

Scene 5

Scene Type: Girl/girl/anal
Performers: Gina Lynn, Alektra Blue

Overview: Stunning ebony-haired Alektra Blue plays an employee of Gina's. Alektra, dressed in street clothes, stops by Gina's house to pick up her outfit for an event that both girls will be attending that night. Gina, wearing a black and white striped outfit consisting of a short crop-top, tiny shorts, and "whale-tail" thong, struts down a staircase carrying a bag containing Alektra's wardrobe. As she hands the bag to Alektra, Gina worries, "We've gotta definitely work this tonight. We've GOT to pick up all these clients, you know!" Alektra doesn't appear too excited about the evening's festivities, but agrees, "It's business." Then, after sharing a kiss with Gina, Alektra heads off to put on her outfit. We get to watch Alektra strip off her street clothes (Wow! What a body!) and then don her sexy outfit...similar to Gina's only pink and white instead of black and white. Meanwhile, Gina struts back up the stairs...it's quite a sight to watch her climb in that outfit! Once Alektra is dressed, she calls out to Gina to come downstairs and check out her appearance. When Gina arrives, the girls give each other the once-over and are instantly turned on by the other's appearance. And, rightly they should be...because both women are absolutely breathtaking! They chat about their evening's work--and all the guys they'll entertain--and agree that they'd rather be with each other. I don't know about you, but I'm down! They begin by kissing each other's mouths, caressing each other's curves, and squeezing each other's breasts. "What do you want to do?" asks Gina. "I wanna lick your pussy!" Alektra replies (so do I, Gina!). Gina agrees: "You can lick my pussy a little bit!" So, Gina turns around, puts one foot on the staircase, bends down, and sticks out her ass. Alektra kneels, tugs aside Gina's panties, spreads her ass cheeks, and then greedily licks, spits-on, spanks, strokes, sucks, and tongue-fucks Gina's pussy. Gina responds by panting happily as she gets excited. After the girls take a short break for kissing, Gina hikes up Alektra's top so that she can voraciously suckle her nipples and squeeze her gorgeous breasts. Then, as Alektra's breasts fill the screen, Alektra spits onto one of her boobs. The saliva flows down her breast and then Gina catches it with her open mouth. Sexy! As the girls' lust increases logarithmically, Alektra strips off her skirt and pulls aside her thong panties so that Gina can lick, suckle, and jack her clit (her clit hood is pierced), probe her labia with her tongue, and multiple-finger-fuck her pussy. Meanwhile, bold Alektra strokes her own clit and tells Gina exactly what to do using delicious language. Alektra cums hard and then Gina gives her cum-coated fingers to Alektra to suck (Alektra gags on Gina's fingers). Next, Gina lies back on the staircase and spreads her legs wide. Alektra kneels down, suckles and slaps Gina's big boobs, tugs aside Gina's panties, and then fingers and eats her hungrily. Meanwhile, the camera zooms-in on Alektra's gaping pussy from behind. Alektra also spends some time eating Gina in doggie as Gina undulates her body provocatively. Soon, Gina begs for Alektra to fuck her harder: "Finger bang me HARD!" So, Alektra complies by thrusting multiple fingers in-and-out of Gina's pussy at redline speed (her hand blurs on the screen) while simultaneously rimming her asshole and spanking her butt cheeks. Soon, Gina's enraged pussy begins to slosh delightfully as Alektra reams it. As the scene continues, Alektra again becomes the center of attention. As she kneels in doggie on the stairs, Alektra and Gina frantically pleasure Alektra's cunt with their hands. Then, as Alektra pounds her own pussy with two fingers, Gina slides a finger into Alektra's asshole to, in effect, double-penetrate her. During this segment, Gina also buries her face deep between Alektra's butt while she licks her pussy and rims her asshole. Alektra, of course, feels wonderful as both her holes are reamed. After Alektra licks her ass juices off Gina's fingers, the girls kiss and then Gina licks Alektra's pussy and asshole clean. Alektra then declares, "I wanna fuck you now! Will you let me fuck you?" Of course, Gina readily agrees. Alektra grabs a bulbous and ribbed glass toy, suckles it, and then leads Gina into the living room. Meanwhile, Gina strips off her top to reveal her traffic-stopping tits. Once in the living room, Gina kneels in doggie atop a couch. Then, Alektra sharply spanks Gina's butt, slides the toy into her spit-lubricated vagina, and fucks her with thrusting and twisting moves. Gina screams with delight, undulates her body appreciatively, and encourages Alektra with nasty commentary. After Gina licks the toy clean, she rolls onto her side and again enjoys Alektra's in-and-out dildo skills, her expert spanking technique, her pleasuring-inducing cunnilingus talents, her four-finger-fucking expertise, and her wicked kisses. Meanwhile, Gina squeals with delight as her pleasure builds. As the scene unfolds, Alektra kneels in doggie on the couch and jacks and slaps her clit while Gina reams her asshole from behind with the dildo. Horny Alektra even grabs hold of the dildo and pounds her asshole even hard and deeper than Gina did! While Alektra fucks her own asshole, Gina licks Alektra's pussy and the toy as it goes in and out. Then, Alektra performs ATM on the toy. Later, Alektra moves into piledriver to give Gina even better access to her holes. The girls both work hard on Alektra's pussy and asshole and soon Alektra is rewarded with a massive orgasm. The girls clean up afterward by sucking the dildo clean...Gina even laps up Alektra's juices from her pussy and asshole. The girls finish up by kissing and caressing each other...and then discover it's time to go to work! 

Sex rating: 4.90 
Video rating: 3.00 
Audio rating: 3.50 
Production values rating: 4.00


In addition to a full-motion chapter selector, multiple chapters per scene, and interactive menus, this DVD-9 disc contains an eight-and-one-half-minute self-running slide show accompanied by music, previews of coming attractions, a promo for Gina Lynn's website, a trailer for DD's and Derrieres 3, a four-minute featurette about Gina Lynn hang gliding, and a ten-minute behind-the-scenes (BTS) feature. The BTS includes impromptu interviews, footage of amazing Alektra Blue loosening up her asshole with a "pigtail" butt plug, video of the still photo shoots, clips of the preparation involved before each scene, behind the scenes shenanigans, nude sunbathing, after-sex cleanup, and behind-the-camera shots. The most interesting extra, however, is the footage of Gina Lynn hang gliding...stark naked. Wow! To revel in freedom like Gina must be very empowering. This selection of extras is about average in today's marketplace. Three stars. 

Final Thoughts


Overall sex rating: 4.88
Overall video rating: 3.40
Overall audio rating: 3.70
Production values rating: 3.92



Dr. Jay

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