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Cummin At You 3D

Studio: Pure Play Media » Review by Don Houston » Review Date: 10/20/09

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

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Tommy Gunn's Cummin' At You! Interactive 3D

Pure Play Media/Tommy Gunn Entertainment

Genre: Interactive, 3-D

Director: Tommy Gunn

Cast: Sindee Jennings, Riley Evans, Tommy Gunn, Tony DeSergio

Length: The length of an adventure will vary considerably, the shortest running time I could elicit being 14:03 minutes and the longest just a matter of me never selecting the cumshot option to go on forever with repeated footage.

Date of Production: 11/4/2008

Extras: None

Condoms: None

Sindee Jennings

Audio/Video Quality: Cummin' At You! Interactive 3D was presented with a choice of different 3-D options, one taking the traditional "red & blue" glasses approach and the other relying on a rare type of television and stereoscopic player. The otherwise full frame show was shot by director Tommy Gunn for his company to distribute via Pure Play Media, the MPEG-2 codec employed along with 480i resolution to provide a unique production featuring more depth of field (3 dimensions) like some mainstream productions have over the years (such as Coraline, Monsters Vs. Aliens, and a host of horror flicks with forgettable names). This being a virtual sex show, the gimmick of the 3D look aside, it did not offer nearly as many selections and options as some of the popular releases of the last year, focusing efforts on the gimmick instead. That said, it did a service to a lot of female viewers by allowing a lot more of Tommy Gunn to be featured via the selection to see things from Sindee Jennings' viewpoint, a first IIRC. The picture was soft and the video bitrate hovered around the 3.1 Mbps mark when I spot checked it but the basic approach was not unworkable, just bearing the rough edges of new technology in the hands of relative newcomers when it came to the principles (director and producers) involved. The audio was presented in 2.0 Dolby Digital English with a 192 Kbps bitrate and 48 kHz sampling rate, nothing out of the ordinary though with optional music helping to instill some choices. The separation was minimal and the dynamic range seemed light but the devotion to the visual aspects of the movie were clearly observed when comparisons were made.

Sindee Jennings

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Body of Review: Tommy Gunn has dabbled in directing porn a few times but his strength as a performer keeps him far too busy to seriously learn the technical aspects of the craft, the man considered one of the top ten talents for years now as he garners many awards. His latest shot at directing though took a turn for the bizarre in how he offered up Tommy Gunn's Cummin' At You! Interactive 3D, a double disc movie with several versions designed to take advantage of certain technologies for a better 3-D experience. The movie itself was a virtual sex release, a sort of game where limited options allow the viewer the ability to pick different courses of action, and the use of enhanced depth of field was such that it should provide some additional attention. The company describes the DVD set like this: "Award winning adult star Tommy Gunn presents HIS first INTERACTIVE stereoscopic 3D production to be distributed by PurePlay Media. As the director and producer of 'Cummin' at You 3D' Tommy Gunn has harnessed the latest Hi-Def 3D film production technology and combined it with a unique interactive experience, creating a new form of adult entertainment for both men & women. The 3D interactive menus in "Cummin' at You 3D" allow complete freedom to make various choices along the way, and experience the adventure from either Tommy or Sindee's point of view! Those who prefer to just sit back and watch can choose the "ADVENTURE RANDOMIZER" for a completely unique & random experience every time. The basic package of "Cummin' At You 3D" will include two pairs of cardboard 3D glasses and the Premium package will include professional grade glasses with special lenses for superior 3D-separation and the best skin-tone reproduction. The 'Cummin at You 3D' DVD will also include side-by-side format video for use with stereoscopic playback software and new HD 3DTV home systems that utilize polarized glasses (just like at the movie theatre!)" Here's a brief look at the scenes by cast and action, noting that no condoms were used for those still interested:

The show began with some credits listing Tommy, Tony, and even Marcus London in creative roles but the first choice to make once you've established you want the movie in 3D or not, with music or not, and if you want to make the selections or not, was whether to see the movie from Tommy or Sindee's perspective. Figuring that this would mean seeing the footage from their respective points of view, I selected Tommy for the first adventure, repeated viewings showing me the wisdom of watching a LOT more of Sindee at work when doing so. By picking her, there was more footage of him and as much as I like the guy, that was not my prime focal point. As it was, Tommy appeared to be reading the lines off a sheet of paper he was so wooden but once things got underway, he seemed to enjoy himself nearly as much as Sindee.

Sindee Jennings and Tommy Gunn

Like most titles in the virtual sex genre, the viewer is confronted by a series of choices for where the sexual activity will develop. This initially takes place on the casting couch where Sindee Jennings is given a taking off her top first or her pants, the end result being she is naked to continue with a masturbation sequence, the choice then being her hand or a variety of colored toys. Moving forward, Sindee with give either a blowjob, a "footjob", or a titty fuck, each of them allowing her to give some pleasure to Tommy Gunn and his semi erect pecker.

Sindee Jennings and Riley Evans with Tommy Gunn

The oral selection then comes up where the two engage in a 69, Tommy going down on her, or a longer blowjob, the hand to gland enhanced hummer longer than most blowjobs in the genre to date. The option of letting loose with a stream of genetic juice, more oral, and the penetrative positions is then up. If you bust a nut out of Tommy's "gun", it ends the movie so I went to the screwing portion, the three main acts being missionary, doggie, and cowgirl. There was again the option of unleashing Tommy's seed, to keep boning, or to invite more participants in the form of Riley Evans and/or Tony DeSergio. Considering Tony's current status as a third tier mope, I thought it best to go with Riley, the sexy blond joining in with Sindee to double team Tommy's rod, Tommy fingering both of them, or the option of getting Tony back in the picture. The double hummer was the best for me and led to more penetrative sex.

No CGI genetic juice here, just real population pudding

The selections of fucking Riley's pussy or ass were next, as well as the foursome option, the penetration showing Riley in a moderately active pounding while Sindee masturbated from a nearby chair. The orgasm option was still open as was the foursome, the ability to drill Sindee some more listed at the bottom. Sadly, that last option only reverted to the earlier clips where Riley was not present, an oversight that weakened the flow of the movie more than some of the background noise in my opinion. Selecting the pop shot option, the choices of where it went were more plentiful than elsewhere, Tommy's real semen used to plaster Sindee (her face, tits, ass cheeks, pussy) and that was the end of the show.

The primary 3D effect

I then went back to trying the option of letting the show evolve on its' own, several times showing me it was going to do the same thing each time (instead of the "25,000 combinations" advertised). Sindee doing her water work display, her occasionally active riding, and all the rest of the choices making it a fun game to play. The 3D aspect of it was limited for me to the red/blue glasses version as I don't have one of those dual set ups needed to pull off the truly anamorphic side by side versions of the movie from the second disc but my biggest complaint here, even on the 2D version, was how often the footage was shot so softly. Still, it was a curious little title with some appeal to it.

The stereoscopic 3D effect

Summary: Cummin' At You! Interactive 3D by director Tommy Gunn for Pure Play Media showed that the porn industry still has pioneers willing to take advantage of technological advances to offer better entertainment opportunities serving a wider audience than ever before. The mere fact that this release allows males and females both to appreciate the performances with a lean toward what they might enjoy (picking Sindee's POV to see more of Tommy or his POV to see more of her) was enough to score a rating of Recommended but the 3D portion just gimmicky enough to seal the deal for me as something off the beaten path able to add to the replay value. Frankly, I'd like to see more use of this innovation with a bigger budget besides but as it stands, the movie is worth checking into. In short, Tommy Gunn's Cummin' At You! Interactive 3D is the best 3D porno I've ever seen, the credit going to all those that participated in the technical matters so give it a look.

Two for the price of one in 3D: Riley Evans and Sindee Jennings

You can email me with questions at Houstondon @ hotmail.com if you have any constructive criticism of the review too. :) Also you can follow me on twitter @HoustonDon

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