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Phat Ass White Booty 4

Studio: Jules Jordan Video » Review by Wind Tunnel » Review Date: 10/21/09

XCritic's Advice: Recommended

Phat Ass White Booty 4
An Alexander DeVoe Production Released by Jules Jordan Video
Starring:  Austin Taylor, Anita Blue, Dana DeArmond, Bobbi Starr, Alice Bell, Ami Emerson & Kelli Staxx.
With:  Prince Yashua, LT, Mr. Marcus & Rico Strong.
Runtime:  4hrs 17min
Condoms?:  None.

Brief Description:  Director Alexander DeVoe presents his fourth entry into his series featuring light-hued ladies with copious rear shelf space.  With a few newer entrants as well as a few, more storied performers (and each scene running around the forty-five minute mark), he certainly has his work cut out for him: let's see how it all goes down!

- Disc One -

[Scene One]  Austin Taylor  (with Prince Yashua)

In a white mesh outfit, Austin teases and tousles herself around as per director/cameraman DeVoe's wishes (he whispers quietly underneath a track of smooth ambient tones), fiddling with her pussy and spreading her holes with that booty of hers in the air.  Prince Yashua soon appears, pawing his way toward Austin's ass crack, stooping underneath and letting her grind into his face as he laps it all up from below.  She rids him of his pants, sprucing his wang with a blow job, bobbing and kissing his prick as she softly moans with a mouthful here and there, while Prince tickles her little brown hole.  Upon a set of stairs, Austin quickly goes to town in cowgirl, keeping the halls' echoes full of her undulating groans and patter, cradling her partner's head against her own until she climaxes.  Standing up to continue, the frame is filled with Austin's humping rump, shifting away as she kneels for a sausage taste and brief face fucking.  Tugging Prince's dick, she leads him over to the next room, where he's more than willing to eat from her quivering buffet of holes.  Austin points her arches out and lifts her grid for doggy, a plugging that earns expletive-laden grunts of approval before she's broken off once again.  She wiggles and tastes again, positioning herself over Prince for a side-saddle ride which morphs into reverse cowgirl, her feet planted on his thighs, and eventually dangling in the wind as they pork onward.  Once again in classic cowgirl, Austin's shiny rounds hammer down on Prince's big stick, stopping to smother his face with her slit yet again, moving onto a highly spirited side/face-to-face missionary position, pipe-laying all the way through another orgasm for our girl.  Prince caps it off by frosting Austin's mouth with his jizzbomb, dosing a few squirts into her mouth, which she pushes out post-sucking his wang as it unhardens.  In spite of the fact that Austin has one of the more curious lower-back tattoos I have ever seen (a grasshopper/mantis, chewing on a sprig of wheat?), director DeVoe considerately features her rump in all its glory, and likewise captures the chemistry between both performers, following it all without being too intrusive.  Austin is clearly tuned into Prince here, the two of them humping away as she becomes more orgasmic with each changing position.  The audio, unfortunately, is slightly dimmed throughout, which devalues the amount we can actually enjoy hearing those orgasms of hers, but the action more than compensates.  All truly hot stuff!

[Scene Two]  Anita Blue  (with LT)

We first meet Anita on a set of carpeted stairs, ogling all of her points, primarily on her fingers (ringed with the letters "BLU") as she tastes herself ("it tastes really good!").  Taking out a clear pink, tail-handled plug, she nudges the toy inside of her ass three notches deep, downing the device as she keeps both her holes spread wide.  The ham appreciation continues atop a bed, arching herself upward as LT enters the room, soon lapping up Anita's back hole.  He undresses while she continues to play on by herself, LT tossing her toy on the spread as he unbuttons his pants, either one locking eyes as they sit apart wanking solo.  The quiet spell is broken with a sausage snuggling, Anita leaning in, nearly balls deep, somewhat surprised by her own ability to throat ("oh wow!"), giggling between long intakes.  Doggy begins the line of high bumping, with Anita yet again keeping the banter congenial yet hard ("is it gaping from riding your hard dick?"), downing the dick yet again before switching to a classic cowgirl glide.  She takes LT's knob and points it into her ass, taking turns apiece with the lion's share of the schtupping.  Anita cleans his prick with her tongue, undoing her last bit of clothing (her top) before continuing with another round of anal cowgirl and post-taste ("I like the taste of my ass juice on your cock," she utters).  On a leather-coated lounge chair, LT aims his sturdy arrow into Anita's ass in doggy, causing her to rumble out an orgasm while he continues to hound down in pile-driver mode (he pumps, she screams!). 

Planting her feet into his thighs in reverse cowgirl, Anita blows another orgasmic gasket (hooray!), encouraging LT to hold her even closer, legs dangling, as they both soldier on.  On the floor they go into doggy (anal, of course!), and switch to a nearby chair for a final run of reverse cowgirl, ass-bound action.  "You wanna cum in my ass?" she asks LT, who gladly accepts, lifting her up after he jolts every drop into that well-horned but still tight hole.  Her circle foams out a light ring of bubbly white, which, it seems, was all there was to see (darn): not much.  Even as the scene fades out, it's easy to remember that milkmaid-sweet Anita, as slightly goofy and giddy as she is here, is the real attraction, even if her enthusiasm managed to keep LT's seed all to herself.  For a girl who adores the anal as much as she, it was bound to happen, I suppose, and she certainly is as entertaining as she is entertained by her partner's big black dick hitting her pale white skin the whole way through.  It's all super cute, really!

[Scene Three]  Dana DeArmond & Bobbi Starr  (with Mr. Marcus)

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Fading in bedside, Bobbi and Dana already are playing with a butt plug: "I think I'm hitting the end of your colon," says Dana, as she slowly uncorks the glass master out of her scene sister's ass.  With a bottle of lube in hand, Bobbi does the same to Dana, who spruces up her butt cheeks with that shine afterward.  Lifting their legs up in a double pair, the girls share the toy and pulse its notches out slowly (with an array of endlessly quotable banter, the kind that only seems to exist between the two of them).  The toy play keeps going, mouth to mouth and ass to ass, until Mr. Marcus shows up, entering Dana's ass in missionary as Bobbi sucks on her clit, soon tasting them both with a few fingers, to boot.  She sits on Dana's face, leading to a girl-on-girl 69, Marcus squeezing his girth into Bobbi's ass after only a few moments pass.  Dana, underneath, blows each of them mid-stream, the other two switching to spoon, causing Bobbi to moan as her trunk is broken in by Marcus.  He swaps holes, causing Bobbi's pussy to cream all over his dick, and Dana is treated to her own anal cowgirl session afterward.  Bobbi intercepts their fucking with a short taste, leading to Dana squealing as she and Marcus continue in reverse cowgirl.

Raising those stocking-covered stems high, Dana dangles as they carry on, stopping to face fuck Bobbi before shifting to a red couch in another room.  The three establish a short chain with Marcus doing Bobbi from the bottom (cowgirl), who eats out Dana at the head of the seat.  She masturbates and keeps her tongue wagging where she's able to, lapping up the others as Bobbi and Marcus switch to doggy (anal, of course!), showing off the resulting gape, glorious as it is!  As Dana gets herself into another ass plugging, Bobbi says "dude, I'm gonna masturbate to this later!", showing off each other's black holes in between sucking on Marcus' pole.  Doggy causes Dana to scream and ooze cream of her own over his wang, sharing the profits with Bobbi.  A final spooning into the latter's ass causes Marcus to quietly gust his load into Dana's mouth, collecting and swishing and swapping the drops with Bobbi until they're both even, swallowing it all down.  Bobbi and Dana's camaraderie keeps their performances true to their personalities (Dana has always seemed like the ringleader in their scenes together, as she is here, though Bobbi is always just as flexible, physically and verbally, in the dirty department, to spar with her girl), showing the girls having a truly good time using Marcus as the glue between them.  As they carry themselves on into a post-orgasmic kind of heaven, it's hard to imagine any other performers letting loose as well as these two do together, especially as ass-friendly and hilarious as they are while fucking the good fuck.  So so wonderful!


- Disc Two -

[Scene Four]  Alice Bell  (with Rico Strong)

We first find Alice gracing a silver stripper pole, showing off a few light moves before crawling on the ground and twirling around (somewhat clumsily) for the camera.  Down the hall sits a chair with a few toys for her: a pink plastic vibrator and a magic wand (plugged into an extension cord: it's heavy!), the former finding its way into her pussy while the latter hums away atop her clit.  The cap to the wand falls off, but Alice doesn't seem to mind as she keeps on massaging herself, wearing less of her small outfit by the minute.  Ass up, she cranks herself into a titter with the pink vibe, seeing Rico at the foot of the stairs watching her, soon enough sucking and spitting on her lovely holes while on her all-fours.  Alice returns the favor, rocking his stork with tons of spit, uncorking it from her mouth and taking in what her little mouth can (it's big!).  Positioning herself with her butt pointed outward, the two begin with doggy, breaking for a taste in which Rico stretches the edges of her mouth with his own hands, spit attending to the struggle.  Alice shrieks in cowgirl, tossing her shoes off while Rico smacks her ass.

The ball-smacking turns furious enough that Alice squirts onto Rico, the first of many ruptures that dwindle in volume as the scene wears on.  Alice receptive enough to her own methods, however, licking the lady jizz from her partner's cock and stomach right after each respective flood.  Classic cowgirl, side-saddle and reverse cowgirl all produce similar results, with Alice's staying loud and proud onward, ending with a doggy pump, Rico dosing his load into Alice's open mouth, fading out.  From the beginning of the scene, Alice seems a little jittery and off-step, though all the squirting and shouting seems to reign in her control over Rico.  From that point on, the scene feels almost endless, though I wasn't as receptive to Alice's particular strengths (boisterous, sometimes overly affected presence) as I were to her others (nice butt, really).  A little too crazed for my tastes, but definitely for someone other than myself: go get it, whoever you are!

[Scene Five]  Ami Emerson  (with Rico Strong)

The camera worships Ami from the get-go, inhaling her moves as she slinks around on the bed, pulling down her panties to reveal a moist spot, which cameraman/director DeVoe is keen to capture.  She spreads her cheeks and diddles herself, pointing those tight legs of hers around the room, rump out, upon which Rico plants a few great smacks.  He sucks on both her keyholes and her titties, mashing his lips into her, whipping out his trunk and into doggy, wizarding an even rhythm out quite swiftly.  Ami leans in as the camera hits from above in near point-of-view style, turning around for a high-bolted missionary fucking, her knees against her shoulders.  In side-saddle, the plugging causes Ami to moan out all manner of vocal shapes, bending her knees to taste and nearly taking in the whole thing!  The spit knocks them together in doggy (Ami on the floor, Rico nailing in from above. Chair-bound cowgirl, with Ami balancing her feet on the arms, Rico shouts "whoa, shit!" mid-glide (rightly so!) as she winds him harder and harder still, from above, until she finally squirts a trickle.

The thrust and parry causes another small eruption from Ami, who tastes and grips Rico's wick with quite a grasp before reverse cowgirl is breached, those beautiful legs of hers anchored atop his thighs as she pulls him in and out.  The two hop into side-saddle and classic cowgirl, Ami garbling her words as they continue the battery onto the floor.  Rico loosens his while gold into her open mouth, Ami painting her lips for show and swallowing it all down, all gone.  Though she starts the scene quitely, Ami opens up as she and Rico steady on, an impressive display with her pale-shaded goodness, as well as her light squirting abilities.  It's an unassuming performance that gains confidence as she keeps going, though not exactly a slam dunk overall.  Soon enough I expect even greater things from Ms. Emerson, who certainly has me hooked from here on out!

[Scene Six]  Kelli Staxxx  (with Mr. Marcus)

Last but certainly not least, full grown woman Kelli skips a full-on introductory tease in favor of feeling around Mr. Marcus' pants.  He throws his palms against her heavy humps while she thickens his cock with tons of spit, using both her hands to swell that rod as tightly as she can.  With her ample gifts on display in doggy, Kelli and Marcus lead off with doggy (and several, girthy pussy squelches set off as the air between their privates open wide and deep), a taste soon after, and a romp in classic cowgirl afterward.  Seeing Kelli's heiny levitate as she pushes down is like seeing a deli case dancing around, hypnotic as it is fulfilling to her and her partner.  Marcus lifts her around into side-saddling, a swatting pose that turns into another run in doggy.  Finally, the rush of it all leaves him to release his seed onto Kelli's pierced tongue, slowly pushing it out as the camera runs down.  Of all the scenes on the disc, Kelli's is the shortest, and sadly doesn't expose too much about her aside from her copious amount of back-end jiggling talent (we barely even see her face or chesticles, even during the pre-sex blow job).  And while she does make quick work of Marcus, her enthusiasm isn't quite as all-encompassing as it could be, nor even as dazzling as that ass of hers.

Bonus Features

The illuminating Behind the Scenes is the jewel of the section, lasting nearly an hour and covering the pre/post scene goings and doings of the performers and their ilk.  Dana and Bobbi take a shower together ("this is just like Porky's!", says Dana), explaining how they met and their "similarly awkward" personalities.  Anita tries on a few outfits for her director, leading to a brief session of pussy eating and doggy pumping, point-of-view style; he ends by jerking off, not too close as to keep her cheeks unsullied.  Kelli, likewise, treats him to a blow job before her meeting with Marcus, licking his load as it oozes out of his joint.  Austin allows him to peer at her ass, sticking his tip in only for a few seconds while posing on the bed.  Elsewhere, director DeVoe raids the pantry and freezer(s) of the house they inhabit for the day, a trick he picked up along the way that causes his co-cameraman to laugh uncontrollably (hey, it's funny).  By the very end someone else is eating chicken yakitori, so you know it all worked out for the best.  A Fetish Menu snips the appropriate scenes by category, running between five and ten minutes per: Tease, Blow Job, Hams (aka spoon positioning), Cum Shots, Anal & Gapes, the very latter focusing on Dana & Bobbi's scene only.  A Photo section (6min) runs stills in full-frame, and a selection of Trailers clocks in at fourteen minutes, total, for other related DeVoe titles.  Finally, a Director's Bio, a Cast List and the usual web links bring it all to a close.

Audio/Visual Presentation
The hi-def image is presented in 1.78:1, 16x9 enhanced (with the exception of the menus and a few of the bonus add-ons, noted above), without any artifacts to speak of (except for the occasional bit of squirt hitting the camera, as in Alice's scene).  The picture overall is a shade or two below the normal spectrum, slightly desaturated overall, still well enough to capture the indoor action without becoming too blown out.  One exception: Anita's introductory sequence, which is whitened and yellow thanks to a flood of outdoor, overhead light, and which is a little distracting against her already pale visage.  Likewise, the source audio track is quite low, and when coupled with director/cameraman DeVoe's method of filming (all audio is relative to the camera's eye, the preference of all, if not most, gonzo/niche directors) leaves huge gaps in the action, especially in the female vocal department.  Additionally, the whispers and quiet back and forth between the performers is lost as a result, which is truly a shame in certain instances (Austin's scene, in particular).  The only scene which doesn't suffer all too much is Bobbi and Dana's scene, due partly to the small bedroom most of their action takes place within.  The small bits of music over the soundtrack is loud and clear, however, and usually lasts during the first bits of each scene's tease sections.  Overall, you'll have to spike/juice the audio while viewing, chasing the volume here and there as the scenes grow louder: kind of a downer.  DeVoe, despite these technical slips, knows how to keep the visuals flowing without becoming a nuisance, floating around the scene without leaving us hanging.

In Conclusion
In keeping with his titular theme, director/everyman DeVoe keeps his quiet reign going with Phat Ass White Booty 4.  Austin's fiery work here is not to be missed, as with Bobbi and Dana's thoroughly enjoyable romp with Mr. Marcus.  Anita's anal is just as great, even if the conclusive moments aren't quite up to par.  Ami gains traction as her scene elevates, shining through until the very end.  And Kelli, she with the most pronounced rump of all, is featured too briefly, too quickly.  On the other hand, Alice's scene goes on for almost an unbearable amount of time, even as she fills those spaces with all the light squirting she can muster.  For ham fans and non-alike, it all comes Recommended, with the few reservations on both the performing and the technical side (a shame!).  There is still great booty to be found out there, indeed!

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